ITunes and 5.1 surround sound problem

The iTunes won't play my music in 5.1 surround sound. Now my PC is equiped with sound card capable of producing 5.1 surround sound and my windows media player is playing my music files in full surround sound. iTunes on the other hand won't do it for some reason.
All my sound and audio options in control panel are on 5.1 surround sound so i don't know what's going on with my iTunes...also all other programs play my audio and video files in full surround sound.
How do i get the iTunes to play my music in 5.1 surround sound?

If the files are just standard stereo MP3 files, iTunes is only going to play them to two speakers. Windows Media Player may do some kind of procesessing of the stereo signal to simulate surround sound and play to 5.1 speakers, but iTunes does not do that.
iTunes will play true DTS 5.1 channel audio files under certain conditions, but those are special files, not just standard MP3s.

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  • ITunes and 5.1 Surround Sound not working

    iTunes doesn't work with my 5.1 surround sound setup, i was wondering if other people have had this problem, and if so how do i fix it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    Self Built   Windows XP  

    All my players (WMP, Realplayer, AvRack) play 5.1 surround except iTunes.
    I've tried the Quicktime Pro adjustments as posted. No luck.
    Does Apple post here?
    From all the surround ?'s, it seems the player won't do surround anymore?
    Scot - MarginCall

  • On my PC i try to open itunes and it says encountered a problem and closes

    On my PC i try to open itunes and it says encountered a problem and closes

    Hi there MS5150,
    I would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps found in the article below. 
    iTunes for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8: Fix unexpected quits or launch issues
    -Griff W.

  • My iphone 3gs wont update. itunes and ipod touch update no problem, my GF has exact same phone and hers updated also...any advice?

    My iphone 3gs wont update. itunes and ipod touch update no problem, my GF has exact same phone and hers updated also...any advice?

    If I was in your shoes, I would choose to restore the iPhone with iTunes and then choose to NOT restore a previous backup.  I'd then go on to set up the phone as though it were totally new, and choose the stuff to load onto it.
    The reason I'd go through that trouble.. even though it meant losing a lot of settings and having to set stuff up again .. is because I wasn't sure I could trust the backup that it's restoring from.
    If you have trouble again after doing the fresh reload -- especially if it's soon after you do it -- you may have a hardware issue with the phone, such as faulty flash memory or a processor chip that's failing. If that's the case, you'll want to consider your repair/replacement options at that point.

  • Audigy 2 ZS Surround Sound Problem - Please He

    Hi, I have been using The Audigy 2 ZS sound card for over a year now, I have all the latest drivers installed and everything is updated.
    My problem is, for some reason my 5. surround sound just stopped working. I did not change any of the settings, in creative settings or the control panel. All the cables and wires are plugged in to the correct spot. I checked the control panel and the creative speaker settings, and both are set at 5. surround sound. I have done the channel and noise tests with the speakers and I get sound in ALL of the speakers, yet when I try and play music through itunes and sound through games, it is only in the front left and front right speaker. Al lthe programs I have tested with have the 5. surround sound set in their options.
    Like I said, the surround sound was working fine two days ago, and without changing any speaker settings or unplugging any cables, the surround sound stopped working.
    I have looked through other threads trying to find a similar problem, but I did not turn up any good results. If you find any other threads that have a solution to this problem just link them and I will take a look at them (and sorry for the repeated thread).
    Thank you for your time.
    Edit: Anyone help? Message Edited by Cofer on 09-20-2006 09:07 PM

    What happened is when you installed the new itunes 7 it messed around with all of your files for the sound check and as a result when u are using sound check your speakers will not work correctly (I just fixed this problem). To fix it, simply go into the edit menu, then preferences and then click on the playback tab. In that tab the third box you can check off from the top should be sound check. Simply uncheck that box and you should be fine.
    Good Luck

  • I upgraded iTunes and now my songs sound horrible - help!

