KFF(KeyFlex Field) Issue in Query Mode in GL Module

HI all
i have developed a custom form in GL, i am facing some problem the KFF attached.
In the query mode when i do ctlr+L on the KFF attached field, i am getting the following standard note
" APP-FND-01345:List of values is not available for this field while in Enter-Query Mode"
Any point on this issue.

I assume you are working with Oracle Apps.
We have a special section of different forums under the E-Business Suite category, you'll get more help there for Oracle Apps issues, this is the Forms Forum.

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  • KFF(KeyFlex Field) Issue in Query Mode

    HI all
    i have developed a custom form, i am facing some problem the KFF attached.
    In the query mode when i do ctlr+L on the KFF attached field, i am getting the following standard note
    " APP-FND-01345:List of values is not available for this field while in Enter-Query Mode"
    Any point on this issue.

    I assume you are working with Oracle Apps.
    We have a special section of different forums under the E-Business Suite category, you'll get more help there for Oracle Apps issues, this is the Forms Forum.

  • Query mode & default values

    When a block is put into QUERY MODE all the
    fields in it are blanked.
    I am looking for a way to put in default
    values in some of my fields when in
    query mode.
    Is this possible.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Klas Malmstrom
    [email protected]

    You could try the When-New-Record-Instance trigger for the block and assign values to items when the :SYSTEM.MODE = 'ENTER-QUERY'. Users may be able to change these default values.
    To have hidden default values use the default where property of the block and either set on the property sheet or dynamically in the PRE-QUERY trigger; or assign values to database items in the PRE-QUERY trigger.

  • Prevent interpretation of special characters in enter-query mode

    My problem goes as follows:
    - forms version: Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)
    - non-database item block.X, char
    - block.X is filled in post-query trigger. The post-query logic cannot be integrated in a view because it uses procedures, and usage of a pipelined function + view is currently not allowed due to "internal restrictions". Put simply: all logic to fill the field must remain in the post-query trigger
    - user wants the field to be queryable. This is achieved by storing the entered criterium in a variable in the pre-query trigger, and using it in the post-query trigger to exclude records. E.g.
    pre-query ==> help_block.query_X := block.X;
    post-query ==> if help_block.query_X is not null and block.X is null or not block.X like help_block.query then raise form_trigger_failure; end if;
    - this works fine for "regular" search strings. However:
    - whenever the search string starts with <, <=, >, >=, !, forms seems to interpret the leading characters before doing anything else. During pre-query, block.X is null, and as soon as I use it in pl/sql, I get FRM-40831: Truncation Occured: value too long for field. E.g.
    user puts the following in block.X ==> '<X', so he wants to search for records with value '<X' (text; not 'smaller than ...')
    pre-query => msg.show(block.X) ==> appears to be empty/null, but right after the message, I get FRM-40831 Truncation Occured: value too long for field ...
    This only happens if < is the first non-space character in the search string.
    Does anyone know of a way to prevent oracle from interpreting the <, <=, ... characters entered in enter-query mode?

    I'm sorry for not making myself clear; I'll give it another go:
    The problem is that, if I enter '<abc' in a form field in enter-query mode (so during creation of the "example record"), forms immediately interprets the < as 'smaller than' and does some obscure things with it (my guess: converting to a where clause, but since I'm using a non db field, this actually does nothing), and finishes by erasing the field contents (in the example record). In the pre-query trigger, I can no longer get the '<abc' and store it. I want one of the following:
    - prevent forms from interpreting the '<' in front (same thing happens for !=, <=, >=, =, ...)
    - capture the entered string ('<abc') before forms reacts to the '<' in front
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  • Bug after adding fields in advanced search mode of af:query

    We are migrating from JDeveloper to
    I noticed the following issue:
    In a page with search criteria (based on a view object), when the user adds an additional field in advanced search mode and clicks on a full submit button in the page, the following browser popup appears:
    "This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved."
    This was logged as a bug in Oracle Support but we have not been able to find a workaround yet.
    This is the only issue currently blocking us from migrating to Has anyone else faced this issue? Any ideas on how we can bypass this behavior?
    Thank you,

    Unfortunately, the latest update from Oracle Support was that they no longer consider this a bug!
    SR 3-7706485141: Additional Fields in af:query problem - JDeveloper
    1. I cannot understand how something that blocks user actions and cannot be bypassed in any way could be considered "acceptable behavior".
    2. I also do not understand how a Bug can be lodged and then have its status changed to "Not a Bug".
    3. Even if we were to ignore this issue and convince our customers that they should be delayed by meaningless popups while working (which we cannot), their is still another issue that makes this functionality dysfunctional. When the user clicks on "Stay on Page" the popup closes and the page freezes and becomes unresponsive.
    Off course this is another issue and a different SR should open, but I think it shows that something is going very wrong with this functionality.
    I wonder if anyone else is considering using JDeveloper in a production system.

