Above mentioned SAP job is running for days. I tried with changing parameters In integration engine administration SXMB_ADM for Category PERF there is a paramter DAYS_TO_KEEP_DATA.
Created the Index too in Table SXMSPFAGG. But still the job is taking very long time.
could any one faced same kind of issue and fixed with different solutions, pls
FYI - My system -- SAP XI 3.1 SPS23.

Hello Nishwanth,
Thanks for your reply.
Job is running with the table SXMSPFAGG. But, i checked the table SXMSPFRAWH as mentioned in the SAP Note.(Index - AGG already exists.
Even this index is required for the table SXMSPFAGG also.
Could you please clarify me?

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  • Re:How to determine the long running jobs in a patch

    Hi ,
    How to determine the long running jobs in a patch .

    Check the below MY ORACLE SUPPORT note:
    Note.252422.1 .... Check Completed Long Running Jobs In Oracle Apps.
    Best regards,

  • Prgess indicator on long running jobs

    I have an FX application that is directly linked to my database. The program allows all DML operations as well as user defined actions (action commands and various other methods). I have the same application running in Swing, SWT, Canoo ULC and al works just fine. In each of the other front end types, the application automatically displays a busy indicator when a long running job is executed. Now I need this in FX.
    My application is basically a Rich Client framework which allows the same business logic and forms to have different front ends depending on customer requirements. The application is built by customers in a 4GL style development tool. The application is actually built at run time and the data is provided by the user through various services. Because I am building an FX program for a framework, I don't know when the user may execute a long running job when, for example, a button is pressed. I have full control over the retrieval and modification of data but not user interaction. I am therefore looking for a busy indicator that comes automatically when the main thread is waiting.
    Any help would be great!

    Hi guys and thanks for your answers
    I may have stretched the mark with "long running jobs" by these I mean a database query, a price calculation, order process etc. These are standard jobs that are issued on a Rich Client application. Basically I have a screen which will execute a query, and I want to give the user feedback when the query is executing so that he doesn't think that the application has hung. In Swing I have done this by creating my own event queue with a delay timer:
    public class WaitCursorEventQueue extends EventQueue implements DelayTimerCallback
        private final CursorManager cursorManager;
        private final DelayTimer    waitTimer;
        public WaitCursorEventQueue(int delay)
            this.waitTimer = new DelayTimer(this, delay);
            this.cursorManager = new CursorManager(waitTimer);
        public void close()
        protected void dispatchEvent(AWTEvent event)
        public AWTEvent getNextEvent() throws InterruptedException
            waitTimer.stopTimer(); // started by pop(), this catches modal dialogs
            // closing that do work afterwards
            return super.getNextEvent();
        public void trigger()
    }I then implemented this into my application like this:
    _eventQueue = new WaitCursorEventQueue(TIMEOUT);
    Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getSystemEventQueue().push(_eventQueue);Now each time the application waits for a specific time, the cursor will become a wait timer. This give s the user a visual feedback so that he knows that the application is working and not just hung. By doing this, I do not need to wrap each user callout in a timer. Much easier like this!
    I would like to implement the same in FX.
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  • Long Running Jobs based on average time of last 5 run

    Hi Experts,
    I need a query to find out the Long Running Jobs, based on average time of last 5 run.
    Could you please help me.
    Thanks in advance. 
    --------------------------------- Devender Bijania

