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Hi Experts.
I have one DSO and one CUBE.only two fields are common in the both DSO and my requirement is i need all the fields from the DSO and some fields from the cube( which fields are not common). what is the best one to use multi provider or Info set.
If we can achive through Info set how to do it.
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  • Report is not getting data from Remote cube thru Multi Provider

    Hi SAPians
    I ve strucked up with a Problem in The Reconciliation Report in BW3.5
    The Report was built on a Multi Provider, which was created on Basic and Remote Cubes .
    Both cubes have same Data Source and all the Objects were in Active version and found good.
    When I m executing the Report ,I m only getting the data from the Basic cube and no data is coming from Remote Cube.
    I ve checked the char " 0Infoprov " in Multi Provider and It was assigned with the both the cubes.
    What might be the problem
    Please help me in this regard
    Thanks in advance

    In the Reconciliation multiprovider, include 0INFOPROVIDER = Remote cube.
    If data still not coming, you can be sure connectivity with Source system of the Remote cube is the issue
    Check with basis to solve the connectivity issue.
    Ensure Remote cube is consistent

  • Help needed on Multi provider

    Hello Experts,
                    we have crated an ODS and loaded data from flatfile, now i need to put this ODS in Multi provider, which i did but i dont have any key figures in my ods which is making a problem while activating the Multiprovider , can anyone help me on this.
    Thank You,

    Surendra , an ODS should have a Key field and not necessarily a Key figure however to create a cube / multiprovider , it is a must that you have a key fiugure , which leads me to ask the following questions:
    1. Why do you need a multiprovider on an ODS with no facts(key figure)?
    2. Why not an Infoset?
    If this is for experimentation alone , trhe answer is clear,
    A multiprovider cannot be created without a key figure , this goes against the very concepts of Data Warehousing and think if your architecture is correct and why you need a multiprovider and a multiprovider alone will satisfy your requirements.

  • Fields Not getting Populated in Queries on Multi Provider

    Hi All,
    Product class,Product form and Packet size from Zqn6x03 (ods) are not getting populated in Queries(Multiprovider). Our`s is Heterogenous Multi Provider
    Points will be awarded.
    Thanks in Advance....

    Hi xys redd,
    After checking all the options it is very much important to run a report "RSR_GEN_DIRECT_ALL_QUERIES" IN SE38.
    This is the report used to generate all the changes to reflect in BEx
    It will aolve your problem if am not wrong.
    Don't forget to assign points.

  • Assigning a Key Figure in a Multi provider

    In a multi provider if I have a key figure which is assigned from more than one part providers.  What does this exactly mean?  For example:
    Let's say I have a key figure Number of Sales which is present in two part providers and assigned from both the providers, if I build a query say Country | Number of Sales what happens with the assignment

    Good point.
    My scenario is as follows. 
    1. We are building a query which uses a base query as a template. 
    2. Our query is built off a seperate multiprovider which replaces one of the part cubes with a cube that has consolidated set of data from SAP and Non SAP systems
    3. In the original multi provider one of the key figures is assigned from two part providers, one of which is that which we are replacing - this key figure is used extensively in the definition of other query level key figures
    4. The key figure does not exist in the consolidated cube but we have a key figure that we will use instead of.
    5. The original query does not have info provider restrictions at the query or local key figure levels
    I believe I can sum the two figures when I define the Key figures in the new query but just needed clarity on if this is a solution hence wanted to confirm the values are being summed up assuming no restrictions etc
    Sorry guys,
    before I close this message I just wanted to confirm the following, do not want to save/activate the change on the system
    I have carried out a check after I removed the assignment from one of the part providers it seems that this is possible - this is correct.  If this is the case it seems that the business requirement is to sum the values from the two part providers
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  • Multi provider we have many cubes,but i want some of that how to fllter?

    multi provider we have many cubes,but i want some of that how to fllter?

    In the queries bring the 0INFOPROV (infoprovider) characteristic and restrict it your desired infocube or dso used in multiprovider.
    Hope this helps.

  • Multi provider issue and not able perform BEx. Report

    I have one issue on multiprovider that is when I check the content of multi provider it say one info object does not exist.Actually this missing info object was set as navigational attribute in the ODS and at present this info object does not exist as navigational attribute in ODS and this info object does not exist in the environment at all.but still when we select the multiprovider it says info object missing. can any one suggest any reason for this.

    Hi Ayyappa,
    Oops misread the question.
    You can refresh the Administartor workbench screen and then retry. Anyways as Paolo said it is just a warning.

