Import the CRM ICSS5.0 java application into track

Hello CRM People,
we are try to import the CRM ICSS5.0 application into the development track, But in the transport studio we are not able to import the actual physical icss5.0 component.
We dont know where we went wrong, Please can any body let us know how to proceed with import the icss5.0 into a track in CMS,
Thank you in advcance,

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    3. what class should i used?
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    * important : not java applet.
    regards fenny

    follow the link:

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    Hi ,thank you very much for your guide.
    i am actually trying to connect to the XE server through my JSP files.
    i download the Oracle jdbc driver packages and put them in the same folder with JSP files. but i did not set the class path tho.
    do i have to set the enviroment variables for the classpath of Oracledatasource class? thanks a lot.
    another problem i got is installing the JDeveloper, it seemed my computer just got stuck there when installing JDeveloper. my laptop is with 256MB memory tho.
    the code i used to connect to the XE server in my jsp file is as below:
    <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html"%>
    <%@ page import="java.sql.*" %>
    <%@ page import java.sql.Connection%>;
    <%@page import java.sql.SQLException%>;
    <%@page import oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource%>;
    <%@ page import="*" %>
    <% String jdbcUrl = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost";
    Connection conn;
    OracleDataSource ds;
    ds = new OracleDataSource();
    conn = ds.getConnection(jdbcUrl);
    dose it have some problems there?
    thanks a lot.
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    In terms of converting java applications into exe files, there are 3 schools of thought:
    1) Instead of converting it to an exe, convert it to a jar file. Jar files are more portable than exe files because they can be double-clicked on any operating system. The caveat is that a Java interpreter must be installed on the target computer for the double-clicking to work.
    2) Create an exe launcher that, when double-clicked, attempts to find a Java interpreter on the local computer and launches the Java application. The exe file is still double-clickable but whether your java application runs depends on whether a Java interpretor is installed on the target computer.
    3) Create an exe launcher that bundles a Java interpretor. Same as above but when the exe file is double-clicked, it searches for a Java interpreter and if one is not found, it installs one on the target computer. The caveat is that the exe file would have an overhead of 10 MB in size for the interpreter. (evaluation version available)
    4) Convert the Java application into a native exe file. The caveat is that if you use Swing for your GUI, it won't be converted. Also this option is still somewhat experimental.
    Can't think of any free options right now.

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    Use the trackpad to scroll, thats what it was designed for. The scroll bars automatically disappear when not being used and will appear if you scroll up or down using the trackpad.
    This is a user-to-user forum and most people will post on here if they have problems. You very rarely get people posting to say there update went smooth. The fact is the vast majority of Mountain Lion users will not be experiencing any major problems with the OS, or maybe with apps which are not compatible, but thats hardly Apple's fault if developers don't update their apps.

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    I see nothing when I connect my iPhone to my Mac.
    Does your Mac not recognize the device? Or is the iPhone recognized, but the import panel does not show any images to import? Is your Photo Stream turned on?
    There is a known bug with PhotoStream and AP 3.2.1.
    Do you have the current Aperture version 3.2.2? If not, upgrade to 3.2.2.
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    Check the docs for "Java Stored Procedure":

  • Writting java graphics and textual data from java application into MS word

    By using POI API, I could write textual data into MS word by using
    java application. Could any one help me out how to write
    Java graphics(i.e. Writting JPanel) and textual data(i.e.IOStream data) both into MS word document.
    Thank you for time spent.
    Thanks with regards,

    Can any one help me out how to read and write in to the MsWord using POI...plz it is very urgent...plz give ur reply to [email protected]

  • How to embed java application into flash player

    By using SWT flash, I able to embed flash player into java
    UI. But then now I want to embed the java application in flash
    player... Do it possible ?? or any export can help me or advice me
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    In this case, you need to setup Single Sign-On (SSO) between your SAP Portal and Websphere.
    Please refer to the following URL:
    IBM WebSphere
    Here, you will find all the guides that explain how this SSO can be established. Under the General Section, you will find documentation that describe the SSO cases. Under the section of interoperability, you can find the guides like "How to Set Up SSO Between SAP NetWeaver Portal and IBM WebSphere Portal Using TAI".
    Use these guides to setup SSO.

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    I have a requirement wherein I have to close the applications launched like (Internet exploer window) thro my java application.
    Can anyone help me on this?
    I tried using Runtime class Process.destroy( ) method. But still not able to find the exact one.

    maybe this is because the code did not create the process directly, ao destory() method doesn't work as expected.
    Process ps = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler " + "my website open here")
    maybe ps not reference to the process create by rundll32
    then there is no way to close a browser directly from java application?

