Keynote 08 - problem exporting to Quicktime (no sound or video clip)

Having just spent a long time making and narrating a training slideshow intended for a screencast using Keynote 08 (4.0.3) I choose to export the show as a quicktime movie with the recording timings and recording narrative soundtrack. A screenshot of my settings is below.
The problems I have are:
1. The recorded narration is not present in the QT Mov file
2. A video animation of an embedded movie (screen capture) displays the first frame but does not play automatically
The show works fine if I play it in Keynote, but this is no good as I want to put it on the web!
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!
If anyone has any ideas or similar experiences, please let me know

Just thought I would add my voice to the chorus... I am having the same problem.
Also note that this error will prevent you from being able to "Send To">"YouTube" as well.
I am seeing the exact same issues reported here by everyone else. Not sure what update screwed this up, but it was working fine less than a month ago (I do a series of 5 keynote presentations each month and it worked for the first one I did on June 7 but has not worked for the last two I tried).
I am also in need of a fast solution for this. I am pretty much dead in the water till I get a solution going.
My flash export also results in out of sync audio. Do I have to dig up powerpoint?
Also, it looks as if Quicktime is having a hard time with the file. Quicktime suddenly becomes very sluggish (IE: tons of delay when you click on menus or on pause when the keynote export is playing). Quicktime is NOT having these problems with video files from other sources.
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    How can I export a still picture from a video clip?

    I'm able to export stills from iMovie without anything extra. I create a new project - call it Exports say. Now, in your event clip with the frames you want as stills, select a single frame and drag it into your project. Repeat for other stills you want to export. Then choose Share -> Export Using QuickTime.
    In the pop-up, choose Movie to Image Sequence. Click Options and choose the image format you want. Playing with the number of stills lets you pick how many stills you want from each second of video. Hit OK and the stills will be generated in the directory you choose.
    I've only done this with HD video. Don't know how well it works with lower res, interlaced vid.

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    There is no sound on video clips downloaded from my cell phone camera. I have sound on all other applications. The clips have sound on my husband's computer which has windows vista.

    With help from Costco Concierge, the problem was solved by downloading a sound card from Itunes.

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    This is the first time I have used the forum. My iphone4 microphone won't record sound on video clips, and won't work with Skype.

    I have checked that I have the latest software. I have restarted phone. I am not sure how to perform the other things you mentioned , restore and reset as new... Would I lose any data by doing these? Thanks for the reply.

  • Export to Quicktime Movie Sound Problems

    I have a 60 min. film with a lot of music that I exported to Quicktime. One 10 second section of one of the songs is distorted (crackly/choppy) in the .mov file (at the end of the song). In FCE, it sounds perfect. The original mp3 sounds perfect. The other 59:50 of the film sounds fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello, and welcome to the Apple Discussion forums!
    First thing, did you mixdown your audio before exporting from FCE?
    Select the entire sequence, then do *Sequence > Render Only > Mixdown.* Try that first, it may fix things this time. Then export your video again.
    Second, MP3's are not ideal for use in FCE. You really should convert audio to AIFF, 16-bit (48KHz), stereo before importing into FCE.
    Another thing that could be happening, if that 10-sec is extra loud, you could be getting clipping. If so, you can keyframe around that 10-sec area and +reduce the gain+ (drag down the clip's audio level overlay line in either the Viewer or the Timeline.) Ideally, you should target -12 db in the audio meters as your max peak.

  • Problems Exporting to Quicktime.  Would you use Profcast?

