Importing Power Point into LCDS

I was wondering if there is a way to import preferably a Power Point presentation or a PDF document into LCDS without hours of copy/paste.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Try viewing them on an external NTSC/PAL monitor then decide. If they still look like junk you can always regenerate them in Motion, Photoshop or Illustrator.
I've never gotten a PP presentation to look good in video unless the fonts, backgrounds, etc were all selected with that output path in mind.
good luck.

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  • Importing Power Point into FCP

    I am trying to import a Power Point presentation into FCP. I have matched the resolution of the Slides to 720 x 480 to match the video. The slides look fine in the Viewer but when rendered, the slides lose clarity and appear fuzzy in the Canvas window. I have tried importing the slide as a movie with the same results.
    Any ideas on how to import these slides and be able to maintain clarity throughout this process is appreciated.

    Try viewing them on an external NTSC/PAL monitor then decide. If they still look like junk you can always regenerate them in Motion, Photoshop or Illustrator.
    I've never gotten a PP presentation to look good in video unless the fonts, backgrounds, etc were all selected with that output path in mind.
    good luck.

  • Importing Power Point  slides

    I have been trying to resolve this for the past two weeks. I
    have been successfully importing Power Point slides into Captivate
    1 for the last year. Although have not done anything different,
    Captivate is no longer importing the jpg logo (height 0.58" width
    1" displays top right corner) on the PP slide . Everything but the
    logo is displayed in Captivate. The logo is on the Slide Master . I
    replaced the Slide Master, copied the logo onto each individual PP
    slide and recreated the entire power point presentation without any
    success. Can anyone provide a cause and resolution? Thanks.

    I have also had inconsistent results with PowerPoint imports
    in both Captivate 1 and 2. There seem to be less in version 2. The
    problem that I have been experiencing is with fonts. I will have a
    slide that clearly is within the frame in PowerPoint, but when
    imported into Captivate flows off the bottom of the slide. This is
    also incosistent from slide to slide. Here's what I have been
    doing. It's isn't ideal, but hopefully time will get this issued
    ironed out.
    1) I go through my normal import procedures for PowerPoint
    presentations by look closely at the thumbnails provided before the
    final import. If it looks like there is going to be a problem, then
    I bail out at this point.
    2) I go back into PowerPoint, call up my presentation, and
    the do a File > Save As> and then select the file type at the
    bottom as JPEG. It will then ask you if you want to save all. I put
    them in another directory and PowerPoint saves each slide image as
    an individual JPEG image.
    3) I go back to Captivate and import these as images in the
    file creation sequence.
    This usually results in a pretty clean set of slide.
    Hope this helps.

  • Importing Power Point without click boxes

    When I import Power Point, I don't want click boxes to come
    along because I just have to remove them all later. That requires a
    lot of time when your power point is really huge. Is there any way
    to import without the click boxes so the slides will transition
    smoothly without my havign to do anything?

    Hi janablessed
    When you create a project based on PowerPoint, note the
    screen you see. Look closely near the bottom of the dialog. See
    that drop-down choice labeled "Advance slide"? Click it and change
    it from "On mouse click" to "Automatically".
    Cheers... Rick

  • How to import power point sound on keynote ?

    how can I import power point diaporamas with the sound on keynote ?

    Sorry, Adobe Reader only reads PDF files, not PowerPoint files.
    However, if you bought Keynote for about US $9.99 in the App Store, you could open PowerPoint files.

  • Importing Power Point Slides into FCE

    Hey all,
    Have a project where I need to use a customer's power point slides in the finished video. Can I import them someway? Or maybe import into Live Type????
    Trying to avoid having to type all of them.

    You can save a PowerPoint slideshow in many ways.
    One possibility is to export a set of images with the format you like: jpeg, tiff, png, etc.: make sure to select the correct DPI (as defined in PPT) in the Options of the save as dialog. For example 180 dpi make a standard slide of 1800x1350 pixels that might fit well in standard DV sequences (default 72 dpi makes a low quality 720x540 image).
    A second possibility is to export a movie; also in this case you can choose some parameters like the size of the frame. The default codec is Animation that is good, but requires a conversion of the movie in order to properly import it to FCE.

  • I cannot import Power Point slides into my presentation...

    Hello, have created brand new project with Captivate 7 and tried to import a Power Point slide I made seconds earlier, and I get an error message.  I tried the same with a new project in Captivate 6 (I have 6 and 7) and I get the same message.  See image.  Power Point was closed when I tried to import it.  Any ideas what could possibly be happening?
    Thanks for any help!!!

    As per the Captivate 7 manual:
    1. In an open project, Select File > Import > PowerPoint Slides.
    2. Navigate to and select the PowerPoint presentation file format that you want to import.
    3. Click Open.
    4. Decide where to place the imported PowerPoint slides in the Adobe Captivate project. Add the slides to the end of the project, or click a slide in the list and add the PowerPoint slides after that slide.
    5. Click OK.
    6. In the Convert PowerPoint Presentations dialog box, do the following:
    a. Select the PowerPoint slides to convert to Adobe Captivate project slides.
    b. Set navigation preferences for the selected slides.
    c. If you want to link to the PowerPoint presentation, select Linked. If you want to embed the PowerPoint presentation, deselect Linked.
    7. Click OK.
    The PowerPoint slides are imported into the Adobe Captivate project and they appear in the designated location. If necessary, you can change the order of the slides.
    Hope this helps!

