I can not view ANY videos on Vimeo, I have 'reset' the Ipad, original IOS 5, cleared the history and cookies, I have changed the DNS number to, I have worked on this for 2 days and still can't find a fix, HELP!!

I can not view ANY videos on Vimeo, I have 'reset' the Ipad, original IOS 5, cleared the history and cookies, I haves changed the DNs number to, I have worked on this for 3 days now, HELP!!!!

Try a reset: Simultaneously hold down the Home and On buttons until the device shuts down. Ignore the off slider if it appears. Once shut down is complete, if it doesn't restart on it own, turn the device back on using the On button. In some cases it also helps to double click the Home button and close all apps BEFORE doing the reset.

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  • Can not view any videos on firefox.

    Anytime I want to view a video from within Firefox (YouTube or other) I am not able to view it. With YouTube I get the message "Error occurred. Please try again later." Other videos just give a blank page.
    I checked my plugins, they are all up to date. I am using Firefox version 13.0.1. I don't have this problem when I use other browsers such as IE. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks to all the replies. My problem was finally resolved. I followed the solution explained in:
    Basically I had to uninstall my Real Player (I still do have Quick Time installed though).
    After uninstalling Real Player all my videos (YouTube and others) started playing OK.

  • How do i download flash flyer to my mac book pro lap top it is block .it states it is outdated .i can not view any video please help .i need step by steps explanation please .

    PLeas help with detail information .Im unable to watch you tube or any video .My flash flyer need to be  update .Can i please have steps by steps how to achieve this process . I have a mac book pro .thanks in advance .I try but no sucess.desperate .All the site are asking me to pay .

    Go here -> http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/.
    Download the Flash player disk image and mount it by double-clicking the icon. Once the disk image is mounted, double click on the installation package. Be sure and restart your browser(s) before you try to view a YouTube video.

  • Please need help, working on this for days..

    Hi, I currently have two laptops trying to connect to the internet through a router (obviously)..One of my laptops has an external linksys card, and can connect to the internet just fine. The other laptop...which is the one I REALLY want to connect to the internet is unable to, and has an internal card. But even though the internet does not show up..it will say that the network is connected after I run a program called WinsockFix. The network is using WEP 64-bit encryption, and the type of connection is PPoE. My question is...how come I can get the network to say connected, but not be able to access the internet? Also the laptop is able to get internet and connect to other linksys routers if I try. Please, I've been working on this for days, and have been successful with everything I have done, and help is greatly appreciated.!

    But how can that be if its connecting to the right network? Even if it was how would I correct this problem...I mean even if I wire the laptop to the modem and router still nothing shows up...how can this be? All I get is that the page cannot be displayed.

  • My macbook suddenly shut down, and when rebooted, imovie project was completely gone.  No record of it at all.  Have been working on it for days, and it has always been there.  Any way to restore it?  Thanks.

    My macbook suddenly shut down, and when rebooted, imovie project was completely gone.  No record of it at all.  Have been working on it for days, and it has always been there.  Other projects are still there.  Any way to restore it?  Thanks.

    I figured it out!!!
    Hey guys! Here's what I did that saved my project.
    Use the Finder window on your Mac to copy and paste your old project (the one not showing up in imovie) to a new folder so that iMovie will see it.
    The project has to exist on your hard drive. To see if it's hiding around somewhere go to:
    Home (your name)>Movies>iMovie Library (right click and select Show Package Contents)
    In the iMovie Library folder (the default is usually the date) open it to see if your Project is inside. If it is, you are in luck!
    Open iMovie
    start a new folder under the iMovie Library (again, the default is usually todays date)
    Close iMovie
    In the finder window (as explained above in the CONDITIONS section) select the files and folders of your project and copy them (in my case these consist of folders called Analysis Files, Original Media, "MYPROJECT", Render Files, Shared Items)
    There should now be a folder with today's date in that Show Package Contents folder.
    Paste a copy of your project;s files into this folder.
    When it is done copying, open up the "Original Media" folder and all of your images and clips should be present.
    reopen iMovie. Your project should show up in the Libraries list.
    *If your full project isn't showing in the iMovie timeline (mine just had empty bubbles where all my clips and audio should be) try dragging and dropping the clips and images from the project's "Original Media" folder into the import section of your project. Once the files were reimported, iMovie recognized them all and put them back in the correct place for me.
    Hope this helps someone!

