Machines can't connect "-5002" error

Hi There,
I have a Leopard machine that won't connect to our Tiger server 99% of the time. I get a -5002 error most of the time but every few months it will connect.
If I enable guest access in the AFP tab in Server settings and try to connect as the registered user I get a password error instead of the -5002 error.
The machine is a new laptop running 10.5.8, is connected via ethernet and has the server listed in the Directory Access app - Appletalk is also enabled on the Ethernet port.
Not sure what I've done wrong with this machine as the other Leopard machines connect fine.
Any help would be much appreciated.

I assume you've tried to unbind and rebind to the AD?
If you go in to terminal and do a 'dscl', can you navigate to the AD path and get into a known user and read their account information?

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  • Windows side of my machine can't connect.

    Hey guys, I'm using a Macbook Pro 15 inch with both windows and mac on it.
    A while back, we got a new airport extreme to replace our old wireless router, and the mac side of my machine can connect to it, but the windows side is being a pain about it. I already got the HEX version of my password and tried to use it, but windows still can't connect. Any ideas?

    What you’re saying doesn’t make sense. Port 25 is for the outgoing server. There is no way you would get a port 25 time-out error while trying to access your Mail on one computer but not on the other if the settings were the same on both.
    Either you’re getting this error when sending mail (which is not the problem you’re describing), or the incoming server port setting (i.e. Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > Port) is wrong (and cannot be the same as on the other computer if Mail works fine there).

  • Time Machine Can't Connect (anymore)

    Time machine has decided that it can't connect to the backup volume located on the time capsule. I can see the drive fine, there is significant traffic when I attempt to access time machine, but it just spins it's wheels trying to connect to the backup volume. Once, it was actually nice enough to tell me it couldn't find it, now it just spins and spins and spins...

    Good evening Mr. Conceptualpete. I saw your message on Apple's blog. I have exactly the same problem you are having with Time Capsule. Did you find a solution?
    Time cannot be seen by Airport Utility software.
    Please let me know, do you have any solution?
    Thank you very much,

  • Time Machine can't access sparsebundle Error 13 after Upgrade

    Hey Community!
    I just downloaded and upgraded to Mountain Lion - everything went well!
    But when I tried to to a Time Machine Backup it says - can't access sparsebundle, Error 13.
    Using a MyBook Live 2TB NAS on my Gigabit Router - it worked so far with Snow Leopard pretty well!!
    What can I do?
    What's wrong?
    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards from Austria,

    I was having the same problem with a WD My Book Live External hard drive. I google searched it for a few hours and finally found someone who had the answer posted. I laughed at how simple it was! That time my problem was a error-1 I guess. However I ended up doing a factory restore of the external hard drive for specific reason other than that. That was a few days ago and I had forgotten about that error message and how I fixed it, so now I've been google searching again for days trying to find that post. I tried what someone one else posted about creating new disk image but that only gave me error-13, the same as you have. So! more hours of google searching trying to find the post again. However! I fixed it by accident and now the drive is backing up. Then I remembered that's exactly what that post told someone else to do. This is what worked for me and that other person on that post that I read a few weeks back. Whe you select your External drive in time machine, don't sign in as a registered user, sign in as a guest! That's all I did and no more error-1 or error-13. The drive just strated backing up right after that! Before it took awhile searching for the back up drive before it gave me those error messages and now it's backing just fine again,lol. I read pelople giving some long complex (though step by step) solutions, but for a non techie like myself, just reading them gave me a headache,lol. I figured I should should at least try and see if that helps someone else becasue it was real frustrating and I'm guessing anyone would feel the same when trying to fix this thing. Anyways! try that and I hope it helps. Good Luck!

