Loading of transaction data from SAP ECC system failed

I successfully connected SAP ECC system to SAP BI system.
The following steps have been executed:
- user ALEREMOTE with max. authorization
- RFC destination
- Distributing Data model
- Generated Partner profile
- Maintaining message types in WE20
Now when I try to load any data from SAP ECC system the loading process in hanging in status "yellow" and never comletes.
The following steps within Load process are yellow:
Extraction (messages): Missing messages
  Missing message: Request received
  Missing message: Number of sent records
  Missing message: Selection completed
Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Missing messages or warnings
  Request IDoc : Application document posted (is green)
  Data Package 1 : arrived in BW ; Processing : 2nd processing step not yet finished
  Info IDoc 1 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
  Info IDoc 2 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
  Info IDoc 3 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
  Info IDoc 4 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
Subseq. processing (messages) : Missing messages
    Missing message: Subseq. processing completed
    DataStore Activation (Change Log) : not yet activated
Can some one give me some technical steps (tcode, report) to solve this problem?
Thank you very much!

Many thanks for your answer.
Via BD87 on BW system I detect that all the IDOC's (type: RSRQST) will be received from SAP ECC system.
Via tcode SM58 I could not detect any entries.
However the loading status from yesterday is set to "red".
The errors are:
Extraction (messages): Missing messages
Data Package 1 : arrived in BW ; Processing : 2nd processing step not yet finished
Info IDoc 1 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
Info IDoc 2 : sent, not arrived ; Data passed to port OK
Can you investigate my issue again?
Thank you very much!

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  • Set up for Extraction the data from SAP ECC system

    I would like to analyze the transaction and master data from SAP ECC system into SAP BI system.
    I have created the connection (entry for SAP ECC system) within SAP NetWeaver System.
    Unfortunately when I try to load the transaction data for Info source the process does not end successfully.
    There are no information within SM58 on source system.
    The ST22 does not contain some suitable information.
    Which settings do I miss and how can solve my problem?
    (user authorization, etc.)
    Thank you very much!

    many thanks for your reply.
    The error I get:
    Errors while sending packages from OLTP to BI
    No IDocs could be sent to BI using RFC.
    System Response
    There are IDocs in the source system ALE outbox that did not arrive in the ALE inbox of BI.
    Further analysis:
    Check the TRFC log.
    You can access this log using the wizard or the menu path "Environment -> Transact. RFC -> In source system".
    Error handling:
    If the TRFC is incorrect, check whether the source system is fully connected to BI. In particular, check the authorizations of the background user in the source
    Can you please help me to identify the error?
    Thank you!

  • Loadind transaction data from SAP ECC 6.0 system failed

    I have SAP ECC 6.0 IDES system with the following clients:
    100 DEV client
    200 BI client of SAP 6.0
    Now I would like to load the transaction data from InfoSources 0FI_AR_6 and 0FI_AR_4 from SAP ECC client 100.
    The extraction process has been frozen in status "yellow" and after a while changed the status to "red" with the following information
    Errors while sending packages from OLTP to BI
    No IDocs could be sent to BI using RFC.
    System Response
    There are IDocs in the source system ALE outbox that did not arrive in the ALE inbox of BI.
    Further analysis:
    Check the TRFC log.
    You can access this log using the wizard or the menu path "Environment -> Transact. RFC -> In source system".
    Error handling:
    If the TRFC is incorrect, check whether the source system is fully connected to BI. In particular, check the authorizations of the background user in the source system.
    The users BWREMOTE and ALEREMOTE seems to be ok and have the suitable authorization.
    The tcode SM58 does not show any entries.
    The tcode BD87 shows that the IDocs was sent (source system) and has been received on target system.
    How can I solve my problem?  Please give me some technical information (tcode, report).
    Thank you very much!

    Walk through your basis set up and  check out
    pts appreciated.

  • Webservice:get data from SAP ECC

    i want webservice.that webservice will fetch the data from sap ecc system.
    i need steps for creating webservice.i have some functionality .what can i expose as webservice.

