Many sales order to many delivery

Dear friends,
I have requirement where in there will be 50 sales orders for that i have to create delivery and pgi, is there any tcode where in i can just key in the sales order numbers and make delivery and pgi. will Mass command be helpful in this, if so can you please tell how to proceed. thank you

You can use VL10C and  VL06.
Using VL10C you can create the deliveries at the background.
If you want the details on how to use VL10C, then read this [VL10C -CREATE DELIVERY|Re: Reg Delivery with 2 lines items]
Using VL06 you can do PGI, for all the created deliveries.

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  • Want to close many sales orders in once,TECO, any tools Tcode or RFC?

    Dear All,
    I have so many ope sales order, now I want to close all by TECO (Technicaly Closed).
    Is there any praramm or Fuction in SAP or Tcode though which I can TECO many sales order or list of sales order in once execution.
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    This is something related to PS plus SD. Please post this question in PS forum. You will get the answer immediately.
    Pls reward if the hint helps.

  • Production Order  link to Many Sales order in Make to Stock

    We ve Make to Stock Scenario ,
    We club Sales order & manually create  one Production order
    how to link  one Production order to many sales order
    After production confirmation How to transfer stock to Sales order stock

    In make to stock you cannot have a direct link between production order and sales order.
    In your situation why are you clubing many sales orders and creating a production order?
    that means you donot have planning cycle in place i.e. Demand management--> MRP?
    If planning is not implimented, then you can create a production orders manually as you mentioned.
    You can use the exit PPCO0006 to create many extra fields in production order header in a seperate tab and can use this fields to fill the sales orders so that you can have a link. this is onky for information purpose.
    Once you have produced the product you can use 412 movement type special stock - E in MB1b transaction to transfer the stock from unrestrcuted to sales order specific stock
    pl come back if you need more information
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            Rajesha Vittal

  • Many Sales Order one Production Order

    Respected Members,
       I have a small requirement.
             Our Functional consultants make a scenario that many sales order club to give one production order depending on some parameter.
    Problem is that at table level ,i am not able to see that how many sales order are clubbed to a specific production order.
    I had seen pegged requirements report (tcode MD09) ,in this mrp element no is nothing but sales order no only but this records can be only seen upto u have not done the confirmation.
    Once the confirmation  has done it will show no records.
    So please tell me in which tables i can see that how many sales orders are clubbed to a specific production order even the confirmation is also over.This is needed to built one report.
    Thanks a Lot.

    If you are in MTO environment there should be direct connection between your SO and PrdOrd.
    But it seems there's a N:1 relation (or N:M relation) between your SOs and PrdOrds. It means that you are in MTS environment...I'm not sure you can create such report - but it's only my opinion...

  • SD scenario (collect few sale order into one delivery or TO)

    I am looking for following SD scenario.
    customer send as few orders
    order-1 material-1 quantity-10 input date 01.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    order-2 material-1 quantity-15 input date 03.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    order-3 material-1 quantity-20 input date 05.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    This order should be processed by ATP and reserve stock separately according input date.
    start of problem----
    But our warehouse need  single item  (quantity 45)  in transfer order document  to optimize internal processes (pack processing VS single pc. processing).
    Any ideas?

    Yes it is possible to have single delivery for many sales orders provided you have similar criteria between sales order and delivery like:
    Shipping Point
    Inco Terms
    Delivery Date
    Ship to Party
    Payment Terms
    The transaction code to be used is VL10A

  • Which table I can get sales order no from delivery numbar.

    I want sales order no from delivery no. right now I am using table VBFA where I am passing VBELN and POSNN and geting sales order no. but performance of select query is very poor bcouse I am not passing first two key fields in the select query.
    Is there any other tablefrom where we can get sales order no. from delivery no. so that performance of report can be improved.

    sales doc header ( table VBAK ) copy to Delivery header table( LIKP)
    sales doc item table ( VBAP) copy to Delivery item table( LIPS)
    you can see this in copy control VTLA ,
    now u want slaes doc no. from dilv doc. no.
    so go to t-code se11.....
    fill table LIKP u will get VBELN field for deliv doc no, & TERNR field for sales doc. no.
    so if u want to call sales doc no from dilv doc no.. u can use table LIKP in ur report.
    i hope it will help u.

  • Report for viewing Sales order no against delivery date & actual GI date

    Hi Experts,
    Is there any report for viewing Sales order no against delivery date & *actual GI date*
    Because in VL06F , i can only able to get planned GI.
    Please guide regarding the same where i can get 'ACTUAL GI DATE ' against above combination .
    Sujit S.

    dear Hrishi,
    i followed your suggestion, but couldn't get desired results,
    here i can get planned GI date, where i wanted to get Actual GI date for complted deliveries,
    thanks for your valuable reply.
    @ G. Lakshmipathi ;-
    i think i will need to develop z-report for fetching the data from the tables
    VBAK (to get sale order reference) and
    LIKP (to get delivery and actual GI date)
    thanks for your reply,

  • REPORT-Sales Order Qty minus Delivery Qty

    How to find Sales Order Qty minus Delivery Qty  in a STd report  other than t.code v.02
    THanks in advance

