Need Info about BW CRM Analytics

Hi all,
Please help me out...
I need Info about BW with CRM Analytics
What are the core areas where data's are extracted for CRM to BW
What will be the Interview question related to BW CRM Analytics
If possible if u have any docs kindly email me at [email protected]
Thanks in Advance.
Jaffer Ali.S

Dear Jaffer Ali S.,
The following types of analyses can be carried out:
<b>CRM Lead Analysis</b>
Use the InfoCube CRM Lead Management (Technical Name: 0MKTG_C01) for reporting.
The Lead Management InfoCube contains all the characteristics and data used for the administration of leads. This InfoCube enables you to execute the following standard queries available in SAP BW:
Channel Analysis
Efficiency Reporting
Historical Evaluation
Lost Leads
Channel Management: Top-n Lost Leads (Current Year)
<b>CRM Activities Analysis</b>
Use the InfoCube CRM Activities (Technical Name 0CSAL_C01) for reporting.
The InfoCube for activities in CRM provides the data basis for evaluating business activities undertaken by your employees. It provides you with information about how much time is being spent on contacting the customer, whether customers actively seek out contact with your company and how intensively your employees look after your customers. It delivers data for queries such as:
Intensity of customer care
Activity History
Success/failure analysis
<b>Customer Interaction Center (CIC)</b>
Activate the InfoCube Interactive Scripting Evaluation (IC WinClient) 0CRM_CIC1.
Interactive Scripting Evaluation (IC WinClient)
This InfoCube provides the data base for the interactive scripting evaluation. It supplies the data to the Interaction Center (IC): Interactive Scripting Evaluation query.
<b>Opportunities Analysis</b>
Activate InfoCube 0CRM_C04 - Opportunities.
The CRM Opportunities InfoCube contains all the characteristics and data used for the opportunities analyses.
<b>Sales Order Complaints Analysis</b>
Activate InfoCube Complaints (Technical name: 0CSAL_C09).
You can carry out the complaint analysis on a daily, monthly, weekly or a quarterly basis. The analysis can be done in relation to CRM Service Organization, CRM Sales Organization, CRM Product, and Sold-To Party.
<b>Service Qualtiy Analysis</b>
Activate the MultiProvider 0CSRVMC04 - CRM Service - Orders and Confirmations with Complaints.
The MultiProvider 0CSRVMC04 - CRM Service - Orders and Confirmations with Complaints gets the data from the following ODS objects for analyses in various queries:
0CRM_PROI - Orders: Item Data
0CRM_COI - Controlling (Item Data)
0CRM_CNFI - Confirmations (Item Data)
0CRM_COMP - CRM Complaints (Items)
Let me know if you need further help.
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    Hey, Mike!
    I found a few things for you. I'm in a hurry, so I'll list
    them quickly.
    For the Trial, go to the Adobe downloads page
    Then select RoboHelp Server 6 from the dropdown list. You
    will be asked to register (free) if you haven't already. When you
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    amazingly I got it to work if you're patient and follow the steps.
    (I'm speaking of both IIS and Robohelp Server) Clearly IIS
    configuration is not a trivial thing and it is assumed that an
    author would have help and cooperation from the IT or Web Admin
    As for customizing reports. At present, the existing reports
    are the only ones offered. Since these reports are generated from a
    database (Access, SQL Server or Oracle) I would think (haven't done
    it myself) that someone familiar with database adminstration could
    open the DB (after a backup that is) and be more creative with
    generating customized reports.
    You are right that the "Question" does in fact mean any
    search term or phrase that an end user puts in the search field.
    This is the string that is stored and reported as a question. In
    discussing this with the Adobe team at STC last month, they agreed
    that this was definitely a holdover from the legacy software and is
    due for a change sometime in the future.
    To answer your other question, text entered in the Index
    field is not stored in the database, only the search term field.
    Since taking on the old legacy product from eHelp and
    Macromedia, Adobe is focusing most of its attention on beefing up
    the client authoring app for the next version (Adobe RoboHelp 7).
    My assumption is that they are keen on improving the RoboHelp
    Server as well. I have passed along many feature requests along the
    lines you seem to suggest and hopefully the server will evolve
    along with the client app.
    Even with its limitations, my clients tell me RoboHelp Server
    provides very useful feedback to help them improve their knowledge
    base content to make it more helpful and responsive to users needs.
    They also like the searchability of PDF, Word, PPT and Excel as
    well...something which plain WebHelp without the RoboHelp Server
    does not do.
    I probably didn't get to everything, but hope this helps.