  • TS4268 I am on friends account and somehow when set up an iPad our messaging became intertwined. If I message someone else he gets it as well and if he messages himself I get it to? Worked on this all day and we can't figure it out . Any ideas?

    I am part of a friends AT&T package for iPhone. 4s and we started having a problem when a message I sent to another friend ended up on his iPad and this other friend messages me and the person whose phone package I am on also got this message. The friend whose phone I am linked to has sent messages to himself that have come to me. Seems like something is mixed up here and it is out of the blue because I have been on his phone plan for years without any mix ups? Any idea as we worked on this all day and can't get it fixed?

    Using FaceTime http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4319
    Troubleshooting FaceTime http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3367
    The Complete Guide to FaceTime + iMessage: Setup, Use, and Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting FaceTime and iMessage activation
    Using FaceTime and iMessage behind a firewall
    iOS: About Messages
    Set up iMessage
    Troubleshooting Messages
    Setting Up Multiple iOS Devices for iMessage and Facetime
    http://macmost.com/setting-up-multiple-ios-devices-for-messages-and-facetime.htm l
    FaceTime and iMessage not accepting Apple ID password
    http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/facetime-and-imessage-not-acc epting-apple-id-password/
    Unable to use FaceTime and iMessage with my apple ID
    For non-Apple devices, check out the TextFree app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/text-free-textfree-sms-real/id399355755?mt=8
     Cheers, Tom

  • Hello, i´m trying to do a proyect that requires modulate and demodulate a text in QAM. i´ve been trying this for days but i can´t come uo with a solution, if anyone can help me, that would be great. thank you very much

    i´m trying to do a proyect that requires modulate and demodulate a text in QAM. i´ve been trying this for days but i can´t come up with a solution, I can not retrieve the text I am modulating and i do not understand why. I am new to using Labview  and would appreciate some help.
    if anyone can help that would be great.
    i have attached the vi that i´ve done.
    thank you very much
    intentoproyectocom2.vi ‏78 KB

    I beleive they used the same concept that they did in iOS. One folder deep. If you think they should implement somehting more, then please use the feedback links in the forums FAQs to leave your comments and suggestions.

  • Video's are missing and can not post any video's and can no longer see on Facebook after upgrading mac software.  Facebook says content is unavailable.  Is this a facebook issue or is there something that I can do to fix on my mac.

    Video's are missing from facebook album under photo's.  It shows that I have 99 and only shows 24.  These are not copyright problems.  I have had them up for years.  Now, I can not post any video's  too.  Message says that content is currently unavailable. It seemed to happen after I upgraded to 10.7.5 but it could be coincidental.  Of course, I have not got any email from facebook to help with this problem and I am really frustrated that I can not find my video's and post any new ones anymore.  Any help would be appreciated.

    I would like to add that Comcast is my internet provider. Perhaps that is part of the issue although the Connection Doctor confirms the mail box is connecting to the internet. No other function processes when Connection Doctor program is used to find the source of the issue. I have read forum posts but am unable to find a way to get my Apple mail to be delivered to my computer. It worked fine up until I chose to transfer mail to the Cloud. My mail account is a .mac account.
    Still hoping someone out there can help me.

  • Can not play any video after update to 4.4.2

    Can not play any video after update to 4.4.2, it says always that i have to reconnect my HDMI Cable, reason HDCP error.

