IPhone - Sync issue with Calendar and Outlook 2003

I have been syncing with no problem up to yesterday - now I can't sync my Calendar with my PC. It doesn't make any difference whether I make an entry in iPhone or Outlook. I have reset sync history in iTunes - no change.
The only thing that I can think of that I did out of the ordinary was to copy and paste my contacts into another contacts group in Outlook.
It would appear to be a problem with Outlook as the iPhone syncs with iCal and Address book on my G4 laptop.
Appreciate your help.

Outlook is definately a problem. Ive been at it for a couple of days going through this thread and others. Still not syncing.
What Apple has to realize is that windows people have different microsoft offices, i use 2000 because the schedule is shared between everyone, this is an addon in newer copys of office.
When i make a call or recieve a call i would like to see an option to add the caller to the schedule .. When your on the phone with the caller you can just hit a button and it brings you right to the calendar and enters the caller in the schedule where ever you place them.
Anyway i will keep at the sync thing for a while and see what happens. Nothing so far. l8r

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  • Outlook 2007 Sync Issues with Calendar and Contacts

    I have an original iPhone and since the last iTunes update I can no longer sync my Contacts and Calendar in Outlook 2007 with my iPhone. The separate calendars are no longer showing in iTunes as a sync option only the sync all is available. When I plug in my iPhone to sync it will set in the syncing status for one to two hours and has not finished syncing since this update. I have reinstalled Outlook 2007, I uninstalled and re-installed iTunes, I have reset the sync history and any other fixes I have been able to find on the discussion boards. Does anyone know of a resolution to this problem?

    I'm having similar problems with both yahoo and google on both my and my wife's Pre 2s. Yahoo calendar sync seemed to be working fine a few weeks ago but now absolutely refuses to do anything on my wife's phone (won't even seem to delete the account properly) and only shows a few things on mine. I've tried with different accounts, removing them, deleting the permissions on the yahoo website, the aeroplane mode trick, and restarting the phone. But the same problem. Phone just says it's syncing for long periods of time but then shows nothing for it. I must have removed and added accounts about 30 times in the last 2 weeks.
    Google not syncing back from phone to cloud at all.
    This is pretty annoying - I had better functionality on my old treo 650!
    Anyone have any answers?

  • Syncing Issues with 9630 and Outlook

    I recently got a new blackberry 9630 and am having trouble syncing email between my outlook and the device.  In the email settings I have gone to the synchronization options and selected what was available (deleted items was the only available option).  When I view emails via the device, it synchroizes with the outlook, but it will not work the other way.  I have also set all the settings to allow the "mailbox to win" in the "options" under email reconciliation.  Any idea how I can get this to work?

    This is likely a function of Outlook and your email account and not the BB and the email account.  It all depends on the email account being used and how Outlook is setup to access it. 
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  • Outlook 2011 for Mac Sync issue with Calendar

    Does anybody know if there is an issue with the Calendar not syncing with iCloud. Everything in Outlook will sync using iCloud except the Calendar.iCal has no issue, just Calendar from Outlook.

    Hi Robert,
    I found a KB for your reference:
    Sending email error "Authentication failed. Error 17897" in Outlook 2011 for Mac
    If it not matches to yours, please paste the details without sensitive information.
    Mavis Huang
    TechNet Community Support

