Is it possible to have different tabs print with different page setups.

I would like to use specific page setup parameters (under the File menu) for printing from a particular web site, but those parameters do not work well for printing from other web sites. I would like to be able to specify different page setup parameters for each open tab. Is this possible?

That might be possible via a GreaseMonkey user script, by setting the '''@include''' address to a specific domain.
This is an example of a script I found a few years ago to bypass a fault in Firefox when printing the Courier font.
<pre><nowiki>// ==UserScript==
// @name Fix Courier Bug
// @namespace
// @description Replaces "Courier" with "Courier New" font
// @author Dan
// @include *
// ==/UserScript==
var elementList = document.getElementsByTagName('*');
for (var i = elementList.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
var elementItem = elementList[i];
var ff = getComputedStyle(elementItem, '').fontFamily;
var oldff=ff;
ff = ff.replace('Courier New', '1234567890qwertyFONT');
ff = ff.replace('Courier', 'Courier New');
ff = ff.replace('1234567890qwertyFONT','Courier New'); = ff; </nowiki></pre>
Sorry, I can't help you with writing a script.

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    Well, i had hoped that the acrobat could open silent - eventhough they've removed that feature in the newer versions.
    Even though the program would open - if the amount of copies was added - and i just hat to press print - it would ease the job alot.

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    I don't think so what you have done is correct. It seems like Global Employment functionality. As I understood you have some EEs which are Indian but working in company branch of Yeman.
    If this is the case you should define a new company code for Yeman branch and use Global Employment functionality. By this you can make decision to pay in home currency or traget country currency.

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    is it possible to share an aperture library with different users using osx server.

    Not really.  You should not be sharing an Aperture library over a network.  It's not designed for that and you'll likely corrupt your library at some point.

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    Sign out of the account you do not wish to use, sign into the one that you do wish to use.

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    Hi Kannan,
    There are no multiple addresses but you can use multiple unloading ponts for the same address for the ship to Party.
    So when you create a Sales order the system will give a pop up with the unloading points allowing you to select the desired one.
    I hope I understand your query correctly.

  • I have a canon printer with a mac computer. For some reason whenever I print something the ink on the page is all green not black like it should be. I put in a new black ink cartrridge but that didn't change anything.Does anyone know why this is happening

    I have a canon printer with a mac computer. For some reason whenever I print something the ink on the page is all green not black like it should be. I put in a new black ink cartrridge but that didn't change anything.Does anyone know why this is happening?

    You posted in the OS 9 & below forum. What OS X version are you using? What model Canon printer? Canon printers have a test print capability (open the Printer Utility). What happens when you do a test print? Are all the printer cartridges in their proper location? Sometimes when you print "black", the printer uses a mixture of the colors to get "black". In the Printer Utility, check the levels of the other cartridges. There may be one color that is clogged.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Photoshop shut down while I drew a picture, now the file is broken and I can´t fix it, photshop won´t open the file and I have tried repearing it with different programs. What should I do?

    Photoshop shut down while I drew a picture, now the file is broken and I can´t fix it, photshop won´t open the file and I have tried repearing it with different programs. What should I do? I spent 6 hours on the pic and I dont even have a screenshot or anything.

    You don't even say what platform you are on, or any other details that may help others assist you.
    If you are on a Mac, try opening your file in GraphicConverter (they have a demo version) if that doesn't open it, nothing will, in my experience.
    I assume you have tried Adobe Illustrator already to recover.
    You may also have a JPEG of your complete file (flattened) in Bridge Cache.
    On the Mac you'd find it in your User ~Library (NOT the Root Library ):
    Users > yourname > Library > Caches > Adobe > Bridge CS6 > Cache > 1024 > jpg(fileID)number Filename.psd.jpg
    The user ~Library is hidden, but you can make it visible for an moment or two.  Ask Apple if you don't know how.
    I don't do Windows.

  • Unable To Print or Access Page Setup in Crystal Reports 2008

    I have Win 7 32 bit, and installed Crystal Reports 2008 last week (v12.0.0.683 from the Help window).
    Every time I open a report, and from the Preview tab clicking File -> Print, or File - > Page Setup, I immediately receive a Windows message that "Crystal Reports has stopped working".  After a few seconds, another Windows message displays "Crystal Reports has stopped working - a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available".  Then Crystal completely closes.
    I downloaded sample reports from the BO website, and still receive the error, so I don't think it's the report.
    When I view the Event Log, I see the following:
    Faulting application name: crw32.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x47c8be9a
    Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bdadb
    Exception code: 0xc0000374
    Fault offset: 0x000c283b
    Faulting process id: 0x94
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cc1fc304e98ecd
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\win32_x86\crw32.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
    Report Id: 3cfc99e6-8bb8-11e0-b8ef-00248122792c
    I have uninstalled and reinstalled CR 2008 multiple times and continue to receive the same error.  I tried updating to SP1 (Version Incremental) but I receive the following error: "A BusinessObjects product at a lower patch level is detected.  The installation cannot continue.  Please update all installed products to the SP1 patch level, then restart this installation".
    Need to print my reports - any ideas?

