Imovie crashing when copying Projects and Events to external

This is driving me crazy. Imovie keeps crashing when I try and copy some of my projects and events to the external from within iMovie. I can copy the project and event files separately as a work-around, but it's taking me forever. These are very short movies, less than 3 minutes, and the original footage is from a Kodak zi6. I've already copied more than 40, and all went well. Now it keeps crashing.
Why can't I just copy from the Finder. It would be a LOT faster. I'd like to keep the projects/ events linked so that I can edit in the future, if necessary.
External: Firewire, Guid Partition Table, and Mac OS extended (journaled). Lots of free room on both drives.

I found the solution and just want to share with you...
1. I closed iMovie
2. I renamed my existing root folder projects and events by adding a '_' at the beginning of the folder name.
3. I copied all my content (projects and events) within the finder and not as normally recommended within iMovie from the internal to the new external hard drive.
4. When starting iMovie again the newly copied folder are recognized and it takes a while (depending of the amount of clips and projects) until iMovie is available after this start.
5. The events and projects are now shown in the new external harddrive and all files are accesible. Also all clips from the events are correctly linked in the projects.
I have tried this way since the normal decribed routine did not work on my iMac (iMovie crashed every time).

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    I have updated to iMovie 2013, but when I try to bring all my media and project s into the new version, it crashes during the process. Has anyone else had this issue? Any

    I update to 10.0.1 and it crashed updating projects/events. I follewed the instructions in the link "if updating is interrupted.." and the same thing. I get a "problem report" that starts with
    Process:         iMovie [1772]
    Path:            /Applications/
    Version:         10.0.1 (239055)
    Build Info:      iMovieX-23905005031000000~1
    App Item ID:     408981434
    App External ID: 141822634
    Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [274]
    Responsible:     iMovie [1772]
    User ID:         501
    Date/Time:       2013-11-20 23:18:26.710 -0800
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.9 (13A603)
    Report Version:  11
    Anonymous UUID:  86B3DBF6-7B78-20C6-BFEF-087178DA0796
    Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue:
    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000001164aa006
    VM Regions Near 0x1164aa006:
        MALLOC_LARGE           0000000116486000-00000001164aa000 [  144K] rw-/rwx SM=PRV 
        mapped file            00000001164e5000-00000001164ef000 [   40K] r--/rwx SM=COW  /System/Library/Caches/
    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
    0                         0x000000010be6dc3e DVFormatReaderCreateFromStream + 1134
    1                         0x000000010be6a85
    Any ideas?

  • Imovie Crashes when copying project/event to external

    If I try and copy the project/ and event from within Imovie, Imovie crashes. If I copy them separately to external, it works. I'd like to do it together, as this way is too slow! This only happens on some projects, other copy without a hitch.
    I will post the crash log next, if that will help.
    External is Mac OS extended (journaled), and is Apple Partition map, although same problem when formatted as GUID.

    I am clicking on the project I want to copy, and then dragging it to the ext. icon.
    A window appears, and asks if I want to copy the project, or the project and the event. I choose the latter.
    It seems to copy the project, and then crashes on the event. I can move them separately, without a hitch.

  • IMovie quits while copying projects and events to an external HD. Any ideas?

    Here is my problem: i was running out of disk space and wanted to move my projects and events to a new, external WD hard drive. I followed to normal procedure and moved the projects within iMovie 11 to the new (meanwhile connected and displayed) WD drive. I selected to copy both, projects and events to this drive and iMovie started copying. After a while the prog crashed. Does anyone have an idea what else I can do? Is this a bug of iMovie?

    I found the solution and just want to share with you...
    1. I closed iMovie
    2. I renamed my existing root folder projects and events by adding a '_' at the beginning of the folder name.
    3. I copied all my content (projects and events) within the finder and not as normally recommended within iMovie from the internal to the new external hard drive.
    4. When starting iMovie again the newly copied folder are recognized and it takes a while (depending of the amount of clips and projects) until iMovie is available after this start.
    5. The events and projects are now shown in the new external harddrive and all files are accesible. Also all clips from the events are correctly linked in the projects.
    I have tried this way since the normal decribed routine did not work on my iMac (iMovie crashed every time).

