Is there a way to delete emails on one device that will transfer to all my devices so I don't have to delete the same emails off all my devices??

Is there a way to delete emails on one device that will transfer to all my other devices so I don't have to delete the same emails on all my devices?

Go to the mailbox tab in the Mail application and selecting "synchronize iCloud".  Whenever you delete mail from  one of your devices it will automatically delete from the others--within iCloud.

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    Is there a way to delete the Apple ID used on one device (IPhone5) and replace it with another ID that is being used on three other devices?

    If you have turned on Settings > iCloud > Find My you will have to start by turning that off - requires entering the Apple ID password.  Then remove the Apple ID from all places it is used, i.e., Messages, FaceTime, and so on.  Go to the App Store and then Sign Out.  Now you can enter the desired Apple ID and password in all of those places.

  • I duplicated all the pictures in my library. Is there any way to delete the duplicates at one time without going and deleting them one by one

    I duplicated all my pictures. Is there any way to delete the duplicates without deleting them one at a time. I now have 44,000 pictures and have 22,000 duplicates

    Easiest solution: restore from your back up.
    Other than that: For dealing with duplicates in iPhoto check out Duplicate Annihilator or Decloner

  • Is there a way to DELETE the local mac library after iCloud upload?

    I've uploaded 75GB of photos to iCloud, and would now LOVE to reclaim that space in my meagre 250 GB Mac Book Pro.
    Now that I've paid my iClouds photo subscription, is there a way to delete the local Photos library and reclaim that space?
    FYI the "optimized" version is 72 GB.

    Just for clarity, I am not referring to the iPhotos library. I am referring to the newly created Photos library. Since I plan not to use iPhoto and Aperture anymore, I am moving the iPhotos old library to an external HD. My question is whether I can delete the newly created Photos library from my hard drive since I'm paying for online storage and have successfully imported 75 GB of photos to iCloud.

  • Is there a way to delete the Library Slide Show?

    Is there a way to delete the Library Slide Show? It references a lot of old images that are no longer on my hard drive, and it looks like it will take ages to click on Cancel for every no-longer-existant image. Can I delete the whole slide show somehow? (It won't let me do it from within the program as far as I can see).

    Make a temporary, backup copy (if you don't already have a backup copy) of the library and apply the two fixes below in order as needed:
    Fix #1
    Launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down and rebuild the library.
    Select the options identified in the screenshot. 
    Then try deleting the library again.
    Fix #2
    Using iPhoto Library Manager  to Rebuild Your iPhoto Library
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and launch.
    Click on the Add Library button, navigate to your Home/Pictures folder and select your iPhoto Library folder.
    Now that the library is listed in the left hand pane of iPLM, click on your library and go to the File ➙ Rebuild Library menu option
    In the next  window name the new library and select the location you want it to be placed.
    Click on the Create button.
    Note: This creates a new library based on the LIbraryData.xml file in the library and will recover Events, Albums, keywords, titles and comments but not books, calendars or slideshows. The original library will be left untouched for further attempts at fixing the problem or in case the rebuilt library is not satisfactory.

  • I have created my site with Muse and have uploaded to an external ftp hosting, now my secure log in will not work because I am not using BC. Is there a way to create a secure log in that will work with out being forced to use BC?

    I have created my site with Muse and have uploaded to an external ftp hosting, now my secure log in will not work because I am not using BC. Is there a way to create a secure log in that will work with out being forced to use BC?

    Secure Zone login feature will only work if you host your website with Business catalyst.
    Please take a look to this as an alternative
    Password Protect Pages Widget for Adobe Muse
    Also, check this thread,
    Re: Can I create a login/password protection in Muse for a HTML5 page or two?

  • I have an older iPod Touch running iOS 4.2.1 which can no longer be updated. Is there a way to download older versions of apps that will run on this device? I am particularly interested in an older version of Minecraft PE. Thanks!

    Is there some way to download older versions of games that will run in an iPod Touch running iOS 4.2.1? I want to give my old device to a child who recently went through a hard time and his device was damaged. It is no use if it only has music on it. Thanks!

    To more easily find compatible apps:
    iOSSearch - search the iTunes store for compatible apps.
    Apple Club - filter apps by iOS version.
    Starting when iOS 7 was released, Apple now allows downloading the last compatible version of some apps (iOS 4.2.1 and later only)
    App Store: Downloading Older Versions of Apps on iOS - Apple Club
    App Store: Install the latest compatible version of an app
    You first have to download the non-compatible version on your computer. Then when you try to purchase the version on your iPod you will be offered a compatible version if one exists.

  • HT1451 i have and can find all duplicates in my library - after i find them is there a way to delete the other than one at a time

    i have and can find all duplicates in my library - after i find them is there a way to delete them (in mass) other than deleting one at a time?

    The only way they would all come over is if your wife had automatic downloads turned on in her store settings on the phone before she downloaded the apps. A popup for this option also comes up when you first sign into an apple id on the phone in the app store. If she didn't have that setting turned on, she'll have to download them one by one.
    She could also try to sync them over from a computer that has itunes on it

  • HT4897 Is there a way to delete the first alias created that's labeled imap?

