Issues with trade in for promotion of iPhone 6

I have had nothing but issues while trying to purchase the iPhone 6.  I have been a Verizon customer for over 4 years.  First is was my data plan had to change, I’m like ok… but the info. i was given by 3 different people was incorrect.  I was downgraded from an unlimited dat plan to a 2GB for the same price. I was told by since I was downgrading from unlimited I would be able to purchase a 2GB plan but receive 6GB …. well that was “mis-informed” as I was told when I put in my pre-order for my iPhone 6 and then had to wait 2 hours to speak with someone about the data plan because my online order would not go through until the dat plan was fixed.
I pre-order my phone and fallout the trade in form for my iPhone 4 (which was still working).  My trade in was canceled after i received the new iPhone!  Apparently the system couldn’t catch up fast enough and then when you call the Trade in # you can not get through.  I fill out a 2nd application and this was sticks.  I mail the iPhone 4 in…. and 3 weeks later is it received and processed - but apparently in the shipping process the phone was damaged and now I am being “penalized”.  I was supposed to receive $40 for the iPhone 4 and $160 for the new phone as a promotion. 
I am being told that my screen is cracked and the phone doesn’t turn on.  After calling numerous times again and finally getting through my case is being escalated to support - I reply to the support email about the situation…. the next day i get an e-giftcard for $36 - unacceptable.   I write again …. now a week later still no response.  I call back the trade in #.  I explain everything all over again… “Sorry Ma’am we have a picture of the device and there is a small crack at the bottom corner of the screen”.  So because the phone was damaged in shipping (in their packaging… a plain paper envelope no bubble wrapping, I am getting duped.  I am told to call customer service for help.  I call, a very nice woman answers on the phone 15 minutes she is trying to contact her supervisor, with no luck…. and she is not sure why they told me to call customer service, because it is a different dept and they can’t help anyway.
So now I sent another email in.  This is ridiculous!  I would have never sent in my phone for a “rebate” or order the new phone if it had not been for that promotional offer.  My phone worked just fine, no cracks, no dropped calls, no Bluetooth issues, etc. like i have with this new iPhone.
This lack of customer service is unacceptable.  I would have never signed up for a new 2yr contract with them if I knew all the issues I would have.  4 years of loyalty and this is how they treat their customers.

The phone was an iPhone 4, and we were informed that the Find My iPhone feature was on. However, my wife turned it off, and I double-checked this before the phone was sent in. When the feature was turned off, the instructions provided by Verizon were followed exactly, however we were informed that the feature also needed to be turned off on iCloud (even though there were no directions indicating this in any of the Verizon documentation or on the website).
At this point it isn't as much about getting the $111 as it is about letting someone know how rudely my wife was treated by Adam (he was at station 34 on Monday, February 10 - she noted this, because he refused to give out his last name). She was told several times by Adam that he does not report to anyone, that he had no supervisor, and there was no one higher up we could speak with. He was rude, condescending, and obviously blatantly lied. Additionally he intentionally kept my wife on hold for 30 minutes hoping she would give up and hang up. The reason we know that he did so intentionally, is because he also indicated that it was "actually pretty slow" in the call center. He also indicated that she had no additional recourse and should just "hang up" and "give up."
It's really just that we don't feel like we can trust the trade-in program, and won't be trading in any additional phones through that program. Thank you for responding, at least we can be sure that there is some customer service still happening at Verizon. We have just had our faith in Verizon's customer service pretty rudely shaken.

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  • Anyone else had issues with phone network being unavailable on iPhone 4 since updating to iOS 5.0.1? My iPhone 4 is continually searching for a network and does not find my provider. I swapped SIMs with another iPhone 4 on ios 4 to confirm device problem.

    Has anyone else had issues with phone network being unavailable on iPhone 4 since updating to iOS 5.0.1? My iPhone 4 is continually searching for a network and does not find AT&T, my provider. I swapped SIM cards with another iPhone 4 running ios 4 and established this is a device problem, not a SIM card problem.

    Does the device get any signal? 
    Sounds like the device may have had a hardware failure.  If it is out of warranty, the only option is the Out of Warranty replacement.
    AppleCare is only an option if it is still under the original warranty.

