In my Itunes Music folder How do I seperate my MP3 and AAC?

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If you are letting iTunes manage library then you can't. Within iTunes you should be able to make smart playlists for each type.

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  • Two user accounts one Itunes Music Folder, How do I keep the Libraries sync

    Okay let's see if I can explain my dilemma properly. My girlfriend shares my computer with me, so I gave her a seperate account to keep her stuff in. However I keep all our music on an external hard drive in the iTunes music folder. The problem is everytime I upload new music or delete something on my account/ iTunes library, It doesn't update the iTunes library on her account. Therefore I have to sign in to her account to update her library with new music or delete tracks that have been removed from the Music folder. Kinda a minor thing until you upload 5 new CD's and remove like a 100 old tracks/podcasts, then it gets to be very annoying and time consuming. So is there anything I can do to sync our libraries to the music folder when changes are made? Hope I explained that well, and thanks for your help in advance!
    powerbook G4 1 Ghz 12.1 inch   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   iTunes 6.0.1
    powerbook G4 1 Ghz 12.1 inch   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    As both libraries are the same you're wasting disk space, so have only one library - yours and enable sharing on it.
    You need to be looged in and iTunes running, she will enable 'look for shared libraries' in her Preferences... and your library will show up.

  • HT4914 I get a lot of duplicates on my iTunes music.  How can I avoid getting duplicates and/or how do I remove them?

    I have Windows 8.1.  My iTunes is the latest 11.1.  Since I subscribed to iTunes years ago I have been getting a lot of duplicates on my songs.  I have been removing them one-by-one, but its getting to be too much.  My question is "why do I get duplicate songs".?

    I have Windows 8.1.  My iTunes is the latest 11.1.  Since I subscribed to iTunes years ago I have been getting a lot of duplicates on my songs.  I have been removing them one-by-one, but its getting to be too much.  My question is "why do I get duplicate songs".?

  • ITunes Library Does Not See Music in iTunes Music Folder

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I can't seem to search the right combination of terms to find the answer.
    The issue: I just bought a Macbook Pro, an upgrade from my Powermac G5. On the old setup, iTunes was accessing its library from a second internal harddrive. I've removed that drive and put it in an external enclosure for use on the MBP.
    When setting up my MBP, I used migration assistant to import my settings (probably the source of my problem). Once set up, I copied my entire iTunes Music folder to the harddrive of the MBP and pointed iTunes to it.
    iTunes lists all of the music but can't find any of it. I've tried changing the iTunes Music folder location in the preferences to something else and then back to where the music is, just to force iTunes to reread it and nothing seems to work.
    How can I get iTunes to recognize this music? Again, iTunes is pointed to the correct folder and all the music is in there. It's very important that I don't lost my comments and playlists if at all possible.

    Not sure why this worked, but I dragged my old iTunes Library file and iTunes Music Library.xml from the old computer into the new one, and it automatically worked. Weird fix, but I'm happy nonetheless.

  • Songs in Library are Not in iTunes Music Folder

    I just had to Re-create my iTunes Library, which took quite some time since each song had to be selected individually and imported (per the instructions). Anyway, I have the box checked in Edit>Preferences>Advanced to automatically Copy Songs in Libary to the iTunes Music Folder; however, I just purchased two new songs and when I went to the ITMF to check to see if they were there neither the artists nor the songs are there. I then tried to add them manually by clicking on Add File to Library, but that did not add them to the iTunes Music Folder.
    If anyone knows what I need to do and why iTunes is not automatically adding the new songs to the iTunes Music Folder, please let me know how to fix this.

    Yes, itunes just sets a pointer to the Windows files in its ITL database.
    If you have itunes preference to copy files to your itunes music folder, then it does copy them there and you might now have two copies of the same song. But itunes will probably be using the copy in the itunes music folder.
    This section of this article might explain it better
    *How iTunes Manages Media Content* -a-new-hard-drive

  • Can't see mp3 files in iTunes Music folder.

    The artist and album folders are there under the main iTunes Music folder. They contain the album name and album images, but not the actual mp3 music files.
    iTunes plays all the music fine. I just can't find the mp3 files in their folders in iTunes Music Folder.

    Thanks for responding to my question. I'm trying to troubleshoot an audiobook that won't download from the iTunes store. It's part one of a two part audiobook. The second part downloaded properly, along with three other audiobooks.
    iTunes support has given me two sets of instructions, neither which I can carry out.
    The first set is to empty the Downloads folder and then empty the trash, and the second set to to empty the cache folder. Unfortunately, I can't find either folder. I also cannot find a folder labeled with the name of the audiobook that is hung up. If you have any further advice, I'd appreciate it.

  • How can I move my iPod iTunes Music Folder from C: drive to a New Drive?

