I can send iCloud mail but not receive it...

Logged into the iCloud web interface, I can send mail using my .mac address but I cannot receive mail, even on the web interface (also the same issue on my macbook pro and blackberry). For example if I email to myself using the web interface on iCloud on my macbook pro, the mail shows as sent but does not arrive. This was working fine until a few hours ago, and my other .mac address still works fine. Does anyone know what could have happened? Its not a mail storage issue: I checked and have most of my mail storage free.

I've spoken to Apple Support in Cork (Ireland) and they didn't know about the problem as of about 6 hours ago. However they were sure it was a server issue and have forwarded it to the main iCloud team.
My incoming mails were hitting the iCloud servers, they were put in the inbox, then a second later flagged as junk and deleted. This is despite me having switched off all junk mail filtering on iCloud and in Mail. Worse still, the messages weren't moved to Junk or Trash - they simply disappear into the aether.
I hope this can be fixed quickly. I've been without email for nearly 2 days now and I'm sure some business emails have been deleted by the iCloud servers - grrrrrr...
But thanks to the very polite and helpful people at Apple Support for working through the issue with me.

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  • Can send icloud email but not receive

    I setup iCloud last night linked to my apple ID. Today I have created a new @me.com address in order to sync mail and notes.
    I can send e-mail from this address, but anything that gets sent to it just bounces back, like below from outlook.
    The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to.
    Is there somethign I have missed?

    I have the same issue....it only affects my me.com email account that I setup to utilize iCloud.   I can receive email OK but get an error when sending,,,,,"The connection to the outgoing server p07-smtp.mail.me.com failed."
    I go to settings to check the smtp settings and it won't let me change them.
    Any thoughts?

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    After downloading IOS 8.1.2, I can send, but not receive E-Mail.  Any ideas?

    Hey Dephil,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities. 
    The article linked below provides some great information and troubleshooting suggestions that'll resolve most issues like the one that you’ve described, where you’re not able to receive email on your iPad 2 after updating iOS.
    Get help with Mail on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support
    First, try these basic troubleshooting steps:
    To make sure that you're connected to the Internet, open Safari and go to www.apple.com.
    Log in to your email provider's website to make sure that the account is active and the password is correct.
    Make sure your settings are correct using Mail Settings Lookup.
    Restart your iOS device.
    Delete the affected email account from your device.
    Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
    Tap the affected email account.
    Tap Delete Account.
    Add your account again.
    Follow these steps for specific alerts.
    "Cannot get mail"
    Make sure you entered the correct password. If you enabled two-step verification through your email service provider, contact them to see if you need a special password for your iOS device.
    So long,

  • TS3276 I can send e-mails but cannot receive e-mails

    I activated my gmail on my macbook pro (new mac user, older macbook).  I can send messages no problem and I can see them in "sent" folder and receive them on other devices  BUT, I am not receiving messages to the inbox on the mac book mail.
    I was told to remove the account and then reinstall it, but I can't figure out how to remove it. 
    Does anyone know where I can enable mail so I can receive messages?

    In order to remove your Gmail Account, go to System Preferences> Mail, Contacts, & Calendar Menu. You will see a column box similar to this:
    In order to remove Gmail, click in your Gmail and then go to the "-" sign. Confirm that you want to delete your account. Then launch mail and re-add your Gmail account through the Mail Set Up Assistant.
    Hope this helps!

  • Just setting up. Can send messages ok - but not receive at all - settings checked and ok

    Just setting up Thunderbird for the first time. Can send emails fine. Can't receive emails. Have confirmed settings with f2s/TalkTalk and they are correct.
    Where to now?

    Thanks folks.
    To gnospen:
    * ''Just a thought. Have you set up this pop-account anywhere else like in your smart-phone? Is that or your old mac running?''
    ?? I don't use my 'phone for emails, so, no.
    * ''"If its set up to download and NOT to keep it on the server, then there isn't anything to download, your smart-phone (whatever) has already downloaded it."''
    I don't understand this bit. I just want to use Thunderbird as I used to use Outlook. That is, when TalkTalk tell me I have exceeded my email quota I can download the emails to my machine (a MacBook Pro).
    '''''* ''''"I don't understand why you don't use IMAP instead as it can sync much better."'''''''
    I don't know the difference. It worked before with Outlook. I was advised by TalkTalk to use POP. (Don't remember being given the option of IMAP.)
    To zenos:
    ''* "This is going to be messy as talktalk have grown by acquisition of smaller ISPs and has inherited a large number of disparate email services. (I still have a lineone account myself and have also had tiscali, pipex and f2s in the past.) So we may need to know what domain the OP is on."
    We were with f2s - got bought by Opal then TalkTalk.
    ''* "Having said that, I scrolled through the options and they're all plain un-secured pop (110) and imap (143). So I don't understand why the OP has been steered towards an SSL port for POP3. None of them give "inmail.server.com" etc.
    ''* "To the OP: Have you tried just setting up the account as a new one, and letting Thunderbird find the settings for itself?"''
    This is my first time with Thunderbird. I downloaded and installed the programme, then followed the instructions for setting up. Plus inmail.server.com worked before and I was advised that this was correct. (btw, I presume I'm the OP??)
    ''* "Do you specifically want POP instead of IMAP? Why? "
    As noted above, it worked with Outlook; I was advised that POP settings were correct.
    ''* "Try setting your POP port to 110 and no security."
    Tried that. With pop 110 I get "...sending of password did not succeed. mail server responding: syntax error."
    Does this give anybody any further clues?

