HT204382 hello somebody, how can I open/listen to yousendit file on mac? thnx

hey guys  how do I open/listen to yousendit file on mac?  Thnx

To me you have left out the critical information on how you are connected to this other Mac.
Presumably if you can see the other Mac's drive you can start your iTunes with the option/alt key held down and guide it to the iTunes Library.itl file on the other computer.  That is starting from its library, not just using its media.  You do not do anything with preferences,  Do not touch those.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that is how you use media in another location.  You can point all you want but iTunes will not look there.  It will, though, start storing all your files you add to the iTunes library in that other location from that point on which will result in a fine organizational mess.

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  • How can i open a downloaded mp4 file that is zipped?  Witch will not open.   And, Convert that mp4 to play on my iMac with Maverick osx ?   I there an app or apps i need to buy ?

    how can i open a downloaded mp4 file that is zipped?  Witch will not open.   And, Convert that mp4 to play on my iMac with Maverick osx ?   I there an app or apps i need to buy ?

    You should be able to open the zipped file by double clicking on it.
    This link is for a VLC Player it can play just about everything.

  • How can I open and print PDF files?

    How can I open and print PDF files?

    With the free Reader if they are not print protected. With Acrobat otherwise.

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    You need the ACR 8.3 plug-in to open D610 NEF files.
    Check what Help / About Plug-ins / Camera Raw reports for the version number. 
    If it is something less than 8.3, update to the ACR 8.3 plug-in using Help / Updates from the Editor.  If that says there are no updates, then uninstall and re-install and try again.
    If it is already ACR 8.3 then the files are likely corrupted by using an obsolete version of Nikon Transfer or ViewNX with them.
    You can fix that corruption using a utility from the following webpage, where 14-bits is likely what you’d want to specify, and only use Nikon utilities that are as new as your camera:

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    i have spent alot of money on every key doc editor on iOS 5 and i still cannot get one of the macro enabled files to open

    You can check out something like this:
    There are many others these are just a couple, do a search, or maybe these will be fine for your need.
    All the best

  • How can i stream(air mirroring) *.mkv files between Mac Pro and AppleTV2 by using quicktimeX?

    How can i stream(air mirroring) *.mkv files between Mac Pro and AppleTV2 by using quicktimeX?
    Need support!

    How can i stream(air mirroring) *.mkv files between Mac Pro and AppleTV2 by using quicktimeX?
    As stated you can't. Even if the compressed data is TV compatible, the container is not. If the file is playback compatible with the QT X Player, you can, of course, play the file on your main system and "mirror" its display to the TV. Unfortunately, this normally means only the video is played back via the TV device. On the other hand, if you convert the MKV content to an TV compatible file (or move the compressed data to an TV compatible container if the data is already TV compatible), then you can mirror the QT X player (with audio) to the TV device in the full screen mode, air play/mirror it from iTunes (or any mobile device), or stream it directly from itunes.
    Basically, what you can do here depends on the compressed data in the MKV file container and how you define "mirroring."

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    System.setProperty("", "system.policy");Is this a new feature in JDK1.4? I don't see it in
    the documentation for JDK1.3.1 that I'm currently
    using.Look more closely. There is indeed a setProperty(String, String) in
    "Since 1.2"
    - Marcus

  • How can i open, edit, view .xfdl files

    I am trying to work on military files that are sent from Windows based products and are formatted as .xfdl.  How can I open, print or edit as neccessary?

    With the free Reader if they are not print protected. With Acrobat otherwise.

  • How can I open encrypted Microsoft access files on a mac?

    How can I open an encryted Microsoft access file on an iMac?

    As Office for Mac doesn't include Access, I'm not at all sure you can.
    You could try Open Office, NeoOffice or Libre Office (all free, open source) and see if their database applications can do it.

  • Downloaded a trial version of Acrobat XI Pro on 14.03.2015 - how can I open and run it on my MAC PRO?

    How can I open the program and run it on my MAC PRO?

    There is an Acrobat 11 icon on the desktop when opened has the Acrobat XI Pro Installer.
    I followed the instructions on screen and checked "Use trial or subscription".
    The program installs but then I can't find where to open and run it.
    Please help.

  • How can I open outlook vCalender type files (.vcs files) in Firefox?

