Importing videos and photos error

   I wanted to import all my pictures and videos from my iphone to my mac, but there seems to be a problem. An error message "iPhoto cannot import your photos because there was a problem downloading an image." shows this. Help please.

How are you importing? Image capture? iTunes Sync? PhotoStream?

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  • How to Sort or Import video and photos together in iMovie?

    This is a common request and I haven't seen a good answer.  I'm trying to import a collection of video clips and photos from a trip together to make a timeline based video/photo slideshow (just adding music and some text for fun). All the media files (from a few cameras and smartphones) are properly timestamped.  The files are even named such that in the folder on disk they can be sequentially sorted ( or YYYYMMDDhhmmss.jpg).  In most Windows based movie making applications simply importing all the files together (video and photos in one big drag and drop) puts them in order into the slideshow for tweaking/editing and adding music.  But iMovie (which is what I want to use on my MAC with its great tools) doesn't let you import all the media together or easily sort all the content by source file name or timestamp (or anything as far as I can tell) once you drag all the video and photos into the project (separately since video importing and photo adding are done separately). 
    With 200+ photos and video clips it is too time consuming to manually arrange them in time order (interlacing the video clips into the photos in the proper time). 
    What can be done?  I've seen this question since around 2009 and assumed that iMovie 11 would have a simple way to just sort the project timeline.  Any help? 

    On what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 13 running?
    There are several ways to avoid disturbing an existing Timeline when you are adding to it.
    1. Using what are called keyboard modifiers, such as Ctrl or Alt (Windows).
    2. Grouping block of clips so that the clips move together
    The following video tutorial is offered for informational and not promotional reasons
    Premiere Elements: Arranging clips on the Timeline using modifier keys | - YouTube
    It uses a version of Premiere Elements earlier than 13, but the principles involved are the same.
    The video and audio that are going out of sync.... are they linked or grouped before the addition to the existing Timeline?
    After the fact, you will need to move the Timeline components back in place.
    If the video and audio are not linked or group, you can
    (a) highlight the clip, hold down the Alt key of the computer main
    keyboard and tap the appropriate arrow key for a 1 frame per tap nudge of the clip.
    (b) highlight the clip, hold down the Shift+Alt key of the computer main
    keyboard and tap the appropriate arrow key for a 5 frames per tap nudge of the clip.
    Please review and consider. If questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.
    Thank you.

  • How can I import video and photos from iphoto to imovie?

    Hi, I am having trouble importing media from iphoto into imove (imovie 10.5)
    I am using a macbook pro 13 inch, early 2013 running mavericks.
    I have created an event in imovies into which I would like to import both photos and videos from my iphoto library. However, when the import window opens, the list of options from where I can import has iphoto, but it is not clickable; I can not open it.
    I have successfully imported from iphoto in the recent past on the same computer, but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong this time.
    Thanks for any suggestions

    OK, according to
    your camera is supported by iMovie 9.  Perhaps the question is better asked in the iMovie forum.  Would you like me to ask a moderator to move the thread?

  • Why can't I import video and photo media, that in my Music and My photos

    I'm pretty new to Mac machines but I've been trying to create a dvd of the current video content I have which was recently imported from my now broken PC, however when I attempt to import any media the items are all greyed out and won't be accepted to import.
    Can anyone help please

    One possibility with music is that it is from a share source and identified as not paid for, I do not know the terminology, but i had to buy a song once to make it available in imovie, my original copy (no idea where i got it) would not show up. but this does not explain the photos not showing up.

  • I imported videos from photo into iMovie when I set up iMovie (obvious mistake) and now iMovie doesn't work properly, nor can I move specific videos into a folder where I want them. How do I fix this?

    I imported videos from photo into iMovie when I set up iMovie (obvious mistake) and now iMovie doesn't work properly, nor can I move specific videos into a folder where I want them. How do I fix this? I even tried deleting iMovie, bought a new copy and installed it, but the folder "iPhoto Videos" is still there and I can't get new clips loaded to iMovie, especially where I want them. Please help.

