Image looks very hard on TV

My film has a lot of people in it filmed on close up.
When I test it on TV the image looks very hard and I woul like to soften it a bit.
What is the best way of doing this?

Have no idea how to add an image,
Go to and set up a free account. Upload your screenshots there as jpeg or png.
Copy the link and paste it in your post here.
If you want the image to show in your message like this:
Use the third link below the image, like this:

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  • When opening an image the image is very hard to see it's not dark enough?

    Image is hard to see...

    When I open this image in using  photoshop element 12 I get the image below...
    When I open the same image using photoshop viewer I get a clearer, readable image below what happen? They're both pdf files....

  • Images look blurry in small, medium and large view in ADE

    I am working on creating an ePub compatible on ADE, iPad, Kobo and Mobi. I have fixed the issue of image overlapping in ADE view by keeping the width as 100%, but the image looks very blurry on ADE.
    Does anybody advise?

    It may sound counter-intuitive, but could you try disabling graphics hardware acceleration? Since this feature was added to Firefox, it has gradually improved, but there still are a few glitches.
    You usually need to restart Firefox in order for this to take effect, so save all work first (e.g., mail you are composing, online documents you're editing, etc.).
    orange Firefox button ''or'' classic Tools menu > Options > Advanced
    On the "General" mini-tab, uncheck the box for "Use hardware acceleration when available"
    If you restart Firefox, is the issue resolved?

  • Sharpened image looks wrong on my NEC monitor while absolutely fine in MacBookPro retina

    Hi all,
    I use Photoshop CC. Today I came across this image on my NEC where I sharpened and added a bit clarity image looks just to find that image looks very wrong in photoshop but OK in ACR. Then I uploaded same image with same settings on my MAc Pro Retina however image looked perfectly fine in both ACR and photoshop. Then I cranked up clarity to a max and sharpening in ACR to a max too 115 1.0 25 0 image remained fine viewing on both ACR and photoshop on Mac.
    Here is upload:
    I am using NEC Multisync PA241W w. Calibrated a week ago.

    Hi Melissa,
    Let me split in sections our conversation:
    "The raw file, using your numbers, top large, Photoshop, bottom, ACR. The smaller image on the right is the same thing only applied to the jpg version from the website you liked to. Super grainy in the jpg because the file is sooooo much smaller than the original. All displayed at 100%."  For the purpose of this experiment only RAW file participates in ACR.  To capture our experiment we use screenshot function.
    "so, what is different about your NEC and Mac images you originally posted... was it the exact same file at the exact same size?  Or was it 2 different images on different machines?" exact same file exact same resolution exact same filter applied in ACR. On Mac both ACR and in photoshop image displayed fine. On NEC ACR is fine however photoshop looks bad nasty.
    "So... if you did everything to the raw file at it's original size it should be OK. If you made a smaller version and then did the ACR stuff... it's going to look like crap. In order to display this ginormous image you had to resize it at some point to get it into the screen shots. I think that is where the issue is..." How do you normally view image in photoshop? The way I do i zoom out to my likening for instance this image was fine to view at 17-25% on my monitor and Mac too. Or I simply click on "fit to screen" option at it fits just fine. However image is view at 28.36% out of full 100%. If you choose to view at 100% you would get zoom like you have here in your screenshot. So to display it like I do just click fit to screen and that will do.

  • Quick, easy ways to make images look better?

    What are the best ways to make images look a bit better? I shot my footage using a pretty bad camera, so quality already isn't the greatest, but what is the best way to make images look a bit more "movie-like"? The 3way color correstion is nothing for me, it's too hard to make images look good, they'll quickly turn too yellow or red, etc... Something to improve contrast maybe? Using Image Control: Brightness and contrast (bezier) doesn't seem to help much.

    Okay, I took a couple of screenshots:
    Now I don't know alot about image quality or color, but I think there is not enough contrast? It all looks very cold. Luckily, image quality isn't the most important thing in this project, but it would be nice to be able to touch it up a little bit.

  • My images look blurry when I export or publish my site from Muse. Why and how do I fix it?

    My images look blurry, jagged, pixelated and low quality when I publish or export my site from Muse. Is there any way to avoid or fix this problem?

