Is Adobe Bridge CS6 Compatable with Windows 8?

I'm thinking about upgrading but i really need to know if Bridge is going to work on Windows 8 for sure.

Wih computers there is no "will work for sure".  Otherwise there would be no need for these forums.
PS6 is just as likely to work on Win 7 and Win 8. 
However, many computer gurus consider Win 8 is a step down from Win 7 as it is dumbed down to make it look and operate more like a phone or tablet.

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    Is adobe photoshop CS2 compatable with windows 8?

    I have removed and re-installed CS2 twice now and still get the same library application error.
    Telling us to spend more money to upgrade our software to meet OS does not show trust to the users. CS2 should be able to work with new OS systems and if not users should be allowed to update their current program for free to be able to use it on the new OS.
    Thank you,

  • Adobe Dreamweaver Cs6 Clash with Windows 8

    I am trying to test out Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 for the 6 day trial period on Windows 8. After one use it doesn't want to load again saying that the program unistalled itself (error 16) and I should reinstall. If it does this on the trial, it would after I buy it, do it as well right. Are Adobe dreamweaver and Windows 8 enemies? Must I rather turn to Netfusion?? How do I know the product will work if the trial does not work at all??

    See if the following links are helpful.  The first is for a help document provided by Adobe and the second is a posting where at the end the user was able to resolve the problem by changing some permissions.

  • Adobe forms supported compatibility with Windows 7?

    Hi all,
    I want to know Windows 7 will support adobe interactive forms or not? If yes, what will be the adobe reader version needed and any patch to be updated?
    Please let me know.
    Sathishkumar GS

    In my opinion forms should work in any Reader version released for Win 7 (I don´t know which versions are these, because I am still on Vista). I also think that even older versions od Reader should work ok, since there are some compatibility modes in Win 7, aren´t they? I would not worry about the technical side.
    Regards Otto

  • Is Adobe Elements 13 compatable with Windows 8.1?

    I get the error message cannot initilaze Directx when try to open Elements 13 Orginazor.

    Thanks so much I was able to correct my problem by turning on the Legacy Components / DirectPlay setting under the Windows features.
    Sent from Windows Mail

  • Adobe Acrobat 5.0 compatibility with Windows 7

    Adobe 5.0 compatibility with Windows 7

    there's a chance you could use compatibility mode to install acrobat 5.
    if that fails, your only option is to buy an old computer with an old os or buy or subscribe to a current acrobat,

  • Adobe bridge has stopped working windows 8

    I recently installed adobe bridge cs6 on a windows 8 computer and when the program launches and i browse to a folder with images I see "adobe bridge has stopped working" and the program crashes. Any Idea what I can do to solve this?

    I am having this same problem, but I am using windows 8.1  (64 bit) -  Toshiba Click 2 pro, 1920 x 1080 resolution.
    I just installed Design Standard CS6, everything said these would be compatible, tFilters?TempOsid=Windows%208.1&Locale=en-us&Architecture=X64&TextSearch=adobe%2Bdesign%2B standard%2Bcs6&Type=Both&CurrentPage=0&TotalPages=1&ShowCriteria=0&SortCriteria=Relevance& Compatibility=Unknown&LastRequested=14
    but I"m having problems with Bridge CS6, Acrobat X, Photoshop CS6 64-bit and Illustrator 64-bit.
    What to do?!

  • Uninstalling Adobe Bridge CS6 after installing Adobe Bridge CC

    I got all of my Adobe Applications on my MacBook Air through the new Adobe Cloud service. At that time, all of the applications were Adobe CS6. When I saw that Adobe Bridge CC was available, I downloaded it immediately. I had been having problems with Adobe Bridge CS6 working with my Adobe Photoshop CS6. After installing Adobe Bridge CC, I did not find the uninstaller application for Adobe Bridge CS6. I found two copies of the uninstaller for Adobe Bridge CC. Where can I get a copy of the uninstaller for Adobe Bridge CS6 for Mac?

