I added a new iTunes account. Wanted new library, did it, but now my old library dissappeared and I can't retrieve it on my laptop. How do I find it. Is it possible to have two different accounts with 2 different libraries and go from one to the other?

I added a second account to my iTunes on my laptop. I wanted to give 2nd acct. its own library. I did by holding down shift key and going to start menu, choosing all programs then iTunes, then iTunes again. It asked me: choose library or create another iTunes library. I chose the later. I renamed it and saved in My Music. It automatically started up iTunes and brought me to the new library, but I cant get back to the old library with all my purchases, etc... What do I do to get the old library back? Computer illiterate, so please be kind. Thanks

You are going to need to change the email address you use with your old ID. Once you have got access to your old account you will then log into both accounts at the same time on your Mac and transfer your data to a single account. We can do this later, but need you to get access to your old account first.
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