  • ICloud WINDOWS 7 64 Bit sync problem with calendar of Outlook 2010

    I am using
    iPhone 4S (IOS5)
    iPad 1 (IOS5)
    PC (WINDOS 7 SR1 32 bit, Cor-2-duo) & Outlook 2010, 32 bit, at home
    PC (WINDOWS 7 SR1 64 bit, Intel i7) &  Outlook 2010 version 14.0.6106.5005 (32-Bit), in my office
    together with iCoud for syncing my contacts (about 500) and calenders (2 calenders, about 3.000 and 8.000 entries) with Outlook 2010
    The syncing works perfect for 1., 2. an 3., but I have severe problems with the 64bit PC:
    The iCloud operating pannel is only displayed after a fresh reset of the system. Two processes are running (iCloud.exe*32, iCloudServices.exe *32), the iCloud icon on the task bar is displayed.  Opening of the iCloud operating pannel fails by all means ( via icon, via network->icloud) etc. after Outlook 2010 has started once.
    After closing Outlook, a restart of Outlook is perfored but displays "loading data" till infinity. The task manager is required to shut down Outlook.
    After a fresh reset outlook starts (normal behavior) and displays the contacts (complete) and both calendars, but has only downloaded during set-up only about 7.000 entries of the 11.000 entries which are still displayed in the calendar of the  web interface of iCloud and are displayed nicely on iPhone, iPad and the 32bit PC. The sync of new calendar entries works perfect between all four systems.
    I have removed and reinstalled the iCloud operating panel sereal times, checked the Outlook pst file for errors -> no success.  
    Any suggestions how to overcome this problem?

    I had a similar problem back lst year with MobileMe and outlook. I had to uninstall outlook and MM control panel completely then reinstal MM THEN Outlook and then MM would download all 5 of my MM calendars into Outlook including all events
    do they stop at a certain date i remember seeing an option somewhere that specified how far back to sync appointments

  • IPhone sync problem with iCal and Address Book

    I have a new iPhone 4 that is not syncing contacts or events. It doesn't seem to matter whether the event or contact is created in my iMac or on the iPhone. Either way, the data doesn't move. During the iPhone synch process, where iTunes tells you what is going on, syncing calendars and contacts doesn't even appear. When I had my iPod Touch, all worked well. I saw a post about resetting in iSync, etc., but when I look there, I don't even see my iPhone, and so far I can't add it. My only option there is to add a bluetooth device. So I need some help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    You're welcome.
    You can't hurt anything by resetting the sync history on your Mac, and doing so may resolve the problem.
    Syncing contacts direct with a supported Address Book application and syncing calendar events direct with a supported Calendar app on your computer via the iTunes sync process has nothing to do with a MobileMe account - a trial account or otherwise. Completely separate and not related even if you are syncing contacts and calendar events over the air with your MobileMe account on your iPhone. If you are doing so with your iPhone, syncing direct with the Address Book and iCal via the iTunes sync process is not required.

  • Severe audio sync issues with DVR and RAI(Italian) channel.

    Having severe audio sync issues with the Motorola QIP6416-2 while
    watching RAI(Italian) channel. The audio is about 2 seconds behind
    the video. This is the only channel it seems to happen with.
    I just switched from Cablevision about a week ago and never had a
    sync issue with their DVR with the same RAI channel or any channel.
    I've tried changing hdmi cables with no success and I also went to
    component video cables but the problem remains. Resetting the
    box helps but within 15 minutes the sync issues return. Also,
    a channel change and back helps briefly,
    The only new piece of equipment in the mix is the Motorola DVR,
    nothing else has changed.  The DVR is connected directly to my
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Being a foreign channel, there may be something screwy with the framerate (PAL conversion?). I don't personally subscribe to any foreign languages channels and I doubt too many on this forum do either, so you may have trouble finding someone to replicate the problem on their end here.

  • Major CalDav and Syncing Issues with Ical and Address Book

    As a CEO and business owner - I loved the move over to Mac after the intel chip as installed.  Yet, the issue of working on a Mac for business comes down to the operating system.  Up to Snow Leopard I was very pleased.... since Lion it has gone downhill.   I upgraded to Mountain Lion and many of the issues with speed and problems with mail were addressed.  Yet, it appears Apple has made a bad decision with regard to synciing to other programs.
    I was told it has cut out syncing capablities for Address book and Ical (I assume other programs).  This has caused great issues for The Omni Group, File Maker and Market Cirlce (creators of Daylite) and a lot of angst for me as a business owner!
    To top this off - it appears CalDav is not bi-directional and has issues.  In other words, it does not work as it should. 
    I am not sure what Apple was thining when it stopped allowing internal sync between programs. Yet, CalDav and CardDav are not always the answers!
    I hope the CalDav issues are being cleaned up and if anyone from Apple wishes to comment on this I would appreciate it.  I have tried to talk to support but the powers to be are the ones calling the shots on software design.  Support can't fix what is broken the program.
    Again, I hope Apple revisits syncing.  Maybe the concern is security but it is MY DATA not yours.  I just want the programs to work so I can make sales and support my customers efficiently.   You have made it hard to do this with changes.