  • HT1386 we are using same laptop with my wife for our 2 iphones and when sincronizing, she's getting my apps and is requested for my apple id and password when getting a new app on her device. How can i fix that issue?

    we are using same laptop with my wife for our 2 iphones and when sincronizing, she's getting my apps and is requested for my apple id and password when getting a new app on her device. How can i fix that issue?

    Each phone needs to set its own sync settings on the various tabs in iTunes.  On the Apps tab, for example, uncheck the apps that you don't want on the phone being synced.  This article may also be of interest:
    You can change the Apple ID used for purchasing on her phone by going to Settings>Store>Apple ID, tap the ID shown, sign out, sign back in using her Apple ID.  However, be aware that if she has any apps on her phone purchased with your Apple ID she will still be prompted to enter the password associated with this ID for all future updates of these apps.  This is because apps are permanently tied to the Apple ID used to purchase them, regardless of the ID in Settings>Store.

  • I have an issue with disappearing option for 1920x1080 in Preferences / Displays.

    Recently updated to 10.9 - have all updates installed - Mid 2010 iMac 21.5.
    I have an issue with disappearing option for 1920x1080 in Preferences / Displays. - After overnight shutdown, my iMac woke up and the screen resolution of my 2nd was set at 800 x 600 - the display a Samsung S22B150 was previously working properly at 1920 x 1080.  This option is no longer available in the system preferences - highest resolution available 1600 x 1200.
    I use my mMac for Photography and use the second monitor for the interface, leaving the iMac screen as a full work area for the photos.
    I have tried:
    Power down Monitor & restart
    Shutdown & restart
    Shutdown & restart in Safe Boot Mode (options same in Prefs)
    Power down Monitor & restart in Safe Boot Mode
    Ran Disc Utility - Repaired Permissions, verified both HDD & Mac OSX
    Udated Pram
    I am now at a loss, I guess I could try a recovery, and download/install  Mavericks again, but do not wish to do this if I can help it.
    I have searched the net to see if there are any Terminal commands to enable the resolution, but can find nothing.
    Anyone out there have any ideas, please.

    Back up all data. Quit System Preferences if it's running.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it, then copy the text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C:
    In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar. Paste into the box that opens (command-V), then press return. A folder should open. If it does, look for a file with a long name that begins "". There may be several such files. Move them to the Trash.

  • Issue with Visibility Settings for Backgrounds and Layers

    I am using Acrobat Pro XI 11.0.10 (Windows) and having an issue with visibility settings for layers and backgrounds. I am attempting to get backgrounds to appear while viewing in Adobe Reader and Acrobat Pro but not be printed and so far have had no success.
    When using a background the Appearance Options dialogue has "Show when printing" unchecked, but "Show when displaying on screen" is checked. This results in the background not showing on the screen, and the background will only appear once the box for "Show when printing" is checked. It looks like the option for printing is dictating whether or not the background is able to appear.
    Using layers has not worked either. The background layer is set to "Never Prints", but will still show up when printed.
    I was wondering if anyone else has run into this and has a solution, or has any recommendations.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi setrev2012,
    How are you adding the backgroud?
    The only way I can think to accomplish this is via a watermark.
    The basics...
    Open PDF in Acrobat. Choose Pages > Watermark > Add Watermark.
    Select a jpg or PDF of your background and adjust scaling options as desired.
    Then click the Appearance Options.. and uncheck the Show When Printing option.
    In this image the PDF is a blank page with the word "Test" on it. The watermark is the stamp and impression (a stock photo jpg).
    If you want a solid color background, just create a flat image of the background color for use as the watermark.
    If you have already followed the steps and still facing the issue then please share the file with me at [email protected] so that i can have a look.

  • I have some issue with my bluetooth im using an iphone 5 its just keep on searching bluetooth devices it cannot detect other bluetooth device, any solutions to my problem?

    I have some issue with my bluetooth im using an iphone 5 its just keep on searching bluetooth devices it cannot detect other bluetooth device, any solutions to my problem?

