Line items to be excuded in dunning after tha max. level is reached

Hello everyone,
We have a requirement in Dunning where the line items that have reached the max. level,  should not be included in the reminders any longer since the invoices are then handled over to an insurance company. Request help on the configuration required for this.

The dunning block should be set at document level in this case. This way only the document will be blocked.
If you set it in customer master, the customer will never be dunned.
There is a path in customizing to create the dunning block.
REnan Correa

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  • Customer Line items are showing in red even after clearing? Is there some configuration I am missing?

    I am learning SAP FI. For this I created a customer invoice using T.Code F-22 and later posted incoming payment from the customer using T.Code F-28. After that I checked the line items for this same customer using the T.Code FBLN5. The cleared items are still showing up in red. I double clicked on the DZ(Incoming payments) documents and also verified that the incoming payments went towards the correct DR (Customer invoice) document. could someone help me understand why this is happening?

    I observed your Line items.... your invoice amounts are not equal with the payment documents
    for ex:
    doc no: 200001 .... invoice is posted with amount 27K inr.....but the Incoming payment is not matching with this 27K..... once the dr and cr is matched they only items will be cleared.  so now you can clear doc no 200001... with doc nos 400000 and 400003...with t.code f-30 transfer with clearing.... first select all the items and deactivate them and after that select doc no 200001 and doc no 400000 and 400003... now dr and cr will be matched you can get this info at not assigned field if this is o then you can save and the items will be cleared. for clearing the items you use the standard tab... in f-28 or f-30.

  • Empty line item added in incomplete sales orders after upgrade

    We are upgraded from 4.7 to 6.0 version of R/3. After the upgrade in sales orders which were incomplete in 4.7, a empty line item have got added in those sales order. While opening those order in VA02, first line item is completely empty and due to that it doesnot allow me to do anything on that order. Also, on checking the tables such as VBAP, VBKD an empty line item is there.
    Kindly Advice.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Kishore,
    I have already checked SAP notes but got nothing related to it.

  • Line Item Dimension has been reset / cancelled after upgrade to 7.0

    we upgraded to Netweaver BI 7.0 SP 17 and now I receive the message that the line item flag in the dimension has been reset / cancelled.
    Can I set the line item flag again also in the new BI 7.0 Multicube?
    Does anyone know where to set the flag ?
    Thanks and regards,

    Hi llona,
    U need to set the flag at the dimention screen of the Multiprovider..
    When u enter the Dimention screen there u can find all the dimentions of the Multiprovider, right side to those dimension u can check the Line Item Dimention flag..
    Make sure that u will assign only one char to the line item dimension.. then only u can treat a dimension as Line Item..
    Do these things in D and move it to the further landscapes..
    Assign points if this helps

  • Prob with putting text after the Schedule line item in PO Sap script

    Hi Guys,
    I need to include a Text afetr the first schedule line item and that shouldn't print after next onwards, can anyone help me out.

    two things
    in this
    activate debugger and check whether the field
    &EKET-J_3ASIZE& is eq ' ' or not
    only then it will come in to else condition
    if its coming into else case check whether &T166P-TXNAM& is getting populated or not
    if it doesnt u need to go to item_text
    define a variable and move the value of &T166P-TXNAM&
    define &TEXT& = &T166P-TXNAM&
    and then
    in item_schedule
    i think this will resolve the issue.
    reward if its useful

  • Workflow not triggering after undletion of expense line item after release

    Hi Experts.
    There is one issue in which a PO contains inventory line item (an item without account assignment category) and expense line item (an item with account assifnment category).The user releases the PO through workflow.The user then deletes expense line item and after a span of time he undeletes the same line item.Now the business requirement is after undeletion of expense line item the workflow should trigger again.I have consulted with technical team they say that it is not possible by coding and is possible trough customization.

