K7N2 Delta ILSR memory problem

I have a K7N2 Delta ILSR board with Athlon XP 2500 with 2 Gig of Mushkin Black Line ram (the ones that are
suppose to be CL2). I change the FSB to 200, and my memory won't run at CL2. Want to raise the Dram voltage
to 2.8V to see if it would make a difference. I looked all over this site for the modded bios 7.8. Does anyone
have the modded bios??? Any help would be appreciated.......

He/She overclocked the 2500+, to make it become a 3200+. Done it myself, but it mostly works with the first step of the 2500+. - That means the overclock forum. 
Well, CAS 2 is a very tight timing, which I don't think is possible. In general on Socket A systems:
- FSB 133/266 --> CAS 2 or 2.5
- FSB 166/333 --> CAS 2.5
- FSB 200/400 --> CAS 3

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  • MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR Memory problems

    I'm trying to burn in a system in a 50 deg C (122 deg F) room for a minimum of 12 hours.  The main system components are as follows:
    Motherboard:  MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    Memory: 2x512 OCZ PC3200 EL
    My problem is that the burn-in software continues to freeze up during the memory test.  I've already contacted the software manufacturers and the software is stable.  It's a problem with the way the motherboard handles the memory.  I've tried putting the memory in dual channel configuration and changing the timing settings in the BIOS.  The SPD settings are 2.5-3-3-7.  Right now I have them at 3-4-3-8.  It's a lot more stable than it was under the default settings but it still freezes up sometime after 7 hours.  Unfortunately, I wasn't around when it froze so I don't know exactly how long it lasted.  I can say that after 7 hours, it wasn't showing any slowdown in performance.  If anyone could think of anything else I might be able to do to get the system stable, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for the suggestions.  The CPU FSB is 200, so it's already matched up there.  And we have a ton of fans already.  There are two in the front, 4 inside and 1 on the back.  It's a custom case, 2u high.  The power supply is oversized and more than adequate to provide the required power.  I have four of these units running right now.  Two with 2x512 sticks and two with 1x1024 sticks.  For each combination, the memory clock speed for one is 166 and 200 for the other.  I have been loosening up the memory timings trying to get the system stable, but it still isn't.  If the power supply is good, and I'm unable to cool the system anymore due to limititions within the case, is there anything you can think of to stabilize the system.  Maybe other settings in the BIOS or suggestions on how to go about getting good timings for the memory.  Thanks.

  • K7n2 delt ilsr instabilty problem update

    have a k7n2 delta ilsr have an issue where it is unstalble ie get bsod at welcom  etc at 400 fsb ie 200 setting in bios will run at 166 in safe mode the 3200 cpu is reconised as at 2.39 ghz it should be 2.2 ghz if i run cpucz it says the multiplier is *12 is this a motherbord fault have updated bios too 7.8 latesed have tried diff make of memory power supply but i think the problem is looking me in the face in the fact that the cpu is reconised as 2.39 ghz and the muilt is *12 i think it should be * 11 can any body help regards bazer

