IPad mini and itouch storage filling up daily problem...similar to many post but only fix is restart and last about 1 day and fills up with "other" no new downloads very few apps...waiting for software fix since so many having same problem. Help

Similar to many others storage mystically filling up everyday with nothing new being put on. Only solution is to testers ipad then get totally free storage until later that day or next day. Hoping for a software fix.

How much space is used by your Other? You may be able to reduce.
How Do I Get Rid Of The “Other” Data Stored On My iPad Or iPhone?
How to Remove “Other” Data from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
With an iOS device, the “Other” space in iTunes is used to store things like documents, settings, caches, and a few other important items. If you sync lots of documents to apps like GoodReader, DropCopy, or anything else that reads external files, your storage use can skyrocket. With iOS 5/6/7, you can see exactly which applications are taking up the most space. Just head to Settings > General > Usage, and tap the button labeled Show All Apps. The storage section will show you the app and how much storage space it is taking up. Tap on the app name to get a description of the additional storage space being used by the app’s documents and data. You can remove the storage-hogging application and all of its data directly from this screen, or manually remove the data by opening the app. Some applications, especially those designed by Apple, will allow you to remove stored data by swiping from left to right on the item to reveal a Delete button.
What is “Other” and What Can I Do About It?
iPhone or iPad Ran Out of Storage Space? Here’s How to Make Space Available Quickly
http://osxdaily.com/2012/06/02/iphone-ipad-ran-out-of-available-storage-space-ho w-to-fix-quick/
6 Tips to Free Up Tons of Storage Space on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch
http://osxdaily.com/2012/04/24/6-tips-free-up-storage-space-ipad-iphone-ipod-tou ch/
How to Clear Message/iMessage Cache on iPhone & iPad And Reclaim Lots of Free Space
What is Stored in iCloud and What is Not
https://sites.google.com/site/appleclubfhs/support/advice-and-articles/what-is-s tored-in-icloud
 Cheers, Tom

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  • Just let me sync my **** ipad mini and get on with my life

    i just got the new ipad mini and it will not sync to my dell laptop and at the top it say "not charging. i can't even use it.

    You must use a high power USB port:
    If possible, use a USB port on the back of the computer.
    Avoid plugging the device into a keyboard, display, or standalone hub. The USB ports on these accessories may be low-power or only offer USB 1.x connections.
    iOS: Troubleshooting USB connection

  • HT1766 Just purchased a new Ipad air and need to know how I can download the following apps free 1. Pages,2. Numbers,3 Keynote

    Just purchased a new IPAD air and need to know how I can download rhe following free Apps   1. pages, 2 numbers, 3 keynote

    Consult the following link if you are having problems:
    http://www.imore.com/how-get-all-iwork-apps-iphoto-and-imovie-free-eligible-ipho ne-or-ipad

  • Just started up my new ipad mini and synced it with itunes i went in to photos to delete some of the unwanted pictures but!!! There is no delete button

    Went to delete pictures on ipad mini and there was no delete button Help!!

    If pictures was synced from your computer then it can't be deleted directly on the iPad, you will need remove/de-select it from where you synced it from on your computer and re-sync.

  • Ipad mini and bluethoot connection with pc

    I have a ipad mini Model MD531C/A on version 6.1.3. It is named Caroline.
    I want to connect the ipad Caroline on the internet using bluethoot with my PC (on windows 8). My PC is named Creator.
    The PC detected the ipad named Caroline. The ipad dected the PC Creator.
    The PC sent a code to the ipad. I clicked yes on the PC, they were matching.
    Then I asked the ipad to connect to the PC Creator and it the ipad said (I do not remember exactly, but something like...) IT CAN NOT CONECT to that device.
    The PC Creator disapeared from the list of bluethoot devices detectable by the ipad.
    And I do not know how to go any farther with the ipad mini to detect the PC Creator again.
    And I am afraid that if I delete the ipad Caroline from the list in my PC, that it is not going to detect my ipad again since the ipad seems to have blocked or erase the PC Creator from the list of detectable bluethoot devices.
    I had not itune installed on my PC. But, as I am writting this, I am installing it.

    Since you have a warranty, take it back.
     Cheers, Tom

  • I can't log into itunes store, app store or software update since installing mavericks....help please?

