HT5181 iPhoto for iOS: Photos in iphoto's Camera Roll folder are not updated automatically with edits from other programs

How can I solve the problem în the subject?

How can I solve the problem în the subject?
What exactly are you trying to do?
Have you been editing photos in iPhoto and want to add them to your camera rool or photo stream?
Then do exactly as the article describes, that you lonked to:
iPhoto for iOS: Photos in Camera Roll are not updated automatically with edits from iPhoto
Use iPhoto's Sharing to save a copy of the edited photo to the Caera Roll, or explain on mor e detail, what you want to do.

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  • Syncing photo's from iphoto adds another 'photo library' without deleting 'camera roll' photo

    Hi there,
    I found that I can add photo's (without deleting my existing camera roll) to my Iphone 4 from my girlfriends mac to my iphone by syncing from iphoto and selecting the photo events or folder I want. Then pressing 'apply' adds a new photo library to my phone with these selected pics in them. In this cercumstance I can only delete these photos using the same process by de-selecting them in 'sync from iphoto' and again pressing 'apply' There is no function / icon in my actual iphone to delete this library or even individual photo.
    However when I try this exact same process on my girlfriends Iphone 4 (same model) the 'apply' function threatens to delete all photos from her phone, leaving her with ONLY the ones selected / checked.
    Just in case it is part of explaining this I have tried this logged in on my account and hers but both have the same results in every combination. There appear to be two different set of rules going on here within I-tunes I would prefer to be able to add photo's without deleting existing ones but I would also like to be able to selectively delete these photo's once on my phone without going back to connect to tha mac.
    Can anyone explain if this is possible or am I asking for 'my cake AND eat it' ?
    Why are ther differences in our phones governing rules in Itunes?

    Thanks Winston, you are correct "sync". In fact I found the answer in a slightly different way. There is a check-box in the photo's tab that provides for syncing photo's before any media. Therefore this will in fact create the necessary space on the ATV for the photo's by moving other media content from syncing to streaming.
    Of course the alternative, as you point out is to limit what actually gets synced in custom sync.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  • TS2755 For some reason when you try to attach mutiple photos to a text message directly from te camera roll they are not being send

    As well other app where you want to send to a message iMessage or text
    What you send doesn't get sent
    I've verified with mutiple users and they are not receiving my messages with photos attached

    A brief and probably non-helpful answer: I know of no way to eliminate your large amount of duplicates other than by repetitive, tedious manual effort.
    *There has got to be a simpler way.*
    I hope you're right, but I don't think there is a simpler way.
    BACKUP:  It also appears that the only way I can back up the catalog is to shut down LR.  Really?!
    Yes, really

  • HT201317 Some of my older camera roll pictures are not on my photo stream, how do I get them on my photo stream?

    I just now turned on my photo stream so my pictures from my iphone 4S can go to my desk top.  Not sure why I didn't do this sooner, and a bunch of pictures from my photo stream didn't make it to my computer.  Also, a bunch of pictures that are on my camera roll are not appearing on my photo stream.  Not sure how to solve this problem.

    PhotoStream holds a maximum of 1000 pictures, and they must be 30 days old, or less.

  • Raw images on iPhoto for iOS?

    Any plans for future versions of iPhoto for iOS to handle raw images?

    Ralph9430 wrote:
    Michael, that is correct. iPhoto for iOS is limited to 19 megapixel images and does not edit RAW files. So if one is shooting with something like a 5D MKII which takes 21 megapixel images one needs to shoot RAW plus a smaller than full size jpeg.
    iPhoto for iOS is not a full fledged image editing program for professional photographer. MacWorld correctly, IMHO, points out in a recent review that iPhoto for iOS is for hobbyists and casual usuers. It does real well with preparing 1-3 megapixel images for sharing on social sites but is not recommended to much more than that.
    Thanks for this info, Ralph.  I had a suspicion that iPhoto for the iPad would be somewhat limited, much the same way Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are relative to their Mac counterparts.  Digital photography is a hobby of mine, and I use Aperture to tweak my RAW photos.  Overall, the I've found the iPad is great for showing photos, emailing them, etc., but not ideal for editing or storing.

  • HT204073 How to add photos to "camera roll" folder on iPhone ?

    I am trying to delete some recorded videos on my iPhone 6 but unfortunately I am facing some difficulties:-(! The trash can option is either not available or is greyed out. What happened is that I accidentally deleted my photo content when I transferred all photos from my iPhone to iPhoto on my mac and now the "camera roll" folder on my phone shows "0" content. I believe since I don't have any item on my "camera roll" folder I am out of luck in deleting some of the video on my phone's "video folder" where these videos are residing.
    If you can provide some help on how to delete my videos I would love to hear it:-)!

    You remove the content in the same manner that you put it there, through a sync in iTunes. After connecting the device to iTunes, you need to remove the content you want from the device in iTunes, then sync. Photos are synced with the photo tab, and you mark what you want synced and remove the mark from content you don't want, or want to remove. The same is true for movies/videos. Check what you want from the library, remove the check from content you want to remove from the iPhone.

  • Can I use an iTunes gift card to order a photo book from iPhoto for iOS?

    Can I use an iTunes gift card to order a photo book from iPhoto for iOS?

    no - credit card or debit card only unless they have recently changed their policy

  • Photo book not ordering in iPhoto for iOS 7

    I'm trying to order a photobook in iPhoto on my iPhone 5. It looks like the order is processing but it never actually finishes placing the order for the photo book. Anyone know of a solution? Please help!

