Ieee 1394 not allowing video capture

I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with the  fire wire accessory on the k7n2g. when I turn on my Canon D. V.  the computer knows it has been turned on by the thunk sound I receive but none of my video capture software can find it !
 not knowing whether this is related or not ; my USB 2.0 scanner would not work when this board either. (yes, I did download the X. P. drivers in SP1) I ended up putting in a USB 2.0 PCI card. something tells me the drivers MS I provides are a problem .  I would really appreciate some feedback .  Thank you, Tony

i have the same problem, i get teh 'thunk' sound but no programs can see the dvd camera

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  • Why i can not open Video Capture Device Settings in  Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder?

    Hi! I've got a problem with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2. Why i can not open Video Capture Device Settings? I'm clicking this button, but it doesn't appear, there is just a blinking of the camera's window. Please help me, i'm looking like a shining red pig! Need to change the light or contrast.

    "The audio preview in FMLE indicates there IS audio being input"
    How do you know this?
    are you "Saving to file"? how is the audio in the saved file?

  • From USB to IEEE-1394: question about HD capture, editing, sharing.

    I’m new to editing video but have a question about capturing video into Premiere Elements 7. I have been using a Canon HF11 which shoots only in HD and only has USB output to copy video to my desktop. I don’t have a Blu-ray burner yet but I have burned a few projects to DVD, shared video on YouTube, and saved files in .avi and .mpeg to view on computer screens. But obviously I’m missing out on sharing HD on disk at this time. I just bought a Canon XH A1s which shoots both HD and SD on miniDV tapes. And uses IEEE-1394 cable for capturing (to Pre7). I did a 3 minute test project in SD and burned it on a DVD disk. I was very pleased at the results and the ease of editing. I don’t have any HD tapes yet, but when I do what differences will I experience from shooting in HD and then capturing, editing, then to sharing? My current HD processes with the HF11 is slow, occasional low-resources warnings, and less then pleasing results on DVD disks. Thanks for any and all comments and/or suggestions.

    Your HF11 is AVCHD format and the Canon XH A1 is HDV MPEG2. AVCHD takes a lot more computer horespower to edit compared to HDV MPEG2... main reason being that AVCHD is more highly compressed giving small file sizes. This is also why you get the low resource and memory alarms while editing.
    To shoot HD you do not need HD miniDV tapes you can use the standard miniDV tapes. However the HD tapes are supposed to give fewer drop-outs than the standard tapes but are considerable more expensive. With DV-AVI a drop out would be hardly noticed, but as HDV MPEG2 is a compressed format and the picture relies on information in a number of frames any drop-outs can give a second or so of bad video. That said I have had very few issues with drop-outs. If you are doing a wedding or something important that you do not want to risk then probably better to use a HD miniDV tape.
    In the past the advise has been to capture in high definition to get the best quality and then downconvert in the camcorder and capture in DV-AVI... the reason being that older versions of Premiere Elements did not do a good job of the down conversion. Reports on PE7 indicate it is better and that you could use a HDV workflow and burn to DVD as a last stage. This also allows you to export a high definition version of your video to view on a monitor where you can appreciate the higher resolution. Or in the future when you have a Blu-ray burner and player you can burn the file to disc... save doing all the editing all over.

  • Jabber call to email address does not allow video because email has no CAPs and it goes ext not int

    Jabber, on a cloud based install, does not route the call internal when you hover over the persons email address because there are no caps as in AD (ie [email protected] vs [email protected]) so you cannot use video only audio because we only allow video internal.   How can you have webex connect or Jabber use the caps in an email address to allow for internal routing. 

    I believe by default that SIP URI default to case sensitive.  So you can have two users in Callmanager 10x for example [email protected] and [email protected] and be seperate people. In CallManager their is a Enterprise Parameter for URI and case sensitive.  Not sure aobut WebEx cloud.

  • Firewire to Thunderbolt adaptor. 6-pin IEEE 1394 firewire for video transfer

    Will the Apple Thunderbolt to firewire adaptor work with a IEEE 1394 6-pin firewire for video transfers?

