IDOC is Getting Fail with - 56 Status EDI Partner profile not available

I am trying to Post invoice Data into IDOC on ECC Side.
My Scenario is File u2013 XI u2013 ECC(IDOC).
But It is Getting Fail with 56 Status u201C EDI: Partner profile not available u201C
On Control record I am getting this
Port                       BLANKKKKKKKKKK
Partner Number              CLNTDEC110      Logical system for Client
Partn.Type       LS                    Logical system
Function                                  BLANKKKKKKKKKK
Port                            SAPDPI
Partner number             CLNTSAMPLE
Partn.Type                      LS         Logical system
Partner Role                   BLANKKKKKKKKKK
My configurations are Like this :----
On ECC  Side  MY SID is DEC
On ECC side I have two logical system in CLNTDPI100 for PI
                         CLNTDEC110 for ECC.
I have Partner profile on ECC system on CLNTDPI100 logical system    - we20
Added message type in inbound side of partner Profile (INVOIC-INVOIC02)
IDX 1 has Port name SAPDEC
On Message mapping EDI_DC40 is mapping with constants with below given value
   <IDOC BEGIN="">
      <EDI_DC40 SEGMENT="">
         <TABNAM> </TABNAM>
         <IDOCTYP> </IDOCTYP>

Check the following :
in We 02 which  partner number is displayed just in the posted IDOC -> 2nd coloum in the IDOC list .and verify if the
same you have in Partner profile. Actually this details comes from  ECC business system's logical system name which you give in SLD.
in we 19  - take the error iDOC numner and  open the IDOC ->click on the first line -> check entries as you mentioned
above  sender port should be PI port not need to check the partner profiles properly
follow these steps
1. create a RFC destination of tyoe H for Pi system- 2. create a Port  and assigen the RFC destination to it
3 create logical system for PI BD54 PICLNT001 say , 4 with the same name create a partner profile in We20
    in parter profile  maintain the  inbbound message parameters  and add the PI port as receiver port in it .Give the basic type also .
for sender details  in ur case PI : u have  port (defined in PI IDX1),patner number (LS defined in ECC PICLNT001), parter type LS.
for  receiver  you have port defined (as above), partner number the logical system for ECC system.
in we 19 ,, edit the control record as above and  go to the tab inbound processing and test the internal posting
it should work fine. in the adapte specific attribuet for receiver ECC system , maitain the same LS name , if any wrong entry is
there then change the LS in sld to poing to correct LS/
refer this

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  • Getting EDI:Partner profile not available.

    I am a newbie to SAP XI. As I am doing File to IDOC scenario, I am getting error - EDI:Partner profile not available.
    <u><b>My Scenario details</b>:</u>
    1. Created RFC Destination, RFC port, logical System and Partner profile in both Sender (XI) as well as Receiver(SAP R/3) systems.
    2. Created SWCV, Technical sys, Business Systems in SLD. I used the Logical system created (for SAP R/3) on XI system in my business system.
    3. Created Data type, Message type, Message interface, Message Mapping and Interface mapping in Integration Repository and activated them.
    4. Imported IDOC from SAP r/3 system during Namespace creation and used it for mapping.
    5. used Integration Directory wizard to create Communication channels, Sender & Receiver agreements, Receiver Determination, Interface Determination.
    6. Creaed a new business service for sender and added "Adapter Specific Identifier with Logical system created (for SAP R/3) on SAP XI.
    7. Activated all Standard Change list items.
    The file for the above Scenario has been picked up amd i am getting "Chequered Flag" on both ends in "SXMB_MONI" monitor. When i change over to SAP R/3 to check idocs created (i.e., T.code - we05) my scenario idoc status is 56 and it says.. Status; Idoc with errors added.
    I  have gone through many of the forum suggestions and blogs regarding this issue, but still not able to resolve my problem.
    can somebody suggest me solution please.