  • How to control the number of fields in the Advanced mode in af:query

    How to control the number of fields in the Advanced mode in <af:query>?
    Say i have 20 fields in my table and i created a view criteria with 2 fields. It would work perfectly in Basic mode. But in the Advanced mode all other fields selection is possible on clicking the ADD Fields button. I did not want the client to make a search with all 20 fields. Only 10 fields are to be listed in the Advanced Mode even though there are 20 fields in my table.
    How do i control the list of fields in ADDFields button?
    Any ideas?

    You can uncheck the Querable property of the attributes which you need not show up in the Advanced Mode (but they will not show up in other modes too !) or programatically set the same as mentioned here -
    http://adfcodebits.blogspot.com/2010/11/bit-27-setting-view-object-attributes.htmlAlso you can hide the AddFields button as suggested here - http://www.notjustjava.com/2011/12/cool-tips-to-showhide-components-of-the-query-control-of-adf/

  • Frm-40208 from running in query mode. cannot change database fields

    Could some one help me with this.
    I am calling a form from another form. I am passing the parameter list to the calling form and doing a query by setting the block property. But when queries the message
    FRM-40208 Form running in query mode. cannot change database fields .
    I do not want the message to appear when they go the called form . Please some one could help me how could I avoid displaying the message.

    Good day! I am working with a module that also calls another form. It uses call_form with query mode parameter set to query_only. My problem is, whenever i call the other form using the call_form, it would display the called module and then as it populates the detail block of the called form, it will display frm-40208 from running in query mode. cannot change database fields per record. What I want is for the message to be displayed only once.
    I have tried capturing the error by using on-error trigger, but it doesn't go to that whenever the other form was being called. I think the message has to do with the post-query trigger, because it passes some values on a dbase block objects.
    Do you have any suggested solutions or workarounds to make the message display only once whenever the other form is being invoked by the call_form?
    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions/ideas.
    Thanks and regards,

  • How to disable field validation when block is in query mode ?

    we use Jdev 11g TP3 and implemented a button to set a block of input fields in query mode.
    Some of this fields are mandatory.
    When performing an execute operation this mandatory fields are validated and the JS error message pops up.
    In query mode this fields must not be mandatory !
    How to disable the validation of those mandatory fields when the block are in query mode?

    Hello Peter,
    A little correction to Chris' suggestion, it should be:
    <af:inputText value="#{bindings.<your field name>.inputValue}"
                        label="#{bindings.<your field name>.hints.label}"
                        required="#{!bindings.<your iterator name>Iterator.findMode && bindings.<your field name>.hints.mandatory}">
    ...etc...The only difference is the removal of the ? : operator since it isn't required and represents both an additional parsing and processing effort. Go micro-optimization!
    ~ Simon

  • Blocking some fields from entering in summary block in enter query mode

    Hi ,
    I have a data block where in some fileds have to be dynamically allowed to enter and some are not based on
    a particular condition. The problem is whenever the forms enters enter query mode, all the fileds in the block are updateble. Even maually I tried to set/unset the property in forms using set_item_property, but the enter query mode was trying to overiride it and making updateble.
    Please suggest a solution for this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Try the below code
    you can set the item here too by using the below code
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  • Issue with Query on a virtual infoprovider

    I am getting the following error message while executing a query on a virtual infoprovider. We have recently gone through upgrade from BI 3.5 to BI 7.0 EHP1 (SP5) and from SEM BCS 4.0 to BCS 6.0.
    EVersion not specified or not unique                                                             UCR0                006                   
    EError reading the data of InfoProvider ZBCS_CV11                                    DBMAN             305ZBCS_CV11          
    EError while reading data; navigation is possible                                          BRAIN               289                   
    this query has been running fine before the upgrade. In the selection screen there are two fields - version1 and version2, if I am specifying same value in both the fields then the query runs fine and if I am providing different values then the above stated error message appears.
    I have tried different settings with properties - Read mode: H,A,X and also different combination from the properties of the virtual infoprovider - with and w/o hierarchies; with and w/o navigation attributes but it did not workout.
    the only thing which has changed on this virtual provider is that I had enabled delta caching as this was supposed to be used in a multiprovider.
    Has anyone experienced similar issue or have an idea as to what is going wrong here. Please advice.