        [sJOB].[name] AS [JobName]
        , CASE 
            WHEN [sJOBH].[run_date] IS NULL OR [sJOBH].[run_time] IS NULL THEN NULL
            ELSE CAST(
                    CAST([sJOBH].[run_date] AS CHAR(8))
                    + ' ' 
                    + STUFF(
                        STUFF(RIGHT('000000' + CAST([sJOBH].[run_time] AS VARCHAR(6)),  6)
                            , 3, 0, ':')
                        , 6, 0, ':')
                    AS DATETIME)
          END AS [LastRunDateTime]
        , CASE [sJOBH].[run_status]
            WHEN 0 THEN 'Failed'
            WHEN 1 THEN 'Succeeded'
            WHEN 2 THEN 'Retry'
            WHEN 3 THEN 'Canceled'
            WHEN 4 THEN 'Running' -- In Progress
          END AS [LastRunStatus]
        , STUFF(
                STUFF(RIGHT('000000' + CAST([sJOBH].[run_duration] AS VARCHAR(6)),  6)
                    , 3, 0, ':')
                , 6, 0, ':') 
            AS [LastRunDuration (HH:MM:SS)]
          , CASE [sJOBSCH].[NextRunDate]
            WHEN 0 THEN NULL
            ELSE CAST(
                    CAST([sJOBSCH].[NextRunDate] AS CHAR(8))
                    + ' ' 
                    + STUFF(
                        STUFF(RIGHT('000000' + CAST([sJOBSCH].[NextRunTime] AS VARCHAR(6)),  6)
                            , 3, 0, ':')
                        , 6, 0, ':')
                    AS DATETIME)
          END AS [NextRunDateTime]
        [msdb].[dbo].[sysjobs] AS [sJOB]
        LEFT JOIN (
                        , MIN([next_run_date]) AS [NextRunDate]
                        , MIN([next_run_time]) AS [NextRunTime]
                    FROM [msdb].[dbo].[sysjobschedules]
                    GROUP BY [job_id]
                ) AS [sJOBSCH]
            ON [sJOB].[job_id] = [sJOBSCH].[job_id]
        LEFT JOIN (
                        , [run_date]
                        , [run_time]
                        , [run_status]
                        , [run_duration]
                        , [message]
                        , ROW_NUMBER() OVER (
                                                PARTITION BY [job_id] 
                                                ORDER BY [run_date] DESC, [run_time] DESC
                          ) AS RowNumber
                    FROM [msdb].[dbo].[sysjobhistory]
                    WHERE [step_id] = 0
                ) AS [sJOBH]
            ON [sJOB].[job_id] = [sJOBH].[job_id]
            AND [sJOBH].[RowNumber] = 1
    ORDER BY [LastRunDateTime] desc,
             [LastRunDuration (HH:MM:SS)] DESC
    Best Regards,Uri Dimant SQL Server MVP,
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  • Trigger Alert for Long Running Jobs in CPS

    I am currently trying to make a trigger so that I can monitor the long running jobs in the underlying ERP. Can you help me on the APIs to use?
    Im trying to modify my previous alert - Chekcing of failed jobs
      // only check error jobs
      if (jcsPostRunningContext.getNewStatus().equals(JobStatus.Error)) {
        String alertList = "email address ";
        String [] group = alertList.split(",");
        for (int i = 0; i < group.length; i++) {
          JobDefinition jobDefinition = jcsSession.getJobDefinitionByName("System_Mail_Send");
          Job aJob = jobDefinition.prepare();
          aJob.getJobParameterByName("Subject").setInValueString("Job " + jcsJob.getJobId() + " failed");
    Im trying to look for the API so I can subtract the system time and the start time of the job and compare it to 8 hours?
    if (jcsPostRunningContext.getNewStatus().equals(JobStatus.Error)) {    <--  Can I have it as ( ( Start Run Time - System Time ) > 8 Hours )
    Or is there an easier way? Can somebody advise me on how to go about this one?

    You can do it using the api:
    if ((jcsJob,getRunEnd().getUTCMilliSecs() - jcsJob.getRunStart().getUTCMilliSecs()) > (8*24*60*1000))
    This has the drawback that you will only be notified when the job finally ends (maybe more then 8 hours!).
    The more easier and integrated method is using the Runtime Limits tab on your Job Definition or Job Chain. This method can raise an event when the Runtime Limit is reached. The event can trigger your notification method.
    Regards Gerben

  • How to research a long running job from 3 days ago

    Re: How to research a long running job from 3 days ago
    Client called to say that a job that normally runs for 6 hours ran for 18 hours on 11/01. 11/01 was a Saturday, and end of month. The long running job writes to a log and I can from the log that that the problem started right around 10:43am. Every step
    before 10:43 was taking the normal amount of time. Then at 10:43 a step that takes seconds hung for 12 hours. After 12 hours the step finished and the job completed successfully.
    I looked at the SQL Log, Event Log, Job History (for all jobs). What else can I look at to try and resolve an issue that happened on 11/01/2014?