  • Report on multi provider

    hi ,
    i have created a report on a multi provider which contains 1 basic cube and 3 trans cubes.
    when i generate a report on this mp i am getting the report in this manner .the field r not coming on the same line.
    Sales Office customer actual plan
    001 abc 1000
    002 cde 1500
    003 ghi 2000
    like this i am getting.i want see them on the same .
    can anybody suggest me a solution.
    and what si the use of integration tab in multi provider.why do we need to check some of the chars in that option.

    Hi Sridhar,
    1)In Multiprovider Tab Characteristics there is a button: "Identification", here the system ask you to define how the different IO of the different cubes have to be related. If the cubes are identic you have to flag all the flag for the same IO for every cube (pay attention to IO and Nav Attribute).
    2)When an IO is in a Cube but it is not present in the other cubes, for avoid the null symbol in query, you have to right click on the Key Figures on your query and select "Properties --> Constant Selection" or, in case of RKF, select "Constant Selection" for the IO in the RKF.

  • Creation of Multi Provider, using InfoCubes | Error in assigning dimensions

    Hi All.
    I am tryin to create a multi provider using five Info Cubes,  sat A, B, C, D, E. Now all of them have chars and KF's. some  of them are common.
    I selected the relevant info providers, then in the Identification part, I selected "Select All" for Chars/ Time chars as well as KF's.
    now when I am trying to Activate the Multi Provider, it says  " No Dimension Assigned to InfoObject x, y, z and so. on ".
    its clear that there is problem in assigning dimensions fr chars/kf's.
    So in the Edit Multiprovider screen, I click on Dimensions. Then it prompts me to select "One" InfoProvider.( The options being from A, B, C, D, E) and if i select any one, (say A),the chars/KF's present in A, are getting assigned the dimensions, but the chars/kf's from other Info Cubes arent geting the dimension assigned.
    what to do now? can any one help me out.please
    points will be assigned..:)

    Arun Kumar,
    Things to do to create a multiprovider:
    1. Select your infoproviders
    2. Select the characteristics you need
    3. Select the identification criteria
    4. Select Dimensions and assign characteristics
    Arun Varadarajan
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  • How to see data in the multi-provider ?

    We have a multiprovider with the key figure as total stock, and its given as a non-cumulative kf which has a check mark next to it. Its getting data from the infocube to it, I mean there are 4 infocubes and 1 ods to the multi-provider. If I right click and see the infocube or the multi-provider and select the fields by rite click and I am unable to see the total stock kf. But if I click the actual multiprovider and click display instead of display data, I am able to see the keyfigures folder, if i expand that I see stock quantity folder and many other folders. If I expand stock quantity folder, there are 3 kf's ztotalstock, 0isstock and 0recstock. In those ztotalstok is non-cumulative checked. And I am unable to see the kf value when i rite click on the mp. So any suggestion to display the data by selecting a posting date in the mp. What my guess is , will there be any internal table/view to display the mp data. Please let me know any suggestions.
    Thanks for your time,

    Prasanth, entering the mp name in LISTCUBE is same as right click on the mp and click on display data, where it will give the selecting criteria for the fields. But here both will display the same fields, that is not my case. I am unable to see one of the key figure which is inside the mp, have you opened any mp. Please right click on it and choose display and then go to the key figures folder , if you open that you have lot of folders in it based on the category. IN my case its the stock kf folder and if you expand that there are three kf's out of the three, one is ztotal stock which is declared as non-cumulative kf, rite next to it, option is checked. So I think that is the reson we are not able to see ztotalstock kf , no matter in the listcube or display data option on the mp. Hope you got my situation. I know how to see the data in the multi-provider or infocube. But in this case its not displaying that ztotal stock keyfigure, but in the reporting we can see the data on the mp. My question is why am I not able to see the selection for that ztotal stock key figure , either in listcube or rite clik display data option. Did anybody face this situation.
    Thank You,

  • Incorrect Non-cumulative values in a Multi-Provider

    Hi everyone,
    I have created one Multi-Provider using Info-cubes 0IC_C03 & ZSD_C03.
    The requirement was to get the "Invoice value" instead of the "Stock Issued Value" in 0IC_C03.
    I have used the characteristics 0CALMONTH, 0CALDAY, 0MATERIAL, 0PLANT & 0SOURCESYSTEM in the MP.
    However, when i execute a query based on the Multi-Provider, I notice that all Cumulative Key-Figures are showing correct Values, but the Non-Cumulative KFs (Val Stock Qty etc) are showing incorrect values (Large Quantities are displayed).
    I am not sure why its happening? Please Help

    Hi Ram,
    Previously i was using a variable on 0CALMONTH for restricting the data which resulted in Incorrect NC values.
    Later on, when I changed the Restriction based on 0CALDAY, the query was working fine.
    Moreover I also included all the Characteristics present in the Validity Table of the Cube 0IC_C03 in the MP which i didn't initially.
    I guess those two changes made the difference.