    Please check that Change Version for PO is active.
    IMG: SRM -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Switch On Version Control for Purchasing Documents

  • Issue in creation of new line item in repair order-Reg

    Hi all,
    I have a query in Service Management Module of SAP while working in standard IDES System.
    I followed the procedure given in the IDES material.
    As per the standard system the fourth line item in the repair order should be automatically created, once the service order is technically confirmed and completed. In my case iam able to get the first three (Item Categories - IRRS,IRRE,IRRP) line items but even after completing the service order technically iam not gettin the fourth line item (IRAL). Only based on the Fourth line item we can create the Outbound delivery for the repaired item. After that the billing process need to be processed. My query is how to get the fourth line item automatically in the repair order after i technically complete the Service Order. 
    To brief you on the entire process that i have followed:
    1. The QM Check need to be activated for the material.
    2. Creating the Service Notification and the repair request.
    3. Posting the GR of a piece of equipment to be repaired.
    4. Processing the technical check.
    5. Displaying the repair request and the service order.
    6. Editing the Service Order.
    7. Processing and Confirming the Service Order.
    8. Technically Completing the Service Order.
    9. Delivering the Repaired Piece of Equipment.
    Then Comes the BILLING.....
    In the above, after the eighth Step the Fourth Line item will be created automatically created but it DOESNT....

    Hi ,
    Review your repair procedure and copy controls defined for this stage...mya be some thing is missing over there causing this behaviour.
    As you told completion of Service order will determine the last item and enable us to delivery the item to customer...

  • Line items transfter one gl to another gl

    Dear Expers,
    Please guide me,   i have one gl code without Openitem management i have posted some entries also, now i want to activate Open item management, i have tried to activate through program but it is telling line items are there.
    how to transfter that line items to antother gl code and after activation again i need that line items in the same gl code.
    how to process,  please help me.

    SAP recommends to set item management for an account in the standard    
    way as follows:                                                                               
    Create a new account with the correct account assignment. Post your     
    items to the new account. If you want to use the original account       
    number, you must bring the account balance to zero, change the account  
    assignment, and repost the items. You can remove the old items by       
    archiving the documents.                                                                               
    Customers are encouraged to follow the mentioned message in the popup   
    box to convert their account to OI mgt.                                                                               
    Up to release 45A, there was a report RFSEPA02 to switch on open item   
    management. With this report you could set  the flag open items         
    management for documents posted before the change in the master record.                                                                               
    However, this report is no longer supported as of release 45A as the SAP note   
    175960 describes. Nevertheless, you can get this functionality following
    the steps described in the note. This is valid for your case if        
    you are on ECC 6.0.                                                     
    So, if you still want to use this program to convert your accounts      
    and do not mind the fact that the same is no longer supported by SAP,   
    this action will be at your own responsability.                                                                               
    Please, for further information, refer to the SAP note 175960.                                                                               
    FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP is available from ECC6.0 / Enhancement Package 3. This transaction can do the work for you.

  • Line item deletions in opportunity  which has folow up doc quotation

    the problem is that even after deleting the line item in quote which is followup doc and then trying to delete the line item in the opp it is giving the same error message - 010 cannot delete the Line item ## which is same as before deleting the line item in the  quote
    once you save and open the transaction the product column for deleted line item  is in change mode again after selecting the same line item and tying to delete the product cat is getting deleted but the line is visible even after saving but if u open the transaction again then you are able to see the action of deletion completed
    I want to know why its behaving like that.

    Hi Srinath,
    This is because, your updated buffer for the transaction is not in coordination with your output.i.e. UI.
    i.e. before deleting the product from the transaction your UI is being field up with details.. and someUI parameters such as ALV grid which is displaying the data is not updated.
    Best Regards,
    Pratik Patel
    <b>Reward with Points!</b>

  • Changes in MM02 not reflecting in COPA lin item report

    In my project during data conversion material was grouped wrongly. We realised it later once we started designing COPA reports. The material is used by seven company codes. The basic material group defined in basic data is used by all company codes while Material group 1,2,3 4 and 5 are used by company specific defined in sales orgs 2 View in MM master(MM01).
    I am designing report for three companies by using material group 1,2,3,4 and 5.
    We tried changing the material group 1,2,3,4 and 5 for wrongly grouped materials in MM02. But in COPA report these changes are not reflecting. The grouping in report is still as per the data conversion grouping.
    Please suggest on how should we rectify our material grouping to reflect in COPA report.

