Ical server and google calendar

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has found a way to have a google calendar run the same way in ical as ical server so that all everyone can view the google calendar through ical server.
We currently have our calendar on google calendar and would love to migrate it across to our server.
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This is am ichat forum for 10.5 (leopard) - your question is about ical and perhaps 10.6?

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  • How can I sync "On My Mac" iCal calendars on Snow Leopard with iPhone and Google Calendar?

    (I've done a lot of searching for a clear answer but without success.)
    Can someone please advise how I can get the "On My Mac" calendars on iCal v4.0.4 (running under Snow Leopard 10.6.8) to sync with an iPhone and Google Calendars,  'over the air' (i.e. not via iTunes) and both ways (two-way syncing).
    There was a great bit of software called Spanning Sync which did it all but it's now discontinued. I'm running Snow Leopard and do NOT want to upgrade to OS Lion.
    I've tried the iCloud route but it just creates an extra set of "@me.com" calendars under the "On My Mac" calendars - it is not syncing the "On My Mac" calendars themselves (and I want to use the "On My MAc" calendars as the master dataset (the 'Truth database' to use an Apple term!).
    ... And the same happens when I try to sync my Google Calendars: another set of "@google.com" calendars appear.
    Now instead of 2 calendars in iCal I have 6: 2 On My Mac calendars, 2 iCloud ones, and 2 Google ones. (This is not progress Apple!)
    Hope someone can advise.
    Many thanks.

    Thanks Winston.  I'm aware that the 'on my mac' calendar doesn't get picked up by iCloud.  I'm wondering whether anyone can help with the best alternative solution for synchronisation of phone and Outlook.

  • Help! I synced my iCal from my old iPhone to iCloud. It worked great. I've done this because I'm switching to a Samsung phone and need to sync my iCal to my Google calendar. In attempting to do so today, my iCal is empty. How can I retrieve my iCal info??

    Help! I synced my iCal from my old iPhone to iCloud. It worked great. I've done this because I'm switching to a Samsung phone and need to sync my iCal to my Google calendar. In attempting to do so today, my iCal is empty. How can I retrieve my iCal info??

    This was EXACTLY what I needed about the purchases I made from my device. However, is there a way to re-download other ones you've made from a computer? Because I realized some of them were not just purchased from my device.
    This is a picture of what it looks like now:
    As you can see, the stuff circled in red doesn't give me an option to download from Cloud Beta because it already says "downloaded".
    any way to get around that?

  • Help needed to sync ical and google calendar

    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me set up my ical and google calendar so they can sync from one to the other. I originally have ical with everything on it and I need to get it to sync with google. I have no problem exporting from ical and importing in google but I do have a problem setting it up to sync back and forth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You may want to look at Spanning Sync.

  • Is it possible to synch ICal in OS10.8 and Google Calendar so friends can view and change it on a PC?

    Is it possible to synch ICal in OS10.8 and Google Calendar so friends can view and change it on a PC?  The friends have no IOS devices, ITunes, or ICloud accounts.  Thanks, if you have performed this miracle!

    There's a non Apple supported hack/methode that may let you share iCal calendars: iCloud Mail settings in Snow Leopard

  • Can, and if so, how do you synch iCal with your Google calendar?

    Am trying to synch my iCal information with Google Calendar.  I can find information to get Google info into iCal but not synching iCal information with into Google.

    You can sync to one computer at a time.
    When you sync to another it will delete the current content and replace with content from the new computer.
    That would have nothing to do with it it not recognizing the device.
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X

  • Ical, iphone (mobileme), google calendars and sharing...

    My first question is as follow: I use googlemail at work and have a work calendar. I would like to be able to see that in ical (at home) and on iphone through mobileme. Is this possible? How?
    Similarly, I have a personal calendar which i keep on mobileme (and in ical). I would like to be able to see this in google calendars. Is this possible?
    Second question is I would like my husband to be able to see my personal calendar (mobileme). He has ical but does not have a mobileme account.
    And is it possible for him to see a googlecalendar of mine on ical?
    Thanks very much for any help you can offer.

    There is a brilliant little App called 'Spanning Sync' which does just that! It syncs your iCal to your Google calendar and it is very easy to set up and use. However, it only lets you sync with one Google account per licence. If you need to sync to more than one Google account, you need to buy more licences. I use it very successfully and would recommend it to you without reservation.