    The primary cause of blurring images is the less than Photoshop-quality image downsampling algorithm currently used in Muse (that was compounded in early betas due to a bug in the JPEG compression library we were using at that time). Due to work we've done for Beta 7 to improve image encoding performance we now have the infrastructure in place to enable us to take a much better image resampler/resizer (after Beta 7), so this source of blurring will be addressed.
    The other source of blurring is unique to opaque images containing line art or otherwise containing hard edges and large areas of solid color. When an image is opaque Muse will encode it as JPEG (if it's altered in Muse is a way that requires re-encoding). For line art this will introduce JPEG compression artifacts that can be noticeable depending on your eye and the specific image involved.
    There are (at least) to ways to avoid these JPEG compression artifacts:
    Resize your image before placing and avoid applying any effects (rounded corners, drop shadow, etc.) or doing any cropping or resizing in Muse. If the image is unaltered your original JPEG, PNG or GIF will be passed through unaltered.*
    Put at least one pixel of transparency in your original image. (It could be a single 99% opaque pixel.) This will force Muse to encode as PNG. PNG compression is lossless and thus doesn't introduce any compression artifacts. However, an average PNG can be 5 times the size of a JPEG for the same image, so there is an impact to webpage download performance.
    *For PSD files Muse has to encode the original PSD data into some web-friendly image format. If an image is resized in Photoshop and placed Muse won't resize/resample the image data, but it will encode it as JPEG or PNG depending on whether it contains transparency.

  • How do I make the images look clear in PDF when converted from MS Word?

    When I convert an MS Word-2010 file (which  contains  images also) to PDF through Acrobat X Pro, some images which are of bigger size do  not look very clear. Is there any workaround for this problem? Please  reply. It's quite urgent.

    In my experience (not necessarily the best), I find it best to rescale image copies with a graphics package before importing into WORD or whatever. Resize and then set the resolution to about 600 dpi before you import. The issue of using the clipboard appears to be an issue with WORD 2007 and such. I clipped a 300 dpi image into my technical word processor and then back to a graphic editor and all was preserved. I did the same with WORD 2007 and everything got messed up and the resultant image looked terrible. In fact, in WORD I got the same result if I imported the picture or clipped it from my graphics package. So it appears there are some strange issues with WORD itself.
    I am not trying to make any claims here, but just making an observation. The original image was at 300dpi. WORD also changed the 8-bit B&W photo to a 24-bit photo and reduced the number of pixels from 774 per width to 252 per width about a factor of 3 reduction in pixel resolution when clipped. When I expanded the image size in WORD, then the clip size increased also. When I do the same expansion of the image size in my word processor and then clip back to IrfanView, the original image is retained. My only conclusion is that OFFICE 2007 plays around with graphics and it does not seem to make any difference if you clip the image into WORD or import it, WORD still messes around with it. My guess this is just a general MS thing.
    Some folks a year or 2 ago got me to looking at nice sunsets in PPT. There were all sorts of issues with creating the PDF (AA8) from the PPT to get a reasonable result. The image obtained from the MS converter seemed to keep the picture nice. The images obtained from PDF Maker and printing to the Adobe PDF printer gave slightly different results and tended to break the image into smaller parts that often left little lines in the picture if you zoomed in. Folks were blaming this on Acrobat and yet using the same version of Acrobat with OFFICE 2003 the sunset came out great.
    This post is a bit jumbled, but the jist is that a lot of the graphics issues with WORD files seem to go back to WORD itself  and possibly with hooks MS put into OFFICE (OK, no proof on that and probably impossible to prove) to mess up Acrobat conversions. It would be interesting to see if the same result for the PDF is obtained from other converters, or if it is just something that OFFICE 2007 does "nicely" for Acrobat.
    Sorry for going off the deep end, but I just have a major annoyance with OFFICE starting with 2007, particularly for things like this. They couldn't get equations right either, just one more thing that they messed up. As far as I am concerned, a lot of the issues stem from MS and not Acrobat.
    Just for the heck of it, I ran the PPT picture through Open Office and used both the PDF export and the print to the Adobe PDF printer. Both retained the full image. However, when clipping from OOP to Irfanview, the resolution was 96dpi. The result seemed to be dependent on the zoom. So there are definitely some issues with copy and paste, at least with how some packages handle it.

  • Thumbnail images are very poor, is there a way to improve them ?