    The iPhoto Videos do occasionally have problems. I've seen a lot of people write messages to this Discussion group describing similar problems. The only thing that seems to get around this problem is to pull the video clips out of iPhoto then import them directly into iMovie. Once the troubles with iPhoto Videos starts, I haven't yet seen anyone write back with something that they did to fix it.
    The most difficult part of doing this is the movies in iPhoto might be a little difficult to track down. But you can create a smart alum that does that for you. Go to iPhoto > File Menu > New Smart Album:
    Set the first pulldown menu to keyword, second to contains, then in the last box type Movie with a capital 'M'. Then click OK. This smart album more or less does as search of the whole iPhoto Library and only displays items that match your search tearm of "Movie" exactly. In that smart album then you can find the original Movies you want to move out of iPhoto and into iMovie, <CTRL> click on the Movie clip, then choose Reveal in Finder. That will jump you out of iPhoto temporarily and into the iPhoto Library folder. From there you can move that movie file to the desktop. Move all the clips you want, once they're all collected up go to iMovie and go to the File Menu > Import Files. Then point it to the desktop where you moved your video clips.
    This will put all those videos into an Event folder in iMovie and bypass iPhoto Videos altogether.

  • How to create audio, video, and photo in a list view format

    I'm creating a webstire entirely out of Flash using CS5 for a paranormal investigation group. In the past, using a Website Tonight template from GoDaddy had placed either an audio, video, or photograph with text above each item discusssing the content. Now, they would like this type of feature in the Flash website. I'm new to Flash, but seasoned in many other Adobe products ... not that this helps ... much!
    Anyways, the website is looking great aside from this one set back, so I'm hoping someone out there can give me a helping hand. I'm willing to purchase a third-party template, but to incorporate that into our Flash file, seems daunting.
    We need to load an audio that can play, pause, rewind, loop, and stop at the very least.
    Then have text describing the situation around the audio.
    repeat ... and so forth ...
    New audio will be added to this section every week or so, and all the components need to scroll as the screen fills up. When adding new audio, we would add the new audio and text to the top of the list, pushing the remaining audio files down.
    We need to load video footage with all the button features needed to play, stop, etc. I have found adding video quite easy, but to get the player to move with the text as the frame it is contained in scrolls down is another story. How do you do that?
    Text describing the video contents will be above or next to the video player.
    repeat ... and so forth ...
    New video will be added to this section every week or so, and all the  components need to scroll as the screen fills up. When adding new video,  we would add the new video and text to the top of the list, pushing the  remaining video files down.
    ditto as others

    As mentioned, building a custom application can be tricky, especially if you are not very familiar with Flash.
    So you want a Web page with an audio player and selection list at the top (or where ever) and then a video player section, along with its playlist, and then at the bottom of the page you want a photo display area... Is that correct? and the scrolling you mentioned is because the page needs to be long enough to hold all 3 components? is that right?
    Have you instead considered just using 3 different frames, one frame for each component and simple buttons to jump from audio to video to photos?
    Or, skip the scrolling in Flash and let the html/css take care of the scrolling, just like any normal Web page. Just make the .swf as long as needed to display all your content.
    Since you are new at this type of a project, I'd suggest you start small, take the project in steps... just build the audio player... then the video player... then your photo slide show..
    Only after you have 3 working moduals would you but them together into one .fla
    And yes, learn to use xml for ALL the data, audio, video, and photos.... very easy to update without having to re-publish any of the Flash.
    Here is a good source for tutorials:
    Flash and xml
    learn to use NetStream to play your videos, much more versatile and powerful than using the FLVPlayback component
    But learning how to incorporate xml into your Flash project is very important in a project like this. And then broken down into 3 components, it's really not that tough to build a project like this.
    Best wishes,

  • Guys please help I was making a video project on I movie then I uploaded it to itunes then I deleted the app and re downloaded it is there a way to retrieve the project ( I still have the videos and photos)

    Hey guys I am currently making a video of 1 second per day I started on January 1st till yesterday that's a long project
    On my ipad in the application iMovie, yesterday I tapped on that box on top right with an arrow pointing upward, then selected save to itunes. After that I deleted the application and re downloaded the update. And I can't find the project and when I tap import from itunes I find nothing, is there a way to retrieve that project? Considering that I have the videos and photos stored on the ipad, only the project is missing

    Did you fail to transfer all purchases to your compter before updating?