  • Time Machine can't connect/use shared network volume

    Hi All,
    I have a Mobius2 external USB hard drive connected to my iMac (10.9.5). It has two partitions (Disk Utility 13 does not seem to allow more that 2 partitions now), one partition is for Time Machine backups of my iMac. The 2nd partition (as required by Time Machine is a shared AFP volume). I want to backup my MacBook (10.9.5) but I can't get Time Machine to use the partition I set up for it on the Mobius2. Even though I have the volume (named "Mobius RAID 2") mounted on my MacBook desktop, and I added it to Time Machine (entering both the password to connect to the iMac the Mobius is connected to and the password to encrypt the backup with) I still keep getting the error below!
    "Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “Jeffrey’s iMac”.
    The network backup disk could not be accessed because there was a problem with the network username or password. You may need to re-select the backup disk and enter the correct username and password."
    I have removed the shared volume several times from Time Machine and added it back....still get the same error above, even when the volume is already mounted to my MacBooks desktop! I don't know what else to try. I used to Keychain to verify the log in password is correct and it is.
    ....I can even copy files to the (2nd) partition on the Mobius2 (connected to my iMac) when the volume is mounted on the MacBooks desktop.
    So I don't know why Time Machine keeps saying the "networked backup disk couldn't be accessed". Can anyone help? (see attached screen shots)
    Screen Shots:

    Hi Eric,
    I was able to change the permissions for "everyone" on the iMac for the connected USB drive partition. But not on the MacBook when this partition is mounted on the MacBook desktop. I get this error saying I don't have the necessary permission to change it from "No Access" to "Read & Write":
    I don't even understand why it says "No Access" for "everyone" when I gave "everyone" Read & Write privileges on the iMac for this drive/partition!
    You said "Apple officially only supports Time Capsules as NAS backups." but on the page you sent me it says:
    "You can use Time Machine with a Time Capsule, and with USB, FireWire, and Thunderbolt disks. The backup disk can be directly connected to your computer or be on a network. If the backup disk has been divided into partitions, you can use one of the partitions."
    ....."directly connected to your computer or be on a network" = NAS?  If that's what it means Apple needs to be more clear, as my USB drive and its' partitions ARE on a my network, and I can put files on them and access them across my network.
    I am trying to get a 2nd network Time Machine backup going as the Time Machine backup of my MacBook became corrupted and I could not restore my mail, even though my mail files were in there, I could restore files but I could not access my mail directory no matter what I tried, Apple has some kind of lock on it now and hides it. I had to resort to my BackBlaze backup to restore my mail, luckily BackBlaze does not hide the mail directory.
    So it seems I have a $3000 iMac with a RAID 1 drive (with two brand new 4TB HGST drives) connected to it (that I bought just to improve my backups) and Time Machine and the vaunted "OS X" ("the world’s most advanced desktop operating system") can't handle it. Great.
    But I do appreciate your help Eric...
    Come on Apple, FIX THIS.

  • Satellite A110 - can't connect/ confree errors

    Hi there,
    I'm suddenly having problems connecting to the internet, both by wireless and cable, and on any network. The icon shows limited/no connectivity, and when I try to diagnose problems, it says it can't renew my IP address. When I start up the laptop, I get a Summit error message reading *XFERRECVG_RecvMain(): socket()error 661 10106* -- although I've noticed the error number changes sometimes! I've tried updating the wlan, lan, and confree drivers, but it doesn't seem to help. When I check the hardware device manager, it shows a yellow exclamation mark by the SM Bus Controller, but a) I can't find the drivers for that, and b) I'm not sure it's related!
    Does anyone have any suggestions!? I'd be really grateful...

    The driver for the SM bus is in the chipset driver package. Maybe you should try it with this driver.
    Look on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers
    Do you use the WLAN or LAN connection?

  • Time machine can't connect to external HD

    Quick summary:
    I have a partitioned external HD (Lacie Network Space 2, 1Gb) running both a Time Machine partition and a regular external HD partition
    Some time ago my iMac broke down and I decided to do a clean install
    I (somehow, can't remember how) accessed the files I wanted from the external HD and moved them to the computer and then I put the HD away and stopped using the Time Machine functionality
    I left some of my iPhoto library on the Time Machine, I haven't needed them for ages, but now I do, which bring me to my current situation:
    I can't access my Time Machine partition on the HD. I can access the the normal external HD partition just fine. I've tried both over wifi and having the HD directly hooked to the computer. I just doesn't connect, it doesn't even allow me to press "connect as". I have update a couple times between now and then so maybe it has something to do with the OS version?
    Basically all I want to do is to access the files within the Time Machine Partition, and format the whole HD and use it as a normal network HD.
    Currently I have OsX 10.9.5.
    Any suggestions?

