Lost audio files after saving.

I lost my audio files after saving in Logic X and now my project file has the extension .logicx on it and my audio files are nowhere to be seen. I made some changes to the project, moved the file to another folder, then they asked if I wanted to replace the other file with the new and I said yes not thinking that it would matter. Is there any way that my audio files are still out there somewhere? And no I don't have time machine hooked up.

if you replaced that file.. then you have lost it's contents as they have all been replaced with the one you copied over... and as you have no backups you cannot, as they say.. un-scramble the egg...
Finally start making backups as soon as possible...
As the old saying goes...
"There are three things in life you can always count on.. Death.. Taxes...and you will need a backup of your computer data at some point"

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  • Lost audio files after sync but storage space unchanged

    I had 4GB of audio files in my iphone which was erased after syncing. But my memory is unchanged. So I can't sync and add it on my phone again because it says I don't have any space. Is there any way I can reset the phone and just start over.

    Welcome to the discussions,
    here's how to restore the phone: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414. Set it up "as new phone" and you start again.

  • I keep losing my audio files after saving them. Have no idea why. Anyone have an answer?

    Hi, I'm recording a podcast with music and male voice narration files. I keep losing the male narration voice files every time I save. I've tried command S and File Save and have no idea why this is occurring. Can someone offer any help? Thanks.

    Need more information:
    What model iPod and iOS
    Are you using iCloud notes
    After you make a note  does the not not appear when you open the Notes app the the next time? What if yo do not close the notes app (or go to another app) and then go back to that note?
    Is anybody deleting the note on another device or iCloud?

  • Signature Scribble field not retaining image file after saving

    I have 2 issues with my PDF dynamic file I sent out
         1) The add/remove controls is adding a random amount of extra blank rows upon saving the PDF
         2) The image files selected for the Signature Scribble field is not retaining the image file after saving. It also doesn't give an opportunity to actually draw in a signature.
    I even tried to use the Subform Instance Controls Insert/Remove/Move in my table, but I keep receiving the error "You have reached the maximum number of items allowed"
    I would appreciate any help you can give me! I have been farting around with this for too long.

    Thanks Pat.  Tried each, restarted computer each time; tried the "Accept" routine several days ago - it worked briefly and then stopped.  Uninstalled Reader and Flash as well.  Strange thing with Flash, one of my online broker programs provides streaming of CNBC.  When I clicked on the CNBC option to initiate CNBC, I got a message saying that I needed to load Flash.  I did, and it loaded again with no mention of Flash having already been installed.
    Using Internet Explorer works, as well as, clicking on the .pdf file within Windows Explorer (WE).  Expanding the window in WE makes it large enough to read.  I would still like to find a way to open the files as they are designed to open.
    I have done all of the Adobe updates as they have been presented.  Microsoft updates load automatically, and restart my computer in the process.  I do not look to see what the updates have been.  I figure if there was not a need, Microsoft would not make the updates.
    [private data removed]

  • Recovering Audio File After Crash

    I was using Soundtrack to record a microphone via my Presonus Firepod interface for a multi-day film shoot. All was going well until on the fourth day the program decided to lock up with I tried to stop the recording. The rainbow wheel spun forever and finally the program crashed. I reopened the session file and it showed that nothing was recorded.
    However, when I look in the directory where the recorded audio files are saved, it shows a 300 mb .aiff file. When I play this file all I hear is white noise.
    I've done some research and what I discovered is that it seems I need to add the proper header information to the file so it can be deciphered by an audio program.
    I've been fooling around with a program called SoundHack trying to add the proper header information. Occasionally I can start to hear the recorded audio, but it's still covered with some static or has a really high pitch.
    Any ideas how to recover the file? It's so frustrating because it seems like the data is there, it just can't be read properly!
    Thanks in advance!

    You can't trun it off, but you can empty the reovery folder if you have a corrupt doc that keeps crashing on restart. The recovery folder, by default and unless you changed it, will be in the same location as the InDesign Defaults file and those paths are listed in the thread about trashing your prefs: Replace Your Preferences

  • XMP metadata lost from PNG files after saveing

    i am using Photosop CS3 SDK. through my plug-in I put some metadata in the file using XMP SDK 4.4.2.
    For PNG files, if the file is modified and saved, all the XMP metadata is lost from the file.
    The following steps are being done.
    1. Put some metadata in PNG file using SXMPMeta::SetProperty and SXMPMeta::AppendArrayItem
    2. modify the file (changed brightness, contrast, flattened the image).
    3. Save this file.
    After saving all the xmp metadata is lost from the PNG file. This works for all other formats.
    What can be wrong that I am doing?
    Is there any other way to put XMP metadata in file?