    <i>6. Creaed a new business service for sender and added "Adapter Specific Identifier with Logical system created (for SAP R/3) on SAP XI.</i>
    >>>Check this for Reciever Business System.. not for Sender system..
    BTW, if you get chequered flag in XI, then idoc data is sent from XI. Can you check  all the data from XI is populated in the idoc structure in SAP R/3 in clicking each segment.. if so, then there is no problem from XI..
    check WE20 ..partner profile configuration in R/3 also check inbound parameters are given

  • Error while posting Inbound Idocs-"EDI: Partner profile not available"

    I am getting the error "EDI: Partner profile not available" Status -56 while creating inboud Idocs.
    I have done the following steps so far
    1.Created IDOC basic Type and Message Type. (Custom)
    2. Created process code to process the IDOC.
    3. Use the FM IDOC_INBOUND_WRITE_TO_DB to create the inbound IDOC.
    4. Use the FM IDOC_START_INBOUND to process the IDOC.
        Is ther anything else that i have to do inorder to post the idoc sucessfully.
    Thanks in advance
    Edited by: nishant patel on Nov 13, 2009 10:35 AM
    Edited by: nishant patel on Nov 13, 2009 10:41 AM

    Check in WE20 if the partner profile is configured for the idoc type and the message type. That might be the cause of the error.
    Also make sure the same partner profile details are sent to the control record. Partner profile details are stored in the table EDP13.
    Hope this helps

  • EDI: Partner profile not available R/3 -- XI

    when I send an IDoc-Message from R/3 to XI, I get following error:
    "EDI: Partner profile not available" (transaction we05)
    I have created the partner profiles in we20, but there are not available.
    What could be the reason of this error?
    I have created in XI a logical system "SAPR3" (transaction bd54) and I have assigned it the idoc-inbound-parameter (transaction we20). also the logical system  of the business system "R3System"  in the "adapter specific identifications" is "SAPR3".
    So, is the "partner no name" of the idoc from the sender-system (r3) the reason? in transaction we05, it is called WMS.
    Thanks in advance.

    <<You need to set Outbound parameters.
    <<Inbound parameters are set in case of XI to R/3 scenario
    The sap-documentation (HowTo_IDOC_XI_Scenarios.pdf) says, that you should create a partner-profile in R3 with outbound-parameters and that you should create a partner-profile in XI with inbound-parameters for the direction r3 --> xi
    Is this wrong?
    following informations are from transaction we05 in XI:
    recipient information
    partner number: XI
    partner type: LS
    sender information
    port: sapi4711
    partner number: WMS
    partner type: LS
    partner role:
    Which of them should I create as logical system in transaction bd54 (XI)?
    Which of them should I use for partner no. in transaction we20 (XI)?
    Should I create outbound or inbound-parameters?

  • EDI: Partner profile not available for the Ack received

    Hi All,
    All the scenarios are IDOC -->XI --> File
    We have different scenarios of IDOC to File, where SAP sends IDOC to two (we have 5 here letu2019s say 2) diff FTP locations one say FTP1 and other FTP2 and we used 3 business systems in SLD.
    1)      one for Sender SAP system(say BS_SAP) and assigned a Logical System say LS_SAPCLNT100
    2)     Second one for the receiver FTP1 and assigned a Logical System LS_FTP1
    3)     Third one for the receiver FTP2 and assigned a Logical System LS_FTP2
    And we are getting the error in the Sender SAP System for the acknowledgement sent from the FTP1 server EDI: Partner profile not available for the LS_FTP1 when we send the IDOC to FTP1 and EDI: Partner profile not available for the LS_FTP2 when we send the IDOC to FTP2.
    This is because in SAP we do not have the Logical Systems for LS_FTP1 and LS_FTP2.
    Now my question is how to get rid of this? Do we need to create Logical systems in SAP for third Party Systems?
    If not how to overwrite and use a single LS for all of the third party Business Systems?
    Please suggest .
    Sridhar Reddy

