Linking Address Book contacts to Facebook accounts

Hey there,
I'm having some troubles linking my Contact Book listings to their respective Facebook accounts.
Since upgrading to iPhoto has thrown a spanner in the works with Faces such as picking up already tagged faces again and not allowing me to confirm faces - I've decided to start again.
Now I've been through all my contacts in my Address book and ensured they have the same email address as that on their Facebook profile.
When I go to name an unnamed photo, I'm given two options - linking it to the person's card in my Address Book or linking it to their Facebook account. However, for some people, the two appear to be linked as just one option. If they aren't linked, an email appears under their contact card and not their Facebook - if they are, I'm given one option showing their Facebook account with their email address under it.
The issue is, how do I ensure all contacts are linked? For some of my contacts, I have two email addresses and within iPhoto, the contact card option shows the wrong address. I've been through my address book and ensured the Facebook addresses are the default option but the wrong address still appears. Is there a way to change the default email address that iPhoto picks up? Also, do the name of the Contact Card and the name on the Facebook account have to be the same? (As some people have added Nicknames and this could also be throwing iPhoto off).
Sorry if some of that is unclear, it's hard for me to explain.
Cheers in Advance.

Hi -
So, I've been struggling with this issue as well. And I just realized that in the Faces section of iPhoto, you can set the e-mail address for each person in the Faces library. I just updated the people's e-mails that weren't linking up to Facebook properly, and that seemed to fix it.
Now, I took the extra step of removing and re-adding my Facebook account in iPhoto, but that may have been unnecessary - I was seeing if it would add the Facebook icon by those names when I tagged people's faces once the addresses matched, and it did not. But I guess it only puts that icon there for people that are imported from your Facebook account? (In other words, people that were not already in your address book.) So I think I didn't need to do anything with the account itself.
After fixing the e-mails in Faces, I just exported an album to Facebook, and the tags linked up fine, at last.

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  • Trying to link Address Book Contacts with Outlook 2011 - iSync??

    Hi There,
    Would be grateful for some assistance.
    I've got all my contacts and other things in iCloud - wonderful!
    I've managed to get all my contacts from iCloud to show up in Address book.
    I want to sync my address book contacts in Outlook 2011 - after three days of trying I'm still stuck.
    I've checked the Syncing set up in Outlook, that appears to be correct.
    I've checked addressbook, and other than having two folders one entitles iCloud (which has everything I need in it) and one entitled On my Mac, which has a couple of testers in it but nothing else, everything else seems fine.
    I've checked that iCloud is synching into the iCloud folder in Address Book by putting some stuff on my iPhone and seeing it got pushed from the iCloud to my MacBook - all working fine there.
    I have read lots of forum posts and keep seeing references to iSync, and how its on all Mac's but then I see people saying that its not on with Lion - I'm running Lion, and I can't find this would seem to be true.
    Can anyone tell me how I might achieve this sync process - I would much rather be using an integrated programme like Outlook...any thoughts

    Enthusiast: I just got back from the Apple Store. This is the solution they suggested and seems to work. We got rid of iCloud contacts. We just set up Yahoo account in the "mail, contacts, calendars" of the iPhone. Under the "contacts" section we have the "default Account" set to Yahoo. When any additions/delete/mods happen then it is updated on Yahoo.
    On the MacBook we deleted the "on My Computer" and deleted "iCloud" and then added the Yahoo account for synching. This is basically used as a secondary backup for the yahoo contact and used if using the computer. It is not necessary to use the computer for any of this.
    I've been having lots of problems with Yahoo contacts. I had previously pulled in facebook contacts. This was NOT a good idea. I cleaned up my contacts, exported them out to CSV. Scrubbed some more. Imported them to a new yahoo account. Then deleted all contacts from my main Yahoo, permanently deleting them. Then imported my contacts. I did lose all my "lists" settings. That was a small price to pay.
    Now iPhone, iPad and MacBook address book and Yahoo are all in sync.
    I was shown at the store is to refresh the Yahoo webpage (CTRL R) and then refresh the contacts on the iPhone. There is a slight delay in update. iCloud is faster at it. But its best to avoid iCloud if you are using Yahoo contacts. Also avoid Facebook contacts. If you really want to use the Facebook feature, I would do it on a different account and then bring in the contacts that you want through an import.
    I was having problems with Yahoo contacts and it might be that it was being flaky or they were experiencing problems ... because all of a sudden it started working again. I've seen similar problems with Yahoo Calendar.