    That's probably because PNG doesn't save or read XMP metadata.
    There really aren't standards for metadata in PNG. (though a few products have tried adding it in ad-hoc ways, without documenting their efforts)

  • My Iphone won't sync my CD audio files, after having them on my Iphone for years I updated the other day and they all dissapeared, all that's left is songs bought from Itunes.

    I've had an Iphone 4 and I have been listening to hundreds of songs no problem for the past year and a half I've owned it. The other day I decided to sync my Iphone to my laptop to get two songs from a CD. After doing this process and approaching it like I usually would (without causing any problems) I checked my Iphone to see if the two songs had downloaded after the sync. I discovered that my Iphone had lost every audio file that was not bought from the Itunes store leaving me with a sliver of songs to listen to. I immediatly checked my laptop (a Windows device) to see if my music was still there, thankfully it's all on my laptop and the songs play without a problem. So I attempted to sync the songs to my iphone several times, but the CD songs would simply not sync (When syncing your Iphone it consists of 5 steps, the progress bar skips steps 3-4, those are the steps when your music syncs). I'm not an idiot, I checked the small details (checking all albums and songs I wanted and checking the 'entire music library' option) as well I checked the big details (making sure my phone and Itunes were up to date, changing the USB to Iphone wire with another just like it). After a couple of hours of tinkering with different ways to sync I was stumped so I decided to restore my Iphone to factory settings. After doing that and setting up my Iphone newly I still could not download those CD files from Itunes to my Iphone. I called apple support and they recommended that I uninstall Itunes and re-install it. Again no success, all my music is still on my laptop working fine, but I can't seem to sync my CD songs from itunes to my Iphone. If anybody has any info please help. -A college student who needs something to listen to everyday on the hour long bus

    Amazing steps you've done so far! The great news is this is very unlikely an issue with your iPhone.
    I've run into a similar issue lately as well. I narrowed it down to one song that was causing 30 songs not to sync. I removed the song from the sync list (unchecked it) and all 29 songs were able to sync.
    You may be running into a similar issue. This may be a problem with this version of iTunes, an issue with one song or a group of songs; hard to know for sure. It's important to narrow down and isolate the cause. Most imporantly get that music back on there!
    The way to narrow down the casue add just a few songs at a time (even 1, just to get that first sync finished). Manually syncing is what you'll need here.
    Plug in your iPhone, on the Summary screen (shows a picture of your iPhone, the iOS version, Restore iPhone....; etc). Under the Options area at the bottom choose to Manually Manage Videos and Music then choose Apply in the lower right. The music that's on your iPhone now should be removed from your iPhone now. You're now able to sync music manually.
    The link below explains how to drag the songs from the iTunes library on the computer on to your iPhone which will start the sync. Add just one song just to see if you can get 1 of those hundreds of songs on there. If you can, awesome! Keep adding until you find the song or group of songs that are causing this issue.
    Please let me know how things are going.

  • Lost audio files

    I have saved a song into another hard drive and hit save while I was working.Now when I open the project all the audio files are blank but the MIDI ones are there. I hit get info and the audio files were listed but I can't find them.
    Anyone have any idea where they might be hiding? I have checked all the places I know. I am not a real technical person so have mercy!
    Thank you,

    So you have already used Spotlight to search for them? In the Bin, is there an exclamation mark behind those "lost files"? Have you checked the Folder in which the Project is saved? Did you save the project with option "Include Assets" on?

  • Can't open PSD files after saving them

    I haven't ever had this issue before and now have had it twice in the last week or so. I scrap all the time and now after saving the file as a PSE, when I go to reopen from inside Photoshop Elements 7, it's telling me it can't be opened because it's not the right type of file. Any suggestions. I am using Vista but of course have been using the same computer with no problem up until now.

    I figured it out myself. Both files I could not reopen were named for teachers. So they were Mrs. so & so. The period in the file name was causing it not to be saved correctly I suppose. When I restarted the Layout again and saved it, I saved it without the period and then no problem at all. Just wanted to let those reading know...