    I've just started using Lightroom 5, and right after importing them I noticed the images are of very poor quality. If I try and blow them up bigger using the slider they get even worse.
    I've used Bridge in Photoshop to do this before and the images look great, so I can quickly look at them and sort the good from the bad.
    I can't do this in Lightroom with the quality of the image thumbnails. So how do you make the thumbnails better?
    Also does the camera MP size determine what the thumbnails look like? In other words If I used an 8MP camera, would the thumbnails look as good as they would coming from a 20MP camera?

    And what type of previews are you creating during import (in the Build Previews section of the File Handling panel of the import dialog)?

  • Images look less saturated in Photoshop CC 2014

    I import my RAW images into Lightroom 5 and make some basic adjustments.  Then I edit the image in Photoshop with the Lightroom adjustments.  I clean up the images and crop to the size I like and then I use the Perfect Effects 9 plugin to do some more edits.  I finish my edits in Perfect Effects 9 and save them which brings me back into Photoshop CC as a new layer.  In Photoshop the image looks less saturated than it did in Perfect Effects 9.  I then save the Photoshop file and exit.  When I look at the PSD file in Lightroom 5 browse window, it looks the same as it does in Perfect Effects 9.  Why does it look less saturated in Photoshop CC 2014?
    Here are my colour settings:
    Lightroom 5:
    External Editing:
         Edit in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014:
         File Format = TIFF
         Color Space = AdobeRGB(1998)
         Bit Depth = 16
         Resolution = 240
         Compression = zip
    Additional External Editor:
        Preset = Perfect Effects 9 Suite
        File Format = PSD
        Color Space = AdobeRGB(1998)
        Bit Depth = 16
        Resolution = 300
    Perfect Effects 9:
         Working Color Space = sRGB IEC61966-2.1    
         Copy Options:
         File Format = PSD
         Color Space = sRGB IEC61966-2.1
         File Type = PSD
         Color Space = Adobe RGB 1998
    Photoshop CC 2014:
        Color Settings:  Custom
        Working Spaces:
        RGB = sRGB IEC61966-2.1
        CMYK = U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2
        Gray = Dot Gain 20%
        Spot = Dot Gain 20%
    What color settings do I need to use so that the images have the same saturation look in all three programs? How do you know which image in which program is showing as the correct saturation?

    No, just keep it at sRGB. As long as you have the "preserve" policy, the working space actually isn't all that important. The embedded document profile will always override it (as it should).
    I had to read this a couple of times to follow the trail properly. Leaving Perfect Effects (which I don't know at all) out of it - does the very same file iteration, with the same edits, look different between Photoshop and Lightroom? Did I get that right?
    In that case you have a bad monitor profile. This can sometimes throw off one application but not the other. Recalibrate, or if you don't have a calibrator go into Windows color management and set sRGB IEC61966-2.1 as default display profile. When done relaunch all applications so that they can pick up the new profile at startup.

  • Image looks grainy in Photoshop CC but not in CS5

    All of my images look grainy int he dark areas in CC, but not in CS5.  Is there a display setting that I'm missing?  Side note, the saved images look fine.  They only look bad in the CC UI.
    Screen shot of CC
    Screen shot of CS5
    Photshop CC and CS5 64-bit on Windows 7

    morganj_8 wrote:
    Oh and lastly, I really didn't appreciate how UTTERLY rude and completely unhelpful "station_two" was.  It seems he/she prefers to get on here and find ways to criticize and nitpick vs. actually try to help or find solutions for people. I wonder if that level of disdain could ever be necessary towards a total stranger who is just asking for help?  I hope their life improves and they don't feel the need to take it out others through tech support message boards.  Props to sharmstr for being so cool about it all.
    Well if that's how you are going to be!!!!        Station is OK, but this is an old thread, and there was a full moon back then.
    So is it a display problem rather than a performance one?  I think it was mentioned that the artefacts a not there on saved documents. It is also one of those issues that would be fixed by resetting preferences, because the cache levels would go back to four.  It actually says right there on Preferences > Performance in the History & Cache section  'Set cache levels to two or higher for optimum performance' .
    There is so much good information right there among the oficial help pages
    Which makes it very disappointing that Tech Support couldn't track it down.  I suspect they work more from Expert Systems than their own knowledge, so they have a bit of work to do there.

