IdeaPad U430 unmountable Boot Volume

My Laptop is not working.
When I turn it on, after Lenovo logo  I see a msg "Your PC ran in to a problem and need to restart...... search online for this error Unmountable Boot Volume."
Then automatically PC go to Auto Repair but after few seconds that msg dissapears.
I selected recovery option but after LEnovo logo nothing come on the screen.
I boot up with usb recovery media then also I can not see anything on the screen after logo.
What I can do

Hi Nalinpr,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
 As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with unmountable boot volume in your Lenovo U430 laptop.
If your BIOS settings are configured to force the faster UDMA modes, this error may occur. In this situation, restart your computer and enter the BIOS and load the "fail-safe" default settings and reboot.
If neither of these issues are the cause for the Unmountable Boot Volume, then the issue most likely is caused by a damaged BOOT.INI file in the root directory of the boot drive or file system corruption.
Follow the steps below to correct these file system issues:
1) Start your computer with your windows 7 or any operating system which you have installed in the system CD-ROM, 
2) When the Welcome to Setup screen appears, press R to Repair the installation using the Recovery Console
3) If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, select the Windows installation you want to access
4) Type the administrator password when you are prompted, if no administrator password is set then just press Enter
5) At the command prompt, type CHKDSK /R and then press Enter
6) Once CHKDSK has finished checking and repairing the hard drive, type EXIT and press Enter to restart your computer
If this procedure does not work, repeat it and use the fixboot command in step 5 instead of the chkdsk /r command. FIXBOOT writes a new partition boot sector to the system partition. The fixboot command is only available when you are using the Recovery Console.
As you also mentioned that the system hangs at Lenovo logo please try to remove the hard drive if possible and try to boot to BIOs and check, also try to run the LSC diagnostics.
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,       
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  • Help!!! T61 Blue Screen--unmountable boot volume-- error code 0000: Read verification failed

    My computer is T61 (8891CT), but Blue Screen came out and reported--unmountable boot volume.  I ran the diagnostic program and got the error code 0000: Read verification failed. I can’t run anything now including the restore and rescue.  Has the hard drive died?
    If the hard drive has died, I have to change the hard drive, but how to transfer the system (I don’t have any CD) and think vantage software? Thank you very much for you help.

    Hi equalefk,
    Yes, definitely sounds like it's time to replace the HDD.
    Hope it helps.
    Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)
    ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]
    IdeaPad: U350
    Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]
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    I have a Hp pavilion g6 with windows 7 & os factory stored.
    from last night it not working i have uninstalled google chrome and restart the system as it was stop working.
    now when i tried to boot my system it shows an error UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME error 0x000000BD
    i have used the HP Advance System  Diagonstics :- Run in Test its failed its ID is GGE04F-69J751-MFPX1G-60Q503

    The test failure indicates the part has failed you need to replace the part only then the unit will work fine.
    Let us know how it goes!
    "I work for HP."
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  • Unmountable Boot Volume, need help. trying to fix the problem via lan if posible?

    any information i could recieve from Geek Squad would be appreciated.  i have my computer purchased from best buy that i'm happy with, but my cousin's computer died with the unmountable boot volume error.  i want to use my computer to fix his, or if possible fix his directly from the internet.  any assisstance in this would be nice. thank you.

    Hi AngeNeedsHelp!
    I hope your cousin got the computer fixed. However,
    this Unmountable Boot Volume error is not always fixed by simply reinstalling
    the Operating System (OS). In fact, you may need to back up the drive using an
    external USB Hard Drive Enclosure.  Even
    then the drive may not be readable if there are physical errors/damage, and
    this is nearly impossible to do over the internet since they likely cannot boot
    the computer?  If there is important
    information on the drive I would recommend taking it to a professional such as Geek
    Squad® before attempting anything.  Best
    of luck!
    Matthew|Community Advocate | Best Buy® Corporate
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  • HP DV7-7338ea Windows 8 Unmountable Boot Volume BSOD