    Hi miffyzoo,
    If you are having bluetooth pairing issues with your iPhone and your Mac, you may find the troubleshooting steps outlined in the following article helpful:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Bluetooth connections
    - Brenden

  • Hello every one, am having issue with my itunes, for some reason or another my icon in the itunes doesnt change, its stuck on Songs, and will not let me get playlist or anything else. can any one tell me if that can be fixed

    hello every one, am having issue with my itunes, for some reason or another my icon in the itunes doesnt change, its stuck on Songs, and will not let me get playlist or anything else. can any one tell me if that can be fixed
    Error 1 or -1
    This may indicate a hardware issue with your device. Follow Troubleshooting security software issues, and restore your device on a different known-good computer. If the errors persist on another computer, the device may need service.

  • Issues with Facebook App on T-mobile iPhone 5

    I'm having issues with the Facebook app on my iPhone 5 (Tmobile). I read and replied to a friend's Facebook message, and his profile pic now appears as a "bubble" near the top right of the screen and won't disappear. How can I remove the bubble pic?

    Read that explains it all

  • Issues with ios 8.3 update on iPhone 5

    After updating my iPhone 5 to ios 8.3, I am unable to stream purchased music and videos from iTunes or any podcasts. I also can not stream videos on YouTube, Netflix, or Safari. Nothing works on both Wi-Fi and my normal data. If I could I would try to turn off the phone and restart but unfortunately my iPhone 5 is one of the ones that has the faulty lock button that needs to be repaired. But besides that, has anybody else been having issues with streaming music and videos?

    i'm looking for people with problems on iphone 5 with 8.3 because i'm still on ios7 and considering to upgrade
    but if you have problem with turning off the phone,
    you can set up "assistive touch" from setting > general > accessibility > assistive touch (down the bottom)
    you can also set this on the accessibility shortcut for the triple click on the home button to show/hide the assitive touch
    you'll see a black circle floating on the screen somewhere. you can move this thing around if it blocks what you want to see/tap
    now to turn off your phone you can tap the assistive touch button > device > tap and hold the 'lock screen' icon until the power off slider comes up.
    so you don't really have to fix the lock button

  • Issue with Multiple LTS for a fact table and filters

    I am facing an issue with obiee 10g.
    In my model, I have a huge FACT table F1 (partitioned and indexed). The average response time for the queries, which targeted it, was ~30-60 seconds, which was not really convincing our end user.
    So, we decided to create a materialized view, which removes some dimensions that are not used by default, but might be used if the end user adds some filters. I added the Materialized view in the Physical Layer and in the corresponding Logical Table Source.
    I then tried to see if it works, but I was a bit surprised by the result. Indeed,
    -> If the report does not reference a truncated dimension, it targets the materialized view. -> Perfect
    -> If the report does reference a truncated dimension in the columns, it targets the Fact Table. -> Perfect
    -> If the report does reference a truncated dimension in the Filters, it targets the materialized view. For this reason, the filter is never resolved and no join on the dimension table is applied, whereas it exists in logical SQL generated. -> Ko.
    A suggestion could be to add the filters into the columns, but I am not satisfied by this response because it will never use the materialized view in that case.
    An other suggestion could be to use query rewrite, but I 'd like to have the full control on the generation of the queries.
    Does someone know if the filters are not evaluated to determine which LTS to use? How can I force this evaluation?

    If I understand your description correctly, then your materialized view skips some dimensions (infrequent ones). However, when you reference these skipped dimensions in filters, the queries are hitting the materialized view and failing as these values do not exist. In this case, you could resolve it as follows
    1. Create dimensional hierarchies for all dimensions.
    2. In the fact table's logical sources set the content tabs properly. (Yes, I think this is it).
    When you skipped some dimensions, the grain of the new fact source (the materialized view in this case) is changed. For example:
    Say a fact is available with the keys for Product, Customer, Promotion dimensions. The grain for this is Product * Customer * Promotion
    Say another fact is available with the keys for Product, Customer. The grain for this is Product * Customer (In fact, I would say it is Product * Customer * Promotion Total).
    So in the second case, the grain of the table is changed. So setting appropriate content levels for these sources would automatically switch the sources.
    So, I request you to try these settings and let me know if it works.
    Thank you,

  • Issues with IOS 8.0.2 on iPhone 6

    Hello  Users and Apple What is going on with IOS 8 and IOS 8.0.2 my iPhone 6 with the latest update my device while I am using apps my iphone does not respond also battery dies quicker. I aready follow troubleshooting articles from Apple Support but no resolution. Please Apple respond I went thru a lot rush and big lines for me to get a get a device the does not work properly. I think you guys had enough time to realease a Perfect iPhone after all that waiting and crazy lines on apple store. Please respond!!!!!!