    Vizzpat there is no separate uninstaller for Adobe Bridge CS6.  Adobe Bridge CS6 is installed by several applications.  When those applications have all been removed then Bridge CS6 will be removed as well.
    In general you can locate the uninstallers for Mac OS in the Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers folder.  You can also find additional information regarding installing and removing applications at Install and update apps -

  • Windows 8 Pro Adobe Bridge CS6 x64 not responding

    On my new SSD with a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro and Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium, I regularly get a "(not responding)" warning in Bridge's ( x64) title bar when opening a folder location, and the program takes around 10-20 seconds to display folder contents. This seems to be an indexing or caching issue, but I have not resolved it through the following fix attempts.
    In Bridge settings, I have placed the cache on the OS SSD at "C:\Users\York\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CS6\Cache", and I have placed it on a separate internal physical HDD at "D:\Adobe Bridge CS6 temp cache". I have experimented with all other options (100% previews, export, manage, compact, and purge cache - restarting the app after each tweak).
    I have Ctrl-opened Bridge to access the "Reset setting" dialog box, where I restored default preferences and purged the cache. This did seem to alleviate the problem temporarily, but it did not resolve it.
    I have not uninstalled, repaired, or re-installed Bridge because it is not listed as a standalone app in the "Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall or change a program" window or the Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium installer.
    My system is Intel i7-2600K, Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti, 32GB RAM, Samsung 840 250GB SSD, various HDDs.
    My other system, an Intel Quad-Core Q6600, Asus P5Q-Pro, AMD Radeon HD 6950, 8GB RAM, Samsung 840 250GB SSD, various HDDs, does not have this problem.
    Any thoughts are appreciated.

    Thanks for the input, Curt. I have not changed the TEMP/TMP directories, which are set per Adobe instructions at Temporary "not responding" freezes (10-20 seconds) are my issue. Crashes, as others are reporting due to the temp directories, are not occurring.  Other thoughts are appreciated.

  • When using the camera downloader in Adobe Bridge CS6 with Nikon D5200 we are unable to see previews of the photos and it is very slow to download. The issue occurs under a the users rights, but not under admin level. This is a new issue

    When using the camera downloader in Adobe Bridge CS6 with Nikon D5200 we are unable to see previews of the photos and it is very slow to download. The issue occurs under a the users rights, but not under admin level. This is a new issue.

    Hi Jdentremont,
    Lync client gets user photos by first querying the Address Book Web Query (ABWQ) service on the server, which is exposed through the Distribution List Expansion web service. The client receives
    the image file and then copies it to the user's cache to avoid downloading the image each time it needs to be displayed. The attribute values returned from the query are also stored in the cached Address Book Service entry for the user. The Address Book Service
    deletes all cached images every 24 hours, which means that it can take up to 24 hours for new user images to be updated in the cache on the server.
    To troubleshoot your problem, please follow the steps below:
    1.  Navigate to
     “X:\share\1-WebServices-1\ABfiles\000000000\000000000” folder. (ABS file share)
    You should see some photo files in this folder as the following screenshot.
    2. Delete all the files in this folder.
    3. On test PC, delete local cache files.
    %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Lync\[email protected]
    4. Sign-in Lync with the test account.
    5. Go back to the ABS file share, check if there is any Photo file in the folder.
    Best regards,
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

  • I have problem with adobe bridge cs6. Every time I open it Bridge tells me to Purge Cache. I have CS

    I have problem with adobe bridge cs6. Every time I open it Bridge tells me to Purge Cache. I have CS6 on two computers and it works fine on one of them. I have tried to reinstall it without succeeding to fix the problem. Does anyone have the same problem and a solution to it?
    "Bridge encountered a problem and is unable to read the cache. Please try purging the central cache in Cache Preferences to correct the situation."

    You must have a Mac.  Try this.
    Quit Bridge, from user library (NOT system and root library) preferences folder find and delete the com.adobe.bridge5.plist file manual. Do this also in same user library caches folder (Caches/Adobe/Bridge CS6) and inhere find and the folder called 'cache' and drag it to the trash.
    restart Bridge holding down option key and choose reset preferences, then try again.

  • FLVs created with ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER CS6 do not display thumbnails in ADOBE BRIDGE CS6

    Could you please attempt to shed some light on why FLVs created with ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER CS6 do not display thumbnails in ADOBE BRIDGE CS6, yet apple finder is able to display thumbnails for these same FLVs without issue?
    I'm running CS6 Production Premium with ALL updates installed on 10.6.8
    I appreciate any input and help provided the input is provided by someone who either
    A) knows the answer because they actually work for adobe
    B) actually tried this themselves before attempting to provide a solution
    If the conclusion is that it is a codec issue or a header issue with the FLVs You'd have to present a very strong case to back that claim up as it makes no sense whatsoever that CS6 is unable to generate thumbnails for media encoded using CS6, yet Apple finder can without issue. NOT to mention the FLVs in question are CREATED on the same machine with the same codecs installed that is trying to generate previews in Bridge.
    Apologies if my frustration is showing, I've gotten and seen several... incompetent replies on this forum regarding this issue and it has never been actually addressed properly as far as I can tell by Adobe support.