    Using the new Keynote, which is promising, we recording a seminar that was 2 hours long. We wanted to distribute it via CD. We have tried to export it so many ways to Quicktime. We get the old "Your slideshow cannot be exported as a Quicktime movie. There's not enough disk space, or there was a problem with the file." Of course, disk pace is not a problem. We just found out that this is some sort of bug that the Apple community has been trying to figure out for years and has errupted again with this new Keynote version. We've tried the couple solutions posted elsewhere on the internet, and nicely summarized here:
    As with the author above, they haven't worked for us. And we don't have a stray "audio icon" that the author describes. Our Keynote presentation is very bare, with new fancy slide transitions or effects.
    I'm thinking that Keynote cannot be trusted with audio presentations of over a few minutes. We recorded a nice four minute or so presentation and exported to Quicktime. It worked wonderfully. Has all the nice effects. When we tried a longer recording (10) minutes, all the sound and transitions were out of sync.
    Our problem is that we record whole lecture and seminars. If Keynote has a glitch, we are then having to re-record. It's painful and expensive.
    We were using Profcast, which allows us to import Keynote presentation and record the lectures. Now Profcast doesn't allow fancy transitions. It also doesn't (or did not) export to Quicktime. It exported to mp4 (I believe) which a Quicktime user could open. But the audio was perfectly timed with the slide pagination. And two other important benefits. The lecturer could easily start and stop the audio. If I'm not mistaken, that's not on option under Keynote. If you start the recording under Keynote, you're on until you finish. If you pause (I don't think there is a pause. I think you must exit) the recording, you end the recording. The final nice thing of Profcast (although I have not used it) is that you can export to GarageBand. At that point you can edit out extraneous material. I'm not sure what to do with it at that point. I don't think GarageBand allows you to export to quicktime. I think you can export to iTunes which is a type of QT. Assuming that one had to edit using GarageBand, that would require person to have iTunes to listen and watch the slide presentation, if I'm not mistaken. The other problem is that when you are using Profcast, as I remember (and I may be wrong on this), you lose all the nice transitions and effects. You still see the same slides with the same quality, but minus the effects.
    ProfCast has proven a reliable workhorse, but without the effects. Quicktime is wonderful if you are not recording audio. If you are, nightmares ensue, and there seems little hope for an immediate solution.
    Here are my questions. Beyond the few solutions for the Quicktime export problem, does anyone have any solutions? Any suggestions? We have a three hour presentation (it's huge) and are loathe to rerecord it.
    Should we just stick with Profcast? Why or why not?

    Oscar I feel your pain !
    We had similar problems from a recent seminar recording.
    However I don't think it's length related. We recorded 15 presentations. 7 of which did not have slides. All those were fine with just our placeholder screen (25-ish minutes each)
    Of the remaining 8 half exported finem, half crashed with the "disk full etc" error. All 8 presentations had slides imported from Powerpoint PC. Slide numbers ranged from 10 to 30. We could not determine a common denominator between the ones that crashed.
    We tried removing transitions, deleting and re-inserting the original slides and a whole raft of other voodoo especially trying to hack the contents of the KN Package file in the hope of stumbling on to a fix ... to no avail.
    This was a one-off live conference, no re-record possible. You don't want to hear this but we were forced to extract the audio and manually resynch All the presentations in Flash
    You may have a better workflow, but you DO know you can control click the Keynote file, choose "Show Package Contents" and in there you will find all sorts of stuff including the .m4a audio file
    This is a serious bug that render KN completely it's recording feature completely unusable.
    But what has been most disappointing to me has been the absolute lack of any feedback from the stuff I have filed on this. Bug reports, Feature Enhancements, and the lack of comments from any of the Apple KN staff on this Apple KN board, does not speak well to the type of support for this product.
    But here's the sting in the tail:
    Having JUST completed the Flash workaround (at a cost of several thousand dollars in contracting) I just installed the KN 4.01 updater released today and all the files that would not export now do so just fine ! Grrrrrrrrrr.........
    - Dean

  • Keynote doesn't export in Quicktime

    I have a problem with a Keynote file: I must show this presentation on PC and so, I want to export it in Quicktime (because there are many animations and hyperlinks).
    But, if I export it, I get the error message, that the Keynote file cannot be exported in Quicktime, because the volume hasn't enough disk space or there is a problem with the file.
    I have enough disk space (more than 75 GB) and all my files, which I imported to Keynote, are okay.
    Can anyone help me? Because I can't find any solutions at the Apple homepage or other websites.
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    I've also had this problem in the past, but based on the suggestion of another member of this forum I tried exporting my presentations using the Custom settings menu and then selecting MPEG-4, 30 Frames per second, and Best quality. The presentations have exported perfectly.
    Good luck.

  • Quicktime - got sound no video

    Hi there - hope you can help. I am a very basic user. Have some videos which used to play fine (they are realy precious ones of my kids as babies etc) and now suddenly they won't play the images. Got sound. Blank white screen. They were taken on my digital camera.
    I have been searching for days and have looked through some other messages in this forum and tried a few of the basic things suggested with the Quicktime settings to no avail. The only thing I haven't tried is looking for the codecs cause I don't understand what I need or where to look. I looked in "Quicktime Inspector" and found the following info -
    Format u-law 2:1 mono, 8.000KHZ, MPEG-4 Video, 320x240, millions.
    Movie FPS: 20.00
    Please help! Will be eternally grateful.