    Sorry busy on Support cases and they take precedence over this community forum.
    Very interesting....
    In a test application I use I have this routine to get the local printers:
    private void frmMain_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
         if (System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings.InstalledPrinters.Count > 0)
              foreach(String myPrinter in System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings.InstalledPrinters )
              cboCurrentPrinters.SelectedIndex = 0;
              rdoCurrent.Enabled = false;
         //For printers exposed to System account as per MS Kbase
         //Look to HKEY_USERS\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Devices
         Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey mySystemPrinters =
              Microsoft.Win32.Registry.Users.OpenSubKey(@".DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Devices");
         foreach (String defaultPrinters in mySystemPrinters.GetValueNames())
         if (cboDefaultPrinters.Items.Count > 0)
              cboDefaultPrinters.SelectedIndex = 0;
              rdoDefault.Enabled = false;
    Note the MS Kabse on where the printer registry is. Now the odd part is on one of my test development PC's it won't populate the Default User Printer list, only the Local User Printers. I take this same app to another PC and it works just fine. The register keys are there but for some reason on my Windows 7 64 bit it won't show them, the other strange part is I have full access to both keys. I have not been able to figure out why this happens...
    I'm thinking this may be related to your issue.... But I don't have a solution, very strange... I've even gone into regedit32 and set full permissions on the various keys and it still doesn't work...
    I have other VM-ware images if I need to get past that part for testing so I never drilled into why, I believe it has to be some Windows/Firewall/Anti-virus configuration or something our IT department pushed into my local Profile.... What that is I don't know unfortunately.
    I'll do some looking and testing. You may want to post this on Microsoft forums as well.... Ask about printer permissions.

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    I have 3 emails accounts on my Blackberry curve. I want to use different calendars for different type of reminders/appointments. How can I do that? In calendar I pressed menu key and then clicked on select calendar, choose one email address (email 1) then entered an alarm but now if I go to a different calendar associated with different email ( email 2), it also shows me that alarm which I entered in email 1 calendar. Thanks for help

    Don't have LV handy to open the old code, but I did read through the thread you referenced.  It sounds like the example configured 2 counters to create the variable-freq finite pulse train and configured a 3rd counter to count the # steps generated as verification.   That 3rd counter would be a problem for you as there is no internal timing signal connection between your 2 USB devices.  You would need to run a physical wire connection and change some of the config code to match.  Alternately, you could just delete all the code associated with the 3rd counter for now because it isn't strictly necessary.
    Further advice/questions:  Are you planning on a pure sine wave of frequency such that you oscillate with both positive and negative velocity (example: varying from -1000 to +1000 Hz clockwise)?  Or is there a nominal average frequency with a small sine wave superimposed (example: nominal of 1000 Hz clockwise, variation of +/- 50 Hz)?
    I *think* you may be dealing with more of a continuous pulsetrain situation, which is actually much simpler.  You would only need 1 counter/timer, though you would still perform the freq changes in a timed loop which uses the pulsetrain as its timing source.  You'd just need to keep track of your total elapsed time so you could figure out the right sinusoidal freq value at the moment you're ready to update it.
    Another subtlety to watch out for if you're oscillating about 0 velocity  -- don't try to create a frequency that is lower than the rate at which you need to update.  Also, with steppers you may have mechanical stability issues at low freqs like 10's to low 100's of Hz.    These kinds of things may need to be managed as special cases which force you to deviate from a "pure" sine wave.
    -Kevin P.

  • How do I set up different network locations with different wifi?

    I am having an issue setting up different network locations with different wifi profiles on each. I want to do this to enable fast switching of wireless networks. In my house I have two wireless networks, my own personal one and one that is created by using a wifi modem supplied by my company. If I use the company wifi network then I can get into all my work applications without having to enable VPN access separately. It is also faster. However, they also block many applications including sending email from my personal email account, dropbox, etc. So throughout the day I need to switch wireless networks back and forth.
    I was looking for a faster way to switch and thought I would try network locations. Was able to set up a new network location without issue. However it seems that whatever wireless preferences, changes, or wifi network order I put into my "Work" location it carries over to my other location which is the standard "Automatic".
    What I would like it to have my "Work" location only to be able to connect to my work wifi and my other network (Automatic) to just connect to my home wifi only. That way I can enable faster wifi switching and can even use my launcher program (Alfred) to provide shortcuts.
    Anyway to do this?
    Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

    Just thought I would bump this up in the conversation. Doing a further search I came across this discussion which is similar: Connecting to a wireless network via applescript?
    However, I tried to build the Automator application as discussed and cannot get it to work. Very much a novice at Applescript and Shell Script but have created customized Automator services before. All I get now is "Shell Script command encountered an error". No more detail. I copied and pasted the script as shown in the email thread. Is there any other line or command I need to place in front of it?
    Thanks again for any help

  • Is it possible to create a tagged pdf with apple pages?