  • How do I assign a particular email account of mine to a particular Address-Book contact?

    I have a few email accounts. I am also on several 'Email Lists'.
    when I am reading an email from one of the "Lists" and I want to reply, then I'd like Thunderbird to use the correct email account to match the contact in the address book which is associated with the Email List.
    So how do I assign a particular email account of mine to a particular Address-Book contact?

    Thank you for the reply.
    Thunderbird may do that. Somewhere.
    However, as I test this theory, in my own "Local Folders" area, in all cases, when I hit 'Reply' or reply-all, Thunderbird uses the 'Default' email account of the program Thunderbird, for want of a better description.
    Recall that each incoming Email is filtered as to some criteria then placed in appropriate "Local Folders" named folder.

  • Mac OS 10.4 Address Book Contacts

    Niether the Palm Data Transfer Agent nor the MissingSync program work under Mac OS 10.4, and I do not want to pay for 10.5 when 10.6 is coming out in September.  Here is how I have found to copy all of my Address Book contacts to the Pre.  It requires you to have a gmail account.
    1) In Address Book, select all the contacts you want to export.  You can select multiple contacts by shift-click or command-clicking.  For example, to get all of your contacts click on the first one, then scroll to the last one and shift click on it.  All of your contacts will be highlighted.
    2) From the File menu, choose Export vCard..., enter of filename (or leave it as the devault "vCards"), note the directory where the vcards will be saved, and click the Save button.
    3) Go to your gmail account using your favorite browser.
    4) Click on the Contacts link (on the left side of the screen).
    5) In the upper right hand corner of the contacts box, click on Import.
    6) Browse to find the file of vCards you saved, and click on the import button.
    At this point all of your contacts will be loaded into gmail.  If you have already sync'ed your Pre with gmail, then your contacts should automatically update.  Otherwise, follow the instructions for sync'ing with gmail.
    While this procedure will copy all of your data over to the phone, it is not a real sync in that if you make changes either on the phone or in Address Book, you will have to manually push the changes over.  I'll probably get MissingSync when I upgrade to a more recent version of OS X, but it would be nice if the Pre came with this functionality built-in...
    Post relates to: Pre p100eww (Sprint)

    Does anyone have a solution for converting Palm Contacts?  I'm happy to buy software to make this happen.  I have 2500+ contacts and use many of the fields (and would like to keep them).  I am on a mac and use a droid phone (Samsung Intercept).  Sprint says that they can convert the contacts, but that they will then only be on my phone.  I need to be able to update on my computer and have that sync with my phone.
    thank you!

  • Why have my Address Book contacts disappeared after uploading to iCloud?

    I am using my MacBook Pro w/OSX Lion.
    After having many, many problems with contacts, calendars and bookmarks in MobileMe, migrating to iCloud, encountering a huge mess of duplicates and even completely missing contacts I decided to start over.  So I disabled the iCloud account on all Macs and IOS devices.  I then ensured all contacts, calendars and bookmarks were deleted from the MacBook Pro.  I then used the Address Book export I'd made just prior to the migration from Mobile Me to iCloud and imported this onto my MacBook Pro.  I've completely gone though the Address Book and removed or merged duplicates and cleaned up all contacts with detail.  I backed up my Address Book again at this point.  I then logged into using my original Apple User ID (NOT the MobileMe/ account which I'm going to vacate) and ensured that there were no contacts in the cloud and I deselected the default calendars here as well.  My intention was/is to begin by starting small and deal only with the MacBook Pro Address Book and iCloud Contacts.  So after I confirmed there is no data in the cloud I go into the MacBook Pro System Preferences > iCloud > Account Details ensuring I was signed out of the user and entered my original Apple ID I've had since I started using iTunes many years back.  I quit the browser and the Address Book and verified the non user was saved under the System Preferences.  I then selected Contacts under these iCloud System Preferences and I was asked If I wanted to merge my contacts with those in the cloud.  Because there were no contacts in the cloud I selected yes.  The spinning indicator indicated that the upload was occurring.  Now, there are no contacts in the cloud and the Address Book contacts are missing.  Thinking that my doing the Address Book backup may have removed all the data from the Address Book, I deselected Contacts in the iCloud System Preferences, reimported the backup into Address Book that I'd just done, confirmed the contacts I just imported appear in Address Book and I reselect Contacts in the iCloud System Preferences and again I get the spinning indicator.  Again, there are no Contacts in the cloud and the contacts are missing from Address Book.
    What the heck am I doing wrong?  I've simplified my original attempt with iCloud by concentrating my efforts to just contacts AND I'm only using the MacBook and the iCloud cloud and I've still got problems.  I thought this approach would narrow down where the issue lies and allow me to monitor the process more easily but I seem to be worse off than before I'd tried to resolve the initial migration problems because now I have no contacts.
    I'm new to Macs so if you have a solution, please help and please give specifics because I'm still learning the structure and don't understand a lot of the acronyms and jargon.