  • Help! Why do my images look overly sharp and appear to download?

    I recently updated CC and now my images look overly sharp when I'm batching or working at a smaller size. When zoomed in at 50% they look fine. Is there any way to fix this? It's very difficult to work with everything looking so warped at a smaller scale. Also, when I open a file after batching and running an action it appears to "download" line by line instead of just opening. What is going on?

    When I am batching multiple images and running actions, I don't want to view them at 100% they are huge files. 24 megapixels, on average 60.5M and 3925x5945 at 300 dpi. That's REALLY zoomed in. I was not having this issue with CC until I updated it and now everything looks warped at a smaller scale. I want to know why it changed and how to change it back.

  • I have a MacBook Air...I am having a very hard time loading some websites

    I am having a very hard time with some websites opening on my computer, but when I try to open them on my daughters computer(not an apple) it opens immediately

    Go step by step and test.
    1. Power cycle
         Power off the router. Unplug it from the wall. Wait a while.
         Plug it back to the wall. Power the router on. Wait until all the lights are lit properly.
         It will take a   while.
         Restart the computer.
         Start up in Safe Mode
    2 Empty Caches
        Safari > Preference > Advanced
        Checkmark the box for "Show Develop menu in menu bar".
        Develop menu will appear in the Safari menu bar.
        Click Develop and select "Empty Caches" from the dropdown.
        2. Quit Safari if open.
        Option click the "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.
        Select "Library" and then "Caches".
        Look for the folder '"
        Right click "" and select "Move to Trash"
        Relaunch Safari.
    3. Reset Safari.
        Click Safari in the menu bar.
        From the drop down select "Reset Safari".
          Click "Reset".
    4. Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and all other website data:
         Press “Remove All Website Data” button
    5. Turn off Extensions if any, and launch Safari.
        Safari > Preferences > Extensions

  • Still images have very low quality

    When I import images into Final Cut Express they are pixelated and look very bad. When I open the same image in Preview the image is displayed at full quality. How can I fix this? I am running Final Cut Express 2.0.3.
    Thanks for your help
    iBook G4 1.2GHz 768MB   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

    Yes, I am looking at the output rendered on a monitor.
    Are you saying that my vidieo is compresed?
    How might I uncompress it?

  • Still image looks dark

    I'm importing a still into a motion project, and somehow its opacity not at 100%. However, on the behaviors tab the opacity is at 100%.
    It seems to be something with this particular project. I opened a new motion project, and imported the same still into that new project and the still's opacity looks fine. Somehow I've got some setting or behavior going on in the other project.
    Any guesses?

    Thanks for your response.
    Finally, I just created a new project, then copied and pasted all the assets and elements into that new file -- along with the still photo. Everything looks great in the new project. Very hard to figure. I must've hit some button, or changed some setting in the original project that I was unaware of.
    Anyhow, all good now.

  • Exporting images looks really bad!

    I am exporting images for a slideshow to make in DVD Studio Pro for my final outputted project.
    The problem is that the images look really choppy and very bad. They look interlaced.
    I'm working with NTSC DV. Is this normal?
    Would it help is I made a Freeze Frame in FCP, then exported it as an image?
    OS X 10.4.5
    FCP 5.0.4
    QT 7.0.4

    hi fcp - I take them straight off the tl and go into photoshop with them to tidy them up. Use the deinterlace filter in ps.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I'm getting a warning message that the library cannot be loaded because it is from a newer version of Aperture

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    Hi, I have following problem: sometime ago I used applyXSL to make XSLT transformation and get result in UTF-8. Then I send it to server using UTF8. But after new release of Acrobat 9 and fix in Acrobat 8 (8.1.3) ApplyXSL function returns result in c

  • Question regarding "save as" option in Adobe X vs. Adobe 9...

    When I used Adobe 9 Standard, I could click on "save as" and it would just go to my file location. Now when I click "save as" I have to select what type of document I want to save it as first THEN it will go to my file location. This is annoying when

  • How to show photos in report ?

    I build table that has ORDSYS.ORDIMAGE column. Then I build report to show these picture but it don't show photos. It just show links to display photos while I'd like to display photos. I've set this column formatting as HTML. What should I do? Pleas

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