    Hi Manish,
    I have exactly the same issue with a query on a virtual infoprovider after upgrading from BI 3.5 to BI 7.0 EHP1 (SP5) and from SEM BCS 4.0 to BCS 6.0.
    Would you be so kind to tell me how you fixed this. (other queries seem to be working)
    Kind regards,
    Jamie Flaxman

  • What is the differences between viewCriteria query modes?

    Hello all,
    recently we faced a performance issue in a production application. after tracing  we found  that the issue was caused by setting the query mode of the view criteria to in memory.
    bussiness case description:
    when creating a new record for table A, I want to populate one field depending on records in another table B, so I used model driven LOV.
    The problem was that new records were created for both tables in the same ADF train i.e. the data for both tables were not posted or committed yet.
    so by using a query based ViewObject + viewCriteria with query mode set to memory for viewCriteria I managed to populate the LOV with the correct data,
    in another page I will show database records for table A with LOV to show meaningful messages to users ,  but I can as well create new records for table A ,but the loading of this page is very slow.
    using alter session set sql_trace=true; I found that table B is fully scanned and all rows are fetched-180000+ record-.
    Problem description:
    from the trace file generated found that the query issued did not have a where clause.
    also found that the viewObject fetched the entire table into memory- 180000+ record,-  then searched them in memory.
    changing the query mode of the viewCriteria seems to solve the issue
    so in order to avoid such issues in the future ,I wanted to make sure I understand the differences between the query modes of view criteria and their impact on the performance and if there are any differences if the viewObject is based on an entity or a sql dml.
    this is what I know so far -please correct me if I am mistaken-:
    1)database: search the database appending the conditions of the viewCriteria to whatever the query is
    2)memory: search the rows that are already in the memory.
    3)both: search both database and memory.
    also, in case I updated one of the records in the memory but did not yet post or commit will the fetched rows have the updated values? and if these changes fails the condition from the viewCriteria , will the rows be shown?.

    The camera roll contains all the photos and videos taken on your device, as well as any saved on your device from the internet, emails, text messages, etc.  The photo library contains photos synced to your device from your computer.
    Only camera roll photos are synced using iCloud with photo stream.  And photo stream only syncs photos, not videos.

  • Developering ADF form in query mode (Oracle forms simulation)

    we have a requirement for developing the existing Oracle form using Oracle ADF. The existing Oracle form displays the form in query mode by default. We can enter the search criteria in any of the text fields and then execute query to get the results. If the user does not enter any search criteria, then the form loads specific record based on default criteria into the form. Could you please help developing similar form using ADF.
    At present I created the view object with one bind variable and dragged the view as ADF form to the jspx page. Then I am launching the form in query mode (executing the find method on the view object using operation binding at the time of loading the page). After entering the query criteria in the form, If I click on a button I am executing a method in the managed bean. In the managed bean I am executing the "Execute" operation on the view and it is working fine.
    But my problem is if the user does not enter the search criteria I have to pass default parameters to the view object and return the default record in the form.
    Can you please help in resolving the issue.
    Thanks and Regards,
    S R Prasad

    Hi Frank,
    Thank you for providing information. I created the query panel with the table by dragging all the named criteria. But this is not the look we are expecting for this form. As we have to deveop ADF form with the same behavior as oracle forms, the user must be in a position to edit the data in the same field as that of query field.
    As an example, we have to design a form for Dept table. We have to display all the columns of the dept view in the form at the time of launching the form in query mode. Once the user enters any search criteria in the form, we have to perform search and display the record(s) matching the query criteria in the same columns displayed in the form. User should not see any changes in the form layout.
    If the user does not enter any data in the form, then we have to display the record(s) in the form with the specific department id(This department id can be calculated based on the data in another table).
    Can you please help us in resolving the issue.
    Thanks and Regards,
    S R Prasad