    My wife and I are also experiencing intermittent issues with our new iPhone 6s. We both recently upgraded, she had an iPhone 4S and I had an iPhone 5 both of which worked very well and reliably. So far, in the week that we’ve had the 6s, we’ve experienced more app crashes and issues with iPhone remaining connected to our home and work networks. The wifi issues are occurring on both of our phones even after updating to iOS 8.0.2 so those issues have not been fully resolved. The app crashes we experienced initially seem to have been fixed after updating but, it’s only been a day. I’ve only owned iPhones as my last three cell phones (3G, 4S and a 5) and the 6 so far has the most issues. iOS 8 is also the buggiest OS to date in my experience using iOS. Not a great sign for the direction Apple is going in. The reason I’ve always preferred an iPhone to other available phones is that they’ve always worked exactly as promised and whatever few issues may have existed either with the OS or the device, they were fixed quickly. Unless another iOS update is forthcoming that truly corrects the remaining OS issues, for the first time since first owning an iPhone, I’m going to really begin to lose a little faith in Apple products. Between my wife and I, five iPhones, two Apple TVs and two Macbook Pros. As an example of the wifi issue I’m talking about, last night my wife was watching a show on HBO GO on her iPhone while she was preparing dinner in the kitchen. Her iPhone was connected to our home network as usual and as it always was with our previous iPhones. While watching the show, she gets a message stating that using 3G to stream shows could affect her data bill. Meanwhile, the wifi symbol was still showing on the top of her phone as if it was still connected to our home network but apparently, the phone was actually using our cell network to stream HBO GO. That obviously shouldn’t be happening and is definitely going to affect our cell bill big time. Neither of us have ever experienced these issues on our old iPhones. Very disappointing.

  • Issues with Creative Cloud for teams deployment workflow

    The Adobe Creative Cloud for teams IT Deployment Guide lists out steps for IT admins to deploy the CS6 applications and then have their end-users license the trial software with their Adobe IDs once they have been invited to the team. There are two major issues with this document.
    First, the media that is on the FTP is not for North American English. We are working to get that posted on the FTP site ASAP. In the meantime, you can find the CS6 MC media from:
    [Note: Getting media from that page requires the use of the Adobe Download Assistant which is very consumer focused. Sorry about that.]
    Second, in order to have the ability to login properly with a Creative Cloud for Teams account the system needs to have the latest copy of Adobe Application Manager installed. If you do not do this step the end user will be prompted for a serial number.
    Unfortunately the Adobe Application Manager can’t be packaged with AAMEE nor is it a native installer. I know, I know! Here are the links to the Adobe Application Manager installers:
    It can be installed from command line by:
    Win: <Path to Setup.exe>Set-up.exe –mode=silent –action=install
    Mac: <path to ASU> /ASU/ –mode=silent –action=install
    Jody Rodgers | Sr. Product Manager | Creative Cloud for Enterprise | Adobe Systems

    Hi Boncker,
    I see that you have an active Subscription under your account . Please launch any of the installed product and when you get the trial prompt , please click on License this software and then Enter the Adobe Id & Password for the account that you have accepted the invite .
    Please do let us know if that worked for you or not .
    Kartikay Sharma