    yes has latesd bios    AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2700+ here is some info pc wizard 2005
    Codename :   Barton
    Revision :   A2
    Technology :   0.13µ
    CPU ID :   6.A.0
    CPU IDEx :   7.A.0
     Features :   
    VME - Virtual Mode Ext. :   Yes
    DE - Debugging Extension :   Yes
    PSE - Page Size Extension :   Yes
    TSC - Time Stamp Counter :   Yes
    MSR - Model Specific Registers :   Yes
    PAE - Physical Address Extension :   Yes
    MCE - Machine Check Exception :   Yes
    APIC - Local APIC Built-in :   Yes
    SEP - Fast System Call :   Yes
    MTRR - Memory Type Range Reg. :   Yes
    PGE - Page Global Enable :   Yes
    MCA - Machine Check Architecture :   Yes
    PAT - Page Attribute Table :   Yes
    PSE36 - 36-bit Page Size Extension :   Yes
    PSN - Unique Serial Number :   No
    DS - Debug Trace & EMON Store :   No
    ACPI - Software Clock Control :   No
    SS - Self Snoop :   No
    TM - Thermal Monitor :   No
    HTT - Hyper-Threading :   No
    SBF - Signal Break on FERR :   No
    MON - Monitor/Mwait :   No
    DSCPL - CPL qualified Debug Store :   No
    TM2 - Thermal Monitor 2 :   No
    CID - Context ID :   No
    EST - Enhanced SpeedStep Tec...   No
    NX Bit - No-execute Page Protec...   No
    VMX - Vanderpool Technology :   No
     Miscellaneous :   
    FPU - Co-processor Built-in :   Yes
    CX8 - CMPXCHG8B :   Yes
    CX16 - CMPXCHG16B :   No
    CMOV - Conditionnal Move Inst. :   Yes
    CLF - Cache Line Flush :   No
    FXSR - Fast Float Save & Restore :   Yes
    DAZ - Denormals Are Zero :   No
    MMX Technology :   Yes
    SSE Technology :   Yes
    SSE2 Technology :   No
    SSE3 Technology :   No
    X86-64 Technology :   No
    AMD MMX Technology :   Yes
    3DNow! Technology :   Yes
    Extended 3DNow! Technology :   Yes
    3DNow! Pro Technology :   Yes
    SMP - MP Capability :   No
     Power Status :   
    Voltage Control :   No
    Frequency Control :   No
    Thermal Sensor Built-in :   Yes
     Addressing Information :   
    Physical Addressing max. :   34-bit
    Linear Addressing max. :   32-bit
     Mainboard Upgradebility :   
    Socket/Slot :   Socket A
    Upgrade interface :   ZIF Socket
    Supported Speed :   2200 MHz (or more)
    Supported Voltage :   1.6V
    al Information :   
    Performance Rating :   PR-3300 (estimated)
    Real Frequency :   2164.89 MHz
    Multiplier :   12x
     Front Side Bus Information :   
    FSB Frequency :   180.4 MHz
    Bus Speed :   360.8 MHz (DDR)
     Initial Frequencies :   
    Frequency :   2000 MHz
    FSB Frequency :   166 MHz
     Control Clock Frequency :   
    Type :   None
     Thermal Information :   
    Core Power :   63.42 W (estimated)
    Resistance :   0.46 °C/W (estimated)
     Processor Performance Information :   
    Throttle Mode AC :   None
    Throttle Mode DC :   Adaptive
    Current Configuration :   None
    Throttle :   2164 MHz
    CPU Throttle Temperature :   60°C
    CPU Shutdown Temperature :   100°C
    eneral Information :   
    A0 (RAS 0) :   256 (Single Bank)
    A1 (RAS 2) :   256 (Single Bank)
    A2 :   Empty
     Memory Controller Information :   
    Memory Controller :   Standard, EDO
    Number of connectors :   3
    Max. Module Size :   32 MB
    Max. Memory Size :   96 MB
    Supported Speed :   70ns, 60ns
    Supported Voltages :   5v
    Error Detection Method :   8-bit Parity
    Error Correction Capability :   Unspecified
    Current/Supported Interleave :   1-way/1-way
     Chipset Information :   
    Type :   DDR-SDRAM PC2900
    Frequency :   180 MHz
    FSB/RAM Multiplier :   1/1x
    Channels :   Dual
    ECC Diagnostic :   No
    CAS Latency (tCL) :   3 clocks
    RAS to CAS (tRCD) :   3 clocks
    RAS Precharge (tRP) :   3 clocks
    Cycle Time (tRAS) :   8 clocks
     Information SPD EEPROM (A0) :   
    Manufacturer :   Samsung
    Part Number :   M3 68L3223ETM-CCC 
    Serial Number :   F6016243
    Type :   DDR-SDRAM PC3200 (200 MHz)
    Size :   256 MB (1 rows, 4 banks)
    Module Buffered :   No
    Module Registered :   No
    Width :   64-bit
    Error Correction Capability :   No
    Max. Burst Length :   8
    Refresh :   Reduced (.5x)7.8 µs, Self Refresh
    Voltage :   SSTL 2.5v
    Supported Frequencies :   166 MHz, 200 MHz
    CAS Latency (tCL) :   2.5 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    RAS to CAS (tRCD) :   3 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    RAS Precharge (tRP) :   3 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    Cycle Time (tRAS) :   7 clocks @166 MHz, 8 clocks @200 MHz
     Information SPD EEPROM (A1) :   
    Manufacturer :   Samsung
    Part Number :   M3 68L3223ETM-CCC 
    Serial Number :   F6056193
    Type :   DDR-SDRAM PC3200 (200 MHz)
    Size :   256 MB (1 rows, 4 banks)
    Module Buffered :   No
    Module Registered :   No
    Width :   64-bit
    Error Correction Capability :   No
    Max. Burst Length :   8
    Refresh :   Reduced (.5x)7.8 µs, Self Refresh
    Voltage :   SSTL 2.5v
    Supported Frequencies :   166 MHz, 200 MHz
    CAS Latency (tCL) :   2.5 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    RAS to CAS (tRCD) :   3 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    RAS Precharge (tRP) :   3 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    Cycle Time (tRAS) :   7 clocks @166 MHz, 8 clocks @200 MHz

  • MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR MB Problems, Need Help ASAP!! PLEASE

    Ok  I just got this motherboard (MSI K7N2 Delta) Yesterday and after getting it setup I began overclocking the Processor (an AMD Athlon XP Barton Mobile 2500+) I was at 11x 215 1.750V Perfectly. I moved to 216 it started to seem unstable so I pushed the VCORE up to 1.775 and tried 217. It couldn't boot so I dropped it back down and decided ok 208 and a 11.5 multi might get me past the 2.4 mark which I was looking for. Well when I changed the Multi. to 11.5 and said save the system just sate as the flashing y for save. I could not change it to n I had already pushed enter So i firgured great and left it alone for a few minutes, nothing so I reset it. Now it refuses to boot/post. It spinds the fans the HD's the Network port is going but I get no picture. I have cleared the CMOS using the jumper I have removed the battery and power for over an hour and I still get nothing. I am assuming this is a BIOS error but I am not sure what to do to fix it. Does anyone here kno maybe, something I have yet to try something I can do? I would hate to RMA it and have to wait on newegg. Hell the thing is a day old. So please any idea's are welcome I have this posted on the Hard Forums as well but I am hopinh this forum may be more popular with getting help as no one is helping over there. Thanks!

    Cross: Just in case you are doing something wrong there's a clear CMOS guide here, follow it to the letter (and don't forget to put the FSB jumper to SAFE beforehand - there's a note about it in the guide).
    How To Clear the CMOS
    Your system board or CPU maybe not be dead yet - I had a similar problem with one of my boards and I tried everything - to cut a long story short I eventually got it working!!!
    Btw, If you can't boot or get into the BIOS put your other CPU in (clear BIOS again after fitting!), so that you can prove whether your motherboard is working correctly!  
    Good luck!   I'm off ta bed!

  • MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR Power problem?!

    So I worked all last night trying to fix the damn thing. It wants to keep powering off on its own. So I unplugged all the devices from the board and powersupply except the only needed items, the board, power switch, and memory (cpu fan of course left on). Still turns off. Reset bios, still. Put system into safe mode by the jumper. Still.
    Okay so I gave up, and took the board, memory and processor into a local place that sells these boards. They have seen a few problems with them. 4 hrs later, $55 short they tell me the heat sink wasn't on the chip right so it caused the board to think it was hot and shut itself down right away! He said he ran it for most of the day. So I am like whatever! He left it on there how he had it. I took it home, hooked it back up, and there it goes again!
    The 1st night it ran fine, no hd, but I ran it the whole evening. The 2nd night I powered it up, it started to do this. Nothing changed. So now I am getting ticked off. I am about to take my whole case, and system back to those guys and tell them see....
    Anyone who has used this board have any ideas? I have built many systems and this is the first one that is being a pain in the butt.
    PowerMAX 400w powersupply.
    LP-8800D MODEL #

