Is it possible to read books downloaded for Ibook on my computer?

I am curious, is it possible to read books dowloaded via ITunes for IBooks in my MacBook Pro?

Yes there is. Not by Apple yet but I have read the downloaded books (into iTunes library) using "caliber".
"calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books."
If necessary, you can also convert to another format (eg MOBI) so you can read on your Kindle or whatever...
pd: Read notes on appropiate version for you... you can download at

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    Sometimes I want to read on a larger screen, and if at home, it would be convenient to use the iMac to view books I have purchased using my iPhone.

    ibooks are epub which is a std format and many readers read it like stanza which is a mac app too
    problem is that apples ebooks have DRM so they can likely only be read using the ibook app
    which is not avaible on other platforms then ios

  • Is it possible to read books I purchased on my iPhone w/ iBooks on my Mac Pro?

    I purchased a book on my iPhone...  I believe I synched it up correctly but I can't figure out if it's possible to read books I purchased and downloaded to my iBooks App on my iPhone on my Mac Pro?

    Ibooks are for iphone/ipad/ipod touch.

  • I have a problem with books downloaded in ibooks to my ipad.  Full chapters are missing.

    I have a problem with books downloaded in ibooks to my ipad.  Full chapters are missing.  Do others have the same problem?

    the article just has instructions on redownloading books after your delete them under the managing contect heading then under      Can I download my previously purchased book again at no additional cost?
    you can delete books by going into collections then hitting edit
    basicish instuctions here

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    Also…If you want to stay with 10.6, consider installing 10.9 on another drive, downnload 10.1 to it and boot from that drive when you want to use the video editor.

  • How can I read books purchased from iBooks on my Mac?

    I'm completely new to the whole Apple world and have ran across this issue.  How can I read books, that I've purchased through iBooks on my iPad or iPhone, on my Mac?  Surely this is possible, but I just can figure out how Apple intends for us to do this.
    If someone could please help me out with this information I would appreciate it.

    Or I can just purchase them from a competitor such as Kindle and read them on my Mac
    Sure seems short sighted on Apple's part not to have this functionality.  This will drive my purchasing decisions to Kindle.
    I'm sure that there has been plenty of negative feedback already directed to Apple for this decision.  Does anyone know whether or not they have listened and if they have any plans to correct this issue?

  • Can't listen to audio books downloaded to ibooks

    i downloaded what I thougth were audio books onto Ipad--listened to preview worked fine---downloaded---onto Ibooks---can read book but not audio

    You don't need to post twice.
    Are you playing the books in iBooks or the Music App? I'm just guessing here - I don't have audio books but most audio content plays in the Music App. Launch the app and tap on More at the bottom and see if the books are in there.

  • I need a read (Speak) app for iBooks, Subscriptions, Kindle and other book based information and web or instruction based books and articles.

    I have spent 3-4 months downloading, buying and searching for an app that would read my books, my magazine subscription based articles and other written information resources. I can NOT find 1 that works and the ones that are dedicated (like Kindle) will not work even on a book I bought from Amazon and chose to save to my iPad kindle app. Their is not even an app I can find for the books and manuals I purchased from my iBook account and the Subscriptions I have their. I can't even find an app that would read passages from my NEBible. Can anyone, anywhere from Earth to the farthest reaches of the Universe, advise me of an app, or apps, that I can Buy, Rent, Lease or anything else an app, or whatever, that would read my books etc. to me? This is very important to me as being disabled and having adjustments to make to get info into me is a bit harder than it used to be. I would really appreciate any and all help I can get.
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     Cheers, Tom

  • Music/talk​ing book downloads for Palm Z22

    Hello, All,
    I'm very new to any kind of electronic goodies;  I learned to type on a Royal upright manual . . .  but now I have a Palm Z22, and I love using it.  I understand it's really the "baby" of these gadgets, but we get along!
    I'd like to know if it is possible to add software that will let me use my Z22 like an MP3 player.  I don't have an MP3 or IPod;  I just recently learned that you can download talking books to them, and I'd very much like to have this feature.  If I can do this with my Palm, I'd rather not purchase another device. 
    Since I can see no jack on my Palm for an earphone, I'm guessing this isn't going to work, but stranger things have happened.  I'm still learning what can and cannot be done;  perhaps if I eliminate the "can'ts", I'll manage to figure out the "cans" involved!
    Thanks muchly,
    Post relates to: Palm Z22

    No need to carry multiple devices. The E2 can also play audio if the TX is out of your budget range.
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  • Is it possible to read books on MacBook Air?

    is there anyone that can help me?

    What books?
    You can read Kindle books with the Kindle App.
    Ibooks are only for iphone/ipod/ipad.

  • Is it possible to view books purchased in iBooks on an Android device

    Hi, I've bought my first book within iBooks, is it possible to view it using an Android device e-reader (I use Aldiko, but could use any other)? I get a technical failure when I try and import which I suspect is caused by DRM kicking in, having previously imported ePub titles without any problems.
    Also, are there any good alternatives to the iBooks store - e.g. which allow purchases which can be copied between devices in this way?
    Thanks in advance

    vinnyvg wrote:
    If I  produce an eBook using iBA  to offer free ( and DRM free ) from my websites....  can they be downloaded and used by Android  phones/tablets??
    Only the iPad can read the .ibooks format produced by iBA.  If you want to use the pdf option, then anything can read it.

  • HT2736 Can i send a book (ie for ibooks, not an audiobook) as a gift?

    I'd like to purchase a book from the itunes store as a gift for a friend (without the friend requiring a credit card)

    ibooks can't currently be gifted - you could give your friend an iTunes gift card instead and suggest that they buy that book with it.

  • Where do I store and download for IPhone Apps and Computer Apps?

    I'm feeling like a dinosaur in not understanding how to download and store apps for my iphone and those that I may DEMO or buy for my computer.
    For instance I have started syncing the iPhone to the MacBookPro so that this is easy when I am traveling. Now the MacBookPro is in the shop and I'd like to d/l an app for the iPhone. Can I do this on the MacPro which I am using now? If so, do I go directly to the Mac App Store do I open some App program on my MacPro? Do I have to d/l this app from my phone or MacBookPro only? I don't get this.
    Also, I called in for Aperture support the other day and didn't have any info on this software that I bought. I guess I downloaded a demo from some Mac Computer App store and then paid for the App after running the Demo? Then this information is stored somewhere different from having downloaded the Software directly without a demo or from another site or from some app on my MacPro?
    Something of a newbie here so any straightening out on how this works now and (perhaps) how it may work differently in IOS 5 or Lion would be really wonderful.

    The iphone will sync with one computer at a time.  If you sync to another, then the current contetn will be erased and reaplaqced with content from the new computer.
    "If so, do I go directly to the Mac App Store do I open some App program on my MacPro? "
    The Mac app  store has NOTHING at all to do with iphone.  it is for buyong apps for your computer ONLY, NOT iphone.
    You can download apps from the itunes app store on your iphone or on your computer.  Your choice.
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 5.0 Software)

  • HT204081 Can i read books bought in itunes on my computer? Trying to open in adobe reader and all i have are blank pages.

    I have purchased books on itunes, can read them on ipad, but cannot read them on my computer. They will go into my Adobe digital reader and list the table of contents but all pages are blank.
    So should i have not bought itune books and stayed with amazon and others?

    iBooks purchased via iTunes are normally protected with DRM and can only be viewed using the iBooks app on an iOS device. Such requirements are stated on every page where you can purchase an iBook, just below the button to buy.

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