Mass upload of batch chracteristic Values using LSMW

Is there any way from which I can mass upload the characteristic values of batch class.
LSMW- Bapi issue full in this case or have to go with recording or BAPI programming?
Please let me know the process.
Thanks in advance
Ravi Kumar

Thanks For the help. I have used LSMW Direct input method.
I have used the below format in text file
Class/mat    batch             class                              char                                 Char Value
023     Bunny 1011010     ZZ_COTTON_CLASS     ZZ_BALE_QUANTITY     164.95
023     Bunny 1011011     ZZ_COTTON_CLASS     ZZ_BALE_QUANTITY     164.61
023     Bunny 1011012     ZZ_COTTON_CLASS     ZZ_BALE_QUANTITY     162.71
Its giving below error,
Error Changing Classification Data
023 Bunny 1011010                                      ZZ_COTTON_CLASS
Error Changing Classification Data
023 Bunny 1011011                                      ZZ_COTTON_CLASS
Thanks & Regards
Ravi Kumar

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    Edited by: mark_yellow mark on Jul 1, 2008 3:27 AM

    Hi Mark,
    This is lsmw batch input error.while  uploading the G/L accounts using the Batch Input process (program name RFBISA00) in LSMW.this error mainly generates...
    Fix the error using logs.

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  • Error while uploading data in SAP (me01)using LSMW

    Hi All,
    I am using LSMW for the first time.
    I am trying to upload data to the Source List transaction (me01) using batch input recording. I created a new recording through LSMW itself. My source structure consists of 5 fields:
    <b>MATNR C(18)
    WERKS C(4)
    VDATU N(8)
    BDATU N(8)
    LIFNR C(10)
    EKORG C(10)</b>
    Now the problem is when i try to convert the data, it gives me an error saying
    "For type "C",a maximum length specification of 65535 is allowed."
    I have noticed that unlike Direct Input method,
    using batch input does not give any fields in "Maintain Field Mapping & Conversion Rules". So even if I have my fields in my source structure ,there are no fields to which I can map them to.
    I don't know that is how it is when we go with batch input.
    My file contain data in following order:
    DANGEROUS GOODS,ABBY,20060801,20060831,30010,TEST
    Pls help me to solve this problem.

    Hi Swapna!
    You get such an error message, when define a constant and forget the second ':
    g_werks = '1000.  "wrong
    g_werks = '1000'.  "correct
    In general: a batch input recording can have fixed values and some variables. You need to define, which fields you like to fill with a variable. Go to the overview of the recordings, open the recording in change mode and assign some variable names to the according batch lines.
    <a href="">Editing batch input recordings</a>
    Follow the help for the following steps of structure assignments.

  • Problem in Uploading sales order text data using LSMW

    Hi All,
    I am facing Problem in uploading open sales order data from legacy to SAP using LSMW.
    We are trying to upload sales order data using LSMW Standard Batch/Direct input using program name RVINVB10 and program type D. We are not able to upload item text but have no problem in uploading remaining data.
    the details we are passing to BTEXHKOM structure are......
    BTEXHKOM-TDID = 'Z009'.
    and the for structure BTEXLKOM
    we have three input source structures.
    IHEADER Header structure
    LITEM Line item structure ( Material data )
    IPARTN Partners structure
    The structure relationships are
    Please let me know if I am doing some thing wrong or some thing else need to be done.

    you can pass below values also
    OLDNR         :  order number and item nuber
    TXLINE        : your text.....

  • Upload Of Vendor Create Data using LSMW

    I am trying to upload the vendor data for more than 1000 records from flat file structure to sap using LSMW (standard batch/ direct input) for XK01 transaction code. For uploading the house and street address i have created additional fields STR_SUPPL1 and STR_SUPPL2 in addition to STRAS. But in "Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules" I am not able to locate the fields for mapping STR_SUPPL1 and STR_SUPPL2. Can any one please suggest me how to go about it. Thanks in advance.

      As per your requirements when you r uploading the data in the  "Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules" it will display your field and some additional fields,and there you have to select for which field you r going to upload the data.
    You have mentioned that you have created some two extra field as STR_SUPPL1 and STR_SUPPL2.Can you plz clarify me where you have declared those fields and how.
    If you have done it in   "Maintain Object Attributes" than it should display in the Field Mapping or you check it with " Maintain Source Fields" part,wheather you have enter all the fields appropriately or not.
    I hope this will help you to solve your problem.
    Mrutyunjaya Tripathy

  • Upload of purchase order details using LSMW

    Hi friends,
    I encountered a problem while uploading purchase order details using LSMW . in the field mapping I could not able to fine the field TCODE. as a result I could not assign the transaction code ME21. could you please suggest me a solution.

    Check with the following
    Select fifth Radio button then follow the bellow step
    <b>5) select radio-Button 5 and execute
       Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules
       Select the Tcode and click on Rule button there you   will select constant
       and press continue button
       give Transaction Code : ME21 and press Enter</b>
    Thanks & regards
    Sreenivasulu P

  • Mass Deletion Of Purchase Requisitions Without Using LSMW

    We would like to delete huge volume of PR generated through MRP. Deleting PR will be a frequent activity in our business scenario. Since the person responsible for MRP is not very much conversant with LSMW, we want to avoid using LSMW.
    I tried with MEMASSQR. But 'deletion indicator' field is not available in the field list.
    Is there any method through which I can carry out mass deletion of PR?