    An update:
    I am able to access the Time Machine partition through the Lacie browser based dashboard, I can go through contents folder for folder. But it is incredibly slow and the way I remember Time Machine folder structure being it would take forever to extract all my pictures. Let alone go through if there's something else I might want to keep before I format.
    Anyway, this would seem to confirm the problem is with OS X?

  • Time Machine can not connect to NAS

    I want some help,because I buy the thecus NAS,I Use the time Machine connect to NAS,when I first connect NAS Machine,the Host and IP is response
    but when I click the Host,the stop symbol is display,so I can not do any thing for the backup,please give me any commit(ps. the MAC OS is 10.6.6 ,NAS is use the netatalk AFP) ,but use QNAP and  synology NAS have same question

    Some NAS devices are compatible with Time Machine, some aren't.  Even with the ones that are compatible now, there are some downsides to the combination.
    See the pink box in #2 of Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions.

  • ITunes Can't Connect (-3212 Error)

    I just installed iTunes for my first time today, and when I try to connect to the iTunes Store it gives me an error saying to check my connection.
    I was told to go to Help -> Diagnostics -> Network Diagnostics, and follow directions after that, but it didn't help my situation either. I was also told to shut down my computer, unplug router and modem for 5 minutes, then try again, and that too didn't work.
    Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or is there something that I'm not doing that I should have done? If it helps any, I'm running Windows XP SP2
    Edit: When I do run the diagnostics, these are my results....
    Network Interface Status lights up as green (working)
    Internet Connection Status lights up as green (working)
    iTunes Store Connection Status lights up as red (not working)

    This article gives some information on troubleshooting connections with the iTunes Store.
    As for the status lights:
    Network Interface Status lights up as green (working)
    * iTunes can see your network card is working
    Internet Connection Status lights up as green (working)
    * iTunes sees you have a valid IP address, and the computer says its connected to the internet
    iTunes Store Connection Status lights up as red (not working)
    * Privacy filters, DNS information, or a Firewall is preventing iTunes or iTuneshelper.exe to connect to the iTunes Store
    If its a DNS issue, this article may help:
    This discusses the sites that iTunes needs to be able to contact, and more information about privacy filter issues:
    Hope this helps,
    Nathan C.

  • XP machine can only connect to Airport Express through Configure Other...

    I have an Airport Express running the latest firmware (6.3). It works fine with my Mac, however I can't get it to work correctly with my XP machine. It's setup to just do music and not give out IPs. I've tried connecting it to my router via wired and wireless and doesn't work either way. I can connect to it if I go to Configure Other... and type in the IP but I can't see it in the AirPort Utility scan and I can't see it in iTunes.
    A possibly related issue is that I can't see my Mac's shared iTunes library on the XP machine but I CAN see the XP machine's library on the Mac.
    Everything is on the same 192.168.0.x subnet.
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    similar problem. My XP can connect to AX, but I cannot use Internet (sometimes it works, sometimes it does not), meanwhile my mac is fine with the internet. P.S. My xp is sumsung NC10.
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  • MacBook can see wireless network, but can't connect; no error message

