New Laptop for Premiere+PS elements 11 + LR4

I just bought the Photoshop/Premiere elements 11 suite together with lightroom 4. I was running them in trial mode and really liked them so I bought the software. As I understand it right, the activation key allows 2 activations. The software is installed on my desktop pc and now I'm searching for  a new laptop.
I was looking for an ultrabook but they almost all have only 4 Gb of memory. So i want a machine with at least 8gb ram and if possible a 256 Gb SSD.
Which laptop would you advise which runs the software fine?
Second, I also looked at the Macbook pro 13 inch Retina but I've found a review of a guy which says, it's to slow to run this kind of software fast and fine. I'm not a professional photographer but is the interview right? (The apple's are so expensive....)
I've never worked with a mac so this would be my first one....
Should I stick to a windows 7 laptop?
Is there a major difference advantage for this software running on a specific operating system? (Windows or Mac)?

SD (Standard Defintion) captured from a tape camera via Firewire is the easiest to edit... AVCHD and DSLR require a LOT more computer power
Look for 2 hard drives, or SSD and 1 hard drive, and a CPU appropriate to the kind of video you will edit
These links are more aimed at Premiere Pro... but you still need a laptop that is going to be strong enough for the kind of video you will edit
Laptop Video Editing PC
If at all possible, do NOT buy a laptop with "dual video" since that is very likely going to cause problems
Dual video laptop problems
-link to why
- vidia-optimus-technology/2
-HP Fingerprint/Password conflict
In general, for a given performance level, a Mac will both cost more AND be harder to upgrade if needed (adding ram or a 2nd hard drive)
This message has a really good graphic about requirements -

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  • Best laptop for Premiere Elements

    Can you recommend a laptop for Premiere Elements.
    I have PE9 and thinking about PE10.
    Preferably matte screen.
    UK based so Sager not really an option.

    Laptops are never best for video editing, since they're usually built for portability rather than power. They also cost about 50% more than desktops for the same amount of power.
    But what type of camcorder is your video coming from?
    If you are editign tape-based video, a dual-core processor and 4 gigs of RAM with a 500 gig hard drive should be adequate.
    If you are working with AVCHD video, you should go for a quad core or i7 processor running Windows 7 64-bit.

  • I recently got a new laptop and my photoshop elements needs my serial number...i cannot locate on my box, disk sleeve and there isn't an insert??

    I recently got a new laptop and my photoshop elements needs my serial number...i cannot locate on my box, disk sleeve and there isn't an insert??

    Check your Adobe account online.  If you registered the software when you first installed it then the serial number might be available there.

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    Other possibility is setting up virtual machine with Snow Leopard server software on new computer.
    Any opinions on what would allow moving forward with the least hassle and best workflow continuity?

    what year and specs does the MBP have

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    If I buy a new laptop, how do I move my iTunes account over to new laptop for syncing with my apple products?

    Type "move itunes library" into the google search bar.

  • June 2013 - New Laptop for PElements

    It is June 2013. Looking for suggestions for a new laptop to run Adobe Premiere Elements.Any suggestions? In the order of $1000 AUD is about as much as I'd want to spend (less of course is always welcome).
    Presuming need good NVIDIA card as priority. Guy in local retail otulet suggested:
    This is within the budget and is a good 'gaming' ultrabook apparently (ie graphics, processing, RAM). Open to any useful  suggestions.

    Welcome to the forum.
    I feel that the most important aspects for editing video on a laptop are:
    Multiple, separate physical HDD's, or SSD's. Two physical discs will spread the I/O load, and three would be even better, but it can be a tough search to find laptops with multiple drives.
    Video card - well, not the card/chip so much as driver support. nVidia is great, as is AMD/ATI. So long as one has at least 1GB VRAM, the card/chip is less important, but the driver support is crucial. That is why I do not recommend the Intel video chips for a video-editing rig.
    Installed RAM. With a 64-bit OS, having a minimum of 8GB RAM is important. I think that filling the MoBo's slots with RAM, whether 12, 16, 24 or 32GB, will be better. Note: depending on the RAM used by the MoBo, the max. RAM will differ a bit, say with a max of 24GB for some, and a max of 32GB for others. It just depends.
    For AVCHD, or any H.264, I recommend an i7 Intel processor, but many users get by with a fast i5. I would not go below a fast i5.
    I also like a 17" screen, but then my eyes are old and tired, and many get by nicely on a 15" screen.
    Good luck,
    PS - I just got this laptop, and it's a screamer, but not within the stated budget:

  • Best laptop for Premiere Pro CC 2015?