  • I can send e mails but cannot receive them

    I can receive e mails but can no longer send them on my iPad 3 after downloading an apple update

    several things here, first you want to verify that your outgoing mail server settings match what your email providers outgoing server settings. - may need to contact them to get those. - you can edit those through settings/mail ocntacts, and calenders, tap that account.

  • Can send exrernal mail but not able to recieve exrernal mail

    I have a Mac Mini server that I am setting up DNS, Web, Mail, and Directory services on and am having a problem receiving external mail. I am able to send mail to external email addresses just fine. The bounce back email I get on the external email contains the following error...
    +The error that the other server returned was: 554 554 5.7.1 <[email protected]>: Relay access denied (state 14).+
    After setting the SMTP logging level to informational in Server Admin the error that shows up is below...
    +NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from mail-yi0-f47.google.com[]: 554 5.7.1 <[email protected]>: Relay access denied; from=<[email protected]> to=<[email protected]> proto=ESMTP helo=<mail-yi0-f47.google.com>+
    I have been fighting this for two days and am not sure where to go from here. I am not sure if this is a mail or DNS setting issue.

    Disregard the last post.  I made a few changes and this is where everything currently stands.
    This server is a MacMini Server that is hosted at Macminicolo.net.  I am looking to host several different websites for family and friends along with the mail services for each site.  The server does have two IPs setup on it and if that would help.
    I have changed the hostname of the server to server.minisrvr.com using the following comand
    scutil --set HostName server.minisrvr.com
    The new DNS records are below...
    minisrvr.com. is a primary zone
    A               server.minisrvr.com.
    CNAME     mail.minisrvr.com.             server.minisrvr.com.
    CNAME     ns1.minisrvr.com.             server.minisrvr.com.
    CNAME     ns2.minisrvr.com.             server.minisrvr.com.
    ebcwaco.org. is a primary zone (I wasn't sure if ebcwaco needed its own primary zone or not)
    CNAME     ebcwaco.org.             server.minisrvr.com.
    CNAME     www.ebcwaco.org.     server.minisrvr.com.
    The MX record resolves to server.minisrvr.com.
    Now everything except for DNS does not seem to be working for ebcwaco.org causing the website to not function.  If there is any additional information needed please let me know.  I am trying to get this up and running as soon as possible and am very greatful for your help.

  • HT1277 Mail is set up and I can send e mails but since 1st of June I cannot receive, I have tried connection doctor everything seems fine, any ideas?

    Mail is set up and I can send e mails but since 1st of June I cannot receive, I have tried connection doctor everything seems fine, any ideas?

    There are two entirely different paths involved here; SMTP for send and either POP or IMAP receive.  Check your receive path.  Confirm username, password and the POP or IMAP server identity.  Also check directly with your mail provider, and ensure the POP or IMAP server is functioning and online, and the provider hasn't changed their particular POP or IMAP configuration requirements.

  • I can send video's but cannot receive them?

    I have an iPhone 4. I can send video's but cannot receive them. This problem only started happening 2 weeks ago. Prior to that I had no problems receiving video's. I'm not sure if I have clicked on something or what has happened. If someone could please give me some tips it would be very much appreciated. Thanks

    Try closing all of your open apps, double click the home button when the multi-task screen comes up then hold your finger on a app until it start to wiggle and a red minus sign show up in the upper left corner. Tap the red minus sign until all of your apps are closed. Then restart your iPhone and try to receive a video.

  • I can send in hotmail, but not recieve, how do I fix this

    # Question
    I can send in hotmail, but not recieve, how do I fix this
    I send a test to myself, and it doesn't go through,
    also links from searches don't arrive

    Hi there, thanks for your reply, I cannot give you the URL as this is Cloud Based Farming Software which requires a Login and Password. All I can tell you is that it is written in PHP. There are many graphs, all of them print from IE but no not print from Firefox.