    I'm having same problem. My mp4 films used to work fine, now I only get sound, no video. Same thing in QT-player, and quickview. iTunes and VLC play the files fine. The problem just appeared for no apparent reason. Really frustrating. Funny thing is tough, that some mp4 files work.
    One of the clips that's NOT working is:
    MPEG-4 (Perian), 320 x 240,
    AAC, Stereo (L R), 44,100 kHz
    One of the clips that WORK is:
    MPEG-4 (Perian), 320 x 262,
    AAC, Mono, 22,050 kHz
    Doesn't really make sense to me. Could the audio-rate have something to do with this?
    I have: QT pro 7.4.5
    I tried to remove the components somebody suggested in another thread, but no help. I even tried to remove all the QT components. No help. I have also installed Perian again. no help..
    Any suggestion and help would be appreciated.


    Hi, I was just playing around, trying to get an .mpg (MPEG-1) file to play on the ipod. I exported it with QT using the 'Export for iPod' option, the video worked, but there was no sound, I know that a lot of people are having this problem. Here is how I got an old MPEG file to work on my iPod video: (PS: You have to have QT Pro, I used 7.0.3 Pro)
    1) Take your original file (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, or AVI, etc) and open it in QT and then go file 'Save As', select 'Self Contained Movie' and then hit save. This will make a copy of the movie, but put it .mov format.
    2) When it is done, open the .mov file it just created, and using the QT Pro 'copy' feature select the entire movie (Cmd+A) and then copy that (Cmd+C).
    3) Open a new QT player (Cmd+N) and then hit Paste (Cmd+V). It should have copied the movie from the .mov file into an UNSAVED New QT Player window.
    4) Now, go File>Export... (Or Cmd+E) and then select 'Movie to iPod' in export to dropdown. Name your file and hit save, it will begin exporting the file into a .m4v file. (Which the iPod likes)
    5) When it is done, which can take a very long time (It took me at least 5-7hrs to export a clip that was 1hr long)
    6) Drag the newly created .m4v file into iTunes, update your iPod, and the iPod should read it and it should have video AND sound together nicely, which has been the big problem.
    Try this out maybe copying a very small portion of the movie (back at step 2) to a new player, maybe 10-20sec worth as this will not take very much time to export to the .m4v file and will allow you to put it on your iPod to test it out and see if it will work.
    Try it out and I hope it works for you. Post any comments as well. Thanks, Dylan

    I have also found a fix for this (MAC only probably). It requires 2 free apps, and it doesn't take horribly long, I think one of the apps does the same exact thing as quicktime pro when you export from there, so it might take a while.
    1. Download the app MPEG Streamclip.
    2. Download the app MoviesToGo
    3. Open your muxed video in MPEG Streamclip
    4. Go to File>Export To Quicktime
    5. Choose a Quality then Make Movie (this goes fast)
    6. Open the created movie in MoviesToGo (or another iPod Video Exporter)
    Then your video will be able to play on the iPod with sound, and its free.
    Hope This Works For You Guys

  • Seperating sound from video clips?

    I was wondering if anyone could give me instructions on how to go about serperating audio from all of my video clips in order for me to delete the audio.
    Power Book G4   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    If you untarget the audio tracks in the timeline then the audio will not be placed in the timeline. If you already have all of your clips in the timeline and you do not wish to redo that, then "option-click" on the audio tracks and you can delete just the audio. Or if you have quicktime pro then load your vidoe clips into quicktime and choose export "movie to Quicktime Movie" then deselect the audio tab.

  • Exporting one section within a long video clip

    Hi. I would like to work with a 2 minute section from a long video clip. One way to do it would be to import just that section into iMovie from the camcorder. But is there any way to accomplish this with a clip that has already been imported? In other words, can I take a section of a clip in iMovie and save it as a separate clip (or sub clip) that could then be edited, copied, exported or whatever? I am using iMovie 3.

    Hi Howard
    Yes there is some ways.
    I would cut up the clip to get the required part.
    Export this as DVstream via QuickTime expert mode - start a new iMovie project and import.
    OR rather beeing lazy. I would export out neede part to my Camera and a new tape.
    Use this tape in a new project
    Yours Bengt W

  • No sound on video clips on 6230i

    Hi Folks,
    Can anyone help with the following:
    I have some video clips which I have converted to .3gp using the nokia player, and they then play OK on my PC, but when I transfer them to my phone, only the video plays, no sound at all.
    I have one clip on my phone which does play sound and video but it was converted using a different application some time ago which unfortunately I no longer have.
    So there is no problem with sound on my phone, it just seems not to play the sound on new video clips.
    Any ideas most welcome.
    P.S. I have a 6230i and I'm using Data Suite version:

    08-Nov-200704:35 PM
    ford_prefect wrote:
    Hi Scooby,
    Thanks for the suggestion but where exactly is the download link for "Super".
    Your link goes to a description page, then that links to a download page which links back to the description!
    How to download Super from Erightsoft?
    this will help...