  • Form not going in Query mode

    hello freinds, Happy Christmas ..!
    i have a Master_Detail form, FORM2
    "LN_HEAD" table, that has 3 primary key;
    "LN_DET" table has foreign key; Relation is set at form design time.
    Form2 is called from Form1 on press of a button "bt1"
    When-BT1_press, i am only initializing :GLOBAL.LN_CODE = 'LCD'
    I am initializing LN_CODE := :GLOBAL.LN_CODE and setting initial value property of the field LN_CODE to :GLOBAL.LN_CODE
    when the form displayed for the first time,,and i press F7 or Query button,form is going in field LN_EMP_CODE and
    asking me to enter LN_EMP_CODE, as it is required field.
    i also tried settng LN_EMP_CODE required property to false at design time and at WNFI, but then its firing WVI of LN_EMP_CODE
    and raises form-failure message "emp does not exists'.
    at form and ln_head block level i gave trigeer KEY-ENTQRY
    but still not going in query mode. whats the matter? Has any1 face this issue before?
    please advice me.
    *on my form; 1st field is LN_DATE, 2nd LN_APPLY_DATE, 3rd LN_NO (auto-generated, enabled property set false at WNFI) and*
    *4rth is LN_EMP_CODE*

    I am initializing LN_CODE := :GLOBAL.LN_CODEWhat is LN_CODE in this initialization? Is it an item in one of the blocks of your form?

  • [Solved] Problem with LOV and 'enter query' mode

    Hi all,
    I'm kind of new to Forms and I'm having some problems that I'm not being able to resolve. I already search it on the net, but nothing relevant came up. If anyone could help me I appreciated it.
    In my form I have some fields, and in one of them I have a LOV, and almost everything works fine. I inserted data, changed it, deleted it and all it's ok.
    But when I change to 'enter query' mode, when I try to search for data on the LOV field it ignores what I write.
    That is, for it, it's the same if I make F11 -> write 'aaaa' -> ctrl + F11 or if I make F11 -> '%' -> ctrl + F11.
    It behaves the same way, shows me all the records.
    Probably I'm missing something basic, but I'm not getting it...

    when you create a lov by wizard the lov and record group have always the same name..
    the problem is that the item is NOT based in the tabe.
    what kind of query do you execute if you choose something from a love which is not based on the db?
    i mean, this item has no influence on the query of the table, so whatever you choose it's like a "select * from table"
    i hope i was clear

  • Creation of local field in ABAP Query

    Please let me know how to create a local field in ABAP query. I am finding the option inactive in SQ01.

    hi priya,
         *__Adding u201CLocal Fieldu201D (user defined field) in SAP Query_ :
    There is also facility to add the user defined fields in SAP query output. Also we can provide calculation formula for calculating values for this user defined field.
    Calculation formula consists of standard fields from standard SAP tables. So the values fetched for particular standard SAP fields from standard SAP tables get calculated as per the calculation formula defined for the user defined field and displays the value accordingly.
    To do this first go to change mode for Query which automatically takes you to screen shown below and click on icon   , as below :
    Then further screen will appears. So select the Field group and again click on the same icon button   .
    Then switch on the Short names for the fields and give the short names to fields which we need to use in Calculation formula.
    Give the short names and then created u201CLocal Fieldu201D, as shown in below screen shot. Also Short names are given to fields, which can be used further for calculation.
    Defining Local Field u201CREM_QTYu201D along with its field type and Calculation formula.
      In this case we have 
      defined field type for new  
      field as similar to
      ORD_QTY and
      Calculation formula is  
    Also its possible to have Conditional logic for Local field by putting Condition in u201CConditionu201D line.
    Now activate this newly added Local field for coming it in output screen. To do the same again go to u201CBasic Listu201D and activate the Local Field as shown below :
    i think this will help u

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    Hi, Jdev : Can some one please share me a link how to do safepoint rollback. i.e Rollback up to some specific point only. Thanks, Hari

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    i recently wanted to play bejewel blitz on facebook but i can't seem to play the game. '''whenever it goes to the loading page and it loads finish, it just freeze there.''' i am using the latest version of firefox and adobe flash player. i tried clea