    This one has got me stumped: my father has a new D-Link wireless router. His Windows laptop connects to it just fine, but neither of our Apple laptops (an old PowerBook G4 and a brand new MacBook Pro) will connect to it. The network does appear in the Airport menu, but when I select it, nothing happens. It pauses for a second, and then I'm left disconnected from all wireless networks. No error message, no connection, no check appears next to the network's name. No security of any kind is enabled, and I've turned off "n" support on the router. I'm at a loss, and can't seem to find anyone with similar problems. Any ideas?
    The console gives me the following:
    2008/12/27 9:42:40 PM kernel AirPort: Link Down on en1
    2008/12/27 9:42:40 PM kernel AirPort: Link Down on en1
    2008/12/27 9:42:43 PM kernel Auth result for: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Not Authenticated
    2008/12/27 9:42:43 PM airportd[7585] Error: Apple80211Associate() failed -7
    2008/12/27 9:42:43 PM airportd[7585] Error: processcommanddict() failed
    2008/12/27 9:42:43 PM SystemUIServer[7514] Error: airportd MIG failed = -7 ((null)) (port = 57487)
    2008/12/27 9:42:43 PM SystemUIServer[7514] Error: airportd MIG failed = -7 ((null)) (port = 57487)
    2008/12/27 9:42:46 PM kernel Auth result for: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Authenticated
    2008/12/27 9:42:46 PM airportd[7585] Error: Apple80211Associate() failed -7
    2008/12/27 9:42:46 PM airportd[7585] Error: processcommanddict() failed

    I've tried that (every time I've changed the D-link settings, and seperately). No dice,

  • Time Machine can not connect to Time Capsule

    The problem is Time Machine sees the time capsule, then when I put my password in, nothing. This is driving me nuts...

    Help! I have the same issue, and renaming the disk is not helping. I renamed it to "TCDisk" (without the quotes of course) and it still does not work. Same problem occurs. The disk is renamed in Time Machine Preferences, but I still cannot select it. I enter my password once, and it turns TM off, and I enter it again and the slider stays "on" but the disk is not selected, and the "choose disk" option is still available. Also, the other computers on my network can select the drive as their Time Machine backup location. Only mine is not able to. I configured the TC through my machine, if that makes a difference. Do I need to change some other settings or what? Please help me out. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • "Skype can't connect." Error Message with Mac OS 1...

    I'm a first time user and can't get Skype to connect. My user name and password have been verified. I'm wondering if my OS isn't compatible with this version of Skype. Any advice?
    Go to Solution.

    techfreak wrote:
    Your 6.0 version of Skype has been retired.  The latest/only version of Skype that will run on your OSX is Skype
    Skype 6.3 for OSX 10.5.x (Intel only)
    Technically, that is not correct. The latest version may be 6.3, but it's not the only one, as 2.8 still works (you have to apply two small fixes, see and for how to do it).

  • Can't connect time machine on previous NAS disk

    Hi, i just update my MBP to Lion 10.7.
    But from now, i can't backup with Time machine to my Lacie D2 Network 2. It was working with os 10.6.
    I can see and open disk using SMB in finder but Time machine can't connect (TM see the ethernet disk). TM ask me to enter password and then say the version of the server is not supported...
    Is there a solution to connect again before having an update from Lacie or Apple?
    Thanks a lot

    I raised a ticket with Lacie as well, below is an excerpt from the Lacie Lion compatability link they directed me to:
    Cause: The LaCie NAS OS does not support Time Machine with Mac OS X Lion.
    Solution: Use Mac OS X 10.6.x or earlier when using Time Machine to back up your Mac to a LaCie network hard drive.
    Their solution is to downgrade the OS...  Shame!
    Here is the link to the Lacie Lion compatability link:

  • Nokia 2730classic app can't connect to internet

    Hi, I'm trying to use the E-mail application of my phone (Nokia 2730 classic) but when I try to connect it says "Comunication Error", I've tried with the Opera mini browser and the native web browser and definitely there is a internet connection available, but when I try with other apps (with the appropiate permissions) there's errors everywhere, "can't connect" "Comunication Error" etc etc etc, does anybody know something about it ? thanks for reading

    I have the same problem on pc in the office. I uninstalled and installed the old ovi suite 2, but it dosn`t work. When You connect Your phone it will do, but connect to Your Ovi account through the telefone. I havn`t got any answer until today.
    I use Nokia 5230, want to connect to my Ovi account also, when the phone isnt connected to the pc. I hope, we will got a resolution.
    By installing the old Ovi suite there are only problems with winxp, it dosn`t work really. Thank everyone for help or answer. philipp

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