  • ICal server and external invitations via 3rd party mail server

    Hi everyone,
    OS 10.6.5 Server:
    Services running
    Open Directory
    Push Notification
    We are currently testing iCal server and have configured it to send out invites via our mail server (which is running on a different server) by creating the com.apple.calendarserver user on our mail server.
    Email notifications are then configured under the Enable Email Invitations tab in the iCal service of Server Admin as follows:
    Email address: [email protected]
    Incoming server: mail.mytest.com
    Port: 143 (not using SSL)
    Username: com.apple.calendarserver
    Password: secret
    SMTP: mail.mytest.com
    Port: 25 (not using SSL)
    Server requires authentication
    Username: com.apple.calendarserver
    Password: secret
    My test OD users are able to send out invites both internally to other iCal users and externally via email.
    So for example, I invite someone to a meeting and enter their gmail address ([email protected]), the invitation goes out correctly - when I log into gmail I see the invitation.
    When responding to the invitation (clicking Yes), the mail server receives the response from gmail and the iCal server collects the message via IMAP.
    However, the iCal server doesn't seem to parse the received email correctly as I get the following error in the iCal error logs:
    [twistedcaldav.extensions#info] Cannot authenticate proxy user 'com.apple.calendarserver' without X-Authorize-As header
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] 2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [AuthorizedHTTPGetter,client] [twistedcaldav.mail#error] Mail gateway failed to inject message <[email protected]> (Reason: 400 Bad Request)
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] 2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [AuthorizedHTTPGetter,client] [twistedcaldav.mail#debug] Failed calendar body: BEGIN:VCALENDAR
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] VERSION:2.0
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] CALSCALE:GREGORIAN
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] METHOD:REPLY
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] PRODID:-//Google Inc//Google Calendar 70.9054//EN
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] BEGIN:VEVENT
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] UID:43121576-1183-40C8-82D8-A052754AD1CE
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] DTSTART:20110406T080000Z
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] DTEND:20110406T090000Z
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] ATTENDEE;[email protected];CUTYPE=INDIVIDUAL;PARTSTAT=DECLINED;RO
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] LE=REQ-PARTICIPANT;X-NUM-GUESTS=0:mailto:[email protected]
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] CREATED:20110303T062518Z
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] DESCRIPTION:
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] DTSTAMP:20110303T064335Z
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] LAST-MODIFIED:20110303T064335Z
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] LOCATION:
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] ORGANIZER;CN=com.apple.calendarserver+07b1c044-9d98-4cdc-afe3-48139218ee35
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] @mytest.com:urn:uuid:B72794FB-3242-48D7-AC22-A584D279B9F9
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] SEQUENCE:3
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] STATUS:CONFIRMED
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] SUMMARY:one more test
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] TRANSP:OPAQUE
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] END:VEVENT
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway] END:VCALENDAR
    2011-03-03 17:44:03+1100 [-] [mailgateway]
    I have set a rule on our mail server to bypass any spam filtering for all messages sent to the [email protected] address, but this doesn't seem to make any difference.
    Does anyone else have this working ? Any ideas ?
    Many thanks
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    The issue is not "user authorization". The issue is that the 3rd-party service does not accept all incoming relay requests unless there is authentication with a registered account (which we have). This protects the 3rd-party service from becoming the relaying host for the universe's spoofed and anonymous spam. My deduction is that there is no mechanism in UTL_MAIL to designate not only the 3rd-party ip-address:port (by-passing the local sendmail server) but also providing the username:password for the account there for authentication.
    Plan A: I have attempted to follow directions for client-side SMTP Authentication for Relaying on the sendmail.org site.
    I have not been successful in completing a simple mailx interactive test, much less completing a UTL_MAIL configuration.
    I am scouring the user universe for someone who has put all the pieces together successfully and can advise. . . .
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    to clarify that I cannot get from UTL_MAIL to 3rd-party IP directly

  • Mail, iCal Server and iChat server will not work over VPN

    I have an Airport Extreme Base Station at the office running the network. Behind it sits a Mac Mini Snow Leopard server running 10.6.3. The ports necessary for Mail, iCal Server and iChat work fine through that external connection. I can also connect with VPN from my 10.6.3 clients.
    HOWEVER, when I connect with the VPN clients, I am suddenly unable to access the Mail, iCal Server, Wiki server and iChat server. All connections time out. I can ping the server and I can do other things that do NOT work on the public Airport like ssh or VNC. ssh and VNC are closed at the airport extreme.
    So it's pretty odd. When I'm connected via the VPN, all ports that are forwarded to the Snow Leopard server time out over the VPN.
    I've tried various and sundry configurations with the VPN client. This includes trying to send all traffic over the VPN, moving it up in the service order, etc. etc. Nothing fixes it. DNS resolution is working fine, however when I do a wireshark capture of ppp0 traffic, I notice that SSL and TLSv1 handshakes appear to occur on the public IP address instead of the private network IP address... and they're all resets.
    Has anyone gotten this to work successfully? Like I said, all ports that are NOT forwarded through the Airport work fine over the VPN, but will not work when connected to the VPN. It's really bizarre.

    New data: any ports that are normally forwarded on the Airport Extreme to the Mac Mini server will not work when connected to the VPN.
    For instance, if I have imaps/993 forwarded from the Airport Extreme to the Mac Mini, it works fine over the Internet. If I connect to the VPN, I can connect to all OTHER services on the Mac Mini, but Mail, for instance, will not work.

  • Can I sync iCal with my Google Calendar account?

