I can send text messages but not picture texts

i use to be able to send picture text till the other day,now i can send text messages but when i go and add a picture or just send a picture tex it loads till the very lastpart of the bar at the top and stops, but i can recieve picture and text messages

tailchasher wrote:
yes it is on. i have been sendind picture text ever since i had gottin the phone till like 3 days ago and was gonna send a pic text and it said not delevered
Then as already suggested... Check with your Carrier.

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    When I try to send messages some names are recognised and some are not

    If you are talking about iMessage... It will send messages to people that are using ios5, and have turned I message on on their device.   For your other contacts, you need to send a good old fashioned e mail.

  • Why can I receive text messages but not send?

    Why can I receive text messages but not send. This has been happening for about 10 hours.

    Thanks for the response. Must be smart phones. My daughter has a dumb phone and she can send out. I tried deleting my text messages on the Verizon website, but they won’t delete. It must be on their end. Chat line was busy forever, until they shut it down.

  • I can send in hotmail, but not recieve, how do I fix this

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    I can send in hotmail, but not recieve, how do I fix this
    I send a test to myself, and it doesn't go through,
    also links from searches don't arrive

    Hi there, thanks for your reply, I cannot give you the URL as this is Cloud Based Farming Software which requires a Login and Password. All I can tell you is that it is written in PHP. There are many graphs, all of them print from IE but no not print from Firefox.

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    Machine Name:          Power Mac G5
    Machine Model:          PowerMac7,3
    CPU Type:          PowerPC G5  (3.0)
    Mail Version 2.1.3 (753.1)
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    Please kindly help to check with these problems. Thanks.

    Verify and Repair disk “Data”
    Checking HFS Plus volume.
    Checking Extents Overflow file.
    Checking Catalog file.
    Checking multi-linked files.
    Checking Catalog hierarchy.
    Checking Extended Attributes file.
    Checking volume bitmap.
    Checking volume information.
    Volume Header needs minor repair
    Repairing volume.
    Rechecking volume.
    Checking HFS Plus volume.
    Checking Extents Overflow file.
    Checking Catalog file.
    Checking multi-linked files.
    Checking Catalog hierarchy.
    Checking Extended Attributes file.
    Checking volume bitmap.
    Checking volume information.
    The volume Data was repaired successfully.
    Mounting Disk
    1 HFS volume checked
    Repair attempted on 1 volume
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  • How come i can send pic messages but cant get pic messages on my i phone 4s

    how come i can send pic messages but cant get pic messages on my iphone 4s


  • I am unable to send a text message.  I can send a imessage fine.  I am able to receive a text message but not send

    I have been unable to send a regular text message since the other day when I arrived in Houston and took my phone off airplane mode.  I have went thru the carrier and nothing we did solved the problem.  What are some options I could try.  I have no problems sending imessages as long as there is a data connection.

    Text messages are a carrier feature so if you are having problems sending them I would check with your carrier

  • On my iPad I can only send I messages but not all my friends have apple products how can I set it up that other messages are send to

    On my iPad I can only send iMessages but not all my friends have an I pad or iPhone how can I send other messages too

    You will need to download a texting App from the App Store. I have seen Text + recommended on the forum.

  • How do i get my contacts Back, i can see them when composing a new text message but not in my contact list?

    A couple of days ago all the contacts on my phone were deleted, for some unknown reason (i think it was something to do with iCloud). When i look in my contact list, on my phone, i can not see any of my contacts. But when i go to compose a new text message (or email) i can see the name of the contacts and the number.
    If i then click on one of them it just comes up as a number in the: to box.
    If i try to sync my phone with my computer, which has the contacts on, and click replace contacts on phone (with icloud turned off) it just deletes all the contacts that are left (the ones i added since i lost them) and does not replace them.
    I have tried syncing through Icloud, the computer, Yahoo, Hotmail, and gmail with no luck.
    So my qustion is can i get my contacts back?

    In iTunes, uncheck Sync contacts.
    Sync the iPhone.
    Then recheck Sync contacts and sync the iPhone.

  • How to block text messages but not calls from a specific number

    I want to block text messages from my father but not his phone calls. Is there a way to do this? I have an iPhone 5, but don't want to upgrade to IOS7 yet.