    If you have a back up file, I'd try turning off iCloud contact syncing on all macs from system preferences > iCloud –
    as well as any secondary accounts from system preferences > mail, contacts and calendars –
    DONE (this was confusing but I figured out that you meant System Preferences > Mail, Contacts & Calendars which is what you said in lowercase.  For some reason without the capital letters I didn't clue in that Mail, Contacts and Calendars was an icon option under the System preferences and so I overlooked it multiple times. I see your use of "secondary account" which I note used also as a term in the User Tip link you referred me to view.  Although, I still don't understand what this 'secondary' account is, I'm not interested in any secondary accounts because I've got my hands full with just iCloud for now. I did delete all accounts under the Mail, Contacts & Calendars).
    If you have any iOS devices I'd do the same on those as well. –
    DONE (not even introducing other Macs or IOS devices to the equation until I get the iCloud and MacBook syncing contacts correctly)
    I'd log into and check my Address Book was empty and empty it if necessary –
    DONE (it was empty already)
    and then delete all contacts from every Address Book on every device
    Then I'd turn Address Book syncing back on –
    DONE (This assuming that by ‘turn back on’ you mean System Preferences > iCloud and check marking the box next to Contacts)
    and import my contacts from the backup file –
    DONE (This assuming that by ‘import my contacts’ you mean importing the previously exported Address Book back up file back into the Address Book. I see contacts listed in the Address Book when I did this.)
    No syncing seems to happen at this point?
    you might also take a look at this User Tip, to ensure you understand the differences between the different accounts in Address Book before adding the contacts back.
             I did read this but understand is probably not an accurate term for my interpretation of what I read.  I get that On My Mac will not sync with what is in the cloud and iCloud will sync with the cloud.  In Address Book under the single head red ribbon I see neither account heading that is mentioned.  I also was not asked at the time of import to select which ‘account’ I’d like the contacts setup under.
    A) If there is no indication as to what Address Book account the contacts fall under, how does on find this out? 
    User Tips states
    Your Address Book when synced with iCloud will have more than one account.
         My assumption is that I'm not synced with iCloud if I don't see either account option listed. I also would think that if I'm not synced and thus don't have more than one account then perhaps the All Contacts default to an On My Mac account but don't reflect an account heading of 'On My Mac’ as seen on the screen shot of the User Tips example.
    Furthermore, User Tips also states
    Default Account
    Your 'default'account is set in address book preferences > general (the option is only displayed if you have more than one account).
             It would seem relevant to list which account your defaulted to even if you do not have more than one account because elsewise how are you supposed to know which account it is setup under?
    B)  How do you change which ‘account’ your contacts are setup under if they are under the wrong account?
             Assuming again that my contacts are ‘On My Mac’, then how do I move them to the ‘iCloud’ account of which is not listed?
    C)  Will any of this be affected by groups? 
    The five listings under All Contacts are groups that I set up as a sort of invitation list (so Christmas cards is one I’d probably setup this time of year).  Although this question is secondary I would like to confirm that my interpretation of groups is accurate.  I understand groups to be a sort of tagging of selected contacts from All Contacts but that the contacts in these groups are not duplicates to those in All Contacts. Is this correct?  I ask because the User Tips states
    To quickly duplicate a contact, drag it to your desktop, navigate to 'Groups', select the account you wish to duplicate to, double click the contact on your desktop.
                When reading this tip, I interpret that dragging and dropping contacts from All Contacts into a group would be similar to what is suggested in this tip which would indeed ‘duplicate’ the contact.  I did drag and drop when I setup my groups so I’m concerned I duplicated the contacts in Address Book.  I do not see two copies of the same contact under All Contacts though.
    By the way, don't take it personally –
    I don't, I have reading difficulties galore and am happy to accommodate if I can.  I hope this is better. Helping you helps me if you're not struggling to read when thinking about the solution.

