Manage iphone 4s with multiple users on one apple id

I have one apple id for my family and their devices so we can download apps.  How do we make it so each person has separate accounts for icloud, messaging and facetime accounts so we are not receiving each others messages, facetime requests etc...

Create separate Apple ID's for everyone here: lang=en_US
Must be verified email addresses. Then use those Apple ID's for iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, Find My Phone, etc. Everyone can continue to use the same Apple ID for iTunes content, & whoever "owns" the account using that Apple ID for everything.

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  • How can I have multiple users on one apple id?

    How can I have multiple users on one apple ID?
    ie: I have my apple ID with my own credit, how can I set up credit for my son under the same apple ID, so that he can still access the same apps I've already downloaded and paid for?

    I've been trying to figure out a clean way to do this too. I think you may need more than one Apple ID – one that is shared and used to purchase "sharable" items and then "individual" Apple IDs for you and your son. That's the idea that I'm pursuing for the moment.
    It seems that there must be a way to do this, App Store purchases for the Mac are licensed across multiple machines. iPhone app purchases have "all your devices" licensing. Makes me think that Apple has a process in mind for sharing an account (or associating a device with multiple accounts).
    Other things I've learned:
    - Apparently you can't merge Apple ID accounts. I asked about this once at an Apple Store and was told that there was no way to do it.
    - If you share an Apple ID the Messages app behaves in a somewhat surprising manner. It must use your Apple ID to decide where messages should be sent because all users get all messages. This can make it very hard to organize a surprise party :-)

  • Can you have multiple users on one apple Id and utilize iCloud?

    My family shares an apple Id and we each have multiple Apple devices. When we use iCloud we "cross pollinate" each others devices with contacts, calendar events, etc.  is it possible to manage multiple users on one apple Id with iCloud activated or are separate ID's required?

    iCloud isn't designed as a multi-user service. Either you all have the same ID, and all your data is available to everyone, or you all have separate IDs and keep your data separate. You can share calendars, so that for example you could all have your own calendars but have one which is common to everyone:
    If you want to share contacts you will have to do it manually. If you want to do file transfer you will have to find a third-party alternative.

  • TS5223 can I have multiple users use one apple account?

    can I have multiple users use one apple account?

    I interpreted his post to mean that he meant multiple human users, not multiple devices.  Hopefully, he'll clarify.

  • File sharing with multiple users on one Mac

    I have two Macs, both of which ca seen each other across the network. My question regards file sharing with multiple users on the same computer. When file sharing, are the files from all users available across the network, or just those of the user presently logged in? The issue is that I am trying to access files from a user who isn't currently logged in, but another user on that computer is. I need to get into that person's documents, but I don't see a way to navigate to their documents folder.

    Right, I got that. But the computer is in constant use by User A, while I need access to User B's files. I could need access at anytime, and it would be a pain to make User A log off and log in as User B everytime. I was just wondering if there is anyway to access User B's files in this situation, without logging User B in.

  • FaceTime with Multiple Devices and one Apple ID

    What happens with FaceTime when I use the same Apple ID for my IPad and my IPhone 5?  What do I need to do to manage which device receives FaceTime messages?

    Create Apple IDs for everyone individually and use that in Settings > Facetime, Settings > Messages, Settings > Game Center but keep the Apple ID used for app and content purchases in Settings > iTunes and App Stores

  • HT204407 Will Find Friends app work with multiple phones on one Apple ID?

    My family has one apple ID and multiple devices on that account.  Is it possible for my wife and I to use Find Friends this way or does she need another apple ID?  When I put the app on her phone, it thinks it is me.  We want to use the app to locate one another.

    Use "find my iphone" for one apple id and "find my friends" for multiple id's.

  • ITunes sharing with multiple users on one iMac

    I have a sizeable library that I would like to consolidate on our new iMac and allow four users (my family) to use the one library in their respective iTunes. There was a post last year for a solution to use aliases to accomplish this and I followed the steps as best I could. It sort of worked but I must have started with my iTunes library in a different location because it didn't work out as easily as the article shows.!reply.jspa?messageID=10283304
    In order for the music to show up in iTunes even for the first user account, I had to "add" the music to library from the new location (the alias) essentially creating a new library. I guess that is due to the location of the extra files (e.g. library, extras, etc.). For the above method to work, where exactly do the library files (not the actual music files) need to be? Also, is there a way to use that folder called "Automatically Add to iTunes?" And lastly how do I reset some features, like playlists, using Time Machine? There doesn't seem to be much info into the advanced use and trouble shooting of iTunes.
    I appreciate any help someone can provide.

    Thanks but that doesn't really answer any of my questions. That method does not allow you to add songs from any account. You still have to manage multiple "library" files, add songs to the library manually for each user, and you end up with duplicate songs. The method that is linked in my previous post is a great one, I just need to know where the library files go in relation to the actual songs (meaning inside or outside of the iTunes folder). I guess I need to know how iTunes is set up "out of the box" since I have moved some stuff around and the data files and the music files are in different folders than they were (or would be) in a new installation.