    Powersupply was brand new and came with the case. :(
    Originally posted by twistedbrowntucker
    Originally posted by rzotz
    What I am noticing is that when it sits for 10-15 min, and I try to turn it on again, it takes a little longer before it turns off.  It actually may stay on up to 5 sec, then turn off.  But if I try again a few times in a row, maybe .5-1 sec it cuts off.  I have already reseated the heatsink on the processor again.
    Powersupply is rated at:
    +12v - 25amps
    +3.3v - 28a
    +5vsb - 2.0a
    Power supplies can go bad at anytime.Take the whole thing up there.Case and all and let them check it out.BTW all power supplies aren't equal. IMHO buy an Antec TruePower 430 or 480 watt

  • MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR, Mouse problem & Video off problem solved!!!

    I find the following information that I collected very interesting at the very least...
    Here goes...
    The video off problem that I was having was directly linked to the mouse. Here, let me explain the video off problem. In the BIOS Have the Standby mode set to S3. The problem occurred when I started windows, then went into standby, then started back up, then restarted the computer, the monitor would act as if it were in sleep mode, or rather there was no signal being sent to the monitor. Well the odd way I fixed that is by plugging in a standard 2 button PS/2 mouse. Also this fixed the issue with the mouse sometimes not working in windows.
    Here is how I tested.
    Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse, PS/2 & USB= failed.
    Logitech iFeel Optical Mouse, USB= failed.
    Microsoft Cordless Ball Mouse, PS/2= failed.
    Standard Artec (Cheapy brand) Ball Mouse (With no wheel), PS/2= All issues fixed, and passed.
    When I said failed I do not mean they didn't work, I mean they sometimes didn't work and also caused the Video off problem after restarting the computer.
    Obviously it isn't the ports (PS/2 or USB) that are the problem, it is more like the mouse itself, and the amount of buttons in particular. As you can see above the only mouse that works correctly is the one that only has 2 buttons, the rest has 3 or more buttons along with a Wheel. The MX700 has 8 buttons + wheel, WOW!
    Anyways I figure out it was the mouse, and not the memory.
    Obviously MSI needs to make a patch for this mouse problem.
    I'm still having a hard time believing that the mouse caused the video not to work, but it is true! I spend well over 5 hours testing this crap. Every time with the mice with more then 3 buttons it messed up, and every time with the 2 button old fashion mouse it worked flawlessly!
    MSI, get to work on a new BIOS to fix this mess!!!  :]

    Originally posted by Raven_
    its possible to use an ps/2 mouse AND a usb mouse at the same time.
    i used the ps/2 mouse in windows and the usb mouse when playing games.
    you can get some trouble if you do it the way i did it.
    i was in windows surfing and the pointer just jumped all over the screen.
    when i looked on the other side under a table a friends little kid played with the usn mouse.  )
    LOL, that isn't what I'm talking about.
    There seems to be a problem with my motherboard accepting mice with more then 2 buttons. It works the first time, but if you restart the computer, the video goes off. If you have both installed, it still messed up.

  • Internet Connection Problem on MSI K7N2-Delta-ILSR

    Hi, recently I buy an MSI K7N2-Delta-ILSR.I have a problem when I was trying to connect to the Internet through my modem on WinXP Pro SP1. It bring me up an error message 678 ( The computer that was tried to connect did not respond...). I have also a second hard disk with Mel windows. On disk the disk with the Mel I don’t have any problem with the internet connection. All my settings are same on WInXP pro and Mel.I have checked I thousand times. My computer configuration is:
    Athlon XP 2400+ Overclocked to 2205MHz
    2 memory modules of 256MB 400 manufactured by Samsung
    TharmalTake Volcano 11
    Triplex Xabre 400 PRO with 128MB
    Hercules Gamesurrround Fortissimo III 7.1
    Microcom InPorte Home modem 56k
    Leadtek winfast 2000 (TV/FM radio)
    Acard SCSI controller (Acard AEC-6710D) for my scanner
    WesternDigital WD800 GB
    WesternDigital  15.3gb
    Bios ver.7.4  
    Can anyone help me?