  • How to move all the standard and adhoc reports from cube to multi provider

    How to move all the standard and adhoc reports from the basic cube to multi provider?
    i created this multiprovider to do the maintenence on the basic cube. for example the infocube physical partition, line item dimension and compression.
    what we decided to do is move all the Standard and ad-hoc reports from the basic cube to the multiprovider. How to do it? and make a copy of the basic cube and do the maintenence on the cube. please help.
    Thanks in advance sdn experts!

    Hi Les,
    This sounds good and one thing we try to always keep in mind when undertaking such activities is to always minimise the impact to the user and make the process as transparent to them as possible. So lets say you have your multiprovider and copied queries up in Prod, these queries will still pick up the data from the base cube.
    Now you need to make a copy of the base cube for some changes to the cube model, I would suggest that you copy the cube and make your changes on the copied cube itself. Then 9depending on the changes done) you can load data from Original Cube to New Cube. When this is being done, make sure that you change your queries to add a restriction on 0INFORPOV by Original Cube.
    After the load to the new cube is complete you can run reports restricted to each cube to verify the numbers. Then change the 0INFOPROV restriction in the queries to point to the New Cube and disengage the old cube from the multiprovider.
    Hope this helps...

  • Multi provider objects and restricted key figure definition

    I have the following scenario:
    1. I have a multi provider which is used as a template to build a second multiprovider the difference being one of the part provider cubes is replaced by a new cube
    2. There is a query built off the original multi provider which consists of a restricted key figure.  The definition of the restricted key figure is as follows
        Characteristic 1 - restricted to records with value 'A'
        Characteristic 2 - restricted to records with value 'Blue'
        Key Figure - Total Amount
    3. If I go to the original multiprovider and look at how the characteristics are identified and the key figure assigned the details are as follows
         Characteristic 1 - identified from all part providers including the part provider to be replaced
        Characteristic 2 - identified from all part providers including the part provider to be replaced
        Total Amount - assigned from two part providers (which are also involved in the identification of   Characteristic 1 and 2)  not including the part provider to be replaced
    4. In the new multi provider the details are as follows
    Characteristic 1 - identified from all part providers excluding the replacement part provider
        Characteristic 2 - identified from all part providers excluding the replacement part provider
        Total Amount - assigned from two part providers (which are also involved in the identification of   Characteristic 1 and 2)  not including the part provider to be replaced
    My thoughts are that it does not matter that Characteristic 1 and 2 cannot be identified from the new part provider since as long as the two part providers which are used to assign Total Amount are available in the new multi provider the values shown from the restricted key figure will be the same.  Is this correct? Thanks

    Yes this is correct. As long as you are reporting on Total Amount, the replacement cube will not make a difference because you never identified total amount from it. Did you face any issues?

  • Multi provider not activating

    i have a multi provider which is based on two non cumulative cubes
    both the cubes are active and consistent
    now when i create multiprovider top of those cubes i am getting this error
    'define the characteristics of the validity table for non-cumulatives'     
    how to proceed futher
    how can this come if both cubes are consistent and active ?
    please suggest me
    i will assign points

    Hi Venkat,
    Check in the non cumulative cubes whether you have maintained the validity table and the reference characteristics for the validity table or not!
    Go to the change mode in info cube and from extras select maintain non cumulative values and check whether you have maintained it or not!
    if not maintain it and then activate!

  • Multi provider data

    We have a Multi Provider which is built on a Master data object and a DSO.
    We included 2 navigational attributes of the master data object in the Multi Provider.
    But the Multi Provider is not displaying any data for the Navigational attributes.
    When we check the master data object, we have 2 records for one product .
    one record has all the values are filled in and the 2nd record is not filled up with values.
    Our Multi Provider is picking up the 2nd record for each product.
    But in query, we have display the values.
    Please suggest us how to get these values in the Multi Provider.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Jyothi,
    Multiprovider works on Union functionality and it fetches data from all the underlying infoproviders. In case of navigation attributes data is displayed in the query from actual master data objects, you do not need to include the master data object in multiprovider for using navigation attributes.
    Once navigation attributes are marked for available for reporting in underlying infoprovider they will be available in query and data shown will be from masterdata infoobject.
    Just check that you have activated master data infoobject properly and then see the query output. Finally check if there is any filter in report.

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