Information Broadcasting in MS Excel Format to the users

Hi All,
I am trying to use information broadcasting and send reports in an MS Excel Format to the users.
But could not find any options in SAP 3.5 to send Output in MSExcel  to the users..
I read in the SAP Docs that we can send the Excel output in XML format and also we require any additional third party Softwares or uograde patches to achieve this?
Please share your experiences on the Above in SAP 3.5.

In Bex under the Business Explorer / Tools, you should have a Distribute option to distribute workbooks.  This should open the web browser based Information Broadcasting inerface which allows you to send a wkbk immediately, or you can schedule the execution and distribution.
I believe with 3.5 SP15 there is an option to distribute as a csv file.  I believe the Note has you add an entry to a table that adds csv as an output option, but I think the technical functionality actually exists before SP15.

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  • Repoets in excel format on the web Reports 10g

    v_item_c := 'control.'||i.param_name;
    :control.report_param_string := :control.report_param_string||'+'||i.param_name||'='||Name_in(v_item_c);
    v_rep_server_c := '';
    v_conn_strg_c := 'userid='||Get_application_property(Username)
    v_url_c := 'http://'||v_rep_server_c||'desformat=spreadsheet+destype=webdav+desname=C:\temp\myexcel_output.htm+ENVID='||v_rep_env||'+report='||:parameter.report_sel||:control.report_param_string||'+'||vc_url_temp;
    REP-50159: Executed successfully but there were some errors when distribute the output
    The report runs fine with destype=file.
    But I want this report to be excel spreadsheet and the user view it instantly.
    Edited by: user11244023 on Aug 18, 2009 1:03 PM

    v_item_c := 'control.'||i.param_name;
    :control.report_param_string := :control.report_param_string||'+'||i.param_name||'='||Name_in(v_item_c);
    v_rep_server_c := '';
    v_conn_strg_c := 'userid='||Get_application_property(Username)
    v_url_c := 'http://'||v_rep_server_c||'desformat=spreadsheet+destype=webdav+desname=C:\temp\myexcel_output.htm+ENVID='||v_rep_env||'+report='||:parameter.report_sel||:control.report_param_string||'+'||vc_url_temp;
    REP-50159: Executed successfully but there were some errors when distribute the output
    The report runs fine with destype=file.
    But I want this report to be excel spreadsheet and the user view it instantly.
    Edited by: user11244023 on Aug 18, 2009 1:03 PM

  • SSIS question - Email the results of the table in pipe delimited format to the users

    I am new to SSIS and I have a requirement.  I have a sales table that has transactions for all months.  I am trying to automate the process which involves following steps:
    I need to query the table based on previous month.
    Email the results of the table in pipe delimited format to the users.
    What I am currently doing:
    I created a temp table and load the query results in it every month by truncating the previous month’s data.  Saved the query results in excel format. Open the excel and save it in csv format. Use SSIS package to convert csv to txt format and email
    them manually with the txt file name as “Salesresults_<previousmonth>.
    I just want to automate this process but the main challenge comes up with email with txt attached. Please help me out.

    First create a SSIS variable(@[User::Path]) that store folder path as "C:\Test".
    Select the "Expression" tab in Send Mail Task Editor and select the appropriate property(FileAttachments) and assign the below expression.
    @[User::Path] + "\\Salesresults_" + (DT_WSTR, 10) MONTH( GETDATE() ) + (DT_WSTR, 10) YEAR( GETDATE() ) + ".txt"
    Regards, RSingh

  • Information Broadcaster --can't add recipient from the drop-down menu

    When I create the setting in the information broadcaster, on Recipient tab I can type in the users separated by semi colon, but when I select user(s) from the drop-down menu the recipient field is filled with 'on' 'on' and when I click check the error message says 'on' is not a valid user.
    The same happens when I select a role from dropdown menu.
    In short I can schedule the reports with manually entered recipients but can't select recipient from dropdown menu.
    Have you guys run into this situation and got solution?
    it's BW3.5 SPK16, mail server is configured, users are maintained in SU01 with valid email addresses.
    Your helpful answers will be rewarded.
    Thanks again,

    Hey Gopi,
    Nice to meet you here!
    I did try to add my own user id which is a valid user from dropdown menu but got an 'on' on the field. When I typed my user id on the field, it accepted it. Basically the pop-up selection screen from the drop down menu is not transfering the correct values to the field. Very wierd?
    Help me out Gopi if you are the Gopi I know.