  • How to work with multiple users accessing one database

    I am a newbie in oracle.
    I want to give access to my oracle database for more users.
    I created oracle connection with c# project. The application allow to user to insert data to a database table. Now I want to give access to the different users with a login. Is there any way to give access other users to the same database using their username and passwords?
    I'm confused. Please help.
    thank you.

    In the database, set up your data schema with data tables, views, and stored procedures to support your application.
    That schema owner should only be a trusted data administration person.  Let's call that schema APP_DATA.
    Then you set up another schema called APP_DATA_USERS with no privileges and no data.
    Then you create an Oracle ROLE object called APP_DATA_ROLE.
    You grant the app_data_role to the app_data_user account.
    You then grant object permissions in the APP_DATA_ROLE that you want the app_data_user to have for the app_data data objects, like Create SESSION, SELECT on TABLE X. or SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE on TABLE Y.
    Now the APP_DATA_USERS only has specific permissions needed on specific app_data data objects that you control by the app_data_role.
    Then your application only opens connections to Oracle via the single APP_DATA_USERS account
    which is constrained by the APP_DATA_ROLE permissions on what can be done in the data schema APP_DATA.
    in your web or app config you create the connection information for the single app_data_user account.
    Putting the database aside, you now create the application layer with login controls so many users can use the application.
    But when they need data, the application only makes a connection to the single APP_DATA_USERS account
    Oracle ODP.NET auto handles the multiple session connections by the multiple application users to the single APP_DATA_USERS account.
    In summary the multiuser access is controlled by the application
    all making connections (sessions) with a single, limited privilege app_data_user account on the database side.

  • Multiple devices with multiple users on one itunes account

    How do I get my daughters iTouch on my same itunes account so we can share apps/music but so that I don't see her imessages?  Also - I don't want her messages coming across with my name.  Thanks!

    It's an all or nothing feature as long as everyone has full access to the Apple ID. But every device can have a custom build. You don't have to put every bit of content in the libraries on every device.
    Otherwise, you need a separate Apple ID for business.

  • Sharing itunes libarary with multiple users on one laptop

    I have a MBP 17". I share the machine with my daughter. I wish to allow her to access my music in her profile without having to copy my whole library and putting it into her profile as this would use up a lot of space. Can someone please give mea STEP by STEP guide how I can share music form my library from my profile into her library on her profile. I hold the administrator status on the powerbook.
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer

  • With Multiple Users--Can One User Change The Download Location of iTunes?

    Hi Everyone--
    We have separate user accounts on our computer so that my dh and I can each have our own iTunes accts. However, we've run out of room on our C: drive. Now I know you can move where iTunes downloads--either external hd or the D: drive. But if I move where my iTunes downloads to, will it mess up where his downloads to? I'd really hate to mess up or merge our downloads.

    Welcome to AD!
    Both of your itunes preferences are separate. If you change yours, it will not affect his.
    My advice is to consolidate your library to wherever you want it, and then consolidate his. If you just move the files around in Win Explorer, iTunes will still be looking for them on C: and not be able to play them.
    Here is a good background article on that -a-new-hard-drive

  • Multiple users on one apple account.  How can I see which devices were used to purchase apps?

    I share my apple account with my three children.  Inappropriate apps were purchased.  Everyone denied making the purchase.  Is there anyway I can find out which device made these purchases?

    If only one of them purchased the app(s), wouldn't it only be on that one device (plus the computer's iTunes library if you have automatic downloads turned on)?

  • In trying to share music with multiple user accounts on one comp, I quit itunes, located my itunes media folder, moved it to a publicly accessible location. Problem is it didn't work and now I can't get it all back to the way it was.

    In trying to share music with multiple users on one computer, I followed the directions on "iTunes:How to share music between different accounts on a single computer" ( I did something wrong because i lost iTunes
    Tried to put files back, but it is not the same. Plugged in my ipod and it is not recognizing my computer.
    Can someone tell me where iTunes should be, and what sub files should be included with it. Thanks!

    If you are seeing the "Connect to iTunes" logo, then your device is in Recovery Mode, and you will need to restore it:
    If you can't update or restore your iOS device
    iOS: Back up and restore your iOS device with iCloud or iTunes

  • Sharing iTunes on one machine with multiple users... problems...

    Hi, I've recently done a fresh installation of XP, and have downloaded iTunes 7.1
    It's set up as follows:
    1 machine, 3 users:
    Administrator(Admin account) ; Me (limited) ; My partner (limited).
    I have set up the itunes folder in the shared documents as suggested in the apple KB article about multiple users on one machine.
    As administrator, I imported a CD and it's artwork from the store.
    Pointed all three users to the folder in the shared documents - exactly as per the KB article.
    I went into my everyday account, and pointed itunes to the itunes folder in the shared documents.
    it didn't see the tracks. I had to use the add folder to library in the file menu in order to get itunes to see it.
    is this just something that has to be accepted, or is there a way of making the folder 'live' so that i don't need to keep updating my library manually? - almost like a refresh?..

    Unfortunaely iTunes doesn't monitor for new files, so if you import a CD in one account, it will have to be added to the libraries of the other accounts manually - if the users want it.
    I guess this is both good and bad as it means that each account can have its own music choices while at the same time sharing a common pool of music files.

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