  • IMovie 10 crashes when attempt to update projects and events of external HDs.

    No way to update projects and events. Crash every time after few minutes of processing. Without external HD, works fine. To access older projects and work on it,  the only way seems to be uninstal iMovie 10 and return to 9.

    I do not have exactly the same issue, but iMovie 10 seems buggy as all get out and the alledged bugs cause the system to hang something fierce. There are a number of ways to trigger a crash, apparently, but it always proceeds the same way.
    The screen - the display - goes all big pixelly and wonky. The computer becomes partially unresponsive. Controls in the apple menu at left end of menu bar work, so I can try some things. Relaunching finder does not help. Logging out does not help. Only shutdown and reboot clears the screen.
    But after a few minutes of trying things in iMovie 10, it crashes again. The crash goes the same way each time, but it seems to be triggered by different things.
    I have added screen shot - (hope I added a screen shot, anyway. ) Too bad.  I think I like iMovie 10.
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  • IMovie 10: Lost all projects and events when upgrading

    When I opened iMovie 10 the first time, it starting updating thumbnails. At some stage it got stuck on a certain event. After have seen the rainbow circle for a few hours and it was getting nowhere, I force quit the application. When I opened it the next time, both the 'events' folder and the 'project' folder are empty. I can see that all projects and events are still there in the finder folder, but I cannot import them into iMovie. Does anybody know what to do?

    The events and projects from older versions have to be updated. You should a dialog about this when you first launch the application.  You can also update from the File menu.

  • How can I copy projects and events to an external hard drive from iMovie 10?

    I have created a project in iMovie 10, which I would now like to share with a colleague, in a form in which he can edit just like I can.  I do not see a way to copt projects and events to an external hard drive,  the way I could from previous versions of iMovie. Any suggestions?

    You can copy an iMovie 10 library to an external volume (HD, Thumb drive etc.) with the Finder so as to share it with a colleague.   You may find the following link helpful:
    Before copying the library you have to make sure that all media is in the library.  Media from iTunes, iPhoto and similar are by default linked to my iMovie and not copied to the library.  To resolve this you may need to consolidate media before you copy the library.  See for details:
    Note that your colleague has to be using the same version of iMovie.  Even different minor updates may cause problems.
    I hope this helps.

  • Upgrading iMovie from v9.0.9 to v10 with projects and events on external HD

    Seem to be running into an issue using iMovie v10 post-upgrade...
    I run iMovie v9.0.9 with many projects and events on several external (multi-TB) hard drives. They would not fit on my primary HD due to sheer file size.
    I was able to upgrade to v10, but when I tried to convert my existing iMovie library, my primary HD suddenly got a disk out of space error. It appears that the library conversion process is consolidating project and event files from the external drives onto the primary drive. Is this to be expected? Are external drives still supported with iMovie v10?
    Not sure the best way to proceed, other than to continue using the old library and iMovie v9.0.9 (which thankfully still works) and try to descipher what files to delete from my now-full primary drive.

    Likewise. I was afraid there might be a problem when they let Sarah Palin name the new OS.
    I have a 500 GB hard drive that had 100 GB free space before "10.9 Mavericks." Now the disk is full. The iMovie Library on my internal HD is 106.1 GB, and "iMovie" (sic) that is 90.3 GB. The computer is now slower than slow. Also, events that were organized under the names of the Hard Drive that contained them, are now simply called iMovie Library 1, iMovie Library 2, iMovie Library 3, iMovie Library 4, iMovie Library 5, etc.
    I had to use my finder and re-name the libraries to indicate the name and size of each HD. in the new iMovie interface.
    I copied the events from the internal iMovie library to an external library now called "iMovie Library July2013-3TB" and then moved the events to trash. But the events did not appear in trash, and cannot be emptied. So, the HD is still full.
    It seems that the new iMove just wants to fill any available HD space with iMovie Theater (sic) whatever that is. I can't realy explore the new OS until I deal with the HD issue. Fortunately, iMovie 9 is still there, so I can go back to using it. I wll try to drage the iMovie library to an external drive and delete the iMovie Library, iMovie, and go back to using iMovie 9. I may never open iMovie 10 again, since the mere act of opening it preceeds the destruction of disk space. 