  • Can I have a different address book for each mail account?

    I have several email accounts that I use with Thunderbird. When I create a new email and begin typing the address, it autocompletes based on my personal address book. I would like to know if I can have a different personal address book associated w/ each account.
    For example, I have an account for work and an acount for personal use. Suppose I have two contacts: "Mark Smith" a friend & "Mark Jones" a colleague. If I type "M" in the adress field of my email I would like for only "Mark Smith" to appear if I am composing that email from my personal account and only "Mark Jones" to appear if I am composing that email from my work account.
    I am running Thunderbird 31.3.0 on Ubuntu 14.10.

    @sfhowes: That sounds just like what I'm looking for. Thanks.

  • Disappearing Address Book Contacts

    This is a duplicate or my response to another similar problem, but I think this problem should have it's own topic.
    My Address book contacts have been occasionaly disappearing, I would open Address book and all my contacts would be gone except for the "Apple" and "Me". And I would end up restoring from a backup, which I been doing fequently when this problem first started.
    Recently I discovered what the problem is. I have an external drive connected and somehow my Address book contacts have defaulted to being stored on the external drive in a folder I had created for some temporary work some time ago. When I noticed it was still there (some time later) I trashed it.
    It took a while for me to make the connection that when I deleted the folder, the address contacts would be gone. Because I wouldn't use my Address Book for days or maybe weeks afterwards
    I finally realized that this "temporary" folder kept mysteriously reappearing, so when I checked, it contained the same folder structure as the <user>/library/application support/Address Book/ and sure enough that is where my address book is storing my contacts.
    This has me baffled, there are no preference settings to even change the default storage location (or I couldn't find them) Looking at has no storage folder either.
    Any ideas on how this can be corrected? Or even how it happened?
    Little more information. This is my primary user account which has FileVault turned on and also syncs with dotmac to my MacBook. The sync works fine by the way, but those contacts should be within the secure volume.
    My only thought for a fix would be to back up my user folder (data only, no settings). Delete the account. And then recreate the account and restore my data, but I'd rather not do that if I don't have to, I'm hoping for the quick and simple fix.
    What do yo think?

    Replying to my own post.
    I think I've fixed my problem by simply disconnecting the external drive. With the drive disconnected, Address Book came up empty again. So I restored from my backup and checked that the files updated in the correct (home) folder.
    <user>/Library/Application Support/Address Book/
    Still haven't any clue as to how my contacts suddenly started saving themselves on my external drive to begin with.

  • Address Book Contacts are Gone

    This is a really odd problem that has been going on for sometime now. It first started when I was running Tiger and the problem continues now even with Leopard. The problem is that periodically without warning, all of the contacts in my address book mysteriously disappear - I mean they are gone - deleted. At first, I thought this was an issue with .Mac syncing as I had it set to sync automatically every hour. I have disabled .Mac sync and now only sync manually so I know that it is not an issue with .Mac sync.
    Earlier today I checked on my computer and everything was good, all of the contacts were in place. I put in my iPhone and hit sync and left the room. I know for a fact that my iPhone had all my contacts and I know that Address Book had all my contacts. When I came back to the computer a few hours later, Address Book is completely empty - the iPhone has lost all of it's contacts. I logged into .Mac on the internet and all of my contacts are still there. My last sync to .Mac was last night at 7:30. Back when I had .Mac sync set to automatic syncing, it was not uncommon for me to come in and find that all of my contacts would be gone in Address Book and on .Mac as well. I've tried contacting Apple about it and I never received any kind of a response.
    Of course I can easily recover everything with my Time Machine backups, but this is perplexing me greatly. How in the heck can this be happening? Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? This is starting to drive me crazy as I cannot figure out how the Address Book is mysteriously losing contacts unless it is happening during the sync process with the iPhone. I would certainly love to hear any suggestions on how to remedy this issue as this is extremely annoying. Thank you.