    in COPA reports characteristics are read from the COPA tables, they are not dynamically derived at the time of executing the report. In the COPA tables oyu will find the characteristic as derived at the moment of posting the line item.
    If the characeristic that you want to rectify is in the definition of your your COPA segments - which you can check through TC KEQ3 - then there is possibility to carry changed master data over to past COPA data.
    TC KEND allows you change the existing COPA segments according to current master data. However, it will not make changes to table CE1XXXX, where COPA line items are stored, but changes happen on the segment level (CE4XXXX).
    This means that you always see the changes in COPA reports that read from segments, but not in line item based reports.
    To change your output from line item based reports I see no other possibilty but to make correcting entries in CE1XXXX using KE21N or KEFC.
    If you should consider using KEND please read the documentation for "realignment". It can create problems, for example if you have a SAP BW that is delta-updated from CE11XXX. Also your summarization levels for COPA have to be rebuilt after KEND.

  • Substitute in Line Item Test (BSEG-GSBER)

    Dear all,
    I have some questions here. For example, in tcode MIRO, we entered the required information. When click on simulate, there will be another line item for Tax Input lines.
    One of my requirement is, PICK the Business Area field (GSBER) data for the Vendor line item and update in the Taxes lines with this data in GSBER field, I would like to copy the Vendor line item text (BSEG-GSBER) to the TAX INPUT(BSEG-GSBER), means different line item.
    I will copy the value of the field BSEG-GSBER on the condition WHERE BSEG-KOART = 'K'.
    Now i got the business area  but my QUESTION is HOW to paste this business area on the line items based on the condition WHERE BSEG-BUZID = 'T' in the structure i.e. before saving the table BSEG.
    When i click save for park documents, the tax input text needs to be saved too. So when i view in tcode FB03, the Tax input text will also have the same value as the vendor line item text. As well as after i post the documents, the Tax Input text should also be there.
    The main point is, the vendor line item and the Tax input line item are different. I want to copy vendor line item business area into tax input line business area i.e. different line item text into different line item text.
    Can anyone guide me into this?
    Thanks a lot. Appreciate it!

    Hello Sir,
                 As you said I changed EXIT-PARAM to C_EXIT_PARAM_CLASS, but after changing this debugger is not triggering. When I'm using CLASS  my EXIT name is not coming in GGB1. Please suggest me where I've to make changes.
    Below is my code....
       exits-name  = 'U197'.
       exits-param = c_exit_param_class.
       exits-title = 'Enhancement For Business Area In Miro'.
       append exits.
    form u197 using bool_data type gb002_015
               changing b_result.
       lt_data-bseg[] = bool_data-bseg[].
       read table lt_data-bseg[] into ls_bseg with key koart = 'K'.
          if sy-subrc eq 0.
           v_gsber = ls_bseg-gsber.
    if sy-tcode = 'MIRO'.
    loop at lt_data-bseg[] into ls_bseg where koart ne 'K'.
           if ls_bseg-gsber = v_gsber.
             b_result = b_false.
           clear ls_bseg.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Hardik B

  • Line Item detail  in HFM in FR Reports

    Is it possible to draw a report in FR to display the line item details as input in HFM?
    The users will be adding the line item details, and we want to have a report giving these entity wise using FR.

    Here are the steps
    Displaying Line Item Detail for Financial Management
    For Financial Management database connections, a Financial Management user can select if they want to display line item detail for rows only on Account dimensions. A user can also select the location of the line item detail; before or after the parent member of the line item detail. To display line item detail, all dimensions must be set to a Level 0 member.
    To display line item detail for Financial Management:
    Open a report and select a row in the grid.
    In the Row Properties Sheet, select Display Line Item Details.
    Optional: On the Grid Properties sheet, select the Position category and do one of the following in the Position of Line Item Detail box:
    To display line item detail before the parent member, click Before Members.
    To display line item detail after the parent member, click After Members. This is the default.