  • Broad casting Webi report in excel format to different users email ids

    Seriously looking for the help, please help with the solution for below scenario.
    We have a requirement to schedule broadcasting of Webi reports to users email in excel format from infoview. But our concern is how the system takes care of authorizations of users when we broadcast the report to their mail id as excel file.
    For example we have one webi report for Finance and there are thousands of users for each department, cost centre etcu2026so how to broadcast the same webi report in excel to different users with only data they have authorized to see. We have committed to client that we can do this with out much massive overhead, please advise what is the easiest way to achieve this. I read something like this can be done using authorization profiles in CMS but creating those many profiles and mapping them to relevant authorizations is not possible as there are thousands of users with different authorization levels. And Client is expecting this broadcasting need to be done automatically with out every time manual intervention. 
    Looking forward for the prompt reply.

    Please use the Dynmanic Recipients functionality of the Publication.
    For this we need to do follow steps.
    1) Create the WebI Report that needs to be published(Broadcasted)
    2) create Deski/webi report which contains the user details and email id's for publishing main report.
    3) Map the properties of souce report with Dynamic Recipient report.
    Please refer the user guide for more inforamtion.This helps you in avoiding manual creation of profiles in CMC.
    Edited by: Nallamala siva on Jun 13, 2011 8:17 AM

  • Forward excel attachment  to  the  user-defined  mail id

    Hello  Everybody
    i  hv  collect all data into the ITAB and want to transfer that data to  excel format and send that  excel file as an attachment to  the   user-defined  mail id  .
    Input  on selection-screen 
    plz suggest me 

    Hi Sandeep,
    Refer the following codes ..
    Hope this will help you..
    TYPE-POOLS: truxs.
    FROM t005t
    WHERE spras = sy-langu.
    DATA wa_data TYPE truxs_t_text_data.
    i_line_header = 'X'
    i_tab_sap_data = t5
    i_tab_converted_data = wa_data
    conversion_failed = 1
    OTHERS = 2.
    DATA stmp(4096) TYPE c.
    DATA itmp TYPE i.
    LOOP AT wa_data INTO stmp.
    itmp = STRLEN( stmp ).
    stmp+itmp = cl_abap_char_utilities=>cr_lf.
    MODIFY wa_data FROM stmp.
    PERFORM send_email.
    *& Form send_email
    FORM send_email .
    DATA excelsize TYPE i.
    DATA doc LIKE sodocchgi1.
    DATA excelln TYPE i.
    DATA int_objpack LIKE sopcklsti1 OCCURS 2 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA int_objhead LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 2 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA int_objtext LIKE solisti1 OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA int_reclist LIKE somlreci1 OCCURS 1 WITH HEADER LINE.
    DATA bodyln LIKE sy-tabix.
    DATA output_data TYPE ssfcrescl.
    excel[] = wa_data[].
    excel table sizes
    DESCRIBE TABLE excel LINES excelln.
    Body Email
    int_objtext-line = 'Test Body'.
    APPEND int_objtext.
    DESCRIBE TABLE int_objtext LINES bodyln.
    READ TABLE int_objtext INDEX bodyln.
    CLEAR doc.
    doc-doc_size = ( bodyln - 1 ) * 255 + STRLEN( int_objtext ).
    doc-obj_name = ' '.
    doc-sensitivty = 'P'.
    doc-proc_syst = sy-sysid.
    doc-proc_clint = sy-mandt.
    CLEAR: int_objpack, int_objpack[].
    int_objpack-transf_bin = ' '.
    int_objpack-head_start = 1.
    int_objpack-head_num = 0.
    int_objpack-body_start = 1.
    int_objpack-body_num = bodyln.
    int_objpack-doc_type = 'RAW'.
    int_objpack-obj_descr = 'Test'.
    APPEND int_objpack.
    CLEAR: int_objhead, int_objhead[].
    int_objhead = 'Attachment'.
    APPEND int_objhead.
    int_objpack-transf_bin = 'X'.
    int_objpack-head_start = 1.
    int_objpack-head_num = 0.
    int_objpack-body_start = 1.
    int_objpack-body_num = excelln.
    int_objpack-doc_size = excelsize.
    int_objpack-doc_type = 'XLS'.
    int_objpack-obj_name = 'excel'.
    int_objpack-obj_descr = 'test.xls'. "File name
    APPEND int_objpack.
    Set Receiver
    int_reclist-receiver = 'SAPUSER'.
    int_reclist-rec_type = 'B'.
    int_reclist-notif_del = 'X'.
    int_reclist-notif_read = 'X'.
    int_reclist-notif_ndel = 'X'.
    int_reclist-express = 'X'.
    APPEND int_reclist.
    doc-obj_descr = 'Report in Excel'.
    Sending Email
    document_data = doc
    put_in_outbox = 'X'
    commit_work = 'X'
    packing_list = int_objpack
    object_header = int_objhead
    contents_bin = excel
    contents_txt = int_objtext "Body
    receivers = int_reclist
    too_many_receivers = 1
    document_not_sent = 2
    document_type_not_exist = 3
    operation_no_authorization = 4
    parameter_error = 5
    x_error = 6
    enqueue_error = 7
    OTHERS = 8.
    ENDFORM. " send_email
    - If you are using FM SAP_CONVERT_TO_TXT_FORMAT you will not be able to execute this program in the background.
    - dont forget to change 'SAPUSER' to your SAP user ID
    - you can check the email by using tcode 'SBWP'.
    Reward points if this Helps.