    Originally posted by Roger Wilco
    Hmmmmm, I\'m also having a problem with the onboard lan of the K7N2 Delta.
    I have an ADSL connection, and have an Alcatel SpeedTouch Home modem.
    I pretty much get the same error as SiliconMan (The computer that was tried to connect did not respond...)
    I ended up giving up on it for the time being, just using my SMC NIC. Would be quite interested in finding out what the problem is though.
    Anyone else in the same boat?
        Your problem is not the same, SiliconMan is trying to connect with a dial-up modem not LAN. Your problem sounds like it may be configuration, do a search on this post, I'm sure you will find people with onboard LAN troubles. It's hard to troubleshoot though since you didn't provide any info about your computer. Good Luck  

  • MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR (MS-6570) BSOD problems grrr

    I recently purchased this board and although it is an awesome product, I'm having a problem with BSOD's when I play a game for a certain period of time
    MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR  (7.6 BIOS)
    AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Barton
    512MB (2x256MB) Samsung PC-2700 DDR memory (2.5-3-3-6 1T)
    MSI 128MB GeForce4 Ti 4200 (4X AGP)
    NVIDIA nForce on-board sound
    Western Digital 80GB drive w/ 8MB cache
    MSI X48 CD/CD-RW/DVD combo drive
    Windows XP Professional SP1
    Turbolink 420watt (came with case)
    +3.3V is 28A
    +5V is 40A
    +12V is 18A
    So what happens is I get a STOP error during the game that shows the kmixer.sys driver as the culprit. Sometimes it's accompanied by PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA too. I read somewhere that kmixer.sys has to do with windows audio and that it's a 3rd party driver issue or a memory issue. I'm using the latest NVIDIA 3.13 nForce platform drivers. I ran Memtest lastnight for 12 hours straight and 0 errors. I'm thinking the memory may not be compatible with the board nor dual channel, is this possible? I have also tried several different drivers for both video and chipset including MSI's own and I still get the kmixer.sys BSOD when playing games. My previous motherboard was an MSI KT3 Ultra2-R (MS-6380E) which I had no issues with. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    I just tried to play a game with audio disabled and it crashed this time with DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL with nv4_mini.sys as the problem. My IRQ table shows some sharing, but device manager shows no conflicts.

    Ok I tried running the DTM-CB3 module which is nForce2 approved at 3-4-4-11 2T timings and experienced the same result even at 2.6 and 2.7v. I tried both in dual-channel and same thing happened. However, I downloaded a program called Prime95 and ran the CPU torture test and the system returned a fatal error within the first few minutes. CPU Temp was at 57 C and the warning beep (set to 60C though) sounded intermittentley which is strange. I let it cool down then ran the torture test again and about 5min. later the system either seized completely or the program crashed. IE has also crashed randomly on me. I did this several times, before trying a different FSB/DRAM ratio. So I left the system at 200 FSB and used a 6:5 ratio so my memory was running at DDR333 and processor was a 3200+. I ran Prime95 again and the system locked up just as it did the other times.  So after I did this a few times with consistent results. I went back and set the FSB to 166 and tried a 5:6 ratio so the memory was DDR400 and processor was the normal 2800+. I ran it again and to my suprise it passed all the tests and after an hour of this, I tried a game and that was perfectly fine as well. I checked the temps and CPU was only 45 C this time. So I'm thinking the processor can't handle anything above 50C or it's just plain overheating. I ordered a Thermaltake Silent Boost HSF today which is tested up to 3400+ so this should fix my problem. If not, then I'm going to replace the memory with a 512MB Geil PC3200 golden dragon dual-channel kit.