    I was prompted a couple of times to upgrade the version of iTunes that I have on my computer - I upgraded at least twice (if not three times). Recently I tried listening to some of my music from my computer by selecting songs from my iTunes library and the songs sounded horrible - the songs sounded like I was listening to a scratched up CD, but I know that isn't the problem because the CDs are fine and the songs on my iPod (which were never updated after I updated the version of iTunes) are fine. What's the problem and what can I do to fix this? Thanks!

    have you tried working through the suggestions from the following document?
    iTunes and QuickTime for Windows: Songs and other audio don't play correctly

  • Surround sound problem

    surround sound problemF hi,
    i have a creative t7900 8 speaker surround sound setup. back in august i purchased a x-fi soundblaster extremem audio sound card.
    up until yesterday it was working fine. i opened my pc up after disconecting all the cables and gave a it clean with compressed air. upon setting it all up again im not gettin surround sound anymore.
    no sound is comin out of the fornt centre speaker or the two rear ones. bizzarely when i run a speaker test and test both the side speakers, no sound happens. the strange thing is when i test the two rear speakers the sound comes outa the side speakers. i've swapped the rear and side speakers in my subwoofer and the speakers are defo working.
    i even reverted back to my gigabyte motherboard to see if the problem was with the sound card but the same problem exists. i have updated all sound drivers. i've checked both manuals for the MB and sound card and im positi've the cables are plugged in correctly.
    has anyone had a similar problem? this is seriously doin my head in.

    oddly enough I had the same issue a while ago, and someone at my house switched the audio language to spanish preferred and cnn didn't come out but every other station did.
    it may or may not be the same situation but give it a try
    menu > settings > audio > audio language.    english preferred   put a check mark there by highlighting it and hitting ok

  • Surround sound problems with new 15.11 software

    Firstly I would like to give a big thankyou for getting the new IP recording software release out it is very welcome.
    Unfortunately this has highlighted even more the surround sound issue for me. All my tests have been done over optical (if anyone could repeat the tests over HDMI it would be very much appreciated just to see if there is any difference).
    Here are my findings so far with a small amount of testing.
    BT TV on Demand
    HD 5.1 movies appear to switch correctly
    SD and HD none multi surround movies appear to play in stereo from the start needing the menu/surround workaround applying to get surround sound as is the same for the tv box sets and kids on demand.
    IP Channels
    HD sports channels i.e. BT Sports 1,2 and ESPN (I have hidden the SD versions so haven't tested them) appear to a switch to surround sound correctly
    All other channels start in stereo and require the AD button on/off workaround to switch to surround sound.
    IP Channel Recordings
    Here lies the real problem for me now. Any IP channel recordings (not tested sports channels yet) start in stereo and require the AD on/off button workaround to switch to surround sound BUT as soon as you apply a fast forward or rewind when it starts to play again it has switched back to the stereo feed which is a much higher volume. I hope you can appreciate how annoying this gets that everytime you fast forward/rewind a recorded IP channel to sound switches and starts playing at a higher volume until the workaround is applied (everytime).
    Obviously the freeview channels all appear to switch and work fine.
    I am sure there is more to find but I just felt it worthwhile getting the issue highlighted AGAIN now the recording ability increases the visibility of this bug.

    Maybe slightly harse as with more testing I am not sure if this is a youview/humax issue and is a problem on the catchup player on youview retail also. I have added below to my first post slightly with a few more findings and some clarity. 
    When I say surround sound what I am talking about is the Dolby Digital track (this can be 5.1 or 2.0 but in 2.0 format my amp can encode that with pro logic 2 and make it sound like a reasonable surround sound track through my speakers).
    After testing through HDMI sound I find that this is even worse and in most cases will not transmit the Dolby 2.0 track at all even using the workarounds.
    The freeview HD channels work flawlessly as do the BT sports HD channels (all 3 inc ESPN) (non-HD freeview channels do not appear to carry anything but standard stereo so can't switch no matter what). If anyone has a surround setup check the difference in volume between channel 001 (BBC non HD) and channel 101 (BBC HD) this I believe is the difference between the standard stereo channel and the dolby 2.0 stereo channel.
    All IP channels (except sports) fail to automatically select the Dolby 2.0 soundtrack unless forced, as do the catch up channels (tested during programme playback as no Dolby during the adverts) and if recorded switch back to standard stereo everytime a skip/rewind step is made.
    Most on-demand content fail to switch automatically to the Dolby 2.0 track but can be forced with the exception of some HD movies with 5.1 soundtracks that appear to work without a workaround.