    ''Locking as duplicate, continue at'' [/questions/749342] - TonyE
    n my application,I hava a fature that make use of Calander.vcs file to get a schedule appointement in outlook.with IE browser,it is working fine.But Firefox can not open the Calander.vcs file and showung some code in the webpage.

    Maybe the view menu, refer to the article below.
    * [[What happened to the File, Edit, and View menus?]]
    Hopefully this helps.

  • How can I open an ms8 demo file on new computer?

    I have some amount of important & big schematic files stored under Multisim 8.x Evaluation version. After big lightning strike unfortunately I lost almost all of hardware in my PC and now I have new mobo, hdd etc., and cannot open backuped ms8 files. It says: "Could not open the selected file, because it was saved on another machine using a demo version of the program. You can only open this file using a demo or regular version of the program installeed on the same computer as where the file was saved" & " The (...).ms8 file was not recognized as a valid file format"
    But this old computer don't exists now. :/
    Even under Multisim 10.0.1 Power Pro REGULAR version on my friends system while opening those ms8 files it says:
    "An unknown error occured while accesing E:\(...).ms8. I tried also under Multisim 10 Eval. and... nothing!
    Files are on HDD (copied from CD backup) and worked properly with old system. Is there ANY chance of open .ms8 files?? Or saving them under DEMO version was terrible mistake and I lost them forever even if I still have them physically?
    Any help, please?

       Unfortunately you are encountering a security feature of Demo version of Multisim.
        There might still be a solution to your application, for this, you would need your previous HDD.
        Is it still usable? Try to recover the data using the tools available on internet, and then just use the old HDD in the new PC.
        There is a chance that the files will work, also, look for the Security Copies of your previously built applications. More info: 
       Please follow up on the status of your files recovery, 
       Best regards, 

  • TS3938 How can I open my numerous Appleworks files now I have OSX 10.7 Lion?

    I have just installed OS X 10.7 Lion on my iMac and, to my horror, I find that I cannot open my numerous old Appleworks files due to "Power PC applications no longer being supported".
    Is there any way that I can perhaps burn these files to a CD and transfer them to my old iBook G4 which still runs 10.3 Panther? Or is there anything else I can do to salvage these old files?
    Many thanks in anticipation of a positive answer.

    Hello Duckfeet22,
    Your data is not lost, you can burn the files to use them with AppleWorks on your iBook G4 or if those files were created by AppleWorks 6 or 7 and if you have a copy of iWork, you can easily open your word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote respectively.
    You can also buy Eazydraw ( ) $20 license for 9 months , with full import of AppleWorks, ClarisDraw, MacDrawPro, and MacDrawII files.
    There's a free Free Demo here if you just want to view, draw, save, print, up to 30 graphics.
    Hope this will help.

  • How can I open Page Maker p65 files?

    I am a teacher and I have many files in the old Page Maker p65 format.  How can I rescue these files?   I have the entire creative suite.  

    The last version of InDesign to open PM files was CS5 if I'm not mistaken and even then it required those files to be in PM7 format I believe. Short of downloading an older version as a trial and spending night and day to convert your files within the 30 day period I see no realistic way of resolving the situation. Ask in the ID forum for more details, since I'm really not sure about the version stuff...

  • How can I open a Soundblaster VOC file?

    I use Audition 3.0 to record my Church Services and I have a audio File that is a Church Business Meeting  it is a Soundblaste VOC file and it's set to open with Audition but when I try to open it so that I can play it back it Says " Could not open file does not appear to be a supported file type"  I really need to open this file so how can I ?

    Two suggestions:
    1.  Download the free MediaInfo utility which will tell you exactly which codecs etc were used to create this file.  As well as giving you an exact answer to the question implied in durin's post as to whether this could really be a VOC file.  Similarly, the free GSpot utility should tell you what codecs, if any, are available on your computer to play this file.
    2.  Find and download the free SUPER (c) Convertor.  I have yet to find any serious audio (or video) format it could not convert to one which AA CAN open and play.  (Just make sure you do download this convertor ONLY from its own website.  It's not the easiest to find and even when there you will have to search for the actual download.  It is free; don't be put-off by the various ad banners for "paid-for" convertors).

Maybe you are looking for

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