    Running out of space on my PC's C: drive, so I tried moving all the folder to my new E: drive ie: (E:\My Music 2\iTunes).
    ALSO set iTunes (Edit/Preferences/Advanced/iTunes Music Folder location to E:\My Music 2\iTunes - but nothing seems to help!)
    All of the files couldn't find the source files, unless I pointed to them one by one.
    Can't move them all back because they are about 7GB+, and I now only have about 5.5 GB on my C: drive.
    And when I just went to open iTunes again, all my libraries don't even show.
    I'm afraid to plug in my ipod for synching until I get this straight, for fear of messing that up too.
    Please advise.
    Compaq Presario Windows XP Notebook.
    Compaq Presario   Windows XP   Notebook.

    To move your iTunes music to an external drive...
    1 Quit iTunes.
    2 Move the entire iTunes folder including music to
    the external drive.
    In point #2 do you mean move the entire Program File folder of iTunes or just the "My Documents" iTunes library folder?
    I have a full laptop, a big iPod and an external HD, I am trying to figure out how to store my library on the HD, but access it as if it were on the laptop.
    I moved my iTunes library to the HD and then in iTunes I used the "add folder to library" function, but it brought all of the song files back onto the laptop.
    How do you iPod gurus configure your setup with comp, HD and iPod? I need some guidance, my methods are not working.
    laptop   Windows XP  

  • How can I move iTunes music folder to another drive?

    I have iTunes version 7.1 running on a notebook with Windows Vista. My iTunes music folder is becoming too large for the C; drive and I am having problems successfully moving it to the D: drive.
    I know the folder is in the D: drive because I can see it there. I have followed guidance on how to link it to iTunes: Edit / Preferences / Advanced / General / Change (choosing iTunes music folder on the D: drive) / OK. I have also ticked the "Keep iTunes Music folder organised" box, as well as the "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" box. Nevertheless, when I open iTunes my music does not appear in the library.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Firstly there is more than one kind of iTunes Library file:
    Secondly you should consolidate your library:
    The following link will give you the instructions to move iTunes to an EHD. These instructions need to be followed EXACTLY.
    The 2 metadata files within the main iTunes folder must stay on the main drive of your system as that is their "home", they can't be moved.
    Now read this:

  • How do I move my iTunes Music folder to a new hard drive?

    I've installed a new drive in my Mac Pro. I now have to move my iTunes Music folder into the new drive and junk the old one. I know that I can use iTunes/File/Add to Library menu item to get iTunes to locate the new Music Library; however, this is going to leave me with two entries for every track, one good and one broken after I remove the old drive. I think I should junk the old library and then have iTunes rebuild it from the Add To command... what is the best way to avoid problems? Select All, move to Trash and then locate and add them back?  Expert advice appreciated.

    No, it's simpler, epecially if iTunes manages your music for you (default).
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer [or another drive] -
    do not confuse moving your whole folder and library with moving just media files as in
    iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder -
    Quick answer if you let iTunes manage your music:  Copy the whole iTunes folder and all its subfolders and files intact to the other drive.  Start iTunes with the option key held down and guide it to the new location of the library.
    I'm not sure abot your model Mac but you might be able to do this with the computer in Firewire Target Disk Mode.
    How to use FireWire target disk mode - - includes description of hardware and software requirements.
    Target Disk Mode - Mac OS X 10.6 Help: Transferring files between two computers using FireWire -

  • Restored my Macbook Pro but my iTunes content was saved on a separate partition. When I re-setup iTunes the status bar reports 30gb less content than my iTunes Music folder. How can I find what is 'missing'?

    My Macbook Pro software was failing and the Apple Store was able to restore it without removing the partition on my hard drive that contained most of my files including all my iTunes content. Initially when I re-setup my library I simply went to file--> add to library. Shortly after I realized that was essentially copying the library to the other portion of the partition because I forgot to change the location of the library. So I deleted the content already copied & then I re-setup the library, by asking it to be pulled from the previous location using this pages advice: iTunes: How to open an alternate iTunes Library file or create a new one
    It appeared to work & everything I thought was imported. But on closer inspection, it appears that I have 30gbs less appearing on the status bar in the iTunes app than I do when I pull up the info on the iTunes Music folder in my finder. I'm not sure if this means somehow I have 30gbs of duplicates in my finder folder or if (most likely) I somehow didn't fully import the library from that file. Any advice? Is there a way to restore iTunes to factory settings again & set it up correctly this time?
    Also I never actually trashed the original content I accidentally transferred to the other drive but when i skimmed those in my trash bin it appears they ARE indeed in iTunes, so I have no clue what didn't actually import. Any ideas?! I'd greatly appreciate it!

    You could have all the computers point to the same library but it can't be opened by more than one at any time.
    No answer for knowing which library is in use other than selecting it at startup.  This question gets asked here occasionally but I don't think it is a high-demand feature since most people have just one library.  I guess you could put in an empty playlist with the library name so you have an identifier.

  • How can I add songs to itunes music folder without them being duplicated within the folder (not on my hard drive)?

    I have music files all over the place and want to put them all in itunes with no duplicates and get rid of all the rest. how can I do that? Some of my playlists are missing songs. I would like to move the playlist back to itunes from my ipod without having to put the songs in my media folder yet again! I have wasted so much time fooling with this. Really what I am trying to get at through all of this is to run the songs on the ipod through ivolume so they play equally.
    Can anyone make sense of this for me?