    I created an icloud email address I no longer want to use. I see ways of creating a new alias but no way of deleting the first one that's labeled imap. Help!

    No, your iTunes account is completely separate and does not need to be the same as the ID you use for iCloud (or other services).
    To create a new account and migrate your data to the new account, first save any photo stream photos that you want to keep that aren't already backed up by opening your my photo stream album, tap Edit, tap all the photos you want to save, tap Share, tap Save to Camera Roll.  Also save any iWork documents you may be syncing with iCloud.
    Then go to Settings>iCloud and tap Delete Account, and when prompted, choose Keep on My [iDevice].  Then sign in with a different Apple ID (if you don't have one, tap Get a Free Apple ID at the bottom, which will require a separate non-Apple email that must be verified).  Next, turn you iCloud data syncing back to On, and when prompted, choose Merge to upload your data to the new account.  When you turn Mail to On, you will be prompted to choose your email address, which must be different than your old one.
    Note: you can only create a limited number of iCloud accounts on a single iOS device, so you can only do this a limited number of times.  (While this number isn't documented, I believe it's three.)

  • I bought a used iPod classic. Is there any way  to delete the music already loaded on the device?

    Is there any way to delete songs from a device?   I bought a used iPod classic and do not want to mange the songs that are already on it

    Hello 1moloom,
    I'd recommend restoring the the iPod, as this will remove all content and restore all settings to factory defaults.
    Restoring iPod to factory settings

  • Is there any way to delete the favorites folder from the mac mail sidebar?

    I recently made the mistake of flagging two email messages. Immediately I now see a "Flagged" icon in my Mac Mail sidebar, right under the Inbox. I the "unflagged" the messages. They went away but the Flagged icon won't. It now seems to be a permanent fixture of my mail sidebar. Is there any way to move, relocate or delete a mailbox icon you don't use and don't want to see?

    There's no "downgrade" from OS X Server 10.6 Snow Leopard Server to client.
    Acquire the current OS X client software, boot the DVD and use Disk Utility to erase the target disk, and reinstall the software.
    Leaving the box with the server software running, with the services stopped, adds negligible performance overhead.  If any.

  • HT4528 Is there a way of deleting the 16,000 verizon technician allow on my i phone when he set up the new verizon settings.  Like loading to the computer and then erasing all, which you cannot do on the phone

    Is there any way of getting rid of the 16,000 e mail on my 4s by load onto the computer and then deleting all.  The  phone only allows you to delete one at a time.

    Delete the account and all the emails will go with it.

  • I don't know the password to the old Apple ID on this phone. Is there any way to delete the iCloud ID without the old password?


    No, not unless you have a more current iCloud ID that was created by revising this old ID.  If you do, you can go to, click Manage my Apple ID and sign in with your current iCloud ID.  Click edit next to the primary email account, change it back to your old email address and save the change.  Then edit the name of the account to change it back to your old email address.  You can now use your current password to turn off Find My iPhone, then delete the account.  When you're done, go back to and change your primary email address and iCloud ID name back to the way it was.
    If that isn't the case, and you don't know the password for the old ID, you'll have to reset it yourself (see or contact the Apple account security team for assistance resetting it:

  • I have "doubles" of all my songs in my library.  Is there a way to delete the "extra" without doing it one at a time?

    I have "doubles" of all songs in my library due to my ignorance about transferring from old computer to new.  Is there a way to delte all of the extras without doijng it one-by-one?

    I have tried rebooting, but everything was still frozen afterward.  I've considered doing a restore on the computer, but that would probably wipe all of my saved information out as it's never been connected with the computer before. Also, during a restore, it asks you to confirm information on your iphone screen, which is impossible to do with it being frozen. 

  • Is there a way to delete the elements on the stage that start with / Stage_

    I'm not sure when it happened, but I noticed that in edge some of my stage elements have dupes below the list of regular elements. When hovered over they say <div> "NAME_OF_DIV" (static) (NAME_OF_DIV is just meaning that it can have many different names there, but they all start with Stage_)
    I've attached a screenshot to show you what I mean
    I've blocked out some of the names since the titles are not for public eyes
    But you can see what I mean, and the kicker is that some of those elements are getting into my code, so if I target one of them (the real one like "tile_explore" with a compositionReady it's bunging up the works saying it's undefined since Stage_title_explore hasn't been set yet I'm guessing?).
    Anyone have any insight as to how I can get rid of those extra ones below, it'd be a life saver (since I'm getting a bunch of text under my main UI that I don't want)
    The Answer!
    Answering my own question in case others come about it. At one point I exported as static HTML on one machine, but then loading the file on another didn't retain that option in the publish settings. Also it would seem that it didn't even finish the HTML (didn't close the <body> and <html> tags) so I added those back in after removing all of the static HTML divs and everything is great again!

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    You can't remotely delete anything on their device, but if they are logged in, even if they don't know your password, they can continue to receive any new data you add to iCloud. To stop this you should change your password.

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