  • I can send iMessage's but cannot receive them. Any help with fixing it?

    I can send iMessage's but cannot receive them. Any help with fixing these?

    Is this happening on cellular or Wi-Fi, or both?

  • I can send text messages but not picture texts

    i use to be able to send picture text till the other day,now i can send text messages but when i go and add a picture or just send a picture tex it loads till the very lastpart of the bar at the top and stops, but i can recieve picture and text messages

    tailchasher wrote:
    yes it is on. i have been sendind picture text ever since i had gottin the phone till like 3 days ago and was gonna send a pic text and it said not delevered
    Then as already suggested... Check with your Carrier.

  • Can send mail but not receive -- connection doctor OK, GetInfo shows msgs

    In the last couple of days I stopped receiving email on my Mac in the Mail app, but not my PC. Both access POP3 accounts at the same ISP, different POP3 accounts. All software is patched to latest version using Software Update -- PowerMac G5 Dual, latest OSX version. On the Mac, connection doctor says I'm A-OK (internet connection, POP connection, SMTP connection.) Also, if I do a Get Info on the inbox and show messages on the server, it shows 75 messages on the server. I have not retrieved messages to my knowledge (so I don't think the server thinks I already downloaded them), and the "Messages that have been downloaded to my Mac" pulldown option in Get Info confirms this, by not showing any of the 75 messages in the Show all messages pulldown option. But -- Get Mail does nothing! I have tried rebooting, deleting and recreating the account, etc. Since I can get POP mail for another account at the same ISP on my PC, and I have touched nothing on the Mac, and all the diagnostics show the connection and POP3 chat is working perfectly, this very strange. I do not think I have applied any patches or anything that might screw it up, but who knows.
    The only strange thing that might be a clue is the little spinning status indicator next to the InBox label runs for about 30 sec or so before it decides not to do anything -- seems a little long. Any suggestions? Any way to do detailed debugging of the POP3 session to see if the Mac-server conversation is wanked up somehow?

    For POP accounts, Mail uses a file within the account folder to keep track of which messages have already been downloaded. Deleting it should cause Mail to download everything still on the server as if new. I don't think it'll work in your case, but try it anyway just to be sure:
    1. Quit Mail.
    2. In the Finder, go to ~/Library/Mail/[email protected]/.
    3. Locate one or two files named MessageUidsAlreadyDownloaded and move them to the Trash. Mail 1.x used MessageUidsAlreadyDownloaded to keep track of which messages had already been downloaded. Mail 2.x uses MessageUidsAlreadyDownloaded2 for the same purpose.
    You can use the Account Info window first to remove from the server any messages you don't want to be downloaded again.
    You may try creating a new user account in System Preferences > Accounts, set up mail anew there, and see whether the problem happens there as well.
    Another thing you may try is using a different method to connect to Internet, if possible. Also, if Preferences > Check for new mail is set to Every minute, changing it to something greater (e.g. Every 5 minutes) might help.
    Something that usually works is removing some messages from the server (download them with another mail client first, to avoid losing them). Sometimes, Mail chokes on a message it cannot download, and that prevents it from downloading the rest as well.
    Any way to do detailed debugging of the POP3 session to
    see if the Mac-server conversation is wanked up somehow?
    Detailed debugging no, but looking at the Console could be informative:
    1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Console.
    2. From the File menu, choose either Open Console Log, or Open System Log, or both, so that the Console application displays the contents of both system.log and console.log.
    3. Try to reproduce the problem and look at the bottom of the Console windows for messages that might be written there as a result. They may provide some clues as to what the problem is.

  • Mail and Google Business Apps - can get incoming mail but not send

    I'm using the mac mail client for 3 different accounts - one regular gmail account, and 2 Google Business App addresses that are like [email protected]
    2 of these accounts are working and have always worked fine: the regular gmail, and one of the business app accounts
    But my newest one can recieve mail, but cannot send mail OUT. I've looked at my settings and compared them to Google's over and over, and compared them to the other business account that works. They are all set up correctly. ALL of the settings are set up the way they  should be.
    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Mail/Window/Connection Doctor - if a server shows red, select it and look at the 'Show Details' box.
    Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages

  • I can recieve e-mails but not send/reply e-mails

    Have not been able to send e-mails, get message that user name or password is incorrect. But am using same name and pasword as on my laptop. Any ideas?

    I fixed a similar problem by going into Preferences and then Composing and unchecking the box that says: "Send outgoing messages using Unicode (UTF-)"

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