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Hi all,
  can anyone let me know the difference between the 4 IDOC type

  IDoc type MATMAS01 was released in SAP 3.0A and MATMAS02 was released in SAP 3.0D.
There are additional segments added to IDoc MATMAS02 under segment E1MARCM - Master material C segment (MARC).
E1MFHMM - Master material production resource/tool (MFHM)
E1MPGDM - Master material product group
E1MPOPM - Master material forecast parameter
E1MPRWM - Master material forecast value
E1MVEGM - Master material total consumption
E1MVEUM - Master material unplanned consumption
E1MKALM - Master material production version

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  • IDOC type to send OPEN ITEMS per INVOICE to external system?

    Dear EDI Experts,
    we want to send OPEN ITEMS of a customer per document via EDI to an XML file.
    We checked on idoc type CRESTA01 but this idoc type provides "only" the total OPEN ITEMS of a customer but NOT e.g the invoice document numbers.
    Is there any way to generate an IDOC or XML file with the invoice numbers and its OPEN ITEM amounts?
    We want to transfer that data to an HH device in order to show customer which invoices yet to be paid.
    Any idea?
    Many, many thanks

    many thanks for the quick answer to my question.
    We want ONE credit idoc per one customer showing all OPEN ITEMS with the document number.
    That info is sent to the Handheld in order to provide customer exact info which invoice he has not paid yet.
    We do not need ONE idoc per ONE document.
    But it seems no standard idoc provides such info and we have to call a FM to provide that info to a Z-Segement of CRESTA01. Is that correct?
    Port definition XML in we21 for idoc type is understood.
    Thanks a lot

  • PO and SO IDoc Type

    I understand that the IDoc type ORDERS05 can be used for Sales Order as well as Purchase Order. My requirement is to receive Order IDoc and create the sales order and send the PO details to a partner. Please let me know whether I can use the IDoc ORDERS05 for both these cases.
    Also I found that IDoc type PORDCR04 is available for PO. Can we use this IDoc type for sending Purchase order details.

    Hello Nanditha,
    Yes you can do that.
    Also go to WE60 and put in PORDCR04 and downloadd to your PC if needed.
    Then search if all the fields you need are in that Idoc type.
    There are no rules as to which Idoc type you have to use, but you should try your best to stick to SAP recommended one's.
    Hope this helps.

  • How can I design a BPM with mulitiple IDOC types as sender

    Hi Experts,
      I am using PI 7.1
      I have a senario that I have to design a BPM in such a way that I will get different IDOC types as sender while the receive step has to trigger the the respective IDOC types at run time.
    For example: when matmas is the IDOC the BPM instance have to trigger only the respective Abstract interface at runtime.
    In my senario I have 5 IDOC TYPES which should pick the related one using a single Abstract Interface in the same design( one BPM ).
    Is this possible. Please suggest me how can I do this if possible.

    you could work with multiple receive steps that triggering the process.
    Similar to the example pattern in SAP Basis BpmPatternSerializeMultipleTrigger
    In the fork step you could set the number of required branches to 1 that means only one receiving IDoc is required to leave the fork step.

  • Error while creating an outbound idoc using idoc type delvry02

         i getting the following error while creating an outbound idoc(outbound shipping notification) using message type " DESADV" and IDOC TYPE " DELVRY02"
    Help would be appreciated.

    The message is kind of self-explanatory. It seems that some address (delivery address ?) is required but is missing from the IDoc. If it's a syntax error, then the segment with error will appear in red in WE05 transaction.
    It is also possible that you have filled some field that you should have left blank and now SAP is trying to find an address based on that field.
    Check your IDoc contents. It's really hard to tell from the distance since the requirements and configuration could be very different in different systems. Sometimes the OSS note search by message ID and number is also helpful.

  • RSAR2318 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available

    Hi all,
    I am working on BI + ECC 6.0. Have created a ODS object using RSA1OLD. While activating the ODS, am getting this error:
    1. Error:
    Object could not be activated
    2. Error:
    IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    Error when creating the export datasource and dependent objects
    Error RSAR238 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    I have already checked trx & dtps, but could not find resolution.
    Kindly help me with this error.
    Thanks and regards,

    M Sharma wrote:
    But how exactly can I create when T90CLNT is not active? Help please.
    Yes, you would need to check with BASIS team how they have created an alternate source system (for debugging) & prepare a RFC b/n these systems. Can you just check the settings in the source system and BI source system...and check the source system for the same BI system. Right click > Check and then do a restore or take the help of basis to fix it. What I think is a possible solution is : RSA1 > Source system > Search System > Right Click > Activate