    If you edited the photo directly in the camera roll album, the edited photo should have appeared automatically in the camera roll album.
    Otherwise you need to press the "share" button and select "Camera Roll":
    To switch between viewing the original photo and the edited version, tap .
    If you edit a photo in the iPhoto Camera Roll album, the edited photo automatically appears the Camera Roll on your iOS device, at the resolution of your device. If you want a full-resolution version of the edited photo sent to the Camera Roll, tap and tap Camera Roll. The full-resolution photo appears in the Camera Roll, and is transferred to your computer when you sync the Camera Roll with your computer.

  • How do I organize photos in iPhoto for ios

    I am confused because there is a category for organizing photos here and in the iPhoto for iOS tutorial, but I cannot find any functionality for organizing photos into events and albums in the software. Am I missing something?  Does anyone know how to do this with the iPad short of making a new album every time in photos?  Most of the time I would like to add photos to existing albums and events rather than creating new ones.

    At the moment I cannot see a way to do it in 'iPhoto' you have to do it in the 'Photos' app.  My workflow is to organize in 'Photos' and use 'iPhoto' for editing.  Hopefully future versions will make this much easier.

  • IPhoto for iOS removes the GPS exif data from the photo after an edit

    iPhoto for iOS removes the GPS exif data from the photo after an edit
    Using the iPhone camera, I take a photo and then I want to make the photo a little brighter.
    So, I edit a photo using iPhoto for iOS and then save the photo back to the camera roll.
    Now, I might want to see where that photo was taken via another app (like Photo Mapo) or on the map using the Photos app, or even the Mac iPhoto app.
    However, the GPS data has been removed. Looks like all of the other exif data is still in the photo.
    Why not just have a feature to remove the GPS data if the user wants? no reason to remove it for them.
    The user explictily chose to have location services turned on so the GPS data would be in the photo.
    Is this a bug?

    First thing to try is a reboot of your iPad. Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously ignoring the red slider until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the iPad restart. See if that fixes your problem.
    None of my cameras has a GPS function so I never see that data in the info of a photo in iPhoto for iOS. But I do see the map choice to set a location for the photo. Perhaps a reboot will fix this for you.

  • How to search photos by title and or keywords on iPhoto for iOS

    Maybe I'm not I'm not seeing things wright but I can't find any possibilitie to search photos by name, title, keyword with iPhoto (1.0.1) on my iPad 2 (5.1.1)
    How can I Search? I don't want to beleive that's not possible...

    as Frank Caggiano said. There is not really any Apple-provided application on the iPad that will support a full-fledged photo database like the Mac-versions of Aperture or iPhoto. Even the IOS app iPhoto is nothing like the Mac version of iPhoto. The iPad version is not a photo database but a tool for editing, sharing, and viewing photos - the iPhoto Help is saying:
    With iPhoto for iOS, you have everything you need to view, edit, and share your photos on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch (with iOS 7).
    You can organize your photos in iPhoto IOS in a limited way by tagging them, so that they will apear in albums: What are albums?
    To tag them with flags or keywords see: Flag, tag, hide photos
    Considering the limited space on IOS devices, the designers probably did not expect anybody to try to store so many photos on an iPad that it would be necessary to search for them other than using the predefined Views (Moments, Places) in the, or iPhoto's albums. And any library organization you are doing in the or iPhoto will not sync back to your computer.
    -- Léonie

  • Cannot view 90% of my photos in "iPhoto" for iOS

    Key among my MANY gripes with this "iPhoto" for iOS is that I cannot use it to edit photos unless they are in the camera roll or in an event or album. Crucially in the list of photos around 90% of the photos on my iPad are missing. This is because they are synced onto it from the REAL iPhoto for mac using the faces / places features. The iOS atrocity doesn't see them whatsoever.
    This is NOT iPhoto. Why couldn't you have called it iPicEffects and not sullied the wonderful Mac app with this awful, gimmicky, unintuitive excuse for an app.
    Please fix it, pull it or at least promise to not ruin the Mac version. Please.

    when you upgrade iPhoto you do not import anything - you launch the new version and it upgrades the library
    the best solution is to restore your backup of the iPhoto library from before you did the import (or what ever you did which is not clear), verify it is in your pictures folder and launch iPhoto

  • How do I exclude photos from iPhoto for iOS

    I have iPhoto for iOS but unfortunately I can't find a way to exclude the photos I don't want anymore. Do you know how do I do it?

    Do you mean, you want to delete certain photos from your iPhoto Library on your IOS device?
    Photos that have been synced to iPhoto need to be removed on the device you are syncing from, then sync again. Photos that you imported from mail or the camera roll can be deleted using the menu:
    See this manual page: Delete photos and this thread:
    Re: How can I delete photos in iPhoto on my iPad2?
    If you edited a photo you need to revert the edits, before you can remove it. Otherwise it will stay in the "Edited" album.

  • How can I delete an event on an Ipad2, PHOTOS or Iphoto for IOS?

    How can I delete a photo event on an IPAD2 using either PHOTOS or IPHOTO for IOS?

    If the event is a synced event from iPhoto on your Mac, you have to deselect the event in iTunes while the iPad is connected to the Mac and with iTunes running and then sync - in order to remove the event from the photos app.
    Synced photos cannot be deleted directly on the device. You must unsync the photos using iTunes on your computer.

  • Photos blurry in iPhoto for iOS!!!

    I just noticed something... I have in the past edited several photos in iPhoto for iOS (changed saturation and stuff), and looking back at them now I have realised that when I pressed the button to view the original image, the original is much crisper and clearer! Why is the edited version a bit fuzzy and blurry? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    At the moment I cannot see a way to do it in 'iPhoto' you have to do it in the 'Photos' app.  My workflow is to organize in 'Photos' and use 'iPhoto' for editing.  Hopefully future versions will make this much easier.

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