  • HT202853 iMovie failing to update older projects and events on external hard drive.

    I've made sure my iMovie events and iMovie projects files are on the top level of my external hard drive, however iMovie says, "iMovie could not find any events or project files to update" please help.
    I only recently updated my computer to OSX 10.10.1 ; before that, I was using OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. Not sure if that has any effect on this topic.
    Here are my specs:
    Type: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011)
    Processor: 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5
    Memory: 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Startup Disk: Macintosh HD
    Pretty sure graphics and serial dont matter so I wont put it in.
    But yea, I've been trying to figure out what's going on for a few days and have had no result.
    This problem's really hindering my progress for a film I'm making and iMovie is getting more and more frustrating to use as it develops.
    I hope somebody be able to help me asap.

    If you want to try and start over with the iMovie 10 "Update Projects and Events...", remove the "UpdatedToiMovie10" file in both the iMove Events and iMovie Projects folders (the older folders). Then open iMovie 10 and reselect "Update Projects and Events...". My expectation is that you will experience the same missing events problem I have, caused by changing the clip date and time in the previous version of iMovie (9). It's a bug that persists through iMovie 10.0.8 (just released a few days ago). Really really wish Apple could fix this.

  • Saving all projects and events to external hard drive

    I finished an iMovie project last night and published it to YouTube.
    Then, in order to free up space on my Hard Drive, I moved some of the events to a USB external drive because I figured I was finished with them as far as making my movie was concerned.
    My movie got "muted" by YouTube (copyright issue), so I need to go back and edit the project to remove a soundtrack, but the project has lots of yellow warning markers on various clips.
    I went to Genius Bar, and he explained that all iMovie events and all iMovie projects must reside in the same place. Makes sense ..... so I bought a new Seagate 7200 rpm Firewire External Drive (which will be faster than my USB drive) and plan to move all events and projects to the Seagate hard drive.
    But - if everything is on an external drive, how do I play a movie on my Mac when I want to show somebody? Do I copy the project back to iMovie? But will it play normally if all the accompanying events are stored elsewhere?
    The firewire 7200 rpm drives do not come in a portable drive, so I bought a desktop size drive - not very portable ..... so I can't be schlepping that drive every time I want to show a movie! I don't want to open the package if this is not the best solution.
    I'm starting to take a lot of video - so it's eating up my hard drive .....
    Thanks in advance for your help .... !

    you want to hold the command key and drag the project file to hard drive. The hard drive can be even one of the portable my passport. I have several. It just needs to be formatted Macos extended. Once you drag the project it will ask if you want to take the events with you....say yes. Viola ... all movies projects and events stay together. However, if you just want to show the movie after its edited, share to itunes and create a version that can play in itunes.

  • IMovie Crashes When Editing Projects

    iMovie 08 crashes while I am editing a project. It happens all the time now which is weird because I have made movies successfully in the past. I have 250g HD and 116g free space. The event I am editing is 62g. I am so confused and frustrated. I can't make any edits without hanging up and having to force quit out of the application. Any ideas?