    And we are getting the error in the Sender SAP System for the acknowledgement sent from the
    FTP1 server uF0E0EDI: Partner profile not available for the LS_FTP1 when we send the IDOC to FTP1 and EDI: Partner profile not available for the LS_FTP2 when we send the IDOC to FTP2.
    did you get a chance to go through the below threads:
    ERROR: idoc in R/3
    check out the blogs mentioned in the above link...
    Also check the last point (9) mentioned in the below blog:

  • EDI: Partner profile not available in VF02

    Hi Experts,
    We are trying to generate IDOC using VF02 (billing).
    We configured partner profile properly. And also we are using standard output type RD04 and application is V3. And using standard program & form routine (RSNASTED, EDI_PROCESSING).
    While saving the document VF02, we are receing "EDI: Partner profile not available" message in the processing log file.
    What might the problem? Where we are doing mistake.

    I am also facing this problem, this error is however coming for the billing documents pertaining to some sales organisation. For other sales organisations, the idoc is getting generated succesfully.
    Can you suggest some reason for this?

  • Re :  EDI: Partner profile not available

          while i am transfering material master i am getting the following error
    ' EDI: Partner profile not available'
    How to solve

    First check the change pointers configuration for matmas and then check configuration part for that partner.
    Check these threads for complete information on Change Pointers:
    Change pointers
    what are change pointers

  • EDI: Partner profile not available

    We have performed a client copy on the source system.
    In RSA, source system check, errors occurred:
    The following errors occurred in the source system: RSAR 374
    EDI: Partner profile not available E0 332
    Entry in inbound table not found E0 414
    Entry in outbound table not found E0 400
    In WE20, I click on the partner profile, check ok.
    Pls assist.

    Try restore from context menu of the source system, this would recreate the partner profile entries.
    Pruthvi R

  • Error: EDI partner profile not available

    Hi all,
    We just installed CRM and BW servers and trying to integrate them. After creating CRM Source system in BW, during Activation its giving following errors:
    1. No Partner Profile (outbound parameter) could be found using the following key: /CLNT001/LS//<b>RSSEND</b>////This refers to the key fields in table EDP13: (RCVPRN, RCVPRT, RCVPFC, MESTYP, MESCOD,TEST)
    2. No Partner Profile (outbound parameter) could be found using the following key: /CLNT001/LS//<b>RSINFO</b>////This refers to the key fields in table EDP13: (RCVPRN, RCVPRT, RCVPFC, MESTYP, MESCOD,TEST)
    3. No Inbound Partner Profile could be found with the following key: /CLNT001/LS//<b>RSRQST</b>//// Key consists of following fields (SNDPRN, SNPPRT, SNDPFC, MESTYP, MESCOD, MESFCT, TEST)
    4. A Partner Profile could not be found with the following key: /CLNT001/LS/, This involves the key fields of table EDPP1 (PARNUM, PARTYP)
    Please let me know how to resolve these errors. I'm unable to solve these as i've very little experience with both CRM and BW.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vikas Sharma

    Hi Vikas,
    Please check your partner profilesin the transaction WE20. Check if there is a TRFC port connected to your client system in transaction WE21. If not maintained, you will have to ask basis team to maintain these settings. If they are maintained, check your trfc connectivity in SM59.
    Thanks and Regards
    Subray Hegde

  • Workflow Inbox - "EDI: Partner profile not available"

    This is very strange, all the users, including new ones, as soon as they open their workplace inbox, there're about 10 of the above messages in it.
    I've tried to clicked all possible buttons, still can't get rid of them. Anyone has the same experience before? How do I make them disappear?

    thanks so much guys!
    I had a look at WE20, there's already assignemnt to ALREMOTE.
    In WE46, where do I assign the admin for EDI error handling? the only blank tabs there are 'Express Indicator' and 'Inactive'.