    Ever since downloading and installing Mavericks, I have been unable to use my apple id  on my Imac. I can't get into Itunes store, the App store or software update and it's driving me mad. Any ideas?
    When I try and do software update, it gives error -1712. It's an Imac with 3.1GHz i5 and 4GB Ram

    Hi Carolyn,
    tried that and it's the right ID, but when I go to Itunes and click on the store, it won't even access the store. If I try to sign in, it brings up the window, I put in my ID and hit enter.....it doesn't even change to my ID, just stays as 'sign in'
    When I try and open the app store or software update, nothing appears in the app store window. It's like those particular apps aren't connecting to the internet. Don't use Safari, so don't know if that's affected, but Chrome and Firefox are fine.

  • Please solve battery problem iOS 5.0.1 we are about to sell iPhone, iPad, iPod and replace them with others

    I have iPad, iPhone and iPod. I have updated all of them with iOS 5.0.1. After this wrong direction, all of them are facing a battery problem. Please solve solve solve it. This is a bad things from apple. We are about to stop trusting them. We have started comparing their products with other competitors. We are about to replace them with Samsung, Motorola, htc,...

    1000€ is 1342$
    But this is a  user Helping user forum Apple dont Read or Write here
    This is here you contact Apple

  • I recently got a new iPad Mini and that came with free iWorks. When I try to add a picture  only one of my seven photo streams will load, whats up?

    So I have most pictures in different photo streams from my other devices. When I try to  add a picture to my slide, only one photo stream will show and the one that shows isn't even created by me, if that matters. I have turned off the Photo option on my iCloud and turned it back on. Have tried closing apps, still nothing.

    You should post this in the iOS discussion where folk who use the iPad can help you, this is Keynote for Mac.

  • How to transfer music from PC to my iPad mini and iTunes Store app issue

    I am new with IPad mini, and have issues with music on device:
    A) I wonder whether I can transfer music from PC to device (A 1432) and
    B) I have problems 'approaching' iTunes Store app because it shows on screen interface for iTunes U app (which I downloaded previously and deleted it in the meantime because of this problems)...cannot shut it down because there is no way to exit this mode.
    hope someone will help so I can finally have some music on device.

    Thanks a lot Ralph9430!
    I did manage to solve problem of music transfer iPad mini-PC, however I didn't succeed in approaching iTunes Store and there is nothing in the manual about it.
    When I open application I have iTunes U interface and cannot move anywhere but close app. I did try to re -enter pass and ID in iTunes Store app settings but nothing changed.
    Does anyone have any idea what to do in order to have approach to ITunes Store.

  • Thank you Texas Mac Man for suggested links but have already tried all those.  It is a contstant filling up of storage daily.  Restart ipad mini and then OK for the day. Something, some app or ? is filling up it up or at least it thinks it is filled up.

    I have no music and no video (tried deleting all) very few apps.  16GB ipad Mini fills itself up (storage full message by end of each day) with adding nothing.  Just checked again, no music no video and my two biggest APPS FB and Kindle just over 100MB each a few other smaller APPS is all that is on it.  Tried the restore and back up. Same prob.  The same problem is happening with my 32GB iTouch. (Exact same problem)...my wife's ipad and son's mini are not having the issue.  If I restart computer it frees up tons of storage and if I check says 13 GB free.  If I check in about and hour maybe 7GB free etc until full and now won't let you even check websites.  I have cleared data from apps tried deleting just about everything, tried restore...don't know what else to do.  Since so many posts are out there with same mysterious storage filling up hoping a fix would be coming. Could it possibly be a common App or?  If I do plug into computer and sync with iTunes (depending on what time of day) it will show entire device full (yellow bar) "Other"....if I just restarted then plugged in OK and shows 13GB free. Any ideas?  WIll keep holding on and restarting a couple times a day so I can use it...thanks

    I remember this conversation from your earlier thread (iy makes more sense to stay on the same thread than to start a new one.
    Since it is happening to both your devices, but now your wife and son's, it is likely associated with one of your apps, which are on both devices.  delete them all, and add back one by one until you find the culprit.
    This could also be by having i cloud tied up in an endless attempt to sync stuff across the two devices.  I remember earlier posts about the contact syncing getting stuck between 2 address books that did not agree, and it could not rectify which was the master and which is the slave.
    So turn off the cloud, and see if the behavior stops.  If it does, turn on the services one by one to figure out what is causing it.