        You have a fantastic phone, joy3141. I double checked features for the iPhone 5 and confirmed there's not a way to block messages from a specific contact without blocking calls too. Our Call & Message Blocking http://vz.to/MqEgqB is a great way to block unwanted contact from specific numbers, but it would block both calls & messages. If your dad is on your account and you're hoping to block all of his text messages to or from anyone, there is a text message block available at www.vzw.com/serviceblocks you can add to his line.
    Thank you
    Please follow us on Twitter @vzwsupport

  • I can send iCloud mail but not receive it...

    Logged into the iCloud web interface, I can send mail using my .mac address but I cannot receive mail, even on the web interface (also the same issue on my macbook pro and blackberry). For example if I email to myself using the web interface on iCloud on my macbook pro, the mail shows as sent but does not arrive. This was working fine until a few hours ago, and my other .mac address still works fine. Does anyone know what could have happened? Its not a mail storage issue: I checked and have most of my mail storage free.

    I've spoken to Apple Support in Cork (Ireland) and they didn't know about the problem as of about 6 hours ago. However they were sure it was a server issue and have forwarded it to the main iCloud team.
    My incoming mails were hitting the iCloud servers, they were put in the inbox, then a second later flagged as junk and deleted. This is despite me having switched off all junk mail filtering on iCloud and in Mail. Worse still, the messages weren't moved to Junk or Trash - they simply disappear into the aether.
    I hope this can be fixed quickly. I've been without email for nearly 2 days now and I'm sure some business emails have been deleted by the iCloud servers - grrrrrr...
    But thanks to the very polite and helpful people at Apple Support for working through the issue with me.

  • Can send icloud email but not receive

    I setup iCloud last night linked to my apple ID. Today I have created a new @me.com address in order to sync mail and notes.
    I can send e-mail from this address, but anything that gets sent to it just bounces back, like below from outlook.
    The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to.
    Is there somethign I have missed?

    I have the same issue....it only affects my me.com email account that I setup to utilize iCloud.   I can receive email OK but get an error when sending,,,,,"The connection to the outgoing server p07-smtp.mail.me.com failed."
    I go to settings to check the smtp settings and it won't let me change them.
    Any thoughts?

  • Can send group message but stopped receiving

    yesterday I was sending and receiving group messages just fine. All of a sudden I stopped receiving the messages even though I could still send them. (this was just in one group). My other group works perfect-can send and receive.
    Any help?

    The group message problem doesn't seem limited to mixed groups. Twice today I have been unable to originate or reply to iPhone group messages with only two recipients. Single individual messages seem to be no problem. This is one a two day old iPhone 6.

  • Can receive Viber messages, but not send?

    Hi all,
    Last week my friend in the UK lost her phone, got a new one and re-installed Viber.
    Since then I can receive her Viber texts, but when I try to reply I get a pop-up saying that 'this contact no longer has Viber installed...'!  This obviously seems nonsensical. 
    She can also call me on Viber, and appears in my Viber contact list.  However if I attempt to send her a Viber message and get the pop-up above, her name suddenly disappears from the contact list!
    I have today updated my Viber to the latest version, in case my Viber was somehow out-of-date with hers, but the problem persists.
    Any thoughts?

    I started having the same problem today. I have been using Viber for some time now without any problmem both on wifi and 3G and starting today I'm not able to use it. I have an iPhone 4s and have the latest version of Viber installed on it.
    The messages get stuck at "Sending" and after a while turns put to red color with an error "Not sent".
    I tried uninstalling and re-installing viber but of no use. After the re-install it is not syncing my contact list nor working. Could some one help?

  • I have a lot of friends with an iPhone or iPad,which I can send them messages,but there is one person I can't,I'm in the uk and she is in the us the number she apparently uses to log in is not being recognised,what am I doing wrong

    My iMessages work with most of my friends apart from the one that lives in the US,I'm in the UK,the number she uses is to log in,but when I type her name in it says not registered with iMessage,and I don't understand why,is it because with the added international code because I've tried with and without it with no success,please help

    Something doesn't seem right here. If she has to use her email address as her contact address in order to message with you, that suggest to me that she either doesn't meet the requirements to use her iPhone number as the contact address (iOS 6 or later with an iPhone number linked to her Apple ID) or there is an issue with the way the phone number is being entered.

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