    Dear Paul
    The report which you are asking is a Pending Order Report.
    You  better go for a Zreport & call your required fields in the report.
    The selection field will be plant
    Eg: You can incorporate in the report Sales Doc, Order type, Doc date, SP, SH, Region, sales area, material code, material description, Order qty, Pend qty, Pending value, pant, PO ref no., date, Customer currency etc.
    Once all items delivered the doc number wont be in the report.
    Deepu Pillai

  • Reinitialize Sales Orders, Billing and Delivery (11, 12 & 13)

    Due to continues rollouts we need to reinitialize Sales Orders, Billing and Delivery do-cuments from R/3 into BW.
    This requires us to delete all loaded data, logs, queues etc. on the BW side - Fair enough.
    The real challenge come as we need to run the transactions OLI7BW(order), OLI8BW (billing), OLI9BW (deliveries) on the R3 side in order to fill the setup tables. Here we need to switch the "block all orders" on in order to ensure that no new documents are created while load-ing.
    In relation to the above situation I have a couple of questions:
    Is there no way of doing this in a more "online" fashion?
    What transactions are actually blocked by flicking the "block all orders"?
    Thanks in advance
    Michael Bisfelt
    Arla Foods a.m.b.a
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    Hi Michael,
    I've seen this process accomplished without blocking orders, but instead by blocking all transactions that may in any way lock an order or related sales document.  Also, you can dramatically speed up the process of gathering the old documents by running multiple batch jobs (with different document number ranges) at the same time.  In this case, I believe you want to "uncheck" the "New run" flag.  I've seen runtimes for this reduced from over 24 hours to under 4 hours.  The important thing is that you don't want to have ANY activity that modifies or locks order documents until after the date and time of termination that you specified, otherwise you will lose data on your transfer to BW.

  • Sales Orders Blocked For Delivery

    Do we have T-Code for Sales Orders Blocked For Delivery other than VA14L,Because Customer name is not there in VA14L list.

    Hi naga sudhir
    Go to T-code--VA14L
    In that  go to menu-SettingsLayout--Current/Choose
    In this layout u can choose fields what u want to appear in that row.
    Any quries revert back to me

  • Goods issue to customer without sales order or Outbound delivery

    Dear all gurus,
    I have a case like that: Supposing we don't have neither Sales Order nor Outbound Delivery (because not implement SD, for eg).
    Then, we stil want goods issue to customer. So can u advise me how to do: which Tcode, which movement type,...

    Create a cost center for customer and issue the goods with respect to this cost center in MB1A transaction using movement type 201.
    Then all the issues will be tracked based on this cost center.

  • Sales order blocked for delivery but not showing in VA14L

    A Sales order is in delivery block and its not showing in VA14l Delivery block .
    Please help.

    Transaction VA14L report displays sales orders with header level delivery blocks & credit blocks.
    If the delivery block in sales order item level the VA14L will not display those orders.
    You may try V.14 transaction but it will not display sales orders with credit related delivery blocks.
    Otherwise, provide more inputs so that it would be easy to analyse the issue.

  • Multiple Sales Order to Single Delivery

    Dear All,
    Can anybody tell me how to create a single sales order to multiple delivery ?
    It would be convenient if anybody can explain me the process and the t-code to do the same.

    Hi Indrajit
    If you want to create a single sales order into Multiple delivery then make sure that the delivery split should take place
    The following are the parameters for the delivery split
    Ship to party ,  route , delivery date, Shipping point ,Confirmed quantity date  , Delivery priority
    Example :
    Say you have line item 1 & line item 2 , for line item 1 you have different ship to party and for line item 2 you have different ship to party then delivery split will take place for this two line items

  • Plant Info is blank in Sales Order Due for Delivery (VL10A)

    Hi experts,
      In VL10A sales Order Due for Delivery, i have fields like Name, GI date, plant and shipping point. 
    There is data on shipping point.  However, the plant field is blank.  I like to get data for the plant.
    Can you pls point me to what user-exit or how  I can modify the program to bring data for plant ?
    I am aware that VL10A list orders at the header level.
    Thank you.


  • Can't combine Sales Orders into One Delivery

    A customer has started sending us 850's for their products.  Each 850 creates a new Sales Order from the ORDERS IDoc.
    We can not combine two different Sales Orders into one Delivery even if all the data is identical other than the Order Number itself.  The Error Message is VL067.
    The log reveals that the only data difference is the Address number.  Each time a new Sales Order is built SAP creates a new Address Number even though the customer is the same, and then it won't let you combine those two Sales Orders into one Delivery because the Adderss Number is different.
    We either need to make SAP stop creating a new Address for the same Customer, or we need to make SAP ignore the difference in Address Number when combining them into one Delivery.
    Any ideas?

    Hello Shiva,
    My apologies - I am too focused and forgot to say thank you for your tip.  I appreciate your time.
    I have discovered that the address check is only made if the value of ADRDA in VBPA is B or E, which both mean that the address was manually entered - actually, it came in via IDoc.
    Does anyone know how to control that value so it is not B or E?
    Thanks in advance.

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