HT1689 can i sync more than one device to one itunes account

can i sync 2 iphones to the same itunes account?

Each device will be seen as an individual item. So, yes you can sync both phones with one iTunes account.

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  • Can I have more than one itunes account on my apple tv?

    Can I have more than one itunes account on my apple tv?  We have two accounts in our family and would like to be able to switch between them.

    Thank you.  What I was really trying to find out is if there is a limit on switching iTunes accounts - I have a vague memory of reading that changing from one iTunes store account to another was going to be limited in some way, but maybe this is on iTunes itself?  Or perhaps my memory is incorrect?   We have two iTunes accounts and swap back and forth regularly on our iPhones and iPads to buy and update apps without a problem.  I couldn't find any reference to it on a quick search yesterday so what I have done with the AppleTV is leave it set to one account, and we watched the other account content via my Macbook.

  • Can I use more than one iTunes account with my apple TV?

    Can I use more than one iTunes account with my apple TV?

    That depends what you mean. If you mean can you purchase from more than one iTunes account on the Apple TV, then the answer is no. If you mean can you stream from more than one iTunes library, which use different accounts, then the answer is yes, so long as they both use the same ID and password for homesharing.

  • Can you have more than one iTunes account with home sharing, Can you have more than one iTunes account with home sharing

    Can you have more than one itunes account at one time with apple tv

    My understanding is that the home sharing is based off of being on the same Wifi.  So if someone brings their laptop to your house and connects to your Wifi and they have home sharing on they can connect so you can see his/her iTunes library on your iTunes. 
    I haven't tried this though.  We have two laptops at home, both using my iTunes account and I can see each other's iTunes library, which I'm guessing is what you're probably doing now.  I'd be interested to know if my thought above is true. 

  • Can I use more than one iTunes account on my apple TV

    We just purchased our AppleTV and my wife wanted to use her Mac and her iTunes account to listen to music when I am at work. I setup the AppleTV using my iTunes account. Can I use more than one iTunes account on my apple TV?

    You can have both libraries available to the Apple TV at the same time. As I say the key is understanding your iTunes account ID and your homesharing ID are different things (although there is nothing stopping you using one of your iTunes account ID's as the homesharing ID - I do that)
    You need to make sure that the ID and password you use on both libraries and the Apple TV are all the same.
    Also, no need to apologise, the wrong thing to do is not ask and suffer in silence.

  • Can you have more than one Itunes account on one computer to keep your accounts separate?

    Can you have more than one Itunes account on a computer in order to keep accounts separate when buying music?

    Yes, you can have up to five iTunes Store accounts on any single computer system.

  • HT2534 can you have more than one itunes account on the same computer?

    can you have more than one itunes account on the same computer?

    Yes. Either create and use separate Windows user accounts, or launch iTunes with the Shift key held down as desired.

  • Can I register more than one iTunes account on my Apple TV

    Hi all, am I able to set up more than one iTunes account on my Apple TV? My flatmate and I have different files on our computers, so we'd like to have both of our stuff on Apple TV. Is there a way that we can either register both of us or just switch between the users?

    Your question states that you already have an tv, so I'll restrict the answer to the current model only. You also ask if you can both have stuff ON the tv, from which I then assume you are asking if you can sync from both computers to the tv which you can't.
    Only one computer can provide the primary library and sync content to an tv, you can of course set the other computer up to provide a secondary library and stream content to the tv from it when it is on with itunes running.
    (Please excuse my unsupported nomenclature)

  • Can I use more than one itunes account on apple tv?

    I live in a household with more than one iTunes accounts.  Is it possible for Apple Tv to have more than one iTunes account set up?  We have 2 Macs with 2 separate iTunes accounts.

    you can enter information for only one iTunes account on TV.
    however, as long as home sharing is set up properly, you can stream content purchased with up to five Apple ID's to TV.

  • Can you have more than one itunes account on a mac

    is it possible to have more than one itunes account on a mac??

    Yes. You can authorize a computer to up to five iTunes Store accounts, presuming that's what you're referring to.

  • Can you have more than one itune account on one computer?

    I am wondering if you can have more than one iTunes account on one computer?

    Yes, that's possible.
    Do you mean two different Store accounts or two different iTunes libraries? (Either is doable.)

  • HT1420 Can I authorize more than 5 devices on my itunes account?

    Is there a way to add more than 5 devices to your itunes account?  In this day and age where a single person can have multiple, in my case 7 devices, I would like to authorize all my devices to my iTunes account because of iTunes Match. 

    As King_Penguin stated this does not include iOS devices, that is unless you are referring to devices associated with iTunes Match (10 devices, including iOS devices).
    It is likely that the other devices were old computers that never got deauthorized.
    Apple offers a Deauthorize All option for this very reason. It's use is limited to once per 12 month period.
    See the Deauthorize all computers section of this article:
    Authorize or deauthorize your Mac or PC
    After they are all deauthorized, go back and reauthorize each computer you are currently using.

  • Can you have more than one iTunes account on the same computer?

    My wife just got a nano and wants to set up her itunes library. Since we have different tastes in music, I thought we should have separate libraries under our separate log-ins to our PC so that her music didn't upload to my iPod and vice versa. Is that the right approach or is there a better way?

    There are basically two ways of using multiple iPods on a computer and these involve:
    a) Sharing a single iTunes library and user account.
    b) Creating multiple user accounts and having separate libraries.
    Sharing a Library
    If you want to share the one library, you can set either or all of the iPods so that they only get updated with only certain playlists (you can update from more than one if you wish):
    Loading songs onto iPod automatically - Windows
    Choosing the update option "Sync Music - Selected playlists" allows you to create a playlist specifically for the iPod and drag the tracks you want into it. If you tire of the list and want to change it, you just add or remove the songs you don't want. The ones you take out out remain in the library to be used some other time if you choose. You can read more about playlists at these links:
    iTunes: Creating playlists of your favorite songs
    How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes
    Or you can choose to update any or all of the iPods manually and just drag whatever content you want to them: Managing content manually on iPod
    Separate User Accounts
    Another option is to create a separate User account for each person on your PC or Mac. Different accounts by definition would give you completely separate libraries. Each account has it's own iTunes folder, Library and iTunes Music folder and you load it with CDs etc just as you did with your original one. The iPod can be set to update however the owner chooses, sync all, manual or sync specific playlists

  • HT2534 Can I have more than one iTunes account on an iPod.

    I want to set up two iTunes accounts on my devices so that my son can buy products from a separate account? Can I do that?

    - Go to settings>Store and sign out and sign into other account.
    - Apps are locked to the account that purchased them.
    - To update apps you have to sign into the account that purchased the apps. If you have apps that need updating purchased from more than one account you have to update them one at a time until the remaining apps were purchased from one account.

  • If using one computer for several iPods/iPads etc can you have more than one iTunes account.  iPods/Pads etc have a variety of user names

    We have three of us with a selection of iPads/iPods all downloading through one desktop computer.  Can we set up more than one library on the desktop so each person only sees there only downloads/music etc.

    Have a read here...
    And See Here...
    Create a New User Account for each User.
    Then Each user will have their own iTunes library..
    More Info Here >

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