  • How to get  current working directory of the ftp server,in java application

    Hi All,
    I?m FTP?ing the file using
    Here is the snippet of the code:
    public void ftpFile()throws ChrsException
    System.out.println("FTPing the file '"+localfile+"'");
    OutputStream os = openUploadStream(targetfile);
    FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream(localfile);
    byte[] buf = new byte[16384];
    int noOfBytesRead;
    while (true)
    //Read the data from the source File into buf
    noOfBytesRead =;
    if (noOfBytesRead <= 0)
    //Writes the data present in the buf to the target file
    os.write(buf, 0, noOfBytesRead);
    System.out.println ("The file '"+localfile+"' is Sucessfully FTP'd to '"+targetfile+"'");
    catch (MalformedURLException malExcp)
    System.out.println ("Invalid URL. Error in FTP'ing the file: \""+localfile+"\"");
    catch(IOException ioe)
    System.out.println ("Error in FTP'ing the file: \""+localfile+"\"");
    private OutputStream openUploadStream(String targetfile) throws MalformedURLException, IOException
    URL url = null;
    //Creates a URL object with FTP protocol
    if (user == null)
    url = new URL("ftp://" + host + "/" + targetfile + ";type=i");
    url = new URL("ftp://" + user + ":" + password + "@" + host + "/" + targetfile + ";type=i");
    urlc = url.openConnection();
    //Get the OutputStream that writes to this connection.
    OutputStream os = urlc.getOutputStream();
    return os;
    Now I need to find what the current directory is when the user logs in with username and password on to the FTP server in java.
    Thanks in Advance.

    as soon as user logs in he is taken to the directory
    now If I execute pwd command , is hould be able to
    get to know tht user is under "ftproot/pub/abc"Three respected posters, well two plus me ;-), have just told you otherwise. The information about the current directory is (a) secure and (b) useless to the user, as he can't do anything with it. The user doesn't want to know that at all and you shouldn't try to tell him. And in any case FTP doesn't support it, again for security reasons, so you can't do it.
    Just accept it.

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    I have to import 5000 rows of data into my oracle table with
    same column names & Data types.
    What is the best advise for this ?

    You can connect to Oracle from Excel directly. I know you can read data but am not sure if you can export data.
    Other option is to import the data into Access.
    Create an ODBC connection for Oracle
    Use the to connect to Oracle from Access
    Export data to Oracle from Access
    Developers of Guggi Oracle - Tool for DBAs and Developers

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    I want to make a connection to https://URL through my java application class
    which will be deployed in the weblogic server. Could any one help by
    telling how could I set the system properties in my java application. If I
    pass the value in the java class do I have to change any value in the file.
    Thanks in advance and looking forward to hear your valuable suggestion.

    System.setProperty(..) is this what you are asking for?
    This gets and sets the system (your machine) environment properties
    In article <396d0a93$[email protected]>, [email protected] says...
    I want to make a connection to https://URL through my java application class
    which will be deployed in the weblogic server. Could any one help by
    telling how could I set the system properties in my java application. If I
    pass the value in the java class do I have to change any value in the file.
    Thanks in advance and looking forward to hear your valuable suggestion.
    Filip Hanik
    Software Architect
    [email protected]

  • Import the name of a flat file into DB column

    I have a simple package importing files from FTP and then importing the contents into tables in the DWH.
    So far so good,but it would be great to import the name of the files as well into the same destination tables in an additional column :file_name.
    The import is simply done by a data flow task, within a flat file source and a OLE db source.
    My question is:
    is it possible by using flat file connection to add the file name to a table in DWH?It is the same table where the content of the flat file is imported.
    thanks a lot

    You can use the FileNameColumnName property.  You will need to use the Advanced Editor to do it.
    Russel Loski, MCT, MCSE Data Platform/Business Intelligence. Twitter: @sqlmovers; blog:

  • Creating a workitem in the UWL from a java application

    I search a way to create a workitem in the UWL within a J2EE application. I doesn't found a open API for doing this. Do you found a way ?

    Have you read this SAP Note ? 921758
    "How to access the universal worklist integration API"
    You would like to integrate tasks and alerts from your non-SAP software through the central inbox in the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal.    

Maybe you are looking for

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    hi every body this query works fine with an acces databse but it dosen,t work with the same database(the same model) in oracle it gives any error message while compiling or excuting but when i,ve tried it with pl/sql develloper(it's an oracle editor)