  • RSAR238 : IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available

    Hi all,
    I am working on ECC 6.0. Have created a ODS object using RSA1OLD. While activating the ODS, am getting this error:
    1. Error:
    Object could not be activated
    2. Error:
    IDoc type for source system T90CLNT090 is not available
    Error when creating the export datasource and dependent objects
    Kindly help me with this error.
    Thanks and regards,

    Check the same in SDN..
    Object ZDUMMY could not be activatedMessage no. R7I028
    Re: DSO Activation problem

  • IDoc type could not be determined for the IDoc

    I am trying to Post the payment run through the transaction F110.
    In the payment run log i get the following message:
    "IDoc type could not be determined for the IDoc"
    But in fact the IDoc is generated and it is displayed in We05.
    I have configured the Message type PAYEXT-PEXR2002 and EUPEXR-IDCREF01 both for the partner.
    Has anybody Idea about why this error is coming and how i can resolve this?
    This is important because in Payment run log, they need to know the IDoc number generated for that run, else it may become difficult for user to identify which IDoc was created for a particular payment run.
    Would appreciate if anyone can please help on the same.
    Thanks & Regards,

    If you are paying the payment through F110, if the payment exceeds the limit what you are spefied in available amounts in FI12 screen. First Please check this screen.
    still if you are having any problem
    Check in the below path:
    IMG- Financial Accounting (New) - Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable - Business Transactions - Release for Payment - 1. Create Workflow Variant for Release for Payment
    2. Assign Release Approval Procedure for Release for Payment
    3. Define Users with Authorization to Payment Release

  • IDoc type could not be determined for the IDoc in F110

    Dear All,
    The below mentioned error is encountered by us in F110.We have check all the setiing  and not able to find the solution for this error.
    Now our heads has gone for a toss....can anyone kindly suggest what and where we have missed out.
    The system is not creating the IDOC file.....
    IDoc type could not be determined for the IDoc
    Message no. B1090
    The IDoc passed to the ALE layer could not be processed. The specifications passed in the control record were not correct.
    The basic IDoc type (field EDIDC-IDOCTP on the outbound side or EDI_DC-IDOCTYP on the inbound side)has not been specified for this IDoc.
    The attempt to read the basic IDoc type from table EDIDO also failed. No table entry was found for IDoc type  from field DOCTYP.
    Possible error sources:
    - The calling program did not provide values for the fields specified above correctly. Make a note of the transaction in which this error occurred and consult your ALE administrator.
    - The IDoc type  is not known in your system and must be maintained.
    Kindly do the needful.

    If you want to create IDocs from the proposal run, outbound parameters (we20) with the 'Test' flag are required in addition.
    see OSS note 504230 : Message EUPEXR forms the logical unit around the individual payment messages (PAYEXT IDocs). The E1IDRD1 segments contain the IDoc numbers of the payment messages in field DOCNUM. Segment E1IDRS1 contains check sums (total of all amounts, account numbers, bank numbers, number of payment messages). This information is provided for the EDI subsystem. Set up EUPEXR In Transaction WE20 for the partner profile for the house bank, create the outbound parameters for message type EUPEXR with IDoc type IDCREF01. If you want to create IDocs from the proposal run, outbound parameters with the 'Test' flag are required in addition.

  • How to find out the idoc type required for our requirement

         How to find out the list of available idoc type in SAP. It will be good if i get to know the table name where all the idoc type definitions are gets stored.
    Say i have some requirement and for that requirement how i can find the proper idoc type to be used. (assume functional consultant is not providing that information)
    Points will be given for the useful answers

    Hi prasanna,
                    we can get SAP idoc types in tcode we31.For every requirment there will be different message type.
    For example we want idoc type for account invoice receipt.
    First find out message type for that purpose which can be found in we81-ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT.
    Get this message type and search in we82  where we can find message type and idoc type linkage.
    try this way.
    Reward if it is usful.

  • Idoc Type for Goods Receipt against a PO

    Hi ,
    The Goods Recept is already done in my legacy system, So my interface updates the goods receipt in SAP based on goods receipt done in Legacy system.
    I receive following data:
    Purchase Order Number
    Line Item
    Pack List Number
    Material Number
    Storage Location
    GM_CODE = '01'
    MVT_IND Movement indicator = 'B'
    So I want which Standard Idoc Type I can use for this.
    I reffered to Note 833603.
    In that
    1. WMMBXY (WMMBID01, WMMBID02) and
    2. MBGMCR (MBGMCR01, MBGMCR02) is mentioned.
    Which one I should Use, as this GR is done again PO so its mandatory for me to pass Purchase Order Number and line item.
    Plz guide me which IDOC type i shd choose.

    Use the message type WMMBXY, IDOC Type as WMMBID02 and the function module is L_IDOC_INPUT_WMMBXY (Process Code WMMB) to process the Goods Receipt against a PO.
    I have successfully used that in many projects till now.
    Please let me know if you have any queries.

