Match code values for calmonth

Hi experts!
In Bw queries when I use match code for calmonth I can see only values up to 2012 and in fact there are no values in sid table higher than 12.2012 except some values in 2013.
How I can make appear in match code values higher than 12.2012?
It' for a planning application and users want to see match code up to 12.2015.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Angelo,
Most probably your BW calender has been maintained till 2012 therefore you need to insert manually for the values bigger then 2012. Please review the following discussion,
12.9999 in DTP Filter

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    don't you think that posting your question to a microsoft developer site would be more efficient?

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    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Anirudhdha,
    Unlike customer match code there is no customising option for vehicles. But conceptually the same thing can be done. Create a single search help with the criteria you need. Add it to the collective search help OIGV (like we do for DEBI in customer master).

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    Check with USRM1 Table
    give user name (Uname ) and you get company code (BUKRS)
    also check with other tables : USRM* in SE11

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    Hello all,
    I wish to delete value '#', when I execute match code of master data on query.
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    Someone have a solution ?

    Hi Sebastien,
    If i have understood your question right, then you want to remove the "#" from your query/report output?
    What you can do is edit your master data text with blank spaces, where ever you do not have any entries. Or you will have to write a VBA Macro code.
    Check this thread, its something similar.
    replacing '#'-sign for 'not assigned' in queries
    If i have understood it wrongly, please let me know what you are looking for.

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    Hi all,
    Since a hot package upgrade i have a strange things on the system.
    On TC VA01, when end user want to select a meterial ID (with F4), the match code appears correctly with the material list but when user double-click on the item line, the material ID is not send to parent screen.
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    You can check the known side effects of Hotpack from .
    Check the Note - 651948 to get detailed information on this.
    For your version, SAP might have suggested some note for this issue.

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    For example : In my wiew i set XXX in  my parameters, so i execute XXX treatment. Now if i change this value to YYY, i would like to treat the YYY treatment without press enter key.
    My requirement is the following : According to the values filled in this parameters, i need to display different views in my WD application. So when this value changes, it's neccesary to modify the displayed views.
    Does anybody can help me on this problem ?
    Thanks in advance.

    i think ,when you start a application with application parameters your first requirement is realized. However , the second requirement need more clarity.
    When you start a application with parameter XXX, the application is displaying a view-X. How and who will change the value of XXX. Without triggering a roundtrip to server you cannot check the value if it is changed and on top of it, you can not bring new view assembly  So keep this in mind and design your application..

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    We have a specific match code list for a new field in the screen . We use Screen painter .
    When we display match code it will be displayed by default a list ALV . But here How can we change to a list Basic for the values of this match code . ( SAP Basic list not ALV list)
    Is there some way to change this setting for user ?

    I already added the field search help into screen, But here user need to have basic list for search help ,( This search help is for KUNNR,Name1...etc, And they want to have basic list when they press F4 , not normally AVL liste

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    We have create a simple Lookup type UDF on OIM user profile. The lookup value contains the different code value for same decode value like 1-->Project Manager, 2-->Project Manager, 3-->Project Manager. Now the issue is that if someone goes form the web console and edit the user (just click on edit and then save it back without making any change), this lookup field value switch to default code value for 'Project Manager'. Let's say if OIM internally assume 2 as default code value for 'Project Manager' (not sure how OIM maintains it internally), If we follow the edit process for a user who has '3' as code value then after save the value in the database change to '2'. The same happens for user with '1' as code value as well. Now mapping multiple code values to same decode is very common where you need to integrate OIM with legacy systems where multiple key values assigned to the Job title/positions with same description. Has anyone came across this scenerio in past and found any solution. Please help. We tried by using lookup querry as well but no luck. We are using 9102 BP02 OIM. Thanks

    First thing first
    Why do you need 3 entries in the lookup for the same vaule? It's only a confusion to the end-user to select which one.
    In case you have some compelling situation, just try to have some differentiation for the decode value; like 1~Project Manager, 2~Project Manager, 3~Project Manager. This way confusion may be obviated and so as the issue.