  • When we save a file in excel format from the webpage, the alignment of columns is disturbed which does not happen in IE, P

    We are using Oracle Apps. wherein we have an options to export the contents of the web page. It default stores the file in .tsv format. if we choose to save the file in excel then the file is saved. however when we open the file in excel, the text is garbled. If we try the same option using IE, then the text is automatically aligned as required.

    Dear cor-el, wow you are quick. I understand you better now, but I'm not sure it's a good idea to write to you in dutch, only if you are Dutch yourself.
    Anyway, first the location bar is what I call the address bar.
    Second I work very simple and easy. I never use the address bar when I'm looking for a website.
    I just type the name of whatever I'm looking for in the empty bar on my google page and wait for the response.
    Third, most of the sellers I buy from on ebay, I just discovered by accident and I immediately saved them in my favorites bar.
    So if I need to go to their website(s) I just go to my favorites bar and click on the name of the seller(s) I'm looking for.
    Now to answer the question from your earlier letter, the URL's I'm trying to save are those from the webpage(s) I open on the websites I visit and not from the website(s) itself.
    The second part of your last letter from " You can modify......" is too difficult for me to understand.
    If it's important I'll ask a friend, a mainframe specialist to explain it to me.
    Thanks again for help. Regards, Ruiz

  • Information Broadcasting job didn't start at the precalculationserver

    Problem: we start workbook-precalculation-jobs in broadcasting but you see only the bi-job in the sm66/sm50 and it never goes to the precalculation server.
    At the moment is he only workaround to cancel the job and start the precalculationservice again.
    Who had the same problem and know amentments

    Have your Basis person check to make sure the RFC connection between BW and Precalc is functioning.
    Sounds like you only have one precalc.  Even though you do, you might want to specifiy that precalc server in your broadcast setting for the report, rather than accepting the system default.  This has been a bug for some SP levels.  Check for OSS Notes regarding precalc server and your particular BW version and SP level.  The precalc functionality has had a variety of bugs over time, some that may only exist for a particular SP.

  • FB for converting inputed period into period format of the user

    Hi All,
    my concern is to convert from to another period format.
    For example:
    in my user-profile is setted the following format:  DD/MM/YYYY
    what i do input is a period with format: DD.MM.YYYY
    Does a FB exists in BW that can help with this task?

    do like this.
    code]DATA: V_DATE_IN(10) TYPE C,
    V_DATE_IN = '01.01.2005.'.----------------------> ur input
    CONCATENATE V_DATE_IN+6(4) "<--for Year
    V_DATE_IN+3(2) "<--for month
    V_DATE_IN+0(2) "<--for Day
    now V_DATE_SAP will have value like 20060101.
    pass the above to this FM.
    data:date_form type CHAR10.
    call function 'HRGPBS_HESA_DATE_FORMAT'
    P_DATE = V_DATE_SAP   -
    > input date
    DATESTRING = date_form
    others = 1.[/code]
    date_from -
    >  DD/MM/YYYY fomat
    if hlped pls mark points

  • Change number / date format for the user at run time

    Can I configure a report in Oracle Answers to display a column in a particular format for one group of users and a different format for another group of users?

    Yes this is possible.
    In the BMM layer duplicate column which is to be formatted for different group of users. And pull it into the presentation layer.
    Suppose Column 1 for the Group 1 users
    and Column 2 for the Group 2 users
    In the presentation layer, double click on the column and give permission for the column 1 for the group 1 users and group 2 users for column.
    First create a report with all the desired columns with Administrator or Presentation Server Administrator Role. And format the columns according to the different group of users.
    In, NQSConfig.ini change the parameter PROJECT_INACCESSIBLE_COLUMN_AS_NULL which is under security section. By default it is set to No. Set it to yes. And restart the services.
    Now logon with the group 1 users and you can see only the column1 and when logged on with group 2 users, you can see the column2.
    And will solve your problem.
    Please let me know if you need step-by-step process for solving.
    Please award if you found this useful/helpful