  • I would like to get my videos and photos off my iphone 4 and in the cloud or on my computer

    Can anyone help me get my videos and photos off my phone and somewhere easily accessible ?

    You should be importing them to your computer regularly as you would with an y digital camera.
    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod ...

  • Hi , how do i find and remove duplicate videos and photos on my ipad2 , please help

    Hello , i have an apple ipad 2 , and iphone 4s and 5s . I have transferred all videos and photos on both these phones to the ipad to make space on my iphones. I have no doubt that there is now multiple duplicates on my ipad . How can i find and remove these. Please help should you know !

    i imported all the files in my sd card to my mac and then i did format the card, it says 160kb is used up.
    I also did find files in the trash when i connected the camera to the macbook and deleted them all, there is nothing left in the camera or the trash and it still says 160kb used :/

  • IPhone Videos and Photos not available for download

    I've been using FCP X for a good while now, Aperture, and my iPhone. We're a good team for a serious hobbiest (<--is that even a word?).
    I did this morning what I normally do about once a month. Hook up my iPhone 5s to my MBP, fire up FCPX, click import and...
    no videos to download? My phone is now full of pictures and videos.
    I verified "All clips" are selected and that the "hide imported clips" is UNselected. Should show all my iPhone video and photo content. Always has in the past. Instead, today, I get a total of 27 photos/videos combined. Truthfully, my iPhone indicates 48 videos and over 2,000 pics.
    So, knowing my mac a bit, I fire up Image Capture. I'll force this booger to do a manual download to my desktop, then I'll upload to FCPX. Same 27 photo/video combo shows on Image capture.
    I restart my computer and my phone. No change.
    How is it I have a full phone (only 3gb left of room), jam packed with photos and video, yet I can only "see" 27 of them on my computer but all of them on my iPhone.
    Why can't I seem to "see" them and have them available for download? This coincides with the most recent update (since I've performed a download).
    Any ideas on how to get my videos off my phone? Aperture is still doing the iCloud skim over fine, so I have all my photos now in Aperture Photostream files.

    As a continuation...
    I've done a few pics today and a couple of videos on my iPhone. They are not showing up on image capture or FCPX now. Nothing is showing up, it is as if I have a blank iPhone.
    Any ideas how to get my iPhone and mac to play nice?
    Pics still skimming over iCloud to Aperture though, which is good.

  • Trouble syncing videos and photos to my iPod

    When i plug my iPod to my computer then open iTunes i select which videos or photos i want loaded on to my iPod, i then click 'Apply' on iTunes. It then says it's syncing but never does. Instead it brings up a message saying 'The iPod "Bobby's iPod" cannot be synced. The required disk cannot be found'. What does that mean and how can i continue to sync my iPod and load videos and photos to my iPod?? do i need to reset my iPod or iTunes?? If anyone could please help it would be GREATLY appreciated thank you.

    See if this troubleshooting article helps.
    Disk cannot be read from or written to error syncing iPod in iTunes.

  • Lost Videos and Photos of iPhone 5

    I recently updated from my old iPhone 4s, to a new iPhone 5.
    My new iPhone 5, I had one Family Video on it and some photos.
    As I had no addresses or Phone numbers on my new iPhone 5, so I used iTunes to restore to my old address book phone numbers etc.
    In the process I lost all the information which was on My iPhone 5 including that Video and photo's which was not backed up to iTunes.
    Is there a way of getting it back ?
    Thanks in advance

    Did you fail to import the pics and vids before retoring?
    If so, then they are gone.