    "..Would I be able to import the project part that I export and delete.." ..You would, except that it'd be all "baked" into a single clip when exporting it, so although you could chop it up again once you'd re-imported it, your original edits wouldn't be there to re-edit.
    (..In the previous iMovie HD 6 there's an option 'Burn Project to Disc...' which does allow a project to be exported in an editable format, but if yours is 62GB and a DVD holds 4.7GB or data, that's be several DVDs' worth ..oh, and I think it couldn't split a project across several DVDs..)
    So if you'd want to re-edit parts later, your best bet may be to copy the entire project to an external FireWire hard disc (..preformatted to 'Mac OS Extended', using Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility..) and then delete half, or more, of the project that's on your internal disc, thus making the whole thing more stable.
    (..To read more about formatting an external disc, click on iMovie Help and type external hard disc into the Search box; that'll give you a topic called 'iMovie: Format external hard disks as HFS Extended for best performance'..)
    Continue editing what's left on your internal disc, or tell iMovie where you've moved your project to - onto the external disc - by clicking on iMovie's hard disc icon at the upper-right corner of the Events Library.. least, that's where iMovie's Help says you'll find that icon, but - honestly - I've never seen it there, even when I've had one or more correctly-formatted external hard discs connected!
    (..To read about that in iMovie's Help, Search on move project and that'll give you the Help file 'Storing your video library on an external hard disk'..)
    So; if subsequent editing's not important, just Export most of your existing project, then delete it from your internal disc. You'll be able to bring it back later in one chunk to complete the start of your movie.
    If later editing is important, copy - or, better still, BACKUP - your project to an external disc, then tell iMovie where you've put it, and either continue editing on that disc, or delete half the project from the internal disc and continue editing on the internal one.
    A Backup is extremely important anyway for a project your size: what would you do if your computer, or project, went wrong now, and you had no copy of your 62GB project?! ..Probably pull all your hair out, shout and scream!
    Erm; how to combine the rest of your project - what you'll edit from now on - with what you've saved on the external disc? When you're happy with the remainder of your edit, Export it as a single file, and then add it to what you've saved on the external disc.
    But for a project your size ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP!
    P.S: As this is a big important project, test this first by doing a short Export of a short test project. Then check that you can recombine the two halves. Ensure that everything works well before you perform this kind of major surgery on your big project!

  • IMovie crashes when browsing Titles, and when exporting movie.

    Frequent occurance.  Crashes when browsing Titles. When re-opening it goes to a previous project.
    2nd problem, also frequent but always with one project.  I have tried numerous things, all unsuccessful. Have gone back to iPhoto to redo slideshow, have checked photo permissions, then rebuild movie but still unsuccessful.  Message:  "EXC BAD ACCESS (SIGSEGV)".

    Sometimes iMovie Projects become corrupted and can cause iMovie to crash. This is what worked for me after months of frustration without any solution.
    Copy the iMovie Projects folder to the desktop. To avoid confusion rename this folder Desktop iMovie Projects. Do not delete these projects from the Desktop iMovie Projects folder.
    Then delete all projects from the original iMovie Projects folder for iMovie - found Mac HD > Users > (Your home folder) > Movies > iMovie Projects.
    Either create a simple test movie project in iMovie or...
    or take, from Desktop iMovie Projects folder, one of the projects that you know was successfully exported in the past and copy from the Desktop iMovie Projectsfolder into the original iMovie Projects folder.
    Try launching iMovie again.
    In turn take, from Desktop iMovie Projects folder, another of the projects and copy from the Desktop iMovie Projects folder into the original iMovie Projects folder.
    Close and restart iMovie. Try to export this project
    In transferring one project at a time you can isolate the corrupted project(s)
    See my news-feed on  facebook

  • Cannot move or copy Projects or Events to external drive

    Short version: I have a project that I have been working on for a few months. Now that it's burned off to DVD, I want to store the whole thing on an External (Seagate) drive, in case I want to come back to it later. (For now, it's just sucking up space on the internal drive).
    I have done this before, even a few months ago with another project, but now the commands don't seem to work:
    Internal hard drive has the Project Files.
    Referenced Event files (some stills, other video clips, etc.) are on the Internal drive, and some on the External (Seagate) drive.
    I tried to "Copy to..." the Event folder to an external drive's Library, but I get a quick "Rendering..." and then nothing.
    I tried to "Move to..." the Event folder to an external drive's, but I get a quick "Rendering..." and then nothing.
    I tried to drag-Move one of the Project folders from the internal Library to the external drive, and it looked like it was moving, but after a while, I did NOT see the Project either in the Internal Library OR in the External drive Library!!! I had actually LOST the Project! (I was able to restore the project from a Time Machine backup from a few days ago... but at least one of the Media Clips is now missing!).
    I have heard that you cannot (or should not) have more than one Final Cut Pro Library on a single drive, so I also used a 500GB external LaCie USB powered drive to recover the "old" version of the main Library from Time Machine... then copied the restored backup Event into the main Library. THIS WORKED! But I cannot then copy anything OUT from my Main Library!!
    I am running a 2014 MacBook Pro, 16GB RAM, 1TB internal drive.
    OS 10.9.3
    FCP 10.1.1
    External drive is a 1TB Seagate USB 3.0 connection
    I have fixed Permissions, Checked the Drive(s) even rebuilt the Volume (using TechTool Pro 7.0.4), but nothing seems to be "wrong." I just can't get the Events adn Projects to Copy or Move!
    Thanks for your help!

