Lightroom wont save metadata to more than one file at once

I've got a whole bunch of files in a catalogue that have had the metadata changed locally.  I want to overwrite with the metadata thats in my LR cat.  When I select them all and choose metadata>save metadata to files the little "!" dissapears from only file ata time.  I matters not which module I'm in or if I go library > save metadata. Of course I'm on a deadline.  Argh!
EDIT: I tried deleting the local XMP files and I get the same result


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  • How do I share more than one file at once in Adobe Creative Cloud?

    How do I share more than one file at once in Adobe Creative Cloud?

    Hi Ken,
    Thank you for your quick response. Have a good weekend.
    With best regards,
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    Re: How do I share more than one file at once in Adobe Creative Cloud?
    created by Ken G. Rice in Adobe Creative Cloud - View the full discussion
    Currently you cannot share a folder, only individual files. Sharing of folders is a feature that is coming in the future.
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  • Can't open more than one file at once (Indesign CS3)

    hi there
    I have to deal with a strange problem, every time (well actually randomly) I try to open more than one indesign file at once, indesign just stays in the background and I can't get it to show up.
    the only thing I can to is force quite the application and restart indesign. Sometimes I'm able to see one of the open documents but I can't do anything with it (as there are no tools and no other indesign windows).
    Im not the only one having this problem, my work mate just updated his osx from 10.4 to 10.5, and now he is having the same problems...
    any suggestions why that is?
    (my system: mac 2x2.66ghz dual-core intel xeon, 1gb ram, osx 10.5.2, indesign cs3
    my work mates system: mac G5, 1gb ram, indesign cs3, osx 10.5.2)

    Every system has issues when its first released.
    What's the point of jumping to a new system on a production machine when everything works perfectly in the old system?
    Monitor these forums and other boards and as soon as Apple and Adobe have a fix jump to the new system.

  • Lightroom - Photoshop Integration breaks for more than one file

    This message is for those of us who process lots of images. I just spend a n afternoon working with Lightroom 1.0 to process the 900+ images taken at a sporting event over the weekend. My task is to find the keepers, and then run a custom action in Photoshop on every one of those files to prepare the files for delivery to the client.
    Its pretty clear anyone doing serious noise reduction or sharpening work needs to have PS right now, but even if those limitations are addressed, let's assume there's always going to be something that needs to be done in Photoshop.
    The problem is the current integration of Photoshop and Lightroom seems to be based on a single file, i.e. there's no batch capabilities, but I need to be able to set up and run recorded Photoshop actions on 900 files! (OK, only half were keepers, but you get the idea.)
    The workaround is to export all of the files out of Lightroom into a directory, and then run a batch process to create a second directory of the processed files. I now have 900 files that aren't in Lightroom's database! Unfortunately Lightroom doesn't recognize files on the hard drive, and so if you're using Lightroom as a file manager, in six months I'll never know those post-processed files are even there.
    Sure, I can delete the first directory, but I'll definitely want to keep the final files around for later. The only option is to then run another import on the final directory, which creates more down time.
    The problem is the chances of getting out of sync are huge, plus there's no association between the original and processed versions as happens when you edit from within Lightroom. (In that case the original and processed are stacked.)
    Now, the 1.0 version is amazing, and I consider the program to be one of the best programs ever designed. This is just a request to consider tackling this problem in version 2.0.

    Yes, that's a big improvement in 1.0. The only problem is it only works for one file :-(
    Overall I've found stacking to be less useful in other contexts, unfortunately. For me at least its been easier to just go through all of the photos initially to rank them, and then only show the candidates to send to clients.

  • Can't attach more than one file at once in Yahoo! Mail using Firefox 15.0

    This problem appeared right after the new and improoved Flash Player was installed, when using Firefox 14.0.1. Problem persists with the new Firefox 15.0 (installed, not updated). It also takes a long time for Firefox to load the Attach button. I don't have this problem if I use Chrome.

    mikeobe wrote:
    OK, kinda slooow here, I hope I'm not trying your patience!? If I understand you correctly, install dummy drivers and then the drivers that came with my printer, Designating NO default printer! Then when I need to use the printer I will have to declare which one each and every time?
    Or, just intall by new printer but do not Delcare it as the Default printer, I guess in this instance there would be NO default printer?
    You may not even have the problem!
    Have you installed the new printer yet?
    There are many more people who don't see it happen than those who do.
    PS: there is always a default printer.

  • How do I rename more than one file at once in Finder?

    I am new to Macs and I have a bunch of files I would like to rename to the same thing e.g. Work (1), Work (2) etc. I was wondering if there was a way you could do this on Macs like you can on Windows based computers.
    Thank you for your help.

    Hi shauniemac,
    I do this on a regular basis with a shareware utility called File Buddy.
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  • Zen Vision M 30GB - How to edit more than one tag at once

    I?m looking for a comfortable way to edit the tags on my player. I?ve installed ZEN Vision M Series Media Explorer, but I can only add one file at once. I?ve tried a normal tageditor, but I can't see the player in the device list.
    Does anyone know a tool for editing more than one file at once ?