    Hi Raj,
    If we trying to fetch data from SAP ECC system then expsoing as a web service from NWDS (Netweaver Developer studio ) would the best option.First we need to create a Portal Service that invokes the functionalities of the SAP application component( Business solution which uses ECC) using the SAP Java Connector. Then you can create a Web Service from the Portal Service.
    If your SAP application component runs on SAP Web Application Server (WebAS) 6.20 or later, then you can directly enable Web Services on the application component by using the application server's native Web Service capabilities.
    1. To turn on the WebAS 6.20 SOAP Processor, you need to:
    Configure the Internet Communication Framework (ICF) of the WebAS to start the Internet Communication Manager (ICM) and activate the HTTP protocol support
    Use transaction SICF to activate the SOAP Runtime Handler: default_host -> sap -> bc -> soap -> rfc.
    Once the SOAP Processor is turned on, the RFM-implemented Web Services can be invoked at http://<host_name>:<port_number>/sap/bc/soap/rfc
    6.20 also provides a Web Service Browser, which is a BSP web application that can be used to browse all RFM-implemented Web Services in the system, and generate WSDLs for these Web Services.
    2. In a WebAS 6.40-based SAP application component, such as SAP Enterprise Core Component (ECC) 5.0, or a WebAS 7.0-based application component, such as ECC 6.0, by default, few Web Services are pre-delivered by SAP. But it is pretty easy to create Web Services in a WebAS 6.40-based system.
    Inside-Out Approach: if within the SAP application component there already exist one or several RFMs or BAPIs that suit your needs, you can create Web Services based on them without any additional programming. The basic steps include:
    Using the Service Definition Wizard, which can be started from transaction SE80, SE37, or BAPI, to create a (Web) service definition from an RFM, a function group, or a BAPI.
    When creating the service, you have the option to rename or hide operations (methods) and parameters, define default values for parameters, and changing parameter types.
    After the service definition is created, you need to use transaction WSCONFIG to release the service definition for the SOAP runtime.
    Afterwards, by using transaction WSADMIN, you can for any released Web Service, call the Web service homepage which provides utilities for using and testing the Web Service, generate WDSL, configure the logging and tracing settings, and publish the Web Service as a Business Service in an UDDI registry.
    Hope these steps are helful to you.

  • Transaction Data from multiple source systems

    Hi BW,
    I want to load transaction data from two source systems: SQ1CLNT100 QA and SQ1CLNT200 Training client. into one BW system. What is the best practice, do I need to create another data structure or can I mix the data for QA and training in one data structure and separate them with authorisation?
    Please someone should help me out with the best practice on this.

    Hi Dan,
    Do you mean use 0LOGSYS as authorisation relevant InfoObject?
    Dont you think that if I copy bid from one source system and use it in another, the two bids will have the same GUID? if that is possible, then I may be faced with the problem of data override. Please advice further.

  • ** Not able to import IDoc from SAP ECC system

    Hi Friends,
    I am not able to import the IDoc from SAP ECC system in IR. I have checked that, hostname, client, server no. everthing is correct. I checked in SLD also. Host Name is correct.
    While import (after giving the user name and password), I am getting the following error.
    Problems to reach R3 System
    What could be the probelm ?
    Kindly help me friends.
    Thanking you.
    Kind regards,
    Jegathees P.

    Just counter check following step
    1. Go to SWCV definition tab select radio button for Import of RFC....
    2. In Connection Data for Import from SAP System maintain correct System and correct Client.
    3. Make sure you maitain ECC system in Central SLD.
    4. In Import Screen check at the top of the screen have SAP System, is that system from where you want to import the IDOC.
    With Regards

  • Getting Data from SAP ECC & BI to Crystal Reports and then Broadcasting.

    I need to get the data from SAP ECC & BI to Crystal reports and then after formating data in Crystal reports, my requierment is to send via email (Broadcasting). Is there any option to  Broadcast from Crystal reports?
    I read Ingo Hilgefort blogs, but I need in detail steps such as to verify Integration Kit is installed or not and also how to create connections in between SAP ECC and Crystal. What are the Security setups(User IDs and Authorizations) involved?
    What is best option for email/broadcasting for Crystal Reports?
    Your help is appreciated.

    I would suggest you then start with the installation and user guide fr the SAP Integration Kit.

  • Loading master/transaction data from BI to NW BPC

    what is best way of loading master & transaction data from BI to BPC?
    I know around 6 options for loading master data and 5 options for loading transactional data from BI to BPC .
    What is easiest and recommended method? what is typical method followed in your NW bpc projects?

    Hi Raju,
    There is a white paper on Loading master data. I've used it previously and both options work quite well. You can use either of them depending on what you are comfortable with. Its available on the HOW To white papers.