    Not sure if possible and any tutorials would be appreciated.

    > Is it possible to create a tagged PDF with Apple Pages?
    Short answer: No, Apple chose at the introduction of Mac OS X to support only Adobe PDF 1.3 and those parts of Adobe PDF 1.4 that include device-independent transparency, but not those parts of Adobe PDF 1.4 that include Adobe XMP for XML markup of the page description program.
    Long answer: Adobe PostScript is a page description programming language, unlike Xerox Interpress which is a page and document description programming language. In other words, Adobe PostScript is a streaming or sequential rendering model that cannot simulate the behaviour of a bound book where the user can turn from any one page to any other page arbitrarily. Adobe introduced Acrobat Distiller in 1993 in order to convert Adobe PostScript page description programs into Adobe PDF page and document description programs that share the same fundamental functionality as Xerox Interpress.
    Conversion from Adobe PostScript to Adobe PDF buys one nothing but page-independent processing. Specifications published by Adobe in 1993 state how the SFNT Spline Font file format used by Apple and Microsoft for Unicode imaging has to be re-encoded into PostScript font program dictionary format (PostScript so-called simple fonts with less than 256 glyphs and PostScript so-called complex fonts (CID fonts) which are simple fonts tiled into a single superfont). All that is left is the glyph identifiers, and per Unicode Specification version 1.0 the glyph identifiers are private and font-dependent, so no character information can be inferred.
    ISO 19005:2005 PDF/A is a superset of ISO 15930:2002 PDF/X-3. The problem with ISO 15930:2002 PDF/X-3 is the same as above, that is, Adobe PostScript cannot encode the file format of the International Color Consortium, which has to be re-encoded to PostScript CSA Color Space Arrays and PostScript CRD Color Rendering Dictionaries. It is possible to encode the ICC file format directly in PDF 1.3 and higher, as specified in ISO 15930 and ISO 19005, but because PDF encodes only the glyph identifiers that are the output of the SFNT file format, and not the UCS Universal Character Set input and the settings for the feature selectors in the font file, ISO 19005:2005 has come under criticism for failing to support search in complex scripts.
    ISO 19005:2011 is supposed to address the shortcomings by saving the UCS input into the PDF itself, but in this case it is impossible to use Adobe PostScript and Adobe Acrobat Distiller as intermediates to Adobe PDF. So in order to drive ISO 19005:2011 Adobe would have to ditch Adobe Acrobat. I am not sure if there is software that implements ISO 19005:2011, but I noted that the Apple iBook Store does not accept PDF at all. Personally, I struggle to think of how to explain to endusers the overwhelming number of Adobe ISO PDF formats (there is PDF/E, PDF/UA and whatever else), and the overwhelming number of Adobe ISO PDF versions of these formats (there is ISO 19005:2005, ISO 19005:2011, ISO 15930 all the way back to 1999/2000 in God knows how many versions at this point).
    Best wishes,
    Henrik Holmegaard
    would-be technical writer

  • Tab control with 2 pages

    I want to create a Tab control with 2 pages, in each page there are 2 buttons - "OK" and "Cancel".
    If on Page1, "OK" is clicked, Page2 will be disable and greyed, until "Cancel" is clicked. And vice-versa for Page2 buttons.
    How to do this?
    Thanks in advance...
    Go to Solution.

    Hi Splee,
    Please view the attached vi, I believe it's doing what you've asked. You can invoke properties using property node in order to change the value of variables.
    Hi Simply_me check your Vi will it really works. To make this VI in working condition you have to do some more coding in your code.
    Check your page selection technique.
    Hi Splee,
    First you have to find out on which Tab Page user clicking the buttons, the all operations you have to do on other page.
    Once your page is disable you can't access the controls of that page. As Geeta says make a code using event structure with Tab Control property and invoke nodes. 
    You have to do some coding to achieve your requirements.
    Thanks and Regards
    Himanshu Goyal
    Thanks and Regards
    Himanshu Goyal | LabVIEW Engineer- Power System Automation
    Values that steer us ahead: Passion | Innovation | Ambition | Diligence | Teamwork
    It Only gets BETTER!!!

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