    You'll need a Firewire 800 (9-pin) to Firewire 400 (6-pin) adapter or cable, but yes, it should then work.

  • IMovie 11 does not allow the capture of a still from video

    I am really ticked off. I just upgraded to iMovie 11 and couldn't capture a still from my video. I called support to see what I needed to do and was told that THIS FEATURE IS NOT ON iMovie 11.
    How could such a basic feature be eliminated? Of course now I can make movie trailers, a cool feature, but...

    Oh yes, as AppleMan1958 wrote, it IS a good workaraound to get jpg (or tiff...) stills from Imovie 11: If you make freeze frames and export the project via Quicktime with the option "Image sequence", you can choose in the options if you want jpg's or tiff's or...
    If you set the duration of the freeze frames to 0.1 s before the export (you can choose all and set the duration for all at the same time), you only get two or three stills by freeze frame.

  • Date Picker not allowing to capture time

    Hello Friends,
    I am trying to create a tabular form on a table[create SQL as below].
       (     "JOB_NAME" VARCHAR2(100),
         "SCH_RUN_DATE" DATE,
         "START_DATE" DATE,
         "END_DATE" DATE,
         "STATUS" VARCHAR2(100),
    /My idea of the tabular form is to allow entry of time both hours and minutes from the date picker along with date for <b>"START_DATE", "END_DATE" </b> items.
    But I dont see a possibility to do that for hours and minutes. But I remember having seen this in Apex 3.2, not sure if I missed some thing while page making or this feature of Date Picker is left intentionally in the new release.
    Please share any ideas you have.

    My understanding is you are trying to create a Tabular form using the Table which you specified, you are expecting time part to be displayed in the Date Picker column ?.
    The Time part of hours and Minutes will be displayed based on the format mask used for the Application or the item. if the format mask is DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI then you will see the hour and minute part with the Date Picker.

  • ITunes 7.0 Not Allowing Video Playback

    Ever since upgrading to iTunes 7.0 all the video podcasts and purchased videos from the iTunes store do not play on my Windows XP Pro PC. The sound is fine but the video is just a a bunch of multiple colors and lines. I checked the IDE settings as suggested in a troubleshooting topic but still is a no go. Anyone else having trouble? Any fix?
    Re-Installing iTunes and QuickTime did nothing to fix the problem.

    Half way down the page. The reply from Roy B. This worked for me.

  • Not another video capture problem

    I know people are sick of hearing about problems with capturing video, but my problem is an easy fix I think.
    I have 2 computers: Powerbook G4 and a Macbook Pro, and my old powerbook can detect my cam for capturing, but my macbook pro won't. Both have the same exact FCP software and I'm using the same 9 pin firewire 800 cord for both. my vid cam is a cannon GL1.
    So I'm guessing its gotta be a quicktime problem?

    Yes, I've tried firewire basic. There's gotta be a way to fix it without having to buy a firewire card.
    Get another (non canon) camera or remove the external drive and capture directly to your internal.

  • Does ios 5 not allow video playlists?

    After updating to ios 5 I can no longer make video playlists. Was that feature removed or is there a enw way to do it?

    Safari was not changed.

  • Youtube Center will not allow videos to play full screen

    Hello, I have Youtube Center 2.1.0 and have enjoyed it for some time. I began using it when YT videos no longer played, I could hear the sound perfectly but there was no picture. Someone here advised trying the YT Center and that solved all my probs for a while. Till now.
    Lately the right-hand column containing the related links covers up about a third of the YT picture which plays fine in the background underneath this column... There is no means to push it away! Someone else commented about a similar prob; it seemed when they were NOT logged in to their Youtube account, this issue happened, but when they were logged in it caused the white column to get out of the way! I tried that, it seemed to work, the white column was repositioned. But not anymore. The exception is when I visit a bookmarked YT video, then all is well and the column is down where it belongs. But anything that is NOT bookmarked has that links column covering the picture! I suppose if I were to download videos that I view, it would stop this issue. But I don't always wish to do that...
    I use Windows 8.1 and so far as I know, everything is up to date...