    I have made some tests,
    I can only view Trailers, every thing else dosn't work any more. I could not play any Video via Airplay. I tried to do it fom my IPhone 4, my IPad 1 and from my MacBook Pro 15"/i7 2 GHz/Mac OS10.7.2.
    It always says the same error.
    I reset the divice again and made a restore, but the same error.
    I change the HDMI cable, same error.
    It works fine before, I had 4.4.1 on it. I'm using a Toshiba Beamer MT700.
    Need some help

  • Since upgrade to Iphone ios6 (4S), I can not import any videos to iPhoto or Image Capture

    Hi there. I have had numberous problems with my upgrade to IOS6, particularly with the Camera/Photos. Two big ones: The camera does not orient itself properly when taking horizontal photos. You take a horizontal photo and it never rotates properly. So I have to go into Photo Shop and rotate each one manually. Sometimes it does not recognize horizontal from vertial when taking as well.
    Also, I can not download ANY videos to iphoto or via Image Capture. The error I get for every video (both new videos shot after upgrade and those that date back to before the upgrade): Import Error An error occured while importing. The item ZZZZ.MOV was not imported.
    I have all my software updates on both my phone and computer.
    Any suggestions?

    I would try restarting you Mac if you haven't already.  If you still can't get either iPhoto or Image Capture to work, you could try something else, like PhotoSync or PhoneView.

  • Can not view youtube videos in full screen???

    I just purchased this Macbook Air and switched from my old POS HP... This is my first day on this thing so i have no F'n clue what im doing most of the time. I have run into an issue that i hope someone can help me out. When trying to view videos on youtube.com i can not view videos in fullscreen. I see the button to click and make the video full screen but no action happens, it just continues to play the video in small format. please let me know if you can help

    found the likely issue!  are you participating in youtube's html5 trial?  go here and it will tell you if you are:
    exit the trial and it should fix the issue.  it worked for me!

  • Can not view uploaded videos

    After downloading iOS 7 I can not view the uploaded videos in my library. The video shows a gray screen and when I tap on play arrow, says "this operation can not be completed" please direct me!

    I had the same problem.  Took me a while to put two and two together.
    A work around is to use AirPlay, an iOS device (iPad, in my case), and a web browser set to identify itself as a desktop browser.  I use Atomic Web.  Works on most videos, but sometimes it's a little tricky to start playing.  Tapping the center of the video once, usually does the trick.
    Good luck. :-)

  • How can I view music video on my Music app on my iPad? I can view on my iPhone!! It does not show video just plays the song,

    How can I view music video that I purchased on my Music App on my iPad?? I can view video in question on my iPhone!! On my iPad it simply plays the song when selected.

    Finally got my search terms correct and found this answer to my own question.

  • Since i updated firefox I can not open any video of updates on Yahoo , I can't get the video's to work on Netflix who know where else?

    Firefox will not open any video's on Yahoo , netflix that is all I tried so far

    Hi joe,
    Have you checked to see if your [https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/ Plugins are updated]? It might be that you have an outdated Silver Light plugin.
    Hopefully this helps!

  • Why can i view facebook videos on my iphone but cannot on  ipad

    why can i view facebook videos on my iphone but cannot on  ipad

    you need browser and flash plugin to view facebook videos...link to get plug in is http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Maybe you are looking for

  • Can't seem to fix my iMac. Suggestions?

    17inch 1.83 Ghz Intel Core Duo with 2GB Ram, running OSX 10.5.8. Software all updated via Software update, all maintenance scripts run via Cocktail. (Internal optical drive failed a while ago so use an external Plextor drive instead.) For months now,

  • My IMessage is not displaying the messengers name

    My I message is only displaying the senders number not the name even though it is stored in my contact list why is this?

  • New to Mac's how do i install ??

    Hi, i'm new to mac's coming over from a windows PC. I don't know how to install Dreamweaver MX on my macbook. It won't let me run the Autorun.exe or Install Dreamweaver MX.exe I keep getting told that i need to chose a program to run them. I took a l

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    Hi All! Can you pls help, I´m new into solaris, so I´ve got a problem, ever since I didi "> messages" inside the /var/adm/ direcotory the messages file does not update anymore.~ I´ve done ps -ef ! grep syslogd, and the deamon is running. So pls can y

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