    It sounds like you have a few different problems.
    To find all your music, try using a spotlight search. Type "kind:music" in the spotlight search (the magnifying glass in the far upper-right corner ) then choose "show all in finder". You'll end up with a window that shows all your music files, regardless of where they are on your hard drive. But don't move any files, because that may confuse iTunes (it won't be able to find files that you move, because - d'oh! - you moved them and now they're not where iTunes left them. That's usually how people end up in the kind of situation that you're in.)
    If you want to let iTunes organize your music for you, make sure those options are turned on in the iTunes preferences (in the "advanced" section), then go to the "File" menu, choose "Library" and then choose "Organize library". That will put all your music in the iTunes Library folder (but leave copies of the originals wherever they were, all over your hard drive).
    To find duplicates in your iTunes Library, choose "display duplicates" (or hold down the option key and it changes to "display exact duplicates" which might help in some cases). You'll still have to manually go through them to delete one of each duplicate.
    Now you can start combining those three techniques - if you consolidate your music and let iTunes copy everything into the music folder, you'll know that iTunes safely has a copy of all your music in the iTunes Library folder. So you can do the spotlight search, and delete any duplicate files that are not in your iTunes library folder. Anything that's left over (that is, it's not a duplicate and it's not in the itunes music folder), you'll need to add to iTunes (try using the "automatically add to itunes" folder - spotlight search to find it -  anything you drop in there will get added to iTunes without leaving a duplicate file). Then you can use the itunes "duplicates" feature to find the duplicates in iTunes and fix those.

  • ITunes 10.6.1 update does not show newly imported music in viewer but files are in iTunes media folder, how to correct?

    Updated to iTunes today from 10.5 on a Win 7 SP1 64-bit machine and attempted to add new music to the library by both drag-n-drop and import files; this new music does not show up in the library viewer but has been added to the iTunes media folder. My iTunes 10.5 version was working properly prior to the update. Any recommendations to correct this issue? Thanks!

    Immediately after the install, Windows was rebooted. I also attempted multiple variations of closing and restarting iTunes and/or reboot Windows. iTunes was unresponsive to mp3 files being added. Since I was unable to see the added music files to the library, I did not try to add other files.
    Out of frustration, I let iTunes run over night and to my surprise the added music appeared in the library viewer the following morning.  I can now add new mp3 (and AAC also) music files to the library and it immediately appears in the viewer.  How or why it now works is a total mystery.

  • How do I remove song files from my iTunes Music Folder that are deleted?

    When I deleted unwanted songs from my iTunes Library I selected the option to Keep Files instead of Moving Song to the Recycle Bin. As a result I've now got a load of unwanted music files clogging up my music folders.
    So how can I identify music files that are in my iTunes Music Folders but have been deleted from the iTunes Library and then remove them from my hard drive?
    Sony laptop   Windows XP Pro  

    Here's a thought, have you added any new items to your library recently?
    If you add your iTunes music folder to your library, anything not already in your library will be added.
    Now go to your library view and make sure you have the date added column visible. (Right click in the header row to get a list of columns that can be selcted).
    Now sort by date added and everying you just added will be together and can be easily identified for deletion.
    Note this only applies if files are in the iTunes Music folder, files in other places have to be deleted in Windows Explorer.
    PS iT is usually a good idea to make a copy of iTunes Library.itl before experimenting. Copy it from your iTunes folder to somewhere else.

  • I have my iTunes music folder stored on an external hard drive.  I recently purchased a new Mac.  After attaching the external hard drive, all the songs imported without any problem except my Playlists.  Any clue about where they are or how to revive them

    I have my iTunes music folder stored on an external hard drive.  I recently purchases a new Mac.  After attaching the external hard drive, all songs imported without a problem except my playlists.  Any clue about where they are or how to revive them for use on my new Mac?

    Rysz wrote:
    To retain your playlists, artwork, play counts, etc, you need to move the entire iTunes folder, not just the music files..
    After that just select the new folder location in iTunes> Advanced settings.
    Hold Option and launch iTunes.
    Select Choose library and select the iTunes folder.
    This will read the iTunes library.itl file in this folder and the library as it was previously will be opened.

  • My iTunes music folder is almost 1.5x the size on disc as my iTunes library. How can I get rid of this extra data?

    When I look at the iTunes music folder in Windows Explorer, it shows as 28.0 GB. In the iTunes library, it says my music is 18.3 GB. I would like to get my 10 gigs back.
    I've tried to add the media folder to my library - it just duplicated maybe 10 songs, didn't add any new ones. This suggests that there isn't any extra music in the folder. So why is it 10 GB larger? How can I get rid of the extra non-music data?

    Apparently there are some mp3 files that aren't adding despite importing the folder...
    That is actually a very common problem, due to iTunes being strict/finicky/incompetent (pick your own interpretation) about slight variations in MP3 formats. The problem can usually be corrected by treating the files with a 3rd party tag cleanup program, such as MP3 Validator.
    i don't know how much of the missing 9.7 GB this will apply to, but definitely worth a try.

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