    The product concerned here is a HP DV7-7338ea with operating system Windows 8. I have been using it for just under 11 months and bought it with Windows 8 installed.
    Problem descrpition:
    I recently installed a new sound update for my laptop. I was promted to restart and once that happened, I recieved a BSOD with the error message: unmountable boot volume. When that happens, it restarts and goes into "preparing automatic repair" mood after which the screen goes black and the windows cursor shows and then that's it. I am left with no options or anything. I have tried pressing F11 on start up and then it says "please wait" and goes back to the same black screen. I have left it on for over an hour but it just remains there until my computr switches itself off for overheating (this has never happened before). I haven't recently installed any thing new apart from the HP update. Please help as I do not know what to do now. I have not backed up my files yet and they are too important for me to loose.  Thanks
    I ran a system check and it said the Hard Drive Short DST failed. Does this mean I have lost my files? The laptop had been operating very well until this latest HP update which may have corrupted my hard drive. 
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    A harddisk short DST fail means that either your harddrive is failing or have failed alltogether.
    If you're still under warranty, contact your retailer or local HP store and get a replacement harddrive that you can switch yourself or have it sent in for service.
    If you have an IT knowledgeable friend you might be able to salvage some of the data on the computer.
    You can try removing the harddrive frmo your computer and connecting it to his.
    Please let me know how it works.
    AlHaste - HP Notebook Technician
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  • HP Pavillion DV9700 - Vista 64bit - "Unmountable Boot Volume"

    Hi there,
    The problem I have with my DV9700 is it will no longer boot.  It was working great, but the other night, I had to do a hard re-boot, and then it failed to start with a blue screen with "Unmountable Boot Volume".  This is with the original Vista 64 bit Home Premium version.  I chose the option "Self Recovery" but it just finishes up sitting there continually scanning for something? 
    The hard drive is the original factory installed setup.  My question is, how do I get my machine back up and running please?  I have a Windows Vista Backup that would run each week to an external 2TB USB drive, but I am guessing that this will not recreate an exact image of my computers state?  I would also need to have Vista running to use the backup?  Some years ago (2010), I created a complete backup to about 20 DVD's, but I am not sure how to use them as they are for recovery I think? 
    It looks like I need to buy a new hard drive but how do I go about using the backups I have to install to a new drive?  Also, what is the largest hard drive I can use?  Should I buy a SSD drive?  I wanted at least a 1TB primary drive.  Fry's Electronics has a Hybrid drive where the disk cache is solid state making it more affordable.  I was thiking of getting one of these?
    I would like to use my old original drive as a secondary drive if it is even possible to access its files.  I have ordered a SATA caddy so I can mount it into the unused drive bay of the DV9700. 
    Anyway, I would truly appreciate any help please?
    Thanks a million!!!

    Hi mtrappett,
    Thank you for your inquiry, I will do my best to assist you.
    I grasp that  after restarting the notebook you got the error" unmountable Boot Volume" and a blue screen.  Here is a link to a document on Troubleshooting Error Messages on a Blue Screen that may Occur During Startup or Boot.  For your convenience I am also providing the HP Pavilion dv9500, dv9600, and dv9700 Entertainment PCs Maintenance and Service Guide. Please note page 23, item 23 for a list of recommended hard drives.  I hope you find these useful.
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • Qosmio G20 - Unmountable Boot Volume

    Hi All
    On booting my G20 I get the standard Windows XP screen, then a vile blue screen of death, then an even more hideous "unmountable boot volume" message. The Systems recover disk is not an option since it wants to wipe clean the entire drive.
    Is there software i can burn to cd, that will allow me to boot and run a scandisk/chkdsk type program to attempt to repair the drive? I have fond memories of the Norton Utilities type of programs that sadly seem to have vanished. Failing that, I suppose the drive has to come out, be "caddied" and operated upon in my desktop pc, where I can download suitable repairers off the net?
    Am I missing the point with the "recover" disk, ie does it have facilities to try and recover the data on the drive rather than rinsing it?

    Hi mate,
    there is not much to say, I have the solution for you: UBCD4Win (
    Its an gorgeus CD image with an Windows XP as the base, so just download it, burn it and secure your data or repair your filesystem.
    I saved many many damaged HDDs, data and whatever I know with this really helpful tool.
    Good luck buddy

  • T60: "Unmountable Boot Volume" when I try to boot up.

    Hi !
    Last night, when I've been working on my T60 all day, i wanted to restart my computer before I was burning a CD.
    And now my computer can't boot, there comes a Blue screen just before my windows vista-login, and right after it has loaded the first bit of windows.
    The blue screen says "Unmountable Boot Volume".
    Then I've tried to run the Lenovo Recovery Tool (Recue and Recovery 4), but it's not able to find my windows installation or harddrive.
    I've tried to boot from a Ubuntu Live CD, and there it is possible to find my harddrive and all of my files.
    Does anyone know a way, to fix this problem, so that I can come back to my Windows.
    Best Regards
    Message Edited by zmaller on 06-13-2009 05:17 AM

    Make sure that the Time Capsule is not backing up at the time.
    On you Macintosh HD > Applications > Utiltiies > AirPort Utility
    Click the Disk icon at the top of the window
    Click the Disks tab just below the Advanced icon
    Click Disconnect All Users
    That should reset things and allow backups to start again and run normally.