  • I have an iPad 2 and so does my mom.  We both have the app Slotomania and now all of sudden after having it for months, our games connected and we don't know how to fix it.  Deleting it and reinstalling does not work.

    I have an iPad 2 and so does my mom.  We both have the app Slotomania and now all of sudden after having it for months, our games connected and we don't know how to fix it.  Deleting it and reinstalling does not work.

    Does the app now use iCloud, do you use iCloud and do the two of you use the same account on iCloud?
    Just a guess.

  • My airport time capsule will no longer allow our iPhones or vizio smart tvs to connect to it, though my iPad air mac mini and mac air connect fine. Why is this? does a recent software update have anything to do with it?

    my airport time capsule will no longer allow our iPhones or vizio smart tvs to connect to it, though my iPad air mac mini and mac air connect fine. Why is this? does a recent software update have anything to do with it?

    What model is your TC? What is the firmware?
    I recommend you do a factory reset and use short names.. not apple recommended names.
    Short.. 2-20 characters .. less than 10 even better.
    No spaces.
    Pure alphanumeric.
    Set fixed channels for 2.4ghz wireless.. test with 11, 6, 1 at least.
    That often helps.. if not and is old, ie Gen1-4 go back to 7.6.1 firmware which is far more solid.

  • I have an iPad mini and a 2nd gen Apple tv -which works fine with Airplay--and whilst i can get BBC Iplayer and 4OD , it only works with audio for ITV player and Demand 5. What am I doing wrong

    I have a new iPad mini and can successfully use airplay with my 2nd generation Apple tv . BBC Iplayer is fine --as is 4OD, but ITV player only works in audio format--and Demand 5 does not work at all. I am pretty sure both the latter are compatible--so what can i do to fix this and  what am i currently doing wrong?

    Someone recently noted a problem staying logged on the Huffington Post since it became connected with AOL. The workaround for that is to change your connection setting here:
    orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced > Network
    Click the "Settings" button and choose either "No Proxy" or "Use System Settings" option, and OK the change.
    Not sure whether Washington Post could be affected by that same setting.
    In reviewing your extensions, I'm puzzled that you have both DoNotTrackMe and SavvyConnect. The first one seems to aggressively block certain communications with websites (potentially affecting functionality) while the second one seems to report on your browsing habits (they better pay well is all I can say). Have you tried disabling both of those to see whether that has any effect?
    orange Firefox button (or Tools menu) > Add-ons > Extensions category

  • I now have 4 itouchs, 1 ipad mini, and three iphones for my own family members.  What's the bet way for me to setup itunes so that we can all share the same music, apps, movies, shows, etc?

    I now have 4 itouches, 1 ipad mini and 3 iphones in use by my direct family.  What's the best way for me to set things up so that we can all share the same music, apps, movies, shows etc?
    I would prefer to have one account to input dollars which allows all the users (my direct family) to share and buy things.
    Can we all have different user ID's however share the same account?

    I'll try to help a bit.
    ITunes match space is different to icloud space. With iTunes match you get storage for 25,000 non iTunes purchased tracks and other than a limit for individual file size, there is no memory limit.
    You can turn match on individuallyon each device (I have it turned off on my iPod but turned on on my iPad and iPhone). When you turn it on then you get access to all the tracks, and in my experience any playlists I create have transferred over very well. I understand that some people have had trouble with playlists though.
    I'm not quite clear with exactly what you mean regarding cleaning up your library, but be careful about using Match for this. There is no guarantee that matched songs will be exactly the same version as your own copy, due to some mismatches, so you could find some problems there. Personall, I am cleaning up my library before matching, but I am rather particular about keeping my library the way I want it. If you aren't as fussed then match could be the answer.
    Hope that helped.

  • I have a ipad mini and it says that it has perect wifi yet when i go into safari it says unable to connect with the server how can i fix this?