  • Need info about 2006s(5.1/5.2)

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    is  GUI/SPRO still there in the new products or some new config tool is being introduced.
    any info is helpful, pls share usefull docs, links to SAP docs.
    pls email me at [email protected]

    Hi rh,
        The theory is a new interface, replace gui an pcui. The configuration is based in business roles and this configuration is with spro customizing. Web Client tecnology based and the most important news is a new configuration tool to modify the layout.

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    Helpful answers and advices will be rewarded.
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        DELIVERY_DATE           =
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        INVOICE_TYPE              =
        PRICING_DATE              =
        VBSK_I                          =
        WITH_POSTING              =
        CALLER_TYPE               =
        I_WITHOUT_REFRESH    =
        ID_NO_ENQUEUE           =
        ID_KVORG                      =
        ID_NO_DIALOG                =
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        XKOMFKKO                      =
      XKOMFKTX                         =
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        XVBFS                              =
        XVBPA                              =
        XVBRK                              =
        XVBRP                              =
        XVBSS                              =
      XKOMFKZM                         =
      SUCCESS_DOC_OUT          =          .

    Hi Mindaugas,
    check BAPIinvoice in SE37, e, here u cannt directly make use of GN_invoice_create, Bcos here u dont have condition records data.
    so search in SE37 or Tcode BAPI , here u can get FMs along with Documentations.

  • Needed info about io devices and cpu without using prtdiag

    I need to collect info about io devices and cpu. but i cannot use prtdiag.
    is there any way to collect this information on solaris machine....
    may any available c APIs
    Thanks in advance.

    yep.... prtconf -vp | grep <wot u r looking 4>

  • Need info about programming with InCopy

    I have a client who has stored thousands of InCopy documents with valid styles applied to segments of it.
    Now my requirement is to create a template which has XML tag -> Style mapping.
    Considering that template, I am suppose to open all the InCopy documents, apply that Tag -> Style mapping to it and then convert all of them to XML and persist the data in DB.
    Is there a programmatic way as to apply XML tags to a document based on the styles used?
    Please educate. I am a complete newbie to InCopy - so please bare with my questions,
    Thank you, Appreciate your help.

    You could download and deploy "struts-example.war" from apache website.
              [That Struts 1.0.2 I think.]
              Jordy wrote:
              > I want to find out how to use it with WL 7.0. Would anyone give me any info about it? :) Thanks
              And God said
              Let there be numbers
              And there were numbers.
              Odd and even created he them,
              He said to them be fruitful and multiply,
              And he commanded them to keep the laws of induction.
              [Bill Taylor [email protected]]

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    You could download and deploy "struts-example.war" from apache website.
              [That Struts 1.0.2 I think.]
              Jordy wrote:
              > I want to find out how to use it with WL 7.0. Would anyone give me any info about it? :) Thanks
              And God said
              Let there be numbers
              And there were numbers.
              Odd and even created he them,
              He said to them be fruitful and multiply,
              And he commanded them to keep the laws of induction.
              [Bill Taylor [email protected]]

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    Hi Arun,
    DMS is available in R/3 Systems as a individual module and can be linked with KM using DMS Connector for  KM.  Find the links below..
    Check this out...
    <a href="">DMS</a>
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    Hope this helps.

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    nVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX  285M with 1GB DDR3 Video Memory available in Single or Dual (SLi) Configurations
    Microsoft® DirectX® 10 Compatible
    is it going to support MPE in premiere  pro cs5?

    To be clear:
    You asked about supported cards. Here is a list of supported cards. Others on this thread are telling you how to make an unsupported card function to some degree using a method that is not advocated by Adobe.

  • Need info about stream cipher

    Hi every one
    I need information about the following stream cipher,
    any body knows about then, please pass me link/material.

    RC4 is stream cipher designed by Rivest for RSA Data Security, Inc. It is a variable key-size stream cipher with byte-oriented operations. The algorithm is based on the use of a random permutation.
    I hope the above information helps.
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  • Need info for Implementing Service Analytics

    Hi ,
    My clicnet is planing to implementing service analytics, i would like to know the procedure is that where to start what to needs to be install.
    We are going to use sibel applications and what are the things to taken care while installing a BI Apps for service analytics. We are plaing to instal
    Please do let me know the procedure.