  • Loadind data from SAP ECC 6.0 system

    I am about to implement SAP Best Practices scenario "B34: Accounts Receivable Analysis".
    Therefore I load the data from SAP ERP IDES system into SAP NetWeaver 2004s system.
    My problems are:
    when I try to load the transaction data for Infosources 0FI_AR_4 and 0FI_AR_6 from SAP ERP system the following happens:
    the status is getting u201Cyellowu201D (194 from 0 records)
    at the next day the status is getting u201Credu201D and I received the following error:
    Errors while sending packages from OLTP to BI
    No IDocs could be sent to BI using RFC.
    System Response
    There are IDocs in the source system ALE outbox that did not arrive in the ALE inbox of BI.
    Further analysis:
    Check the TRFC log.
    You can access this log using the wizard or the menu path "Environment -> Transact. RFC -> In source system".
    Error handling:
    If the TRFC is incorrect, check whether the source system is fully connected to BI. In particular, check the authorizations of the background user in the source system.
    I did not find any entries on "Environment -> Transact. RFC -> In source system"
    The Source system connection EC6CLNT100 is OK
    Can some one help me to solve this problem?
    Thank you very much!

    check the t-code BD87 in BW and see if there is any IDOC pending...try to manually execute them.
    Its a connection issues as the IDOC's are not getting exchanged between the system.
    may be you are running out of processes and your job is just waiting.
    check the partner files as well in WE20 and see if everything is OK.
    take the help of your SAP basis team as well.
    Also check whether user ALEREMOTE exists in the source system in R/3 and give him all the authorization.
    check if the authorization objects like S_RFC and B_ALE_REC are assigned to its role.
    Also check if the authorization profile is S_BI-WX_RFC.
    check this thread and check the ALEREMOTE part.

  • Loading data from SAP ECC to DS---Error

    Hi all,
    I am using Abap dataflow for loading data from a table in SAP Application to oracle database. I am getting an error during execution as follows.
    I am using direct download method for transfer of data.need your valuable inputs.

    Hi phaneendranadh kandula,
    Direct Download Method: It will directly transfer the data from SAP Application Server to Client Download Directory.
    Note: It is not recommended because we cannot schedule job and not recommended for large amount of data.
    Data Transfer Methods.
    Data Services with SAP Direct Download Data Transfer Method
    Not Recommended
    We cannot Schedule
    Not recommended for Large Amount of Data
    Data Services with SAP Shared Directory Data Transfer Method
    Secure Method
    Can Handel Large amount of data
    can be executed in Background method
    Data Services with SAP FTP Data Transfer Method
    Secure Method
    Applicable in Multiple OS Environment
    Data Services with SAP Custom Transfer Method
    Highly Secure

  • SAP GRC 10 - PSS Access from SAP ECC System

    I have configured Password Self Service in GRC System and is working perfectly fine for all password resets if access provided to NWBC from  GRC System.
    We have requirement to provide end users to reset password using SAP ECC System only. I have tried to access NWBC using SAP ECC System but is giving me error that Menu not configured or roles not assigned.
    Currently Maintain Data Sources is configured as below
    User Search Data Sources , User Detail Data Sources  & User Authentication Data Sources set to ECC Connector and End User Vertification Set to yes.We are not using LDAP / Active Directory for the User Search Database and instead ECC Only
    Can anyone provide the roles to be assigned in SAP ECC System to access NWBC - Password Reset .

    Hi Anil,
    In support to Colleen's comments, It seems that you have not configured the USER on the End User Services.  You need to make sure that the guest user (not available in GRC) is configured in each of the 10 services in SICF for the end user Login Pages to work.
    Here are the 10 required services to be activated:
    You can refer note#http://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1628387
    If the user is not present in GRC system then, they have to go with end-user-logon page to reset their passwords where you can always define the user authentication configurations.
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  • Transfer of data from SAP ECC 6.0 to E-Recruitment

    We are implementing E-recruitment . SAP ECC and E-Recruitment are running in different servers.How to transfer data from following Infotypes from SAP ECC 6.0 to E-Recruitment .
    IT0002 – Personal Data to 5102 – Candidate Information
    IT0006 – Address Data to 5110 – Address Rule
    IT0105 – Communication Data to 5110 – Address Rule
    IT0022 - Education to 5104 - Education
    IT0023 – Others/Previous Employers to 5103 - Work Experience
    IT0024 - Qualifications to 5105 - Qualifications
    Somi .