    I have a ipad mini and i have had it for less then a year, it says that i have perfect wifi up in the left corner where the wifi is always at  but when ever i go into the built in safari it says that it is unable to connect with the server. How can i fix this because with out it connecting to the server or internet it is kind of useless to me. I do have ios7 if that helps

    The wifi symbol only indicates the presence/signal strength of wifi. Not that you are connected.
    Some things to try first:
    1. Turn Off your iPad. Then turn Off (disconnect power cord for 30 seconds or longer) the wireless router & then back On. Now boot your iPad. Hopefully it will see the WiFi.
    2. Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and turn Off. Then while at Settings>Wi-Fi, turn back On and chose a Network.
    3. Change the channel on your wireless router (Auto or Channel 6 is best). Instructions at http://macintoshhowto.com/advanced/how-to-get-a-good-range-on-your-wireless-netw ork.html
    4. Go into your router security settings and change from WEP to WPA with AES.
    5.  Renew IP Address: (especially if you are droping internet connection)
        •    Launch Settings app
        •    Tap on Wi-Fi
        •    Tap on the blue arrow of the Wi-Fi network that you connect to from the list
        •    In the window that opens, tap on the Renew Lease button
    6. Potential Quick Fixes When Your iPad Won’t Connect to Your Wifi Network
    http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-tips-tricks/potential-quick-fixes-when-your-ipad-won t-connect-to-your-wifi-network/
    Fix WiFi Issue for iOS 7
    Fix WiFi Issue for iOS 7
    iOS 6 Wifi Problems/Fixes
    Wi-Fi Fix for iOS 6
    How To: Workaround iPad Wi-Fi Issues
    Another Fix For iOS 6 WiFi Problems
    Wifi Doesn't Connect After Waking From Sleep - Sometimes increasing screen brightness prevents the failure to reconnect after waking from sleep. According to Apple, “If brightness is at lowest level, increase it by moving the slider to the right and set auto brightness to off.”
    Fix For iOS 6 WiFi Problems?
    Did iOS 6 Screw Your Wi-Fi? Here’s How to Fix It
    How To Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue After Upgrading To iOS 6
    http://www.iphonehacks.com/2012/09/fix-wi-fi-connectivity-issue-after-upgrading- to-ios-6.html
    iOS 6 iPad 3 wi-fi "connection fix" for netgear router
    Apple's iOS 6 Wi-Fi problems
    How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal
    http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad_Troubleshooting/a/How-To-Boost-Your-Wi-Fi-Signal.h tm
    Troubleshooting a Weak Wi-Fi Signal
    http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad_Troubleshooting/a/Troubleshooting-A-Weak-Wi-Fi-Sig nal.htm
    How to Fix a Poor Wi-Fi Signal on Your iPad
    http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad_Troubleshooting/a/How-To-Fix-A-Poor-Wi-Fi-Signal-O n-Your-iPad.htm
    iOS Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections  http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1398
    iPad: Issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks  http://support.apple.com/kb/ts3304
    WiFi Connecting/Troubleshooting http://www.apple.com/support/ipad/wifi/
    How to Fix: My iPad Won't Connect to WiFi
    http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad_Troubleshooting/ss/How-To-Fix-My-Ipad-Wont-Connect -To-Wi-Fi.htm
    iOS: Connecting to the Internet http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1695
    iOS: Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4199
    How to Quickly Fix iPad 3 Wi-Fi Reception Problems
    iPad Wi-Fi Problems: Comprehensive List of Fixes
    Connect iPad to Wi-Fi (with troubleshooting info)
    10 Ways to Boost Your Wireless Signal
    Fix iPad Wifi Connection and Signal Issues  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwWtIG5jUxE
    Fix Slow WiFi Issue https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2398063?start=60&tstart=0
    How To Fix iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue http://tinyurl.com/7nvxbmz
    Unable to Connect After iOS Update - saw this solution on another post.
    Note - When troubleshooting wifi connection problems, don't hold your iPad by hand. There have been a few reports that holding the iPad by hand, seems to attenuate the wifi signal.
    Some Wi-Fi losses may stem from a problematic interaction between Wi-Fi and cellular data connections. Numerous users have found that turning off Cellular Data in Settings gets their Wi-Fi working again.
    You may have many apps open which can possibly cause the slowdown and possibly the loss of wifi. In iOS 4-6 double tap your Home button & at the bottom of the screen you will see the icons of all open apps. Close those you are not using by pressing on an icon until all icons wiggle - then tap the minus sign. For iOS 7 users, there’s an easy way to see which apps are open in order to close them. By double-tapping the home button on your iPhone or iPad, the new multitasking feature in iOS 7 shows full page previews of all your open apps. Simply scroll horizontally to see all your apps, and close the apps with a simple flick towards the top of the screen.
    Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings grayed out or dim
    If any of the above solutions work, please post back what solved your problem. It will help others with the same problem.
     Cheers, Tom

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