  • Modify BP in CRM using Idoc type BUPA_INBOUND_MAIN_SAVE_M03

    I want to modify(add) a new role to an existing BP in CRM.
    I am using the Idoc type BUPA_INBOUND_MAIN_SAVE_M03 for the same.
    The problem that I am facing is that even though I am wanting to modify the BP, whenever this IDoc is posted the existing roles (seen in table BUT100) for the BP get deleted and the  new role is added through the interface.
    Please can anyone assist me as what is going missing in the filling the segments.
    the segment structure is as below.

    I figured out the solution to this.
    Get the existing roles for the BP using the FM BAPI_BUPA_ROLES_GET.
    Append the existing roles along with the new role that is required to be added.
    the task type should be I (Insert).
    When the Idoc is posted the existing roles do not get overwritten and the new role is added.


    I am using exit to write my code for creating sales order of IDOC Type ORDERS05 and order type ZDRX.
    IF I proceess the Idoc in background each time error message comes
    FIELD kuwev-kunnr(ship to party)is not an input field.
    but if i run in foreground in debugging mode,sales order is getting created..
    please suggest something.

    If thats not working..
    If BAPI is not working. try creating a bdc for the same if there's not error on trying from VA01

  • Confusion on IDOC types for creation of PO

    Requirement is sending PO from sendin SAP system to receiving system.
    For sending am using-
    Processing code ME10
    On serching forums and tutorials,  i came across IDOC type- ORDERS05 but this idoc type is for both PO and SO.
    PORDCR04 idoc type for creation of PO only.
    Some post says PORDCR04 doesnt create PO header text.On the other hand,For inbound processing of PO idoc ( using ORDERS05 ) processing code is not available.
    I will be thankful if somebody can guide me which of these idoc types is preferable.
    Edited by: Sanjay_lnt on Jan 8, 2011 3:49 PM

    Hell Sanjay
    Outbound ORDERS (= Purchase Order) and inbound ORDERS (= Sales Orders) are like siblings which reflect the customer / supplier relationship.
    In case of the PORDCR04 IDoc it is somewhat different because does it make sense to have the same purchase order in different system?
    In our case a POS (= point of sales) system is used to create a purchase order (for replenishment) which is then converted (via SAP-PI) into an inbound PORDCR04 IDoc in the ERP system. Out of this purchase order a replenishment delivery (for the shops) is created.

  • IDoc type in GTS to create a sales Order

    Hi Gurus,
    Is there any Inbound IDoc type in GTS that can be used to create a sales order. I Know that sales orders are created in ECC system, but still want to know if there is any Idoc type in GTS that has the segments with fields of a sales Order.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Sam,
    No, there is nothing available as standard.  There would be little point in "hi-jacking" the iDoc for GTS Customs Declarations because it would be unknown in your external system.  You could consider using the very general /SAPSLL/CCEABI01, but it might be easier to build the standard ORDERSP or similar in GTS.  In any case, there is no inbound Function Module available to process the received iDoc, so you would have to write code to parse and process the iDoc.
    The best approach would be to use the API if possible, and employ RFC techniques to call Function Module /SAPSLL/API_6800_SYNCH - the standard call for Sales Orders transferred from the ERP system.
    Sorry that I don't have better news.  Anyone else have suggestions?

  • Issues in using the GLMAST01 idoc type

    Hi there,
               I am using the LSMW to upload the GL master records using the IDOC method. I am using the IDoc type as GLMAST01. I am passing the following data. I am not able to post the IDoc with following data. Please tell me, is there anything I am missing here or there is something else because of which I am getting the results?
             In E1SKA1M, I am passing the values for SAKNR, KTOPL, KTOKS, XBLIK, VBUND, BILKT.
             In E1SKATM, I am passing the values for SPRAS, TXT20 and  TXT50.
            In E1SKB1M, I am passing the values for BUKRS, WAERS, FSTAG.
            In some cases, I am creating the multiple segments for E1SKATM and E1SKB1M segments.
            This is kind of getting urgent and I could not find the answers for this in any other post on SDN. Please help.
    Ganesh V Khumse

    Hi Vishnu,
    There is no solution for this, you cannot have GUI interactions(nor any statements that might invoke a implicit/explicit commit) in a V2 update. When you say this worked, did you have update debugging enabled, if so then it might have worked as the debugger session can access GUI...
    If the whole idea/need of this output is to download a file, use OPEN DATASET, TRANSFER and CLOSE DATASET.
    Even for the RSNAST00 execution, i am sure that in the actual business scenario(in production) this would be scheduled as a background job, where in again "GUI_DOWNLOAD" wouldn't work.

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