    I have a nice system at my homeoffice, but now I need a laptop too, for when I´m working at another office in town. I´m in a bit of a hurry, and have not catched up lately on all the new laptops and stuff, so I hope some of you guys will give it a try and help me with this one ;-)
    I allready have an 4 year old laptop with only 4 GB RAM and even though it did a reasonable job years ago in Photoshop CS4 etc. it really doesn´t work for anything else than Word and internetbrowsing anymore.
    So I need a laptop that will do nice, but not a 10.000$ workstation laptop...
    I mostly edit AVCHD files and nothing above 1080 50P, but who knows if I will not have to deal with 4K within a year. But the 4K is not a real dealbreaker - 1080 will be just fine for a while I guess, as I mostly edit videos for online use. Besides from Premiere I use Indesign, Photoshop. Illustrator and Lightroom a lot.
    As I ám going to be sitting in a small office with two other persons, I really need a laptop that does not make to much noise when idle or during normal use (like photoshop, etc.) I can live with a bit of noise when encoding/exporting video, but not while I am edditing in Premiere...
    I have thought about the ASUS ROG G751JT-T7018H - wich comes with 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD / 7200 rpm,
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M - 3 GB GDDR5 and thunderbolt....
    So the pricetag would about 2500 $ I guess - don´t want to spend more. Anyone having experiences with this laptop - especially concerning noiselevel?
    My questions is (and these question are general questions - not only concerning the the ASUS mentioned above):
    1. Is 16 GB RAM sufficient - or will 32 make a huge difference? I did not see much improvements when I upgraded my desktop from 24 to 64 GB RAM...
    2. Wich Geforce xxxM cards should be avoided - if any? Is the 970M supported?
    3. Would it be better with one 1 TB SSD disk instead of 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD? Heat- and noisewise?
    4. Think I read somewhere that an external disk (RAID) with Thunderbolt could speed up things - make editing smoother - any thought about the Thunderbolt?
    If you have any suggestions or experiences with running Adobe CC on any of the newer laptops from 2014/2015 please share them.
    Thx in advance - and sorry for the long post...

    HI Bill
    THank you for the quick reply..
    I have read a few reviews of the Asus Rog today, and it seems to be the best choice right now. At least for me. So I am very glad to hear, that you have had so good experience with the Asus as well.
    My biggest concern is noise from the coolers, because I need to have a very lownoise laptop when I sit in the new office. The room is small and we need to work with some kind of noise reduction because the walls and floor is quite hard and kind of amplify all sounds in there :-)
    Another thing: the one I plan to buy gomes with 16 GB Ram (2 x 8) a 256 Gb SSD and a 1 TB 7200 rpm HDD. I might be able to live with this setup - at least for some time. i guess I could just put in another 16 Gb ram and change the HDD some day in the future when my needs eventually changes. SSDs comes in 1 TB now - could that be the way to go? Keep the 256 and change the 1 TB from HDD to SSD...
    I also read a bit more about Thunderbolt. Seems to me, that with fx. a LaCie extermal  Thunderboltbased raid system I would be able to edit fluid 4K directly from the external disk???
    The only thing I reslly dont like with theAsus Rog series is the gamer design. I can almost smell the rubber. i would rather have an aluminium/carbon cased monster instead. But I can live with that as long as the specs looks so good.
    Anyone else having any comments on the Asus? Please share ;-)
    / Morten

  • Laptop for Premiere

    Can anyone recommend a laptop priced around or below $1,000 that can run Premiere Pro cc fairly well?
    Will an HP Envy sleekbook with 6gb ram and a radeon hd 8610g graphics do the job? Besides the amount of ram, what else would be crucial to running PRO CC?  Someone mentioned  a Dell alienware 14  laptop - heavy , priced at $1,000 - as a possibility?