  • Issue with Apps adapter for Create_Cust_Account API

    Hi ,
    I need to invoke this package from apps adapter in BPEL(
    Create Customer: HZ_CUST_ACCOUNT_V2PUB. create_cust_account. This is a Over loaded procedure. Look for the Procedure with these Parameters.
    PROCEDURE create_cust_account (
    p_init_msg_list IN VARCHAR2:= FND_API.G_FALSE,
    p_cust_account_rec IN CUST_ACCOUNT_REC_TYPE,
    p_organization_rec IN HZ_PARTY_V2PUB.ORGANIZATION_REC_TY
    p_customer_profile_rec IN HZ_CUSTOMER_PROFILE_V2PUB.CUSTOMER
    p_create_profile_amt IN VARCHAR2:= FND_API.G_TRUE,
    x_cust_account_id OUT NUMBER,
    x_account_number OUT VARCHAR2,
    x_party_id OUT NUMBER,
    x_party_number OUT VARCHAR2,
    x_profile_id OUT NUMBER,
    x_return_status OUT VARCHAR2,
    x_msg_count OUT NUMBER,
    x_msg_data OUT VARCHAR2
    But I’m getting the following error,
    An error occurred while running Jpublisher.missing method
    · I’ve tried with Database adapter. But in the runtime I’m not able to pass oracle apps initialization parameter in spite of using transaction and idempotent property in partnerlink.
    · Then I’ve tried to invoke fnd_global.apps_initialize first then call the package from database adapter, but it fails again, apparently its not able to execute both DBadapter in same database session although they are in same BPEL transaction.
    When I’m passing the initialization parameters in adapter created wrapper procedure then its working fine and customer got created.
    Please let me know where I’m going wrong or issue with apps adapter.
    It’s urgent …
    Thanks in Advance,

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm able to execute the BPEL flows using DB adapter in same session and customer got created.
    But I'm wondering why I cant invoke the API using Apps adapter though its standard one.
    wsdl file is not getting generated as the adapter wizard not get completed.
    Do u have any idea why its giving ' error occurred while running Jpublisher.missing method' error?should I conclude that apps adapter does not support overloaded procedure.

  • Issue with provided message for WSDL of SAP PI sender interface

    as I am not familar with SOAP interfaces and use of WSDL by partners with WSDL generated in SAP PI there are some issues that I have with a scenario:
    1. Import of external xsd for message is done
    2. Enterprise Repository and Integration Directory objects are completely created and activated
    3. WSDL was generated from ID Sender agreement (This is PI 7.1)
    4. Partner got the WSDL
    The partner provided now some test messages by mail that I would like to test in the mapping as the message is really complex.
    But the result is strange...
    1. The header of the partner message is this:
    <XJustiz_Daten xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
      <Grunddaten xmlns="">
    (Some german words are in that example. But this doesn t matter!)
    This is different to the xml that PI generates in mapping:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:XJustiz_Daten xmlns:ns0="">
          <ns0:Grunddaten XJustizVersion="">
    Partner defines xsi:   instead of ns0   and PI fails using this message!
    So I had to change the message header and add ns0: to all element tags and node tags of the message.
    (See for example with first node "Grunddaten").
    2. There are some mandatory nodes and elements.
    An example:
    - Rechtsform is mandatory node (1..1) with element content (mandatory 1..1)
    So it will appear in the payload like this:
                                <ns0:content xmlns=""/>
    But the partner provides this:
    <Rechtsform xsi:nil="true" />
    which is the next issue as PI doesn t understand as xsi is not mapped to a namespace. !
    It would be easy to use an "exist" function to solve the issue with the not provided element but this will not help
    when the node is provided with additinal information xsi:....
    Can you give any help/answer why PI is not able to handle such things.
    Thank you!
    Best regards

    Hello Meinhard,
    If you are the Service Owner, the sender system must use your wsdl message (WebService Definition).
    If there're other problems or the sender system can't use your message structure, in agreement with them you need to develope a different mapping.

  • Issue with Work Items for a User

    HI All,
    I have an issue with workflow.
    One of my user stopped receiving work items in his inbox. I checked table SWWUSERWI and found 0 entries for the user. So i guess there is no problem with the display setting in SBWP.
    What could be the probable reason and where can i find if those workitems that are generated for him that he has not received.

    There can be many many reasons. You need to understand the workflow and work with an example (an item the user says they should have received). Then try to follow the agent determination logic based on the data contained in that example and verify that everything matches up.

Maybe you are looking for