    OK, now I am worried and ticked off! I still dont have my contacts back in place...after spending now over 3 hours with three different apple experts. Where my address book contacts went to no one knows. No "experts" at Apple Care or at the local retail store "Genius Bar" seem to have any answers that are working! Even my .mac backup is not working when I try to "restore" my data from several backup dates before when my contacts vanished suddenly.
    I have written several emails today to the .Mac support (Unfortunately only available via e-mail.... I had an apple care rep tell me that .Mac is not really Apple, but an outside firm that runs .Mac).
    Here is my last email to .Mac support that I just sent out:
    <<Apple and .Mac engineers out there: PLEASE help us. There is a bad bug going around where our contacts are being vaporized and making many of us go crazy. Help us get out of this twilight zone of losing all our contact data!!!!
    Read all about it from many upset users at:
    <a class="jive-link-external-small" href="http://"> 88
    Then call me at (my phone number) so I can tell you whats going on with my case and HELP me get my info back! I have sent several other emails to you here today.
    Marcel Howard D.>>
    I hope this gets us all some help from the Apple Engineers and customer service.
    1. What are the common details, including any error messages, related to our problems that we are discussing on this thread?

  • Import address book contact list into ichat

    I am going to make a new aim screen name, and i was wondering if i do, will i be able to import my address book contacts back into ichat for the new account?

    The AOL Service Assistant works fine for transfering the AOL contacts to the Apple Address Book. However, I was unable to get the AOL favorites to tansfer to Safari. It keeps hanging up with the rotating basketball. Any further suggestions?
    466 MHz PowerPC G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   No DVD

  • What is the best way to sync Address Book contacts?

    Please help!
    I run a small Mac network and I need to sync all (we have 8 Macs) the Mac's Address Book's with each other and also with 5 different iPhones. We have a Mac Server running Tiger and all the Macs are running Tiger. 4 of the Macs are Intel. The server is PowerPC.
    At the moment I am just using 1 .Mac account to sync to them all, but this is causing many problems with duplications, errors and 'stress!'
    The reason for the above setup is money. But, as the problems continue and the syncing become more important, money is now allowed to be spent.
    My question really is, as the subject header says, 'What is the best way to sync Address Book contacts?' In the past I have tried XC Connect, and a few other apps, but with the introduction of the iPhones, the setup has become more complex.
    If I were to buy all new Intel Macs and an Intel Mac Server all running Snow Leopard, would the 'Address Book Server' do the job? I have found very little information on the net and the information I did find was all negative.
    Is there something Leopard can do that Tiger can't? Is Tiger nolonger a good enough system to try and run an Address Book network?
    Does anybody else out there in the Mac world have a similar setup to mine, and if so, how do you have your setup.
    Incidentally, ALL users, incuding iPhone users, need read & write access to the Address Book!!
    Any solutions or suggestions would be most welcome.
    Thanks in advance

    Oh, I meant Leopard does do more than Tiger Server.
    I don't know enough about Server, even less abut Syncing.
    SL is to new, not enough time to iron out the kinks yet imho.
    One day SL will be better than Leo, but...
    I'd ask over in server...
    Or perhaps Collaboration Services...
    They may even have a different opinion on SL.

  • How to Export Address Book contacts as CSV file for Gmail?

    I wish to export some of my Address Book contacts towards Gmail (which i use through the web interface for now) but I don't want to export vcards as i don't trust big brother Google with all the other data (snail mail, phone numbers, birthdays, etc).
    I have tried to do the export through Address Book but found no CSV export option.
    I've searched the forum for an answer, but to no avail. Some other (paying) websites claim to offer solutions but the "pay before you see" deters me from using them.
    Any tip on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Scripts and software also welcome, if shareware/freeware.