  • Re: BSOD error message - 0x000000ed Unmountable Boot Volume on Equium

    Hi guys,
    laptop was dropped and i now get the blue screen with this message on start up- "stop: 0x000000ed unmountable boot volume".
    i read in some sites"recover using xp disc", my laptop was bought with xp preinstalled and i dont have a recovery disc.
    1) can anyone identify the problem?
    2) would a recovery disc help?
    3) if so where can i obtain one?

    I was unistalling some usless programs when my laptop died & when I turned it on I had unmountable boot volume 0x000000ED (the blue screen)
    If I hit repair windows it goes to a black screen with the mouse (nothing else)
    Now I tried f8 & then did command prompt but after it had gone to the loading files screen it had gone back to the blue screens with unmountable boot volume 0x000000E
    I DL windows 7 repair but how do I get it to install when I cant get past the blue screen?
    so i decide to repair it my self and then i found this great solution what helps me

  • R61 R&R won't start after "unmountable boot volume" error

    Hello all,
    New user, first post - after problem, of course.
    I have an R61 Thinkpad with Windows XP on it.  (SP2 or SP3, not sure).  Has worked flawlessly for years, then the other day I got the dreaded "unmountable boot volume" error and it would not start.
    No problem - I re-start, hit the ThinkVantage button, then hit F11 to use the R&R hidden on a separate partition of the hard drive........I get the black screen with the big progress bar, ok, then a blue screen......then nothing.  Hangs up and sits there.  I have repeated this about 5 times now.
    No problem! - I was smart enough to make an R&R CD set a while ago!  Put the primary R&R disk in the CD drive, start the machine, ThinkPad button, F12 this time to choose boot from CD.....much CD activity ensues and I once again get the black screen with the big progress bar.  It takes much longer, and I get teh blue screen - BUT - then it goes one extra step to display the "ThinkVantage Rescue & Recovery 4" screen with the life preserver image.
    Excellent, I thing - except it then hangs there.  Just sits there.  No disk activity.  No keys will do anything.
    I can find no threads here or on any other forum with this particular issue.
    Am I fubar?  Or is there something else I can do?
    Thanks a bunch.
    Go to Solution.

    Hi jim, welcome to the forums,
    Is the hard drive recognised in BIOS, was there an entry in the boot list against HDD0?
    Regardless of it being shown in BIOS / boot list or not, the first thing I would do is to reseat the hard drive and see if that helps, maybe over time it's lost contact to the mainboard socket. If you don't know how to do this you can find out at the R61 movies site.
    The next thing I would do is run a hard drive diagnosis check from a bootable cd, these can be downloaded from all HDD manufacturer's websites e.g. Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test.  It may be that the drive has simply gone bad after all those years of work.
    Let us know how you get on
    Andy  ______________________________________
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  • Satellite Pro L10 - Unmountable Boot Volume

    My Satellite Pro L10 loops at the boot process. After the Windows XP splash screen, the following error messages comes up: .... Unmountable boot volume... Technical Information: Stop: 0x000000ED...
    I know this is nothing exceptional and doing a full recovery would solve the problem. But I don't want to loose the data (which of course is not backed up). I tried a Windows XP disc, but it won't boot from the cd/dvd drive pressing F12 or <0> and changing the boot order....
    Can anyone help please?

    Hmm the error message unmountable boot volume appears mostly if the HDD cannot be recognized during the booting. Why? Well, possibly the HDD malfunctions or the master boot record is faulty!
    If you dont want to recover the notebook you could try to boot from the XP CD (press C button immediately after notebook powering) and to start the repair console.
    In the repair console you could use the command chkdsk /p and after this you could fix the master boot record using the command fixboot or/and fixmbr.
    If it does not help, the new OS installation is you last resort.
    Ps: if you want to backup the data you can try to remove the HDD and try to connect it via external USB HDD controller to another computer.