  • EDI partner profile not found

    Hi All,
    We are facing a recurring issue which happens in BW QA system after we refresh is from the BW production system.
    After about a week or so after the refresh, the data loads halt in the BW QA system and the BW team gets an error "EDI partner profile not available".
    After i checked, i found that the logical system name entry for the EDW QA system (i.e. self system entry) is missing from the table EDPP1 and also from transaction WE20.
    I re-created it in WE20 and the entry automatically got created in EDPP1 table.
    My question is :  I suspect that some job or application program is deleting this entry. We checked the background jobs but no luck.
                               How do i resolve this error. The client has come up with this question and he wants an answer as to why this
                               entry is being automatically.
    Can you please help?
    Hari Kishan

    Hi Ruchit,
    Yes. We run BDLS correctly. In fact, ONLY after BDLS jobs complete correctly, then we proceed with the further steps.
    However, as per your sugesstion, i went to BD64 but couldn;t find any relevant distribution model.
    Can you please elaborate this?
    I am still unable to understand how the entry "OBC100" is suddenly disappearing.
    One day, it is there and the BW loads run fine.
    Suddently, one day, its not there. This has happened on 2 occassions one week after the refresh.
    Hari Kishan

  • Status 56 : EDI Inbound Partner Profile not available

    I am trying to load an inbound 856 IDoc from EdI subsystem to SAP. It si giving me an error 56 saying Inbound partner profile not available.
    I have set up the partner as Vendor in we20. Is there any other place that I need to set up the partner. We have inbound docs coming in as a customer(KU) but this is first vendor set up
    Do you know what I am missing?
    When I clicked on status message 56 -- says  /ICPLPLIVA/LI/LF/DESADV///T/....key fields missing in EDP21? is the error really meant that?
    Thanks in advance

    Can you tell us about the IDoc control record?
    In order to determine whether need to setup LI or KU partner profile.
    Please go to WE02 and check the IDoc control record.
    What are the values in partner tab?
    Port             ???
    Partner number   ???               
    Partn.Type       ???                                   
    Port             ???
    Partner number   ???
    Partn.Type       ???                             
    Partner Role      
    Ferry Lianto

  • IDoc eror as "EDI. Partner profile not available

    Hi All,
    I got IDoc eror as "EDI. Partner profile not available " in WE09. Please clarify as to what exactly the error message means, " EDI. Partner profile not available ".

    I guess you need to maintain partner profile for that Business Partner using T code WE20.  That's what it means.

  • EDI: Partner Profile not active

    I have a Delivery and a message that should create an IDOC.Whenever i call that message for my delivery ,i get this error:
    EDI: Partner Profile not active
    I checked to see in the table EDDP1 and the status is set to active.I also checked using the transaction WE20 and my partner was active there too,what can be the problem?

    If your Receiver Business System is suppose BS_ECC, check in SLD what Logical system is maintained for BS_ECC. If for example Logical system for BS_ECC is ZLOG900 then check in ECC if in WE20 partner ZLOG900 exists or not. For ZLOG900 maintained inbound parameter for Idoc you are receiving in ECC like MATMAS.
    Check the parameters accordingly in your system.

  • EDI partner profile not maintained.

    I am currently working on BI 7 and on trying to install ODS from BC its giving me error that
    <b>EDI partner Profile is not maintained.</b>
    Can somebody please send me the documents on how to maintain EDI partner profile for transferring data from ODS to Infocube.

    Hi Amit,
    EDI partner profile is maintained using Tcode WE20.
    YOu need to select LS (Logical System ) and your Source System.
    And maintain Inbound and Outbound parameters here.
    Check OSS Note 886102 - System Landscape Copy for SAP BW 2.X, 3.X and NW2004s BI
    Step 6.8: Reactivate all partner profiles that carry the new logical system name after renaming
    Execute Transaction WE20 to reactivate the partner profiles. Choose "Partner type LS (logical system)"  enter the logical system name of the partner  in tab "classification", change the  partner status from "I" (inactive) to "A" (active) and save.
    Hope this Solves your problem

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