  • IMovie 09 - synching new sound to video clip

    Hi all iMovie users. I am trying to synch my improved sound track to video. I drag the new sound track to the approx right place in the iMovie clips having muted the clip but if I drag the green sound bar it is too fierce; if I use the arrow keys to correct "too early/too late" nothing seems to happen. I have been trying for quite a few hours. Any suggestions please very gratefully received

    I would recommend the following:
    1) Set the thumbnail slider in the Project window to 1/2 second. This will enable you to slide the green bar left or right frame by frame.
    2) Open the video clip and (temporarily) set the volume to 100%.
    3) Click the button to show the audio waveforms. You should see the waveforms for the new audio track as well as the video so you have some visual cues to line them up exactly. Look for a peak or a gap in the audio. This makes it easier to line up (like the old hollywood clappers).
    4) Drag the frame back and forth using the audio cues and the visual cues. When you have it lined up exactly, set the volume of the original video track to zero. Set the thumbnail slider back to where you usually keep it.
    One more thing: If you cannot drag frame by frame, go to iMovie/Preferences and put a check mark next to Display Time as hh:mm:ss:frames.
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  • I am having trouble getting sound on video clips I have imported into Premiere Elements 10.

    I am having trouble getting sound when importing video clips into Premiere Elements 10.  Is someone able to offer me a solution as I have no idea what I have done to cause this to happen. 
    The clip has sound when opened with windows media player.
    Thank you

    Hi Steve,
    After reading everybody’s responses I am feeling a little out of my depth.  Being new to this I am having difficulty in understanding a lot of the information given to me and also in the information you require from me.  It appears that one thing I should never do is mix film from two different cameras.  I would really like to fix this one particular clip though as it holds an interview that was taken when leaving Coober Pedy and something that I don’t want to lose.
    I have today done some research on the camera that took the offending video clip.   It was a Samsung S85 and according to the Samsung website it uses MJPEG video format.
    Here are the specifications as per the Samsung website.
    Camera Type
    Ultra-Compact Point-and-shoot Digital Camera
    Image Quality
    Image Sensor
    1/2.5" 8.3 Megapixel CCD
    Effective Resolution
    8.2 million pixels
    Color Depth
    24-Bit RGB
    Color Modes
    Normal, B/W, Sepia, Negative, Red, Green, Blue, Custom Color
    Image File Formats
    JPEG (Super Fine, Fine, Normal)
    Recorded Resolution
    8M (3264 x 2448)
    7M (3264 x 2176) - 3:2
    6M (3264 x 1824) - Wide
    5M (2592 x 1944)
    3M (2048 x 1536)
    1M (1024 x 768)
    Video Recording
    AVI Motion JPEG with Audio
    640 x 480 @ 30 or 15 fps
    320 x 240 @ 30 or 15 fps
    Clip length limited only by available memory
    5x optical zoom available during video record
    Audio Recording
    WAV format (monaural)
    I downloaded and installed Media Info and Morgan Multimedia MJPEG Codec V3.99.108 today.  Do I have to register it to get it to operate?  I read the documentation file that came with it hoping to find a clue as what I should do but I could not comprehend the information it contained.
    Thank you and other members who have responded to my plea for all the help you have given me.

  • Keynote '08 cannot export as Quicktime movie

    I purchased KN '08 to create presentations. It is updated to version 4.0.2. I have tried for the last 3 hours to export my presentation as a Quicktime movie. No matter what functions I turn off, or change, nothing seems to work. In fact, after the 3rd attempt, Keynote erased some photos out of my presentation. When I tried to re-add them, Keynote said it couldn't because I didn't have access to the file, or there was damage to the files. Luckily I had back-ups I could access.
    Is there a way to make this work? Why would Apple put out a product like this that doesn't work?

    ditto. I have not been able export any of my presentations. Also, I could not get the recording to work consistently and correctly. I can't even get my PowerMac G5 with 5 GB RAM to play the slide show correctly.
    I found that the only work around is using Snapz Pro X while stepping through the the slide show. This creates a high quality QT movie.
    Keynote is not the only problem. Quick Time does not work properly either. Some movies, even high def movies, play flawlessly and some I take at only 640 x 480 gives me a "strobing" (flashing of white). This has happened in movies added to Keynote, movies streamed through Safari, and even some movies played in Quick Time Pro itself.
    I thought I had a lemon MacBook Pro, since I'm now on my third logic board/video card since I purchased last July, but I think it is also a software issue. I was hoping that Leopard would magically repair the problems with Quick Time, but it has not.
    Any suggestions in how to fix this would be appreciated. Why does some QT play without a problem and others so nasty? What is the ideal settings for a QT export? What is ideal resolution for movies included in Keynote to play without "strobing"?

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