I have recently had to fire my web designer who was using iWeb.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the site to open in iWeb on my new MacBook Pro.  Is there a way?

I have recently had to fire my web designer who was using iWeb.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the site to open in iWeb on my new MacBook Pro.  Is there a way?

Firstly iWeb CAN'T IMPORT any kind of published html code as it has no import facility.  You can however add html code, javascript and css by selecting the html snippet and placing it on your page the entering the code in here and clicking on Apply.  You DO NOT create a shape as you say - you use the html snippet and place your code in there.
There are not really a lot of ways in which you can write code - if you want to enter small amounts of code, then you would use an ordinary text editor to do this such as Text Edit on a Mac or Text Wrangler.  If you want to add code to iWeb like this, then you would either use the html snippet method in iWeb itself or you would have to publish the site to a local folder from iWeb and open the relevant html page with a text editor and add the additional code in this way and then publish.  However, if he decided to add the code with a text editor, then you would have to upload the pages directly to the server using an ftp client - if you try to upload the site directly from iWeb, all the extra code will be overwritten.
As for checking whether the site was created using iWeb, all you need do is view the site in Safari and then click on View and then select View Source Code and it will tell you.
Even thoough extra code was added to the site and he might well have done this by publishing to a local folder and adding the code with a text editor, he should still have the domain file for the site too.
Ask again.  I'm sure that for adding quick code, most would not want to use programmes such as Dreamweaver, but a simple text editor will suffice.  As OT already said, if he claims that he does not have the domain.sites file, then try Flux 4 which is a web design programme and has full import facilities.  At least this way, if he just gives you the published version of the site, you have some way of opening it.
You can download a free trial of Flux 4 and you can also purchase the full version from the Mac App Store if you decide you like it.

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