    Thanks for your answer, but gmail's help specifically states one can import contacts in CSV format and i was looking for a simple batch solution.
    Here is a link to the relevant gmail page (might be in French - am not a "Froguette" for nothing ;)) about importing:
    and the one about importing addresses as CSV files:
    So my question still stands.
    Message was edited by: FroguetteMiNote - wrong link corrected
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  • POP3 Mail & Address Book contacts have gone!

    I recently did some housekeeping on my Mum's iBook G4 (OSX 10.4.10), part of which was purchasing and installing SpamSieve into Mail. This all went fine. Today she said all the mail in her POP3 inbox had gone, she couldn't send/receive and all her address book contacts had gone (Except hers and Apples).
    I've got the iBook now and have noticed that her account type in Mail has somehow changed to a .Mac account (did I somehow do this, or did she???). This is obviously the root of the problem as the
    email address now has '' appended to the end and the incoming mail server is now '' and the outgoing is '' which is all wrong. I'm unable to change the account type back to POP or the incoming mail server from '' (it's greyed out) back to what it was.
    I have now created a second account with the correct POP settings and have received in all unread email, but the read email messages have gone. I am unable to send as the new correct pop account is only offered the incorrect outgoing server ('').
    Having read several post on this forum, I feel the Mail/Address Book issues are connected and that maybe the application(s) database(s) have been corrupted. I've tried the Address Book remedy at but this does nothing. The 'user'>Library>Mail folder shows the two accounts as two separate folders. The recently recreated account folder has the new unread messages in the 'INBOX.mbox folder, but the older account folder (which now has 'MAC-' added to the front of its name) only has 'info.plist' in a 'INBOX.imapmbox' folder!
    I don't believe any back-ups are available. Can anyone help me restore her old unread mail, and possibly her address book contacts?
    I've also just noticed that SpamSieve does not launch as it should when I launch Mail, even though It was purchased and the scripts installed correctly.

    Didn’t you make a backup prior to the housekeeping?
    I don’t know why would Spotlight find contacts that are gone from Address Book (if that’s what you mean), but as far as Mail goes, under some circumstances (e.g. lack of available disk space, filesystem corruption, repeated crashes), Mail may discard the current ~/Library/Preferences/ preferences file and create a new one. This file is where all the account settings are stored. As a result, all the non-.Mac account settings (but not the messages themselves) are lost. If you had a .Mac account, its settings would appear to have been preserved because Mail would set up that account automatically using the System Preferences > .Mac settings.
    What’s the capacity and space available on the startup disk? Take a look at the comments about disk space in the following article, in case they apply to you:
    Problems from insufficient RAM and free hard disk space
    Verify/repair the startup disk (not just permissions), as described here:
    The Repair functions of Disk Utility: what’s it all about?
    After having fixed all the filesystem issues, if any, and ensuring that there’s enough space available on the startup disk (a few GB, plus the space needed to make a backup copy of the Mail folder), quit Mail if it’s running, and make a backup copy of the ~/Library/Mail folder, e.g. by dragging it to the Desktop while holding the Option (Alt) key down, just in case something else goes wrong while trying to solve the problem. This is where all your mail is stored.
    You have three options now:
    (1) Restore ~/Library/Preferences/ from a backup if you have one. Mail shouldn’t be running while you do this.
    (2) Set up your mail accounts again (you may want to quit Mail and trash the new first to start over). If given the option to import existing mailboxes or something like that, don’t. Just enter the account information and Mail will automagically rediscover the data in ~/Library/Mail/ when done. You’ll also have to re-configure most of your settings in Mail > Preferences. For spam-related security reasons, the first thing you should do is go to Preferences > Viewing and disable Display remote images in HTML messages if it’s enabled.
    (3) Mail may have renamed the old preferences file to If that’s the case, you may try trashing the new and renaming the old back to Again, be sure Mail isn’t running while doing this. Given the circumstances, there exists the possibility that became corrupt, but that often is not the case and the settings can usually be restored by just renaming the file back to
    As a side effect of re-creating, Mail might rename Outbox (which is where messages waiting to be sent are stored) to Delivered. The name of that mailbox is actually a misnomer, as it would contain messages (if any) that couldn’t be delivered for some reason. You can delete that mailbox if you wish.
    Note: For those not familiarized with the ~/ notation, it refers to the user’s home folder. That is, ~/Library is the Library folder within the user’s home folder, i.e. /Users/username/Library.