    It does execute an SSIS package.
    Personally I feel this as kind of bug in SSIS package but I am not expert in SSIS so I would move it to SSIS forum. Please update your question giving complete information what SSIS package does.
    Please mark this reply as answer if it solved your issue or vote as helpful if it helped so that other forum members can benefit from it
    My Technet Wiki Article

  • Long running job in BW

    Hello Gurus,
           which transaction code can be used to show up all long-time running jobs in bw?  how can we identify if a job is running too long?
    Many thanks,

    Please check the below
    SM66 - Global Work Process Overview
    SM37 - Simple Job Selection ( Only active jobs)
    SM50 - Process Overview
    Sort them by Time

  • This is urgent please help!  long running job in sm37 but not in sm66

    Can someone please help for an explanation as to why if you call sm37, you can see that the job is long running (example about 70,000 sec), but when you look at the PID where the job is running in sm66 it does not show 70,000 sec but only around 6,000 sec.
    Can someone please explain why?  Thank you very much

    For background processes, additional information is available for the background job that is currently running. You can only display this information, if you are logged onto the instance where the job is running, or if you choose Settings and deselect Display only abbreviated information, avoid RFC. In any case, the job must still be running.

  • Ccms monitoring - Long running job

    I checked in CMMS monitoring (RZ20) version ECC 6.0, there is no option to monitor long running background job.
    How to monitor long running background job using transaction RZ20?

    Check this [link|Re: How to monitor long running background job.;

  • Terminate long running job

    Hi All,
              I have a job that is scheduled to run every 5 minutes in our production environment. However , this job frequently exceeds a runtime of 5 minutes and as a consequence gets cancelled by the next running job. I need to find a way to cancel/terminate this job in the event that it exceeds 4m45s. I want to do this using another job which should be event trigerred, the event being the original job exceeding the runtime of 4m45s. Please suggest how I can do this. Thanks.

    I cant help it this sounds a little like caring about the symptoms instead of curing the disease.
    Isnt there a possibility to e.G. rework the coding of your first job to increase its performance and make sure it wont take more than 4 minutes and 45 seconds?
    Ok i´m not aware of the Problems you are facing, maybe your job has to wait for something and therefor cant be improved further. But still if there is any possibility to make sure its runtime wont exeed 5 minutes then this should be the way to go in my eyes.

  • Long running job in BW source system - Urgent

    While loading BW data delta load for data source 0CO_OM_CCA_9 the
    corresponding R/3 job is taking the long time to complete approximately
    3 days.
    When we checked the Job log in the Source sytem we found the following
    "2 LUWs confirmed and 2 LUWs to be deleted with function module
    and job is taking too much time to complete this task.
    Can you please help me out to resolve this issue at earliest?
    Best Regards

    Hi Venkata,
    When you check indexes in SE11 -> COEP -> Index 4
    You may see the status as "Active", but did u check the line below ?
    it should read
    "Index COEP~4 exists in database system"
    If it reads
    "Index does not exist in database system" , then the INDEX 4 is not active and not used.

  • Query regarding Calling   long run jobs

    I am Calling a java standalone program through a cronjob.
    In the program I have written logic that will create a CSV file.
    The problem is sometimes it takes long time to create the csv file, so I need to facilitate user some way of cancelling it. User will cancel it through UI.
    Can any body suggest what could be the best approach to implement it.
    Also I want multi threaded approach too because many users will request to create CSV file.

