Is there a way to create new Barcodes for Adobe Printforms

Hi All,
As far I know there is currently no way to add new barcodes to the Adobe designer..SAP Note #430887 says the same..
Can I get any exact SAP note which states that adding new barcodes is not currently possible..
If there is any way we can do this please let me know..
Appreciate your time..

I hope this will help you.
MW6 Barcode DLL for SAP R/3 is compatible with SAPsprint and SAPlpd, it allows you to print 1D barcodes.
Code39, Code128, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA and UPCE,
PDF417, DataMatrix, Aztec and QRCode virtually on any windows printer from SAP R/3 system.
TBarCode/SAPwin is a Barcode DLL for SAP R/3, SAP ECC and mySAP ERP. This barcode DLL extends SAPsprint, SAPlpd and SAPWIN DLL with barcode printing features.
TBarCode/SAPwin prints ALL common linear and 2D bar codes on all Windows printers.
Costly barcode equipment like barcode cartridges, barcode fonts or barcode printers are avoided! TBarCode/SAPwin works with SAPscript, ABAP and SmartForms. All SAP-forms are supported without modification.

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    Try to take over the world!

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    Turnaround times ultimately depend on the skill of the person doing the work just as much as the programs' capabilities. And 10 minutes for editing a video? That's just ridiculous. Importing/ exporting footage or tweaking voice-over audio alone could take longer as could replacing/ re-typing text.

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    Try this add-on: <br />

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