    I was just wondering if any of you have or know how to sync your iCal with a Google calendar. I've tried myself, but I don't seem to be able to do it. I don't even know if it's possible but was just wondering if I could get some help. Thanks!!!!!

    Click < HREF=http://www.googletutor.com/2007/01/24/syncing-google-calendar-with-ical/>here for information.

  • ICal Share and Apple Calendar share

    Is ical share and Apple calendar share still viable way to get subscriptions to calendars.
    ical share seems to only have old stuff same with Apple Calendar items
    I am looking for F! 2009 schedule (auto racing)?
    Is there another place that everyone gets shared calendars?

    I get the feeling that the moderator (or whoever is in charge) of icalshare died or left the country some time ago and nobody noticed. Have you ever tried to post a calendar? I have posted a cricket fixture calendar for Durham CCC twice now - the calendar has not appeared and my messages to them are ignored. The same thing happened last year when I posted a soccer fixture list. Has anyone else had the same problem? It really is as if nobody's in charge there.

  • Evolution and google calendar [solved]

    i'm not sure, but there has been an option in evolution to add a google calendar. i can still add a calendar, but only "read-only"...
    after searching the forum and asking good old google himself, i found some posts from 2008 stating that it was broken but works perfectly now (as in 2008 "now").
    is there a plugin or AUR package enabling the google calendar in evolution to work both ways ("read-write")?
    a friend of mine, using ubuntu has the option enabled in the default package, so there is a way to use it, but apparently not in arch (at the moment)!
    thanks ...
    oh, i'm not bound to evolution and open for suggestions for alternative email-clients with calendar integration and google-calendar support!
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    ok, that's weird ... i reinstalled evolution to test your suggestion and there it is, google in the New Calendar drop down menu ...
    thanks anyway
    still open for (lightweight) alternatives ...

  • Trying to successfully sync Outlook and Google calendars

    I am trying to sync my Outlook calendar and google calendar.   I have some meetings that are on my Google calendar that do not show in Outlook. I also have some meetings that show in my Outlook taskbar but do not show up in main calendar but do show up in Calendar - Outlook Data File.
    Can anyone help?

    Microsoft and Google might be able to but this is nothing to do with Apple products or services.
    Try the forums for the 2 companies involved.

  • How do I get reminders to work between ical and google calendar

    I have searched and searched, read dozens of posts, and still have found nothing that shows how to get reminders to work in ical. One post said to disable all event reminders in the google interface-did not make any difference; setting them up in google-did not work; etc etc
    Specifically, I am on a macbook pro, snow leopard, ical 4.0.4; my wife is on the same system, but using an iMac.
    since snow leopard does not support the cloud, and mobilme is gone, we were 'forced' to use google calendar to sync events between our two computers; that part seems to work fine; most of the time.
    But neither of us can get a reminder to pop up in ical, when the event is one that goes to google; if the event is one that is "on my mac", then those kind of event reminders do work.
    this is not about syncing reminders; it is about me tring to make a medical appt event remind me a few hours before, so I don't forget it, like happened last week!!
    Mainly I am expecting anyone that responds to this post to say, yes you are right, there is no way to get a 'caldav' event reminder to work anymore.
    If anyone says "I found a way..." I will be knocked over :-)  (but overjoyed); I am happy to use terminal, plist editor, or anything else, if someone can fix this.

    can anyone help with this, even if just to confirm that there is no fix?

  • ICal and Google Calendar: Why can't we all just get along

    OK. To start, I'll just lay out what I'd like from these two apps:
    I primarily use Google Calendar because I'm on different computers frequently and it's nice to have my calendar anywhere. I would have no reason to use iCal really, except that I want to sync my calendar info onto two iPods (touch and classic) to have that info with me on the go.
    Ideally I'd be able to input info onto either Google Cal or iCal and it would be reflected on the other one pretty seamlessly.
    Here's what I have now. Following directions from Google, I added my Google account to the "Accounts" page in iCal prefs using a link like this, "https://www.google.com/calendar/dav/[email protected]/user".
    Under the delegation tab I checked the various Google calendars that I want synced over to iCal. They all show up on iCal, so this part is working well.
    Unfortunately things start to head south here. If I'm not connected to the Internet, the various Google calendars display symbols because they can't connect. Fine. But when I try to sync the calendars through iTunes, nothing transfers. No events, no nothing. (I can't sync while connected to the 'net currently b/c I'm in a foreign country using a USB modem that blocks the other USB port. Hopefully I'll find a USB hub soon.)
    Anyway, two basic problems.
    1. Is there a relatively simple way to have two-way sync between iCal and Google Cal
    2. The issue with events not syncing to iPods

    Then check the following:
    1.) are you using the Mac OSX install DVD that came with this mac? Cuz only that would ensure to have the right windows drivers inside the windows port of the boot camp setup exe
    2.) Did you try to download the missing drivers via ID? there are several sites offering the right drivers by device ID (See device driver properties). To name one "Driveragent.com" but there is even a better one, but as its late here i really cant remember the name...
    But I get back to you on this one as soon as I hit my office again... promised

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