  • HT1296 itunes won't sync my audio files after I upgraded my iphone to i0S 6

    I upgraded my phone to iOS 6 for the new features and could no longer play (or find) my audio books.  The disk space usage indicated that the files were still there but the music player would not show or play them.  I try to sync to iTunes Library and it fails.  I upgraded my Mac OS and my iTunes versions to the current version and still no luck.  Incidentally I also notice that when I try to make a purchase of new audio files through iTunes directly from my iphone it also seems to hang up.  Occassionally after a couple reboots it may download but still shows my audio library as being empty. 
    Not sure where to go from here...any suggestions?

    OK, this is weird/interesting . . . just now, syncing my iPad, I noticed that under the Music tab there were no syncing options available, just a message that said "iTunes Matching is on." I'd turned it on yesterday, in the Settings, just messing around trying to troubleshoot the audio file sync issue.
    iTunes Matching didn't solve the problem, so I turned it off. Then resynced the iPad again from scratch. THIS TIME everything synced! Every single audio file, every playlist, everything.
    So that's odd, right?? I mean, I'm happy that it's working, but I'm not sure why it didn't work to begin with, nor why it's suddenly working now. So it's good, but a little unnerving . . .

  • Lost CR files after exporting to jpg

    I seem to have lost many original CR files after import > developing > export as jpg.  I had made selects to develop and then output images as lower rez jpgs.  When I went back to the original folders (on an external hd) those CR select files were missing / a gap in the photo sequence now exists and I cannot locate the originals regardless of searches.  How is this possible?

    Lightroom does not delete your photos unless you specifically tell Lightroom to do so, and this wouldn't happen in an Export operation anyway.
    So I don't know how this is possible, but I'm pretty sure it can't be blamed on Lightroom
    You need to:
    1) check the Recycle bin; or if that doesn't work
    2) restore the photos from backups, or if you don't have backups (why not?); or if that doesn't work
    3) you can try to download something called an undelete utility and install it and see if it can find these photos (and if you are going to need this step, perform it immediately, do not do anything else on your computer)

  • Audio gone after saving

    I made a movie with a audio file. I saved it as a flv and the audio saved fine. I couldn't figure out how to post that to my facebook so I saved it as a MPEG. The MPEG file has no audio at all. What;s the deal with that? Not the first time it's happened either. Am I missing something?

    I agree with Hunt. What type of camcorder did your video come from and how did you get it into your computer?
    It sounds like you're using video with an incompatible audio codec.

  • How do I revert to replaced audio files being saved with the project file, *not* with the original audio files?

    In the latest release, when you send an audio clip to Audition, the newly created audio clip - which was previously saved in the same folder as the project file - is saved next to the original audio file.
    Makes sense, but for reasons to boring to go into, it's a major headache for my workflow, because it means combing through folders to find the files, instead of having them all in once place.
    So how to I turn this off and revert to those files being saved next to the project file?

    Hey Steve,
    You'll want to connect your phone to your computer and sync it in iTunes. You can read more about it here:
    iOS: Syncing your data with iTunes
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!
    Have a good one,

  • Double playback of audio files after publishing

    I'm having an issue with audio playback.  Once I publish the project, the audio files play back double, with the second one starting about 3 seconds after the first.  If I pause the project, one of the audio files keeps playing.  I removed the auto play function, but no change.  I would greatly appreciate any tips if anyone has experienced this before.
    Thank you!

    Hi Anjaneai, Thanks for the response.
    I don't have any text captions in this project, the entire thing is from PowerPoint, where the audio files worked perfectly fine.   I also checked the use count, everything reads as "1"... I also tried to begin from scratch with just one slide and one audio file, and the same thing happened.  I'm beginning to think my audio files are corrupted.  (However, they play fine in itunes and powerpoint).  I converted them from mp4 > mp3 with an online converter... might just be the problem! I'm going to download a trial of premier and see what happens with that!
    Thanks for the help,

  • Lost audio file embedded in project

    OK, weird... I was playing around with adding sound to my slideshow. It was about a month ago, and I forgot what I did exactly. Sigh. Anyway, now music begins to play when I start playing the presentation. I can't find the sound file. Is there some way to a) find the sound file and b) delete it. Or at least disable it? I tried "saving as" with advanced options, but the "copy sound file with project" was greyed out. Sure would appreciate knowing how to get outta this. Thanks!

    It seems like you have your sound file set as a "soundtrack" for the entire presentation, rather than associated with a specific slide.
    Click on the Document (far left) Icon in the Inspector, open the Audio submenu, and you probably will find your "missing" audio file in the Soundtrack window. Delete it from there and all should be well again.

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