  • Address Book contact note it

    Hi: When I update Address Book contact note it erases itself? Any solution?

    Address Book doesn't have any complex note features (just a single basic text field), but you might want to look at something like Bento, which links to your Address Book and allows you to create whatever database structure you like. I use it for client visits, note-taking and hardware/software configurations.

  • Add Address book contacts aim to ichat?

    Is there a way where I can import my address book contacts that have screen name for aim account to ichat?

    For the points
    Exchange Address ?
    Are you using Entourage or are you connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server ?
    that has screen name to the on my Mac categories.
    I think there is a word (or two) missing here and I did not quite follow.
    Just Curious on the above.
    I am glad the info was good enough to Help.
    9:06 PM Monday; February 8, 2010
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"

  • Are my Address Book contacts in iCloud or On My Mac?

    Is there some reason why, since iCloud, we have to have duplicates of every Contact in our Address Book?
    Additionally, when I'm cleaning up my Address Book on my MacBook Pro (10.7.3) there's no way to tell if a contact is in "On My Mac" or "iCloud".
    I have seen no clear discussion of this. If I change an entry for "John Q Smith" in my Address Book, why doesn't it "Unify" as they do on my iPhone? I end up with two different Address Book entries, one in either iCloud or "On My Mac" with the changes and another without the changes.
    There is no field on an "Address Book" contact indicating its source ["On My Mac", or "iCloud"].
    Why do I need two entries for every entry in my Address Book? This issue has been correctly identified and treated on the iPhone — I get a "Unified" classification and a change to the Contact happens synchronously.

    I am already configured for, and using iCloud as my default account.
    If I select "All Contacts", I have duplicates of every entry in my Address Book.
    When I select the corresponding option on my iPhone, I get "Unified Contacts" — this is GOOD and SMART — when I change a 'Unified' contact on my iPhone, all the entries are synchronously changed. This is how Mac OS X 10.7.3's Address Book should be treating these entries. Is there not an option somewhere to activiate this same feature?
    IF I REMOVE "ON MY MAC" FROM MY ADDRESS BOOK ACCOUNTS, I WILL BE UNABLE TO SYNCHORONISE MY ADDRESS BOOK WITH ANY OTHER SERVICE SUCH AS GOOGLE OR YAHOO. This is highly undesireable. As lovely and singular as is Apple and it's products, there are other services in the world with which I must coordinate and this is beyond my control.
    It looks like, from the responses above, that I will be editing every duplicate Address Book contact for the foreseeable future if I want to have non-Apple sync-able contact database as well as be on iCloud, which I do love.

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  • GOP VBIOS for GTX 770 TF 2GD5/OC

    Can I get a GOP VBIOS for the GTX 770 TF 2GD5/OC please? S/N is 602-v282-28sb1307072124. Thanks.

  • Are Bridge and Mini Bridge and Camera Raw part of PS?

    1.) Are Bridge and Mini Bridge and Camera Raw part of PS? OR do they also come with other programs in the Adobe software suite? 2.) What is the difference between Bridge and Mini Bridge? Thanks.

  • I ned your help

    I want a search paper on Arch Linux 1 - Default Linux Kernel . 2 - Default File system. 3 - Other major file system. 4 - architectural support (first , primary plate form). 5 - default online update tool . 6 - default package management /software ins

  • Volume changing on patch change

    Hi everyone I'm fairly new to mainstage.  There are a couple of patches I've created with multiple software instruments that are always being set to mute (not in the fader section but in the midi volume section at the top of the channel strip) whenev

  • Alt codes on ideapad u410

    How do I do alt codes on the ideapad u410?