    I do it in winamp, and then i copy songs back to player .)

  • How to upload more than one file in struts?

    thanks first. I want to upload more than one file at once. So I modify the the example of the struts 1.1. I changed :
    protected FormFile theFile;
    protected FormFile [] theFile;
    and add indexed getter and setter method.
    public FormFile getTheFileIndexed(int index){
    return theFile[index];
    public void setTehFileIndexed(FormFile theFile,int index){
    and in the upload.jsp, I changed
    <html:file property="theFile" />
    <html:file property="theFile[0]" />
    and also in the ActionForm
    this.theFile=new FormFile[2];
    But when I run it, it tells me there are no getter indexed method.
    Thanks again for reading.

    Create a FormFile property with getters and setters for each file you want to upload. Eg.
    private FormFile file1;
    private FormFile file2;
    public void setFile1(FormFile file) {
       this.file1 = file;
    public void getFile1() {
      return file1;
    // same for file2And in your jsp use the following :
    <html:file property="file1" />
    <html:file property="file2" />

  • By subscribing to Creative Cloud(Photoshop and Lightroom), does it come with more than one license, and is it possible to install it on both Windows and Apple(if it comes with two licenses)? Thank you.

    By subscribing to Creative Cloud(Photoshop and Lightroom), does it come with more than one license, and if it does, is it possible to install on both Windows and Apple's OX? Thanks.

    A Cloud subscription provides for installing working installations on two machines.  You can have mixed operating systems (both Windows and Apple's OX).

  • Can not color label more than one file at a time

    I've had this problem since 10.6.6-ish, i can not color label more than one file at a time in the Finder.
    Wether i select two, twenty or twohundred only one file gets color labeled.
    It doesn't seem to matter if i assign a color label through the File menu or right click > label.
    Figured a re-install might fix this but it hasn't (even a clean install without restoring any kind of backup).
    Does anyone else have this issue and/or a fix for it?

    Aaaaanyone ?

  • How can i transfer more than one file from server to client

    our requirement is transfer more than one files from server to client using the
    webutil_file_transfer.as_to_client_with_progress.One file transfer is already working in our system.If anybody know the solution please inform

    just an idea ...
    for this purpose let us put aside security concerns and other potential problems....
    -- Get the content of a server directory with Filter and create zip file
    1) create a class that implements ...
    2) define accept() method ...
    3) call File.list() with the filter as a parameter. The returned array of strings will have all the names that passed through the accept() filter
    4) use java.util.Zip to create ZIP file on the server side
    -- I think it is better to create this functionality as a separate Java class, put it in required folder and after it
    -- use Forms->Program->"Import Java class" to create pl/sql wrappers, than to create wrappers for all classes and code in pl/sql
    5) use webutil to transfer file on the client
    6) use Java on client side to unzip transferred file
    if you think this is not too complicated, you should try ...

  • How to burn more than one file on the same dvd?

    I would like to burn more than one file in to the same dvd. It seems to me that using Finder I can burn only a file. There is some alternative command? Thank's

    Select all the item to burn... right click...
    Place all items into a folder and burn the folder to the disc.
    Make a Burn Folder in the Finder (place items into the folder) and burn from there to a disc.

  • Any way to transcode more than one file at a time?

    I've noticed that Final Cut Pro X, when doing transcoding (for Optimizing or creative Proxy media) only processes a single file at a time (whereas it can handle processing up to 5 audio files at once), and is only using about 70% of my processor(s) -- I have a dual core, Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, about 500MB used by FCPX during the processing.  So this thing should have PLENTY of processor and memory headroom to use, and it should certainly be able to transcode more than one file at a time.  Yet it isn't nearly taking full advantage of the processors, or the RAM.  Is there any solution to this problem?
    --Andy H.

    Try the 'add folder to library' option under file on the main menu.

  • Html tag to upload more than one file at a time

    hai sir this is surendra i need html tag to upload more than one file at a time .I am using
    <input type="file" name="">
    tag to upload single file at a time i need tag to upload more than one file at a time .
    Waiting for your result

    You can add more than one input element of type file.
    <input type="file" name="name1">
    <input type="file" name="name2">

  • Deleting more than one file at a time from Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 4

    Is there a way to delete more than one file at a time from Zen Xtra? Actually, I'd like to delete most of the 800+ files and the only way I've found is to do them one at a time..! Help!

    Either use finder to drag and drop those tracks onto
    "Library" in iTunes' left "Source" column or from
    iTunes Menu Files use "Add to Library ..." then
    navigate to a folder that keep a yoru tracks and
    select that folder.
    This did it! I was doing an "import" which would only let me do one song at a time. But the "add to library" and the drag and drop both worked. Thanks!!!
    New Mac user
    Scott in Alaska
    MacBookPro   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

Maybe you are looking for

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    HELP I'm going through withdrawls. My iPod Nano 2GB has decided to not recognize the fact that I would like to disengage the HOLD toggle. Any suggestions out there on what I can do, before having to take it to my nearest Apple store?