  • Transfer hd video and photos from dslr

    I have a Canon T3i DSLR that i shoot pics and HD video with. I travel alot and need to edit my photos and videos on the road. Even tho i have a first gen ipad which i's not great for photos, and i cant edit videos at all. So i am thinking of getting one of the new macbook airs that just came out today.
    I WOULD go for the 11" high end model with 4G ram and 256 SSD flash drive.....but the only thing making me pause and think about the larger 13" version is that the 11" doesn't have an SD card slot.
    I know i can get an external USB card reader and hook it up to the 11"....but would that be ALOT slower than transfering video and Photos on the 13" macook air by popping in the SD card into the slot? The new models both have thunderbolt....will thunderbolt SD card readers come out eventually?
    If the ipad 2 transfered and edited HD video and photos, I'd nab that. But it doesn't.
    If the 11" macbook air had an SD card slot, I'd nab that....but it doesn't.
    ARGH! **** you Apple!!! Lol.
    Even tho i have a big 65L Osprey backpack for travelling, I'd still like to pack as light as i can, since i will be treking all over the world. Cant check my backpack, but i have a smaller daypack for carry on to hold my camera and laptop.
    The 13" and 11" macbook airs are both the same thickness. The 13" is only 1" wider and 1.5" deeper than the 11". So not TOO much bigger. The 13" is 2.9lbs while the 11" is not a HUGE difference in weight.
    So i guess it comes down to the SD card slot issue. Does anybody have experience with transfering video and photos to the 11" thru an external card reader? And if so, is the internal SD slot on the 13" ALOT faster when transfering? Or about the same? And lastly will thunderbolt card readers become available in the future u think?
    Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully answer my questions.

    Good to know that I am not the only one thinking about this. I currently have an 11" MBA. When purchasing I considered getting the 13" just because it had the SD card. However, smaller was more important to me. I have a canon 60D and I have transferred images using an external card reader and through a direct link to the camera - at the moment, neither are spectacular. I have also used a the SD card reader built into the iMac's - but even that appears slow with a 32Gb SDHC extreme card. I am hoping that the thunderbolt technology will lead to SD card readers - firewire and USB 3 have and since thunderbolt's transfer rates are ridiculous fast,  taking advantage of it would appear obvious. However for the near term, I am looking into faster USB SD card readers. The best website that compares these, with every popular sd card imaginable, and on a Mac (as well as windows) is:
    Until the first round of thunderbolt SD card readers become available, I will be holding off on the new 11" MBA - when they do... I will be itching to upgrade.
    Good luck!

  • How can I organize home videos and photos in ipad

    I don't have a mac or pc, just the new ipad.  I'm planning to buy a camera card reader adapter so I can load my photos and videos directly from my camera card to my ipad.  But then how do I organize my home videos and photos in my ipad into albums? 
    I saw the photo folder app does essentially what I want but does it treat videos the same as photos?  I didn't see anything about it being able to organize videos.

    See the follwoing and the links in the following:
    iTunes: Frequently asked questions about viewing and syncing videos
    Yuo will likely need a computer app to convert the format to one compatible with the iPad. I use the Free HandBrake app. It has an iPad preset.

  • I deleted all my photos and videos and then delete the deleted files but the photo app is still taking up 12 GB of space and I have no room for new stuff.  How can I clear the memory space used by my deleted videos and photos?

    I deleted all my photos and videos and then delete the deleted files but the photo app is still taking up 12 GB of space and I have no room for new stuff.  How can I clear the memory space used by my deleted videos and photos?  I don't know why the photos are still taking up space and if I will have to reset my phone to get rid of the problem.

    Hey there TowneJ,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    The article linked below provides troubleshooting tips that’ll likely resolve the issue that you’ve described, where deleted files appear to be taking up space on your iPhone 5.
    If you get a "Not enough free space" alert on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
    So long,

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    just updated iOS6 on my iPAD (2nd generation)...found out that iTune Store can no longer open, totally blank...anyone can extend any assistance to restore my iTune Store?

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