    2 corrections :
    a) Veera not verra
    b) What I sent you is bi apps config guide that will have info related ebs,siebel, People soft and jde, check this link which is from 11 chapter as I said earlier
    I appreciate if you mark as correct

  • Satellite P105-S9722: Need info about Toshiba Warranty Policy

    I would have a question regarding the international warranty policy of Toshiba, I searched but didn't find the answer on the site.
    I have a P105-S9722 that I purchased February last year and the warranty expired in Feb 08.
    The entire screen was replaced free last November due to a failure.
    Now I have another screen related problem developed few days ago (grey vertical line in the middle - likely needs another replacement). (so the original expiry date is over, 7 months passed since the replacement)
    I would like to know whether for the screen do I have automatical warranty extension for another 1 year (from Nov 07) or not. The local distributor said "no", I called another country, they said only for the replaced part it IS extended. Now I'm confused whether I can claim free replacement.
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    Many thanks for your help.

    Hi Laszlo
    Hmm. Your notebook is a US series and it seems to be designed for the US market.
    Im not sure about the US warranty policy but as far as I know the European notebooks are covered by warranty for one year.
    This is a standard warranty and if you register your notebook on the Toshiba European website then your warranty will extend to 2 years.
    If something was replaced on your notebook then the new part is covered by warranty for about 6 month.
    I hope this short explanation helps you and clarify the warranty questions.

  • Need info about the parameter _FIX_CONTROL in a BW environment

    Hi ,
    I have done some research about the parameter FIXCONTROL and went through the SAP note 1165319.
    We have a task at hand where SAP has recommended a new value to be added to this parameter in a BW production environment.
    Now in the above note there are an entire set of values which this parameter can take up.
    I have understood to some extent that this has to do with this Fixes if case of any issues.
    last month we have upgraded the oracle version of the database from to
    Can anyone help me in understanding what this MergeFix is all about?
    I need to better understand this concept.
    Thank you.
    Hari Kishan.

    still not sure if I fully understood your question; but the recommended approach regarding patches is:
    1) Apply all the interim patches recommended by SAP. For Oracle these will those from SAP note 1137346. The merge fix from SAP note also 1165319 is mentioneded there.
    And by the way, SAP note 1137346 is updated about once a month; new patches may be added, old ones may be removed. SAP recommends to follow accordingly; but if there aren't any problems, you might want to you keep your current state for a longer period.
    2) Read all the SAP notes mentioned there. You may have to do additional tasks like setting Oracle parameters, FIXCONTROL or others. The value you have to set now may or may not be mentioned in one of these notes, I can't know.
    3) If you encounter some problem, first search in SAP notes, or if necessary open a support call with SAP. You may then have to apply additional patches and set addtional values for FIXCONTROL.
    And yes, this way the list of required patches may become specific to each customer, as customer requirements are specific.
    But it would be difficult to find the exact list of needed patches in advance.
    I think a BW consultant who is familiar with Oracle installations will tell you something similar. One who is very experienced in your scenario might also be able to recommend additional patches in advance.

  • Need info about 9004119 patch

    I'm currently trying active/passive configuration with oracle RAC, and found that Oracle RAC one node is the solution. During my search, i also found some forum explaining how to convert to RAC one node and says that i need to download patch -9004119. This patch would be installed on RAC and so on.
    I'm just not able to find this patch, Could anyone provide me the downloadable/installable or the link of *9004119*
    Also, any examples or links of active/passive failovers would be really helpful. I'm doing trial and error method from a long time but no luck!
    Just to mention,
    Oracle RAC : active /active: mainly used for load balacing.
    Oracle RAC one node: Active/passive : mainly used for cold failovers
    Thanks in advance!

    Again, RAC one-node enables you, in certain scenarios, to have 2 instances up for a specific amount of time. If you need only active-passive without the option to have 2 instances up you can use the Oracle database as a regular resource. You can read about it here:
    You can read about RAC one node here:
    And again, I don't know about the patch, but I'm trying to understand if you need rac one-node, or maybe a regular active-passive is enough for you.

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