  • Match code ID's

    Hi everybody
    As i'm new to ABAP i'm having this doubt. Matchcode ID's are there. Is it possible for me to create my own MATCH CODE id for SAP Matchcodes. And my second doubt is what is the difference between MATCHCODE and DATABASE index. I searched in SDN but cant get it cleared. Kindly help me in getting it clarrified.
    Moderator message: sorry, these forums cannot replace proper training, please search for available documentation or attend classes. Hint: forget matchcode IDs, they have been replaced by "search helps" long ago.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Nov 11, 2010 9:40 AM

    Hi everybody
    As i'm new to ABAP i'm having this doubt. Matchcode ID's are there. Is it possible for me to create my own MATCH CODE id for SAP Matchcodes. And my second doubt is what is the difference between MATCHCODE and DATABASE index. I searched in SDN but cant get it cleared. Kindly help me in getting it clarrified.
    Moderator message: sorry, these forums cannot replace proper training, please search for available documentation or attend classes. Hint: forget matchcode IDs, they have been replaced by "search helps" long ago.
    Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Nov 11, 2010 9:40 AM

  • How to view OK CODE VALUES

    how to find OK CODE values for all like page up page down
    etc any pgm to view all possible ok code values.

    Hi Karthik,
    I don't think there's anything called <i>possible ok-code values</i>. Any ok-code value is possible. Depends on what the code in the PAI module(s) is. Technically, you can even have ok-code values when there's no button with that function code in any screen. However this is not generally practised for obvious reasons.
    You can go to SE80, give the program name and see what are all the GUI statuses that the program uses. That will give you the information about the various ok-codes in the toolbars. But if your program has got some buttons on the screens as well, then I don't think there's any utility which will tell you about all those function-codes.
    Any particular reason why you want to have this information ?
    Anand Mandalika.

  • Match code in report selection screen does not show any values for 0FISCPER

    Hi Experts,
    I have problem with selection screen in several reports. When I use match code for fiscal period selection I get only # as a possible value. I have checked the master data they seem to be correct. I work with 7.0 BW system. Can you please give me any hint what I should check?
    Thank you,

    maybe I ask different way - how do you add characteristic values for a characteristic in the BEx? Is it automated somehow in SAP (e.g. from master data)? For the fiscal period I use custommer exit to fill in the default value, which is the current fiscal period. But this is something different, right?
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    l errors detected and the test (memory read/verify) is resumed. Each time through the memory another counter is incremented to track the number of passes through the memory read test. The test should terminate when the operator hits the VI panel STOP TEST button.

    Check out chapter two of the 653x User Manual for information on the different modes of operation. There it explains the difference between strobed and unstrobed I/O as well as Pattern I/O and Handshaking. It sounds as though unstrobed should work unless your UUT requires hardware timing or handshaking. You will have to keep track of errors in software however since the 6534 does not have any counters on it.

  • Possibility of giving match code  for Manufacturer in Equipment Master

    Hi -
    We can have a field exit on fieler HERST of Equipment Master.
    Is there any possibility of giving a match code on this filed? so that we can maintain a table for manufacturer and user can select any one entry from this table.
    We do have activated filed exit for manufacturer check, but need to further restrict the entry so that there is uniformity of entry maintained in this field.
    Kindly advice.

    hi narendar,
    some information :
    In addition to the above mentioned exit we have also created a custom match code for this field in one of our project ... the exit gets triggerred whenver user hits enter and the value entered here is used in selection criteria that displays the custom popup window ... the data is picked from vendor master table the selection createria we used was vendor name and description and vendor acount group MNFR - for manufacturers would be defaulted and displayed.So you can go with creating a custom match code which is invoked whenever user selects F4...

  • Match Code for LFA1-KONZS

    Hi all,
    I need a match code for the field LFA1-KONZS... it should appears on XK03 transaction for example.
    The idea is to create a new Z table and after fill this table, the values of them should appears as a search help into the LFA1-KONZS.
    This Z table should have the fields:
    KONZS type KONZS (data element)
    DESCR type Char 50
    I tried to modify the domain (KONZS) and insert the Z table on the option VALUE TABLE on the tab VALUE RANGE.
    But it doesn't works.
    The other thing is  that these two fields should accept blank values... but I think for this will need one of these fields as a key, is that correct?
    Manys thanks for all!

    Create a search help for the Z table, and then you need change the SI_LFA1 structure (ask the BASIS team for an access key) field KONZS.
    In the tab ENTRY HELP/CHECK, you specify the CHECK TABLE and the SEARCH HELP for the field KONZS.
    And then test it into the SE16 transaction.

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