    Hi rosebud55,
    Thank you for your question. I understand that there are some issue with unbookmarked youtube videos not displaying properly when you use the Youtube Center 2.0 add on.
    Please check the preferences of the add on and if this does not change anything, please also contact the developer of the add on for more help on under the "Support email" listed on the add on page:

  • ExpressCard video capture?

    Hi there,
    I found a great ExpressCard TV Tuner/video capture card on the Internet that I would like to buy to capture analog video onto my MacBook Pro. 70&CatId=1426
    The only problem is that it looks like they only support Windows platform. Does anyone know if there is any chance that it would work anyway with the Mac OS X and my MacBook Pro? Using Final Cut Express (or some other third party capture software)? If not, would it work if I captured the video while running Windows (with Boot Camp) on my MacBook Pro?
    Any other suggestions for cheaply capturing analog video on a MacBook Pro using Final Cut Express? Unfortunately my camera does not have a "video in" port, which would have made things easier...

    Actually try to think about it with reverse logic. If the point is the video capture on a different bus than the drive you are capturing to, this card which I mentioned will let you do just that. The hard drive can be on an external SATA drive which is much faster than Firewire, while the capture device can go through Firewire 400 or 800. I know you want a capture through Express/34, but most cameras actually support Firewire which is IEEE 1394, not Express/34, so it would make more sense attaching devices in the reverse order than you are suggesting.

  • Video capture and system properties

    Two questions on mmapi and video capture:
    1. On a Samsung SGH-A707 phone, I get a return of 'false' when running
    System.getProperty(""), indicating that it won't
    allow video capture thru mmapi. However, when running
    System.getProperty("video.encodings"), it returns
    'encodings=video/H263'. Isn't this a contradiction? If it doesn't
    support capture, why would it show an encoding? Does the return of false
    absolutely mean that the phone doesn't support video capture?
    What am I missing?
    2. On an LG CU500, I get a return of 'true' when running
    System.getProperty(""), indicating that it will
    allow video capture thru mmapi. However, running
    System.getProperty("video.encodings"), it returns 'encodings=jpeg'. How
    is jpeg a video encoding? Isn't this only for snapshots? Do they mean
    These are both new-ish phones, and both support video capture natively
    (outside of java).
    Last question: How widespread is support for video capture thru j2me?

    Hello there,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!
    I have recently bought a fifth generation ipod, and have used the video capture feature.
    First of all, this should have been posted in the +5th generation iPod Nano+ forum instead of the *5th generation iPod Video* one. Here is the link to this forum for future references.
    When I sync the ipod to itunes on my mac, will I lose this video capture?
    No. Videos you take on your iPod have to manually be removed from the iPod either through the iPod itself or by opening up the necessary folders and files on your iPod through Windows Explorer.
    And if so, how can I sync the ipod to a new itunes library without losing the video recording I did on the ipod?
    Why would you need to worry about this? Was your nano previously synced with another iTunes library? If not, all you should have to do is hook it up to the new iTunes library and you should be good to go. For instructions on how to remove videos from your iPod, see pages 55-56 of your iPod's manual, which can be found below.
    Hope this helps.

  • When I use airplay it only displays the audio not the video

    How can i display the image and the audio on airplay.  It only shows the audio when I use airplay.  Please need help.

    This is usually due to the app not allowing video to airplay for nebulous rights reasons.
    Check the app provider's website or itunes store reviews.

  • HT204291 "Mirroring Not Allowed"

    When I try mirroring Web TV on my Apple TV I get this message:
    Mirroring Not Allowed
    Video Playback disabled while mirroring is active. Please disable to see this content
    What do I need to disable and where?
    Kind Regards

    So the provider of web TV can block the mirroring without blocking the actual web TV playing on my Iphone?
    Kind Regards

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