    How about this - create a thread for every user request and let it run in the background and when the file is generated just email the generated file to the user.
    Advantage of this is, if the user runs this through a web page, then this allows the user to just kick off that generation process and navigate to other pages. He doesn't have to stay on the same page until the file is generated.
    You can have another page where the user can see the list of threads running and can stop his thread if needed. This is done by invoking thread's interrupt() method. The contents of this page depends on the user's role.

  • Email configuration for long running jobs

    Hi Experts,
    We are using CPS Redwood for Job scheduling .Version is M33.92-68971
    Is there any configurtion which can do in CPS so that it will send email to users if a particular job runs for more than specified duration
    Say we keep a limit that if any job runs for more than 2 hours and not compelted it should send email to a particular DL
    Is this possible
    Please suggest

    Hi Murali,
    You can achieve this through alerting.
    Under alerting -->Job definition Alert source->Create new Job definition alerts source.
    Fill the required details, Job pattern(U can give job name if the name if no other job name exist with similar pattern)
    Under status select running and put delay amount to 2 and  delay units as hours.
    Create job default alert escalation , alert source email(not required if u already handling alert through alerting gateway)
    Ravindranath Reddy

  • Long running jobs

    Hi all,
    DB version is
    I got the failed jobs list
    SQL> SELECT to_char(log_date, 'DD-MON-YY HH24:MM:SS') TIMESTAMP, job_name, status,error#,
      2     SUBSTR(additional_info, 1, 40) ADDITIONAL_INFO
      3     FROM dba_scheduler_job_run_details where status ='STOPPED' and JOB_NAME='DTL_JOB' and log_date > sysdate-1 ORDER BY log_date;
    TIMESTAMP          JOB_NAME                                                          STATUS                             ERROR# ADDITIONAL_INFO
    11-APR-11 10:04:53 DTL_JOB                                        STOPPED                                 0 REASON="Job slave process was terminated
    1 row selected.
    what i need is how do i include if the job is running for more than half an hour i.e.  if log_date is more than half an hour ...how do i do that?

    How about adding:
    and run_duration >= numtodsinterval(30, 'MINUTE');Run duration: Duration of the job run

  • Long running Job, but executes fine online

      There is a program that is executing for close to 18 hours and still has not completed when executed background, however when the program is executed online, the program executes within matter of minutes.
      Please advise what might be causing this.
      Answers leading to solution will be rewarded points.
    thanks and regards,

    Go to SM50
    Choose the process..
    In the table column check which table it is processing..
    Also then in the menu..
    Program/session -> program -> debugging.
    It will take you to in the debugging mode..
    Check where exactly it is running..

Maybe you are looking for

  • Purchase Order Status: Invoiced Quantity diregrading the oldewst invoice

    Hi Guys! We have upgraded from $4.6C to ECC6.0 and the following has been noticed by our users: when they first display an existing PO the invoiced amount in Status tab diregards the oldest invoice. When they refresh teh screen, by clicking Other Pur

  • Menu doesn't fit on screen

    I have a menubar on my application, one of the menu items is a submenu listing about 15 options one of which can be selected (radio button). the menu is small enough overall to fit on the screen but when it shows up it only displays about half of it

  • File manager not showing camera captured pics & vi...

    i ve upgraded my c6-01 from symbian ANNA to BELLE.......and then i have clicked some pics from my camera bt file manager is not showing the pics in memory card....but image is there in GALLERY...and also memory is consumed...so plz help how can image

  • How to use frame lable in flex

    I made a movie clip in flash cs4, and a set a frame lable for a frame in this movieclip, but I don't know how to use this frame lable. For example, I want to use the gotoAndStop function to stop at that frame, but it doesn't work.

  • How to clear CATSDB table.

    Hi Experts, I need to clear the deleted entries from the CATSDB table which are HR specific. Could you please let me know how.? i have tried the program RCATSDEL, but it deletes all related data of the employee.