  • K7N2 Delta ILSR Strange network problems

    K7N2 Delta ILSR
    2500+ AMD Barton
    Radeon 9600 PRO
    Windows XP
    Hi there,
    My network was working fine yesterday but now whenever I plug a cable into the onboard network card, my computer starts having these strange flucuations...Every few seconds the CPU usage jumps from 0% to about 50% which causes the system to freeze for a second, making it a real pain to do anything.
    Does anyone have any idea whats causing this?

    Originally posted by deftonie
    The kingston memory I have is on the memory compatibility list.
    kingston removed k7n2 from their supported list.
    kingston is not on the Good Memory Choices for ALL K7N2 nF2 released boards
    for some reason msi have not removed kingston from their supported list.
    Originally posted by pseudemys
    So (and I'm addressing the question in particular to Raven): shoud i wait for a some kinda accident, crash, whatever sooner or later? I'm really scared about such things. You know... everything seems ok and then, suddenly, a nasty surprise. Which is the problem with kingston and k7n2 series? Further, I'd like to buy another 512 M stick and honestly it seems more sensible to me to mount two equal sticks. And I feel somewhat stuck...
    a memory can be incompatible but still work.
    alot of people buy any memory they can and throw in and it may work.
    but it can start crashing after installing some program or updating bios or drivers.
    thats the reason i posted the memtest program.
    worry about a crash....no reason for that as you self said memtest reported no errors prime95 no errors and doom3 worked good.
    kingston uses many different chips on their memory and its those chips that is the problem.
    one guy found out that on the specific memory he bought kingston used 3 different chips on.
    only 1 of them worked good on k7n2.
    so a 33% chans of success in getting a good module is considered bad.
    so write down the numbers on the chips and take it with you to the store and compare it to the memories they got.

  • K7N2 Delta ILSR and XP2500+ - strange overclocking problem

    Relevant configuration data:
    - K7N2 Delta ILSR (with 7.6 BIOS version)
    - Barton 2500+ (AQXEA)
    - Arctic Silver 3 thermal compound
    - GlobalWin CAK 38 (7000 rpm DELTA, all copper)
    - 2x512 MB Corsair XMS cmx512 3200c2 (it should run 6-3-3-2 at 200MHz on AMD systems according to older documents, and on 6-3-3-2.5 at 200MHz  on AMD systems according to newer documents)
    - PSU Enermax EG465P-VE (430W)
    - Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9800Pro 128MB
    - Battlefield 1942 game  
    I have 2 seperate problems:
    1. When I try to set my proc on 13x166 (Barton XP3000+) BIOS won't recognise that settings and it gives me real-clock rate of 833MHz (and no name, just "Athlon XP"). Just a note, when I set proc to be XP2600 or XP2800, everything is great in BIOS and in real conditions (Windows, Battlefield). I had 7.4 version of BIOS and I tried with new 7.6 version and nothing has changed (as I suspected). Can someone help me about this ?
    2. Second problem is a bit more serious.
    I'm having problems setting my proc to work with 100% stability on 200MHz FSB speed.
    This is what's going on:
    - Behaviour in Windows is pretty much good (no random restarts).
    - Sometimes (on rare occasions) blues screen appears when I'm in windows or some program. Last time when it appeared it said something about "memory managment". I tried to lower memory settings but nothing seemed to be better.
    - If I try to freshly install windows on 200 MHz FSB in 98% of the cases installation will be abrupted (blue screen or resets) or it won't even start to install.
    - What's bothering me the most is this: Battlefield 1942 is crashing on regular basis. Sometimes it can hold for 5 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes half an hour. But on certain moment, puff, and I'm out in Windows. Not a computer restart, just it throws me on desktop.
    I've been checking the temperature on regular basis when I'm playing. It is always low.
    I've tried to raise core voltage all the way to 1.8v, but same thing happens.
    I've tried to lower memory settings, but I get same BF crashing.
    I don't know what else to do or what other component to acuse for instability.  
    Can somebody please help me ?
    Thank you in advance !

