I bought a new macbook pro but it doesn't want install os x mountain lion

I bought a new Macbook Pro but it doesn't want to install os x mountain lion.
I started the pc, filled in my language, chose "install os x mountain lion", it took a while, the pc restarted and asked the same things.
What am I doing wrong? I can not go to my desktop.
When the pc is restarted os x lion mountain is installed but i can't go to my desktop.

Either that or they failed to install an OS on it before shipping.
For a brand new Mac, I'd return it.
Here is the article on Recovery, which is what you are seeing:  http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4718
The hard drive should have a hidden partition which holds the standard Recovery HD. That is what you use to repair and reinstall. If that fails, or you have to replace the hard drive, you can use Internet Recovery which boots into Apple's servers.
You could try Using Disk Utility to see if you can Repair the disk while booted into Recovery, but it just all sounds like a future of bad things if it starts out this way.

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