    As an IT consultant,  i'm in agreement with Mr Utts.    The promise of "it just works" died with Steve Jobs.   Mac OS has been in freefall since 10.5 .    I need a fully functional OS,  not an iPad on my desk.  ( this means YOU Forstall !! )
    Why break Samba ( a standard ),  why break WebDAV ( a standard ), why break CalDAV ( a standard )??    Apple has done ALL of these things and they seem to be doing it on purpose.
    The Apple "ecosystem" is just fine,  but removing functionality as fast as you can, and removing interoperablity as fast as you can...  if Apple products ONLY work within the ecosystem... people can and will leave Apple.    You've already run off the business users by refusing to make a real Server or real Server software.   You ran off the video user with Final Cut Pro X.   Dumbing down (and breaking) the OS is running off the IT User.
    Mac OS used to easily walk the line of "hard core enough for a Unix Guru,  easy enough for your Mom".  Now they just want the Moms.
    And i disagree,  we are ALL "qualified to say what Apple might do about this...",  they will do nothing.   They don't beleive they have made a mistake.  They beleive WE are the problem by stubbornly insisting that things that used to work should continue to work.

  • Syncing Issues with iCloud and iPhone

    My iPhone 4 had to be replaced.  Yesterday I spent 2 hours on the phone with Apple Care while they tried to resolve the issue of why my new phone wasn't syncing with my Address Book and Calendars.  The cloud FINALLY gave up the data.  Now I find that not all of my ringtones have synced.  Does anyone know how to resolve this particular syncing issue?  The ringtones are in my iTunes library under "ringtones," they were on my other iPhone 4 and worked just fine, and I've checked the boxes in front of each one on the "Sync Ringtones" window when my new iPhone 4 is plugged in.  Four out of ten have synced.  The rest refuse to make the trip.  Any clue as to what to do?  At this point, I'm ready for the iCloud to disappear and give the old system back.

    First check that all your settings are correct, that notes syncing (mail and notes on a computer) is checked on all devices (system preferences > iCloud on a mac and settings > iCloud on a iPhone, iPad or iPod).
    Make sure the notes you are adding are added to your 'iCloud' account and not an 'On My Mac', 'On My Phone'  or other non iCloud account (you can do this by checking in accounts on an iOS device, or the left side panel in mail on a computer), non iCloud notes will not sync.
    If you are sure that everything is set up correctly and your notes are in the iCloud group, you might try unchecking notes syncing (mail and notes on a computer) in the iCloud settings, restarting your device and then re-enabling notes syncing.

  • Syncing issues with Calendar - ITouch

    I am using 8GB Itouch, running on Software 2.2 and ITunes
    In the past anytime that I sync my information it would update contacts & calendar at the same time. Right now it would act as though it is syncing but it does not show the updated information on my touch. Can anyone help or guide me in the right direction of what to do?

    There is apparently (according to our IT department) a known issue with Exchange calendar syncing, where the meeting status (and sometimes presence) is affected by how the meeting is accepted (on the iPhone vs. in Outlook vs. in Outlook by someone else with admin rights on your calendar). Reportedly, Apple is working on a fix.

  • Performance issue with calendar and applescript

    Hi Community,
    I have a performance issue using applescript and calendar with this script:
    tell application "Calendar"
              tell calendar "Cal"
                                            set theList to (get {summary, start date, end date, uid} of events)
    end tell
    end tell
    There are app. 700 events in the calendar "Cal". Therefore the get-command takes about 15 seconds. The problem is, that iCal is completely blocked for this time. This means it is even not possilbe to scroll through the calendar. This problem occurs only under OS X 10.9. With OS X 10.8.x it is still possible to use calendar even a time-consuming get-command is processed.
    Any ideas? Maybe there is a way to reduce the task-priority of an applescript?