  • " Internal error: 500" during line item configuration

    We are using IPC with some interface customization and copying by reference.
    During line item configuration I've been getting an Internal error: 500
    "Internal error: 500 - The item [email protected] could not be found on the IPC server!"
    The internal error has been occuring when adding and configuring mulitple line items.
    --login to IPC server with new quotation
    --shopping cart: add and configure first line item (this returns to shopping cart)
    shopping cart: add and configure second line item < the internal error 500 occurs after "configure" is clicked
    Please help.
    Thank you.
    The detailed error message is pasted below: The item [email protected] could not be found on the IPC server!
         at java.lang.Throwable.<init>(
         at java.lang.Exception.<init>(
         at java.lang.RuntimeException.<init>(
         at com.sapmarkets.isa.ipc.ui.jsp.action.StartConfigurationAction.doPerform(
         at com.sapmarkets.isa.core.BaseAction.perform(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.processActionPerform(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.process(
         at com.sapmarkets.isa.core.ActionServlet.process(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.doGet(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.processActionForward(
         at com.sapmarkets.isa.core.ActionServlet.processActionForward(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.process(
         at com.sapmarkets.isa.core.ActionServlet.process(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.doGet(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.processActionForward(
         at com.sapmarkets.isa.core.ActionServlet.processActionForward(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.process(
         at com.sapmarkets.isa.core.ActionServlet.process(
         at org.apache.struts.action.ActionServlet.doGet(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at com.tealeaf.capture.LiteFilter.doFilter(
         at com.sapmarkets.isa.isacore.TealeafFilter.doFilter(
         at com.inqmy.core.service.context.container.session.ApplicationSessionMessageListener.process(
         at Method)

    Dear Raghu,
    Thank u for your reply. Accepted that this being a leap year system is picking up 366 days. But February month is already considered in last fiscal year. So my fiscal year is April 2008 - March 2009 which has only 365 days.
    So want interest to be calculated on only 365 days.
    Kindly let me know the solution.
    Thanks & regards,

  • Deleting Sales order line item

    The sales order line item deletion should not be allowed after accouting of the advance payment is happened.
    How to achieve this.

    Hi Seema
    As far as I could guess you need to grey out VBAP-ABGRU field once you have posted payment for the sales order line item. Since this is a SD related process no validation or substitution would work in this. In this case when posting the incoming down payment through F-29 internally you need to call the user exit in the sales document to update the status of VBAP-ABGRU.

  • Creating new sub line items before a Sales Order is saved (in CRM)

    Hi CRM Experts,
    I am pretty new to CRM system. I have a scenario.
    The actual business scenario behind this is: the customer can only choose a dummy material while placing an order. The customer will not be able to choose what all materials that will make up this order. So he can place an order for a "Pack" with say Qty as 50 units. The business contains some rules based on which the actual materials are mapped to this dummy material.
    User creates a SO in CRM system (using txn CRMD_BUS2000115). Assume a dummy material is added as first line item. The system displays it as line item 10. At this stage I need to create sub line items for this high level line item (item 10) based on what all actual materials can fulfill this. I need to do it programmatically. Is there any BAdI that can be used to do this? Also I need some hints on how to go about this? That is how to do it programmatically. For every sub-item material I need to carry a ATP check and only if the stock is available then add it as a sub line item.
    Basically what I need is to create sub line items programmatically exactly in the same way as it would have been created manually. The system is configured to put the sub line item numbers automatically. That is, if the high level item is 10, then sub line items will be automatically numbered as 11, 12 so on.
    Please feel free to throw me questions if you need more info.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    I have a similar kind of a requirement.
    I need to add new line items to the order through the program.
    Can you please suggest how did you resolve your issue ?
    Thanks in advance!

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