  • 6.1 surround sound problem

    I am running digital out of the Sound Blaster Platinum into a 6.1 surround sound home theatre system. When I test audio I only get sound out of the front left, right, and center speakers. When I go to test the rear speakers the sound check comes through the front.
    If I play a audio file. I do get sound out of the rear speakers.
    Speakers are hooked up correctly to the home theatre system. I get surround sound if I play a DVD through the DVD player but not through the computer.
    Any ideas on what that problem is or how to correct it....
    onboard sound is disconnected

    I have the opposite problem, but i think is the cable i'm using, i haven't found an original for 6.1 speakers. i can get noise test sound in all 6.1 channels, but i can not get sound sub when i play music
    what cable do you used?

  • AVCHD and 5.1 Surround sound

    I used iMovie 08 and read about Final Cut Express 4. Both programs downgrade the AVCHD surround sound to stereo when importing.
    My question is: is Final Cut Pro 6 able to import AVCHD filed with their native captured 5.1 surround sound? My camera records in 5.1 surround (Sony HDR-TG3 / TG1) and it is not good I can only get stereo on my computer.
    Do you know of any other solution that is able to do that?
    Thanks for any tips.

    I guess I knew in the back of my mind that its necessary to transform and recode super compressed footage to a more usable high quality format standard thats more friendly and usable for editing, compositing, filters and effects, etc. because I can only imagine that to edit raw AVCHD would only be possible on a limitted scale and would require too many multiple core processors for unimaginable horrific tasks of decoding and recoding too often for certain editing criteria, that would both not be realistic and would degrade the footage with each recoding to AVCHD, also made problematic by the fact that I have read that AVCHD does not have proper time-code. Mind you unless I'm mistaken, I hear that Sony Vegas has full editing capability for AVCHD, not that this will help me now after having invested heavily in the latest MacBook Pro, Final Cut Studio, Shake 4.1, 1TB Time Capsule, Logic Studio, etc.. looks like I'll be with Apple for some time then (and I don't see myself ever switching back to the Windows platform either). However if this be true and possible with Sony Vegas, then maybe Sony could and should pass all there technical expertise and secrets for the AVCHD format to Apple, to help there hardware's (Sony's own AVCHD camcorders) full unrestricted compatibility with universal video editing programs, while hopefully retaining the 5.1 audio from source.
    Maybe at the very least, I thought the final finished rendered output could be optionally recoded back to AVCHD (while keeping the Master Edit in Apple ProRes 422 format for future reference), of course there's only one reason for this converting back to AVCHD, which is that when arranged into the correct file/folder structure and placed on a normal DVD, you are actually able to play this normal DVD disc in a Blu-Ray player (i.e. PS3 or other) and get playback of the High Definition material. This is possible because the blu-ray player understands the AVCHD file/format and decodes it with its blu-ray layer ability and backward optical disc (DVD) compatibility and the fact that blu-ray players naturally have the HD outputs to their connected HD displays. The advantages is that you don't need blu-ray recorder/burner drives and that normal DVD (single layer) discs are cheap as chips, however the disadvantages is that the storage and hence the running time is considerably less (ie single layer DVD 4.7GB, dual layer blu-ray 50GB). I have been able to achieve this myself by using Sony's 'Multi-Function DVD Recorder VRD-MC5' that enables just that by means of linking the Sony TG3E/TG1 camcorder via USB straight to the Sony VRD-MC5 Multi-Function DVD Recorder where it then transfers the AVCHD footage digitally and purely in its original AVCHD format with no conversion and with no editing of the footage, straight to a DVD disc.. this being useful for 'both' backing-up and for straight HD viewing on a blu-ray player as previously mentioned.
    It's true of the very large hard drive storage units now available at accessibly low prices, so I'm considering the WD MyBook Studio II at 2TB or MyBook Studio I at 1TB, Data Robotics Drobo is tempting but more costly and not sure their implementation of the new Firewire 800 on the latest 'drobo' will be fast enough as their stated spec on their website for the max sustained transfer speeds appear to be a bit less than that of, say, some others (like some Lacie Quadra's) but I could be wrong. I have not had a reply so far from Western Digital and Data Robotics after requesting some further specs by email.
    I think I am a little worried from reading the effects that Final Cut Studio 2 may experience when dealing with the existence of 'Spanned Clips' in the AVCHD format and certain small issues that may arise with the video and audio playback timing after AVCHD has been logged and transferred to Apple's ProRes 422 encoding. I've not arrived at this stage just yet, so I'm hoping that the 'spanned clips may not be present and produced on my TG3E/TG1 camcorder. No doubt I'll soon find out.
    The links explaining the additional issues with 'spanned clips' and incorrect clips, are:-
    although the 'incorrect clips' problem are not to much of an issue, with the solution being identified.