    I've tryed this from Manish Kumar Agarwal :
    Go to SM30 enter the table MASSFLDLST
    then create the new entry object type = BUS2105
    Table name = EBAN Field:- "EBAKZ" (Purchase requisition closed)
    Then run MEMASSRQ and select this field and then PRs after tnat on next page you will get option like film:- carry out mass changes go ahead with it.
    But strangelly, it doesnt appear in the memassrq... any idea?

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    Services for object is not active during SHDB recording or ECATT recording in order to mass update Create External doc URLs using Services for object.
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    Developing the program

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    Hi All,
    Services for object is not active during SHDB recording or ECATT recording in order to mass update Create External doc URLs using Services for object.
    Any body know how to Upload this for any master data ex.Material master.


  • Re:Uploading of material master data using lsmw-idoc method

    Hi friends,
                While processing each idoc  one log on window is opening,and status of idoc is 51,eventhough i am passing material description to maktx of e1maktm,it is showing an 'No description is passed'.
    Colud you please tell me how to correct these errors,i am new to this lsmw-idoc method.
    Thanks in advance,

    Thank you for reply.
    Actually I am uploading the data in flat file from file port to sap.
    In idoc inbound processing of lsmw i have created a file port and iam giving the logical system name of the same client.
    is this the correct procedure.
    Every time when i process each idoc one new logon window is opening and it is showing idoc status as 51.
    could you please tell me how to correct this one.

  • Uploading subcontracting PO using LSMW-BAPI method

    I am trying to upload the subcontracting Purchase order using LSMW-BAPI .
    Bapi name -Create from Data1
    Business Object  -    BUS2012                             Purchase Order
    Method               -    CREATEFROMDATA1          Create Enjoy Purchase Ord
    Message Type     -    PORDCR1                           Create Purchase Order
    Basic Type          -    PORDCR102                        Create Purchase Order
    In this BAPI - for subcontracting material (component), required quantity & plant values are provided in a input file .
    When I trying to upload this PO, PO gets created but component data not getting uploaded.
    In documentation of BAPI -under restriction section -there is a restriction for subcontracting.
    So can we create Subcontracting PO using this PO.
    any solution on same.
    Because most of the conversion part is done. Only for subcontracting PO this bapi is not working.
    Please anybody know about the solution guide me ASAP.

    Hi Vikram,
    I am also having same scenario , I m using BAPI - BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE To create GR  for Subcontracting PO
    Can u please tell me how can solve this problem.
    Normal GR its working but for Subcontracting PO its not working.

  • Merchandise category & hierarchy upload using LSMW???

    I am trying to upload Merchandise category and hierarcy using LSMW (BAPI/IDOC method only).
    For merhcandise category
    I used message type W_WGRP and it is helping me in changing or reclassification of articles. But I am not able to create new merchandise category with this. I used structure E1BPE1WGR01  with "function" field with value "005, LSMW is working fine idocs are created successfully but no new Merc Cat is created.
    When I used same structure with "function" field with value "009" I get error message "Class XXX does not exist or or is not valid on this date".
    For Merchandise Catrgory Hierarchy
    I used idoc CLSMAS but getting error message "Keyword missing for class XXX"
    has anybody uploded entire hierarchy structure using LSMW ?

    Sorry to say, but your problem is not resolved.
    In IS-Retail, a merchandise category must first be created as a class (CLSMAS) and then also as a merchandise category (W_WGRP).  Yes, you must process two IDoc per merchandise category, and in that order.
    To understand how to load data using LSMW, the best approach to watch what the system does naturally.  In this case, use T-Code WGSE to send the merchandise category hierarchy via ALE from one system-client to another.  For understanding, you needn't configure the entire ALE scenario, just the outbound portion.  Then watch the outbound IDocs be created; there's your example!
    For merchandise category hierarchy (including merchandise categories), there are four message types that will be sent: W_WGRP, CHRMAS, CLFMAS, and CLSMAS. 
    IDoc Serialization using message types (serialization groups) is used when several different message types are dependent on each other, as is the case here. For example, if a merchandise category is assigned to a merchandise category hierarchy level, the merchandise category hierarchy level must first exist.  How you use LSMW and IDocs is informed by the sequence.
    To understand the IDoc sequence for creating the merchandise category hierarchy (including merchandise categories), use T-Code BD44 to view the Serialization Group GRP_W_WGRP includes the 4 desired message types in sequence:
    CHRMAS04 Distr. of Characteristics with Dependencies and Long Texts
    CLFMAS02 Master object classification
    CLSMAS04 Classes with Long Texts, Document Links, and E1UPSLINK
    W_WGRP01 Distribution of material groups
    CHRMAS04 is only relevant of Characteristics are being assigned to merchandise categories.  Let us leave Characteristics aside for now.
    Step 1:  Create Merchandise Category Hierarchy Nodes
    Step 2:  Merchandise Categories - Create as a Class
    Step 3:  Merchandise Categories - Change as a Retail MC
    Step 4:  Merchandise Categories - Assign Category Hierarchy Nodes each other, and assign MC class to MCH node.
    For this, use these messages:
    Step 1:  CLSMAS04
    Step 2:  CLSMAS04
    Step 3:  W_WGRP01
    Step 4:  CLFMAS02
    - Paul
    Paul R. Gendreau, Jr.
    SAP Retail

  • Customer Master using LSMW standard batch

    Hi All,
              I am uploading the customer master data using LSMW standard batch input method. When i process the session created using this i am getting an error that input data that "No batch input data for screen SAPMF02D 0310". This is happening when it reachs the sales area screen. All the remaining screens are processed correctly.
    Please help me in this regards,
    Thanks & Regards,

    Kiran Sure

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