    I have to step in here...
    1) Must I set "None" or "On Time"
    - In order for the Calendar to fire an Alarm, it must know what time to fire the alarm. In the event of an All Day Event, it will go off at 12am. The option for "Repeat", below the "Alarm", states the frequency of the event (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, etc). So to set an alarm that fires once a month, set the TIME you want the alarm to go off (Make sure "All Day" is unchecked if you want a specific time), then choose "On Time" for the "Alarm", and one of the several "Monthly" options for "Repeat". If I missed something in what you were asking, please let me know and I will do my best to more directly answer your question.
    2) Calendar cannot sync with the Mac.
    - Not directly. However, your phone automatically syncs with your Google Calendar, set up if you create your account. If you so choose, you may export your iCal calendar, import it into your Google calendar, and then use your Google calendar (http://calendar.google.com) to manage your agenda. The changes sync automatically with your device.
    Once again, I hope this shed some light on things. To the Verizon rep who originally answered this question: I have no intention to bash you, however please bear in mind that your opinions and comments will always be held in higher regard than mine, so if you choose to answer a question, please try to solve the problem as opposed to just answer the question. I have experience with all manner of devices and operating systems, from WebOS to BB to iOS to Android, and I believe this phone has the best hardware coupled with a solid operating system in TouchWiz, and I don't want to see people frustrated with these devices by questions that get nothing more than, "You can't do that" answers from the people that are expected to support them.

  • Iphone syncing issues with PC - wanting 11.1 version of iTunes or better.  Downloaded but it still fails.

    Are people having syncing problems with iPhones ios 7 with itunes?  I am getting a message insisting that I need to download iTunes 11.1 or better for the backup and sync to work.  Having downloaded 11. it still doesn't work.  Anyone else having that problem?

    Okay, iTunes 11 (which version?) has been downloaded, but was it installed?
    Downloading and installing are not the same thing.
    What version of iTunes is actually installed on the computer?

  • Is there a known issue with Mavericks and Outlook 2011 printing?

    Title says it all. I was reading up on past forums both Apple/Microsoft when 10.6.8 messed up Outlook printing, was wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue. I am currently on 10.9.2. I began noticing the issues after updating to 10.9.2.
    To clarify, as a user I can open attached documents from Outlook 2011 and print them that way. But if I use  Command + P, or right click, or any other method I cannot print the actual message of the email. The icon will blink when proper keys are pressed but it will do nothing. Nothing is pending in print queue either.

    Adobe FlashPlayer should first be uninstalled using the appropriate uninstaller available here:
    and then the latest version obtained from here:
    http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1ProdVersion=ShockwaveFlash and installed.
    (You can check here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/ to see which version you should install for your Mac and OS.
    Some users have mentioned that the latest Flash Player (v. conflicts with Leopard, and that they have needed to revert to v. 9.0.47. This can be downloaded from here:

  • Issues with Lion and Outlook - Display

    Since installing Lion on my MacBook Pro, I get the spinning wheel every minute for about 5 seconds when authoring an Outlook 2011 email. In addition, my open windows randomly shift 1" to the left and back again when toggling between them. I have reached out to others in my company who have upgraded and they are experiencing some of the same kind of issues. I have searched different sites for a solution but none of them seen to solve the issues. Do I have to revert back to Snow Leopard in order for my machine to keep up with my typing??

    Thank you Allan! Checking with Buffalo right now! I didn't occur to check the NAS manufacturer as I didn't have this issue with Snow Leopard. Checking their website it looks like there is a Firmware update for OS Lion which is great! Downloading the file now. Will post my results later so others can benefit from this thread. Thanks so much! Always nice to have an extra set of eyes when a "crisis" strike

  • TS3999 How do I sync my iCloud calendar and outlook calendar

    How do I sync my outlook calendar and my icloud calendars? I am using outlook 2011 for Mac and do not have an exchange account.
    Do I need to add an exchange account to make this work?
    If so is this difficult to add? or just like switching email accounts?

    jan2011 wrote:
    Thanks, I had come to the same conclussion!
    So now I will just use ical.....
    How do I merge all my calendars into one calendar?
    Copy all events on to just one calendar and use that. Remember to put it in the iCloud account and the On My Mac account.

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    I have a Sirius subscription. Do I have to enter password each time I log in?