    Originally posted by ellswt
    On the newer 2500+'s the multiplier is locked, this could be your problem
    Nope, because I am changing multiplyers without probs. The only multiplyer that doesn't work is 13x.
    ...loosen up your memory timings to add stability, and give it a try again at the 200 mhz fsb without changing the multiplier.
    I drove the memory according to the Corsair's specs, and I drove it on lower settings also. No change.
    also you may wish to go up to 2.7 volts for your ram, and 1.7 volts on your processor to add stability, remember sometimes you have to go up gradually a step or two at a time and keep it there for a day or two before you reach your top OC.
    I might try upping ram voltage but that doesn't sound good, because it IS DDR 400 memory (an excellent one too !).
    It's not like I'm trying to drive it over 200MHz. 200MHz is this memory's normal frequency.
    Newest video driver from ATI may help with the stability on your gaming.
    Already have newest drivers.
    Anyway, thanks for the tips !  

  • Problem with K7N2 Delta-ILSR, please help

    First off, these are the specs for the computer to which I shall be referring in this post:
    K7N2 Delta-ILSR
    AMD 2700+
    1x512MB PC3200 Memory Corsair CM64SD512
    Seagate Barracuda 80GB 7200RPM SATA ST380013AS
    ATI 9600 Pro
    400 Watt power supply
    Cendyne 52x cd burner
    Here's what happened.  I installed everything with only minor difficulties, mostly due to getting the hard drive to work.  They were worked through with little problem due, in large part, to this forum.  I installed Windows XP, and we ran a number of things with no problem after the OS installation.  The drivers for the video card loaded well.  3DMark2003 ran beautifully.  After I got that working, I went to put my friend's old hard drive in as a slave, so he could get the files off of it.  This seemed to work well enough.  Then we went to load the drivers for the motherboard.  When it got to the audio driver, we got the old "blue screen".  Then the computer reset and tried booting 98 from the old hard drive.  We shut down and disconnected the old hard drive.  Then we restarted to find that after the second screen XP would not begin to boot.  After some playing around we decided it best to reinstall, because with no combination could we get the OS to boot up.  So we reinstalled, with a full format.  This time, the first thing I went for was the motherboard drivers.  It stopped at the audio driver, again, and gave us the old "blue screen", again.  This time, instead of stopping the boot after the second screen, it came up with this message
    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
    Please re-install a copy of the above file.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before we decide what to do next.  Please let me know if any more information is required.  None of the bios settings have been altered, save to boot from the CD.
    Thank you,

    i would test ram
    and go to drive makers site and get their testing utility
    other possibility is a crap psu like them qtecs

  • Possible K7N2 Delta-ILSR Problem?

    Hi all.
    I'm after some advice, if I may be so bold.
    As you can see from my sig, i'm running a k7n2 Delta ilsr mobo with a 333MHZ Athlon XP3000+, which is being correctly reported.
    I've got 2x 512Mb DDR400 modules in slots 1 & 2.
    A powercolor Radeon 9600 Pro 256Mb in the AGP slot.
    My problem is this :
    When playing a game (IE BF1942, Tiger Woods 2004, NFS Underground), the game will play fine for the first few minutes, then will either exit to the desktop or reboot the machine.
    I've updated all the drivers I can think of (Latest NVidia nforce drivers, latest ATI catalyst, latest mobo bios)
    I've done a burn in test in SiSoft Sandra, which doesnt reveal anything out of the ordinary.
    Now i'm stumped.
    Any1 got any ideas where I can go from here?
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    List Power supply amp ratings from sticker on its side for 3.3 volt, 5 volt and 12 volt. mim is 3.3 24 amps, 5 30 amps and 12 16 amps these or mim more is better.
    Download and run memtest86 http://www.memtest86.com/
    Lower memory timings, if Traz 6 3 3 2.5 try 7 3 3 2.5 or 8 4 4 2.5 or lower cas to 3 if 2.5.
    Check IRQ should have 22 if not reload XP with APIC enabled in bios and PNP disabled. PNP is a hold over from 95, PC2001 APIC Standard works much better with XP/2000.
    Even if ram shows errors it may not be bad may just not support the Nvidia chip controlers.
    Up grade Nvidia unified drivers from Nvidia web sit not the one on MSI Nvidia one newer.
    Do you have the lattest drivers for sound card I've had them cause lots of problems if driver not compatiable.
    Flash bios to 7.6 if haven't done so yet.
    Just wrote this in another forum and copied to here.