    We are all just incompetent users here.  As pointed out before this is just a user to user forum, Adobe rarely checks in.
    I was hoping by now you would have gotten to the bottom of this problem and were offering a solution.

  • What do I do when I get a message that adobe reader 7 is not compatable with windows 8?

    What do I need to do when a website sends me a message that my adobe reader 7 is not compatable with windows 8?

    Are you using Adobe Reader 7 on Windows 8? If so, the message is probably correct and you should download the latest version of Adobe Reader (which is XI).
    If you already have Reader XI, maybe you can give us some more details about where you are at and what you are doing when you get this message.

  • Adobe Bridge CS6 does not display WMF graphics files - what to do?

    The question says it all.  I am running Win7Pro 64bit with Adobe Bridge CS6.  This may be a windows/microsoft/wmf file format problem...but what to do?  WMF files display with a icon only.  Please advise.

    Apparently Bridge cannot preview .WMF files. I have old ClickArt CDs and occasionally want an image. So I have converted all the .WMF files to .AI using a script in Illustrator. Once converted, Bridge will display a thumbnail.
    Here is the script written by Carlos Canto. (Thank you Carlos, whoever you are!)
    Copy the script text. Paste in a plain text editor. Save as ConvertWMFtoAi.jsx in the folder Program Files: Adobe: Adobe Illustrator CS6: Presets: en_US: Scripts
    Then you find it in Illustrator under File: Scripts
    // = makeAiFilesPDFcompatible.jsx;
    // script.description = opens and resaves Ai files with PDF compatibility checked (Folder Batch);
    // script.requirements = none
    // script.parent = CarlosCanto // 06/4/2013;
    // script.elegant = false;
    // script.forumPost =
    var folder = Folder.selectDialog("Select Source Folder..."); // select folder
    if (folder==null) {
                        alert("Good Bye");
    else {
        var files = find_files (folder, ['.wmf']);
              var fileCount = files.length; // count them
              if (fileCount>0) {
                        for (i=0; i<fileCount; i++) {
                var idoc =[i]);
                var saveOpts = new IllustratorSaveOptions();
                saveOpts.pdfCompatible = true;
                idoc.saveAs( files[i], saveOpts );
            alert(fileCount + ' file(s) processed');
              else {
                        alert("There are no Illustrator files in this folder.");
    // recurse subfolders - Peter Kharel
    function find_files (dir, mask_array){
        var arr = [];
        for (var i = 0; i < mask_array.length; i++){
            arr = arr.concat (find_files_sub (dir, [], mask_array[i].toUpperCase()));
        return arr;
    function find_files_sub (dir, array, mask){
        var f = Folder (dir).getFiles ( '*.*' );
        for (var i = 0; i < f.length; i++){
            if (f[i] instanceof Folder){
                find_files_sub (f[i], array, mask);
            } else if (f[i].name.substr (-mask.length).toUpperCase() == mask){
                array.push (f[i]);
        return array;

  • Adobe Bridge CS6 display question

    I am a landscape photographer.  Many times I shoot multiple exposures of the same scene to combine them later in HDR.  These are generally 3 or 5 exposures taken at the same time.  It would be very useful to see each set of multiple exposures on a separate line in Adobe Bridge so I can quickly choose which set to use for processing in HDR.  Does anybody know how to do that?  I could not see it in the View options in the menu bar of Bridge.  I am using Adobe Bridge CS6 ( on MAC OSX 10.6.8. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
    Sunnyvale, CA

    It would be very useful to see each set of multiple exposures on a separate line in Adobe Bridge so I can quickly choose which set to use for processing in HDR
    You can't do so in Bridge when having different amounts of series. If you shot always 5 you could drag the content window to a new size in combination with changing the thumbnail size so 5 thumbs would show in a row. The same with 3 but there is no way to have a content window showing 1 line with 3 and 1 line with 5 files in the same panel.
    In filmstrip mode you have 1 single line but that does not meet you wishes also.
    There is the option to auto stack for HDR or Photomerge (Stacks / Auto stack Panorama-HDR) but frankly spoken this sucks because it either does not do the job properly or simply crashes Bridge to my experience.

Maybe you are looking for

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