  • Saving report in excel format

    I need to save a report directly to excel format. The user does not want to open a delimited file in excel. After a lot of trials I got excel.prt file which supposedly saves the report in excel format directly from the PRINT TO FILE option.
    But I am still getting the option to save the file as text only, not in excel.
    Required help urgently as the report is important to the client

    We run reports using utl_http and then save the output as a blob. After that, we print the blob but before hand, we do this:
    owa_util.mime_header('application/', false);
    htp.p('content-disposition: filename='||v_rec.filename||'.xls');
    This sets the filename correctly and forces the browser to use Excel to handle the file.


    hi i've an urjent req as follows.theres 1 selection screen which has 2 par and 2 selectoptions and 2 radio buttons named display and excel.if i click on 'excel',the o/p shud be displayed in excel format to the user and if click 'display'..the o/p shud be a normal list output.i can do the selection me with the o/p logic and sample code pls...will be rewarded ...thank u

    Hi Kiran,
    Please check the link below:
    <a href="http://"></a>
    What it shows u is how to convert the ALV grid output into excel display by the click of a button.
    However as far as I understand, you want to display ALV grid OR excel as soon as output appears based on radiobutton. What you can then do it if the excel is clicked then download the ALV grid on to the presentation server in EXCEL format using the CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES class method of DOWNLOAD and then read the same file and open for display. This way not only will u have a file downloaded onto the presentation server but will achieve the functionality of displaying the document.
    Hope this helps.

  • Background download in excel format

    Hi all,
    We have a requirement to download a dataset in excel format. The users have access to a folder on the server where the program will dump the files. Then the users should be able to open the files using excel. Any suggestions?

    if your requirement still exists then here is a way of doing it...
    Samson Rodrigues.

  • Information broadcasting in CSV format. Unwanted Headers

    I have setup the Information Broadcaster to mail CSV formats of BEx Queries. It is working perfectly , however it also gives me the Query name and Date and Time Stamp when the Data was last updated. How can I get rid of these unwanted information.
    Sales Query
    Last Data Update:
    04.08.2008 14:33:47
    CustomerNo.     ProdGrp     ProdCode     AgentNo.     InvNo.     Inv/Cred     QtyOrd     QtyDsp     Nett     ListPr     Cost     Disc     InvDate
    100000130     #     124143132     #     91000192     I     1     12     4.89     0.71     0.32     42.47     01.08.2008
    100000130     #     25986606091     #     91000313     I     1     13     2.3     1.18     0.13     84.98     01.08.2008
    100000130     #     8204469     #     91000193     I     1     11     11.05     1     0.14     0     01.08.2008
    100000130     #     8868732     #     91000292     I     7     55     46.77     0.85     0.04     0     01.08.2008
    Please help me out if anybody has faced and resolved this issue.
    Thanks and Regards,

    In Bex under the Business Explorer / Tools, you should have a Distribute option to distribute workbooks.  This should open the web browser based Information Broadcasting inerface which allows you to send a wkbk immediately, or you can schedule the execution and distribution.
    I believe with 3.5 SP15 there is an option to distribute as a csv file.  I believe the Note has you add an entry to a table that adds csv as an output option, but I think the technical functionality actually exists before SP15.

  • How to set the title and tab name of page in EXCEL format

    I have generated a HTML page in a popup. I want to show the page in Excel format in the popup.
    I did this by executing the command
             owa_util.mime_header('application/',true);before the report.
    This is working correct only now you see the complete URL in the popup title and
    the "f?p=.." part in the excel sheet name.
    How can you change the title and the sheet name.
    I have already tried the following:
             htp.p('Content-Disposition: inline; name=overzicht.xls');
             htp.p('Content-Description: overzicht.xls');
             owa_util.http_header_close;but this does not change anything.
    Does somebody know a solution.

    I'm posting again because the issue is not resolved yet. I thought it was fixed but it isn’t.
    I followed other posts you had answered about blog meta tags, but still can’t get it fixed.
    For the BC Blog - unable to show blog post description "{tag_blogpostmetadescription}" for SEO.
    blog post <title> tag works fine but not the blog post description.
    As previous forum answers indicated:
    Went to:
    - Site Manager->Module Templates->Blogs->Blog Post Details layout and put the above code.
    - made sure in blog post SEO the title and description fields are filled out.
    - removed from my blog-template any call for the title and description.
    must be missing something.
    re: your comment about pasting code in editor?  Not sure what you mean - should I not paste code?
    Thanks for your reply and help

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