  • Importing power point slide into captivate

    Not sure what I am doing wrong. I imported an animation slide
    from power point to captivate last night and it worked great (using
    Captivate2) I tried this morning (using cpativate 3) and the
    animation will not play, it just looks like a picture. Is there
    something different I have to do using Captivate 2 version vs the
    Captivate 3 version? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Hi again yankeebrit
    Well, where there's a will, there is often a way...
    You could accomplish it by using what I refer to as 'The
    Camtasia Approach'. Basically, it goes like this. Configure the
    PowerPoint to play in a resizable window. Start the slide show in
    the window, then set Captivate up to record the slideshow as it
    plays. Then, when you know animation is coming, press the F9 key to
    begin a full motion capture. When the animation ends, press F10 to
    stop recording in full motion.
    Using that technique, you are able to get what you want from
    Captivate 2.
    Just a thought... Rick

  • Importing Power Point and Embedding Video in Captivate Question

    I am new to Adobe Captivate, but I have heard the following:
    1)     I can import a power point slide directly into Captivate 5.5.  
    2)     I can add a action buttion that when click, can play a short video embedded within one of the slides.
    My objective is:
    1)     When I click that action buttion, I want to play that short video embedded within one of the slides.
    2)     Each slide will have an action buttion, and embedded slide of video (different video).
    3)     When the video is completed, it returns back to display the original slide
    4)     The user can just look at the slide and just move to the next slide without showing the video.
    To accomplish this in Captivate 5.5, can I do this ?
    1)     I understand that one must place a button on the converted slide and also embed the video to another slide.  This is done by using the tool bar.
    Is it possible to do this using programing scripts or anything ???    I would have a many slides to do, and I would like to automate this process.
    I would appreciate any suggestions and help.
    Thank You,

    Hi Eddie
    You will be able to use the Adobe Captivate he has option in
    order that you bring PowerPoint, videos in flv for inside him and
    to go out how swf

  • Import power point slides

    I did a lot of internet research on this topic but couldn't solve it yet. Hope one of you can help with that issue.
    The problem is that when I save a power point slide as an image file (bmp, jpg, png) and import it to indesign the image quality is getting bad. After resizing the picture the quality is at the worse.
    Same problem occurs when I resize the image with an other software. Then the quality of the image is also very bad.
    Has anyone an idea how to solve that?
    greets tim
    Indesign CS3 - MAC

    Thanks for your reply.
    I tried this already and It's the same problem. PDF quality is perfect - when I import it into indesign it's getting worse.

  • Power point into DVD studio pro 4?

    I have a project i've just been given that requires a DVD be made with 3 seperate chapters. 1) a QT movie...easily imported into studio pro, 2) a chapter that leads to an already made powerpoint 3) a chapter that has a web address on it so when you click on it will take you to the website.
    I can do task one with the QT movie.
    I cannot get the powerpoint to drop into studio pro.
    My question is...How do you import a power point presentation into studio pro 4 as a self contained item (maybe i should call it asset) and be able to advance it like a powerpoint presentation?

    Here's what I ended up doing. Because each slide had 2 or 3 steps to it ( i.e. like a bar graph that adds bars as you click next) I opened up the powerpoint and then also opened Grab. I grabbed each slide using the still timer from my screen and saved it in a file format that I could put into slideshow in dvdsp.
    What I'm having troubles with is being able to get the slideshow to advance to the next slide using the keyboard (i.e. spacebar or return button) and not the simulator onscreen remote. Any suggestions how to make that happen?
    Thanks for the slideshow hint. It pointed me in the right direction.

  • Failed to Import Power Point files (.ppt and .pptx) to my iPad/Keynote via iTunes

    I want to import my Power Point files (.ppt and .pptx) to my iPad via iTunes. I open ppt file in iTunes keynote file sharing than I run keynote and select copy file from iTunes. But it will jump to the home screen half way through and keynote close

    I have already downloaded the Keynote app on my iphone and I see that Keynote will open PP files.  How do I get my PP files, which are on my PC (Windows 7) accessable by my iphone?  Looks like I can copy them to my icloud but I'm unable to determine how to get to my icloud file (I have created one through my iphone).  Thanks.

  • Pause button with imported power point project

    I imported a power point project and published it in flash swf, and when I play a slide (in flash) and try to pause the play it does not work and  it continues to '
    play until the end of the slide and then it stops and when I click it continues to the next slide,
    How could I make the play pause the play,  when I click on the pause button (see attached snapshot)
    1- using captivate 5
    2- ppt 2003
    3- output: flash swf
    Appreciate any help

    Hello Lilybiri
    Thank you for your patience with me and I will attach 5 snapshots (for higher resolution, right click on the image and choose open with I.E. or you could zoom in the page)
    You also asked me about the click box; yes I inserted click boxes in only 2 slides (example: slide 3), as a test, in the hope of making the pause button work but it did not do the trick, you also asked about the image in the background, it is an image and not a looping video or animation.
    following are the 5 snapshots (if they do not fit in this message I'll attach them to other following messages):
    Many thanks

  • Import power point greyed out

    Can anyone tell me why the inport power point slides is greyed out? Could it be because I'm using PP 2003 and Captivate 5?
    Thank you

    Yes, it is a strange relationship Captivate with Powerpoint
    Glad it is solved.

  • Power point slides not showing

    I have a rather odd problem. I've got a lengthy pdf which I converted to jpg's. I pasted those jpg's into power point into and then imported the pptx into Captivate 6. All the slides import but only the first 2 jpg's are visible. All of the other slides are blank. I know there's an easier way to do it, by converting the pdf to a pptx, and then import to captivate, but the pdf is mostly text and the text gets jumbled during the conversion. I'm just curious as to why the jpg's are not coming into captivate. And btw, I've also tried it using png's.

    If you already have JPG images, why not simply use Captivate's ability to create a Slide Show and just create a project and point at the images?
    Cheers... Rick

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