    in general IT5103, 5104 and 5105 are not part of the standard distribution model. Without special customer own ALE development you will not be able to transfer these information.
    Check SLG1 - application log for entries.
    did you the initial data upload or did you only transfer changes?
    If you did the initial data transfer be sure the user running the IDOC import has the correct rights. Be sure noone changed the usage of IT0000 STAT2 as e-recruiting expects value 3 for active employees. Furthermore be sure to be informed about the handling of hirings in future.
    If you only wanted to transfer updates. PFAL is not the right way. Be sure you activated the change pointers correctly. Use RBDMIDOC. And be sure to implemet the latest Notes. There had been an error that changes were only processed in e-recruiting if at least IT0000, 0001 and 0002 were changed which resulted in problems when only IT 0006 was updated. In this case the update was not transfered to e-recruiting.
    Best regards
    Roman Weise

  • Data (Master Data Changes and Transaction Data) from SAP BW to SAP BPC 5.1

    Hi guys
    I have seen posts on this forum describing data transfers from SAP R/3 to SAP BPC. I assume the procedure for data transfers from SAP BW to SAP BPC 5.1 should be the same i.e. using SSIS packages.
    However I have some unique requirements -
    1. DATA AT DIFFERENT AGGREGATED LEVELS - I need data from SAP BW at different levels - Some data comes at Product level while other at Customer level and some at Project Level. The current procedure takes BW queries output in excel sheets (6 files) and then use the data manager package to load the data in SAP BPC 5.1 using appropriate transformation and conversion files. This procedure is highly manual and I am looking at using SSIS package to do this. However, because of having data at different levels, it becomes a little tricky. How can we achieve this using SSIS?
    2. UPDATING MASTER DATA - I need to update the master data (dimension members) in SAP BPC 5.1 at the start of every month. The current procedure compares (in MS ACCESS) the data from the queries mentioned in 1 to the dimension members in SAP BPC 5.1 and spits a file with the new entries which needs to be manually updated in the appropriate dimensions using Admin Console. I am looking at automating this task. I cannot just replace all the contents of a dimension with the members coming from SAP BW since the dimension members contains some dummy members which are used for planning.
    3. HIERARCHY CHANGES - What is the best way to capture the hierarchy changes in SAP BW into SAP BPC 5.1?
    Please advise.
    Ameya Kulkarni

    Hi Ameya,
    how did you solve the described problems? Can you give some hints about uploading master data and updating the hierarchy?
    BR, André

  • BW extraction settings for Billing  Data from SAP ISU SYSTEM

    Hi dudes,
    iam currently  extracting data from  sap isu  to  bw systesm,but even after  generation of many  billingmaster dats i  dnt  find nay record to  be extracted in bw system since some settings are missing in  isu suystem for extarction process of Biliiing  data,
    Kindy help me in this regarding the settings to  be made for succesful  extraction from isu  to  bw

    Dear Mr Memminger,
    unfortunatly I was not able to find any hint about the same issue. As we have closed the FI-key we are waiting for any entry in RSA7. With RSA3 we get results but there are no entries in Delta Queue.
    What I was surprised about is the fact that in SM58 there are some tRFC-entries for function module MEREP_DELTABO and target MAM_MI. That looks like error in delta handling. Although my colleague told me that is the integration to Mobile Asset Management and hence has nothing to do with the Delta handling problem.
    But could give me a hint where to find the configuration setting for Delta queueing ?
    Best regards,
    Peter von Schubert
    Edited by: Peter von Schubert on Jun 29, 2009 10:17 PM

  • Distributing customizing(control) data from SAP ECC to a non SAP System

    Dear Experts,
    I am currently working on an interface for distribution of different data to a non SAP System. One of these is customizing data (Company code, purchasing org. plant etc). The system expects a file and we shall implemet the following scenario: IDOC>XI>File
    1. Is it possible to use CONDAT Idoc to transfer customizing data to a non SAP System or is this only used for synchronisation of data between SAP Systems?
    2.In case CONDAT cannot be used would you recommend creating a custom table, message type etc. for this case?
    Please advise.
    Thank you so much

    Hi Narasimha,
    We can do this with the help of PI. Please find the below link.
    Its from SAP PI to any other system.
    Check this link too.. Proxy with Attachments.

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