  • Emu10k1 and 5.1 surround sound

    Hi all!
    I try to enable my 5.1 surround sound with my Creative Labs Audigy 2.
    I've run alsaconf without a problem. Sound works at all. I've rised Master, PCM, PCM Center, PCM Front, PCM LFE, PCM Surround, Front, Surround, Center, LFE and Synth to 100% via the alsa-mixer.
    When I round the alsa speaker-test
    $ speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6
    I just get sound from FrontLeft and FrontRight.
    $ aplay -Dsurround51 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Left.wav -c6
    Playing WAVE '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Left.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Mono
    aplay: set_params:887: Channels count non available
    Google helps me and said, that only stereo is supported...
    I've had a look at the forum and created /etc/asound.conf with this content:
    pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "surround51"
    slave.channels 6
    route_policy duplicate
    No change.
    What can I do?

    I see we've got the same problem... This setting is not working for me either, changing levels in alsamixer does nothing. I can hear only front left, right, and subwoofer, but sub has damned low volume... I'm using via82xx. Tryied probably everything, but no change.
    I don't understand it!!!

  • Cannot install itunes AND Apple Mobile Device (BIG PROBLEM)

    Ok so there is a BIG problem, 3 weeks ago, itunes was working perfectly, and then i got a problem and i had to delete itunes and i also deleted Apple Mobile Device and bonjour and quicktime, but when i try to reinstall itunes, i can't, it just skips the installation and i tried to download apple mobile device separately but it wont work too, i just want to put music on my ipod touch (PLEASE HELP) Thanks

    How are you doing the itunes install, BOSS? Are you using Apple Software Update for Windows, or are you downloading and installing itunes from the following location?
    If you try installing from the website download link, do you get an error message during the install? If so, what does it say? (Precise text please.)

  • Surround sound problems with X

    When testing surround sound in the SB control panel, all speakers work fine. When running any game/application that has surround sound, sound only comes from the 2 front speakers. This includes DVDs with the AC3 audio decoded on the PC, and games that worked in surround flawlessly with my previous sound card (onboard ALC888 based chip). Any ideas?Thanks!

    You can only play stereo audio through optical output for uncompressed audio format. To be able to play more than stereo through optical, you need to be playing compressed audio (dolby/dts). You can read more about this in this thread.

  • I just recently upgraded my itunes and now i am having problems turning on my ipod

    So i recently upgraded my itunes, and my ipod was connected to it. Now my ipod wont turn on, and i just want it to return back to before the upgrade

    - iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    - Also try DFU mode after try recovery mode
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings
    - If not successful and you can't fully turn the iOS device fully off, let the battery fully drain. After charging for an least an hour try the above again.
    - Try on another computer
    - If still not successful that usually indicates a hardware problem and an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is in order.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar       

  • Apple TV and 5.1 surround sound

    I have just bought an Apple TV and love it. I want to have 5.1 surround sound though and do not have a clue what to buy! I have done my usual research and am even more confused than I was several hours ago.
    As I have a Sony TV/Blueray player (and hate remotes) I want a system I can control from my current remote (this would use Bravia Sync).
    My issues are
    1. The output I'd use on the Apple TV (I guess the optical?) and would the Sony receiver be able to decode it?
    2. Does Apple TV decode its own 5.1 audio?
    3. If it does do I need a full receiver and could it work with a set of computer 5.1 speakers?
    4. If it doesn't which decoding system must the receiver have?
    Oh and did I mention I'm a cheap-skate and don't want to pay much for the system! Although I will if I have to.

    appletv will output 5.1 audio via HDMI or optical.
    ideally you would connect the appletv to a suitable 5.1 amp (with suitable speakers).
    the bluray player would also connect to the amp.
    for me, i have all my devices connected to amp via HDMI and then have one HDMi cable running from the amp to the TV.

Maybe you are looking for