    I did this to transfer my mess of media management on my old Mac Pro to my new Mac Pro.
    I highly recommend that you not use the Move command, but only use the Copy command. I accidentally used the Move command and then it was sitting there with the "Render" thing that you mentioned and I thought it was not doing anything, so I cancelled and that didn't do anything, so I forced quit. BIG MISTAKE.
    When I fired FCP X back up, my huge feature film project had a couple hundred missing clips, because it was in the process of moving them to the other drive and the links were all hosed.
    I had to go through and reconnect it all, which took about a day.
    What I did was I drag and dropped the project files into the event that held the media for that project. I then used the Copy to command. This worked even though it sometimes looked like it wasn't doing anything. It would take a very long time. Walk away from the system. You will see the 100% notification in FCP X when it's done. It will just have a spinning wheel there for several minutes when you first start the command.
    It took me a couple days to get everything over, but it worked. Now, my new Mac Pro has clean media management with a Library for each project on an external drive and everything is self contained in that library and none of the media is linked, it's all contained in the library. I think this is the best method for handling media in FCP X just in case you need to move it again or back it up (just drag and drop the library).
    Just my opinion. Good luck.

  • How can I separate FCPX projects and events on external drive?

    Hi there!
    I'm working on a Mac Pro with two drives. One drive contains the OSX and the second drive I use to store video media. I'm running FCPX 10.0.4.
    The Mac Pro is used in a teaching environment (i.e. creative suite, FCPX, iMovie, etc).
    Each tutor has their own user account for their own students (i.e. Fish account for one tutor, Mouse account for another tutor). Each user account is specially setup for the apps that that particular tutor teaches.
    With FCP7 I setup individual capture folders on the second drive for each user account. The FCP7 capture scratch for each tutor was set to a specific folder on the capture drive...i.e.
    The issue with FCPX is that if you capture to a second drive it saves the Events and Projects to the Root of the drive. This means that all captured/imported video footage from all of the user areas will be saved in one location and will be bunched together in the FCPX events and projects list.
    Workaround 1:
    A workaround would be to capture all footage to the OSX bootable drive so that all Events and Projects are stored in the individual user Movies folder, but I'm wary of using one drive to run the OS and High Def video footage for drive speed issues.
    Workaround 2:
    Another workaround would be to partition the capture drive into separate partitions for each tutor, but then one tutor may fill up their drive quicker than others and then I''d have to repartition the drive to allow for more space! (bearing in mind we have 17 Macs all setup in the same way!)
    Workaround 3:
    I've also tried making symbolic links from each user Movies folder to a specific location on the capture drive, but no luck. 
    Does anyone know of a workaround which might work?
    With many thanks in advance,

    Hi Tom,
    Firstly, thank you for your reply.
    From your experience, can you setup Event Manager X to automatically hide all events and projects except those edited on a specific user account...for all user accounts...or is this something a new student would have to do manually before starting a new project?
    Many thanks in advance,

  • IMovie deletes my projects and event when importing another video!!!

    I was working on an iMovie project and was just importing a file and it did not import, but then iMovie deleted all my projects and events. I then found the projects and events saved in Finder but they will not open. When I clicked on them it opened iMoviebut will not open the projects. How do I fix this and get my projects and events back on iMovie?

    I would try trashing your Preferences files. For full instructions, see this link.

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