  • Unmountable Boot Volume on XP and screen goes blank before repair begins

    The XP Windows partition was seemingly working fine until I turned on the laptop this afternoon. Took a minute or so longer to boot than usual and I was prompted when it did load to update Acrobat, which I did and it rebooted. Took longer to boot, perhaps two or three minutes and I received an Unmountable Boot Volume error. I rebooted a few more times, same result. I tried system restore to three previous dates over past ten days and was told after attempted reloading that it had failed and I should try another day. Worried about my data, I went to safe mode to back up C: drive.
    The general advice from MS is to use the Windows installation CD to repair the boot sector. With the CD in, Windows will boot and show my normal desktop and files, though will on perhaps the third item to load to memory, the screen goes blank and the loading seems to continue, as I hear sounds though not sure if it is the programs or the repair.
    There does seem to be an ability for it to boot, just not maintain it through full load. Any suggestions short of reinstalling windows would be welcomed. Thank you.

    I was unistalling some usless programs when my laptop died & when I turned it on I had unmountable boot volume 0x000000ED (the blue screen)
    If I hit repair windows it goes to a black screen with the mouse (nothing else)
    Now I tried f8 & then did command prompt but after it had gone to the loading files screen it had gone back to the blue screens with unmountable boot volume 0x000000E
    I DL windows 7 repair but how do I get it to install when I cant get past the blue screen?
    so i decide to repair it my self and then i found this great solution what helps me

  • Satellite A65-S126 - Blue screen of death UNMOUNTABLE-BOOT-VOLUME

    I am having problems booting into windows. It is stuck in an endless install/boot cycle. Pressing F8 helped me freezeing the blue screen of death, which it says: "A problem has been detected and windows has been shotdown to prevent damage to your computer. UNMOUNTABLE-BOOT-VOLUME." The at the end
    Technical information:
    Stop: 0x000000ED(0x89B789E0, 0xC000009C, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
    I bought my laptop with the OS XP Home editon already installed.
    Thank you and I hope you could help me solving this issue.
    Message was edited by: saviar01

    The file system may be corrupted. To fix it, you need to run CHKDSK on C: Drive.
    If you cant boot into Safe Mode to run CHKDSK, or if the Recovery Console wont load, you may need to connect the HDD to another PC using a USB Adapter, so you can run CHKDSK on it.
    Also test the Hard Disk for errors by using DFT.
    DFT Download:
    Download the ISO File and burn it to a CD-R Disc (There is also a Floppy Disk version if that's easier).
    If you dont know how to burn an ISO file, read this guide:
    Restart your laptop and boot from the DFT Disc.
    Choose the "Advanced" Test and let it run (it may take an hour or so).
    If you see a red message box, the HDD is faulty.
    An error od 0x70 means there are bad sectors and the HDD needs replacing.

  • ERROR MESSAGE/ BLUE SCREEN "Unmountable boot volume" on Satellite M45-S 359

    I have a blue screen with error message "unmountable boot volume" and I can't do anything with the computer.
    It is a Toshiba Satellite M 45-S 359 laptop.
    Can someone please explain how I can fix this?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Satellite M45-S359
    When you restart your computer or upgrade to Windows XP, you receive the "STOP 0x000000ED UNMOUNTABL...
    Don, this situation can often be repaired by booting to the Recovery Console and running..
       chkdsk /r
    It runs for a long time.
    If you don't have an XP installation CD, you may need a floppy drive.

  • T61- Blue Screen - - reporting unmountable boot volume

    I recently updated my T61 with the usual updates, but accidentally unpluged my computer before the updates were complete.  My computer was running on AC adapter alone because my battery was dead.  Now I have a new battery and when I turn my computer on it tells me that it was not shut down properly, but windows will be starting.  The start screen for windows XP shows up and after a few mins. the blue screen pops up and says something about unmountable boot volume.  I don't want to recover/resart my computer because I will lose data.  Can anyone help with this problem?

    No this process should not lose your data. If you can boot your machine from CD or otherwise you might be able to access the hard drive and transfer your data to a flash drive. I'll look for a better explanation on getting your machine to boot. Unless someone here might help with that.
    Message Edited by T23FUN on 09-08-2008 10:20 AM
    ThinkPad T23, 2647 HU8, Based on 2647-8RU: PIII-M 1.20GHz (512KB), 512MB RAM, 40.0GB HDD, 14.1 XGA(1024x768) TFT LCD, 8x8x24x/8x CDRW/DVD, Modem(MPCI), Ethernet(CDC), WinXP Home, Linksys Wireless B adapter.

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