  • Msi k7n2 delta ilsr problem

    hi i have this configuration on my pc:
    antec true control 550 watts
    msi k7n2 delta ilsr
    kingston hyper x pc3700 2x512 mb
    athlon xp 3200+
    seagate 120 gb sata 7200.7 hd
    ati radeon 9800 pro excalibur ice q
    i have 2 problems : the first one is that sometimes windows display me a blue screen with certain problem related to ati2dg.dll i think that problem is beacause the video card so i decided to update the bios , in the live update page from msi says that the bios 7.6 fix a bug with ati vga cards but after flashing and updating to bios v7.6 that blue screen with the same error still appearing so i dont know what else to do to solve the problem and the second one is that when i start any game or make the processor to work a little mostly related with video stuff the case speaker start to beep and the pc lags until he restarts with no reason i really dont know why if u can help me thank you

    In the BIOS try setting the AGP to 4X and disable Sidebanding. Then set the AGP Apeture to 256. See if that helps.
    Make sure you are running the lastest   nVidia nForce Drivers and the latest ATI Catalyst Drivers
    Take Care,
    P.S. There is still a possibility that the Kingston RAM is the problem.

  • Problem with K7N2 Delta ILSR?

    Not sure if there is a problem or not but I have:
    K7N2 Delta ILSR
    Athlon XP 2.8GHz
    512Meg Ram
    Win XP SR2
    When I check in System Properites, on the General Tab, at the bottom though it reports I have a AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800+, correctly, however underneath it says  "2.08 GHz, 512 Mb RAM".
    What happened to the other 0.7 Ghz !
    In the BIOS, the FSB is set to 166 Mhz as recommeded. If set to 100 MHz, in the BIOS the clock speed appears as 1250Mhz! Surely that's not right.
    I know it wont run at the full 2.8 GHz but I thought it should only be a little less than that? Is this normal?
    Many Thanks
    [email protected]

    Here are some CPUs and their speeds:
    2100+ 1.73GHz (TBred)
    2200+ 1.8GHz (TBred)
    2500+ 1.83GHz (Barton)
    2600+ 1.9GHz (Barton)
    2700+ 2.17GHz (TBred)
    2800+ 2.08GHz (Barton)
    3000+ 2.16GHz (Barton 333Mhz FSB)
    3000+ 2.1GHz (Barton 400Mhz FSB)
    3200+ 2.2GHz (Barton)
    Take Care,

  • COM1 problem K7N2-Delta ILSR

    I have a problem with COM1 in WinXP Pro. I have realized it when I tried to connect Siemens M55 using COM data cable. Simply, it does not work. The software cannot see any device connected to COM1. Same software (Siemens data suit), cable and phone works well with WinNT on other machine (Intel PIII, motherboard with Intel chipset).
    Well, I check settings in BIOS. The COM is set to 03F8/IRQ4. The same value are in Device Manager. The device manager also says that the device works properly.
    Any suggestions where could be the problem? One idea is to use COM mouse to test it but I don't have such museum exhibit :-). I haven't found any other problems with my configuration yet :-)
    One more thing, there is possibility to  specify the operation mode for serial port 2 in BIOS. Actually, there is only one serial port on the motherboard. The options for this setting are Normal, IrDA, and ASKIR. The last 2 options should be set on if then Infrared module is connected. This is not my case so I use Normal. With this settings the second serial port COM2 appears in Device manager 02F8/IRQ7. I'll be glad for short explanation.
    my configuration:
    MSI K7N2-Delta ILSR
    Athlon XP 2800+
    ATI Redon 9600

    are you sure about it? serial port (COMxx) has 9-PIN connector. the parallel port (LPTxx) has 25-PIN connector.

Maybe you are looking for