    Here is what I would suggest you do.
    1.  Get this ASUS X750JB-DB71.laptop for $909.  I do not like the low resolution of the screen (they do offer this series with a full HD screen), but you have a severe $ restriction.
    2.  Buy two hard disk drives like this 500 GB 7200 RPM drives for $60 each and install the OS and applications on the first drive and use your second 500 GB 7200 rpm one for the projects.  The laptop has two internal hard drives.  Of course the ideal configuration would be for SSD's but your budget does not allow that.  Get an external USB 3 2.5 disk enclosure for the 2 x 1 TB 5400 rpm drives and use them for backup/archiving.
    3.  Upgrade the memory to 16 GB by installing a 8 GB SO-DIMM in the empty memory slot for about $80.  (I beleive that they install one 8 GB module)
    So for about $1100 you have a usable laptop with a great Intel fourth generation mobile i7-4700HQ 4-core hyperthreaded mobile processor with an nVidia GT 740M with 384 CUDA cores but sadly the 2GB of video RAM is DDR3 memory and 16 GB of RAM,  Incidently, you can acquire a disk drive carrier for the interchangable optical drive for a third disk drive.
    For about $250 more than the $909 base ($1150) unit you can get a full HD screen in a refurbished unit.  It is a unit that has a better GPU, the GTX 765m.  The GTX 765m It has twice as many cores and the video memory is GDDR5 with much,much better memory bandwidth.  It has a single 1 TB drive installed currently from Newegg.  The BB in the G750JW-BBI7N05 indicates it was original configured for Best Buy where you can get a brand new unit for $1250 plus sales tax.
    You just convinced me that I should have one of these and subsequent searching I just found the HD screen refurbished unit at for $937.89.  I may order from Newegg and use their Iron Egg℠ Price Guarantee program

  • Can I install creative suite 6 on more than one device? (I've recently acquired a new laptop for on the go work, and am curious if I can install my adobe software onto such).

    As of recently, I've purchased a new laptop.
    Seeing as how I'm quite used to using my drawing tools in Photoshop and Illustrator (my trusty Wacom Intuos Pro),
    I'm curious as to if I'm able to install my current purchased version of Creative Suite Design Standard 6 onto my laptop (whilst still having it installed on my main at-home work desktop).
    Thank you very much for taking the time to oversee my question, and hopefully respond with an answer.
    Much thanks!

    Thank you for the assistance!
    I shall try to install once I arrive home from school this evening.
    Again, much appreciated!

  • HT1349 help  I would like to authorize my new laptop for my itunes library  I had 5 authorized computers on my account not sure which ones they were one of the autorized computers has crashed so i want to transfer all of my account history onto my compute

    my acct. shows that I have 5 authorized computers for my itunes acct.  not sure which 5 but I do know it is not my new laptop.  our main home computer that I use for managing and adding to my music library may have crashed .  so  I deauthorized all 5 computers (that was my only choice).  I was then hoping to authorize just one computer (my new lap top),  I was then hoping that my entire music library would then show up via my itunes/apple account   where is it ?
    How can I transfer my entire itunes acct. history onto my new lap top?  any suggestions?    or how can I recover my music library off of a potentially crashed computer?

    You can deauthorise all 5 at once, then reauthorize the one you want.
    Learn how to authorize or deauthorize your computer with your Apple ID.
    You need to log into iTunes on the computer you want to deauthorise. Otherwise, contact contact iTunes Store support to see if they can help.

  • Want to use new laptop for iPhone 5, but will iPhone 4 backup on old pc transfer ok?

    I'm about to set up my new iPhone 5, but I want to set it up on a new pc, not the one I previously used for my iPhone 4. I've done a backup of my iPhone 4 with the old pc, but want to plug the new one into my new laptop. Will everything still transfer? Is there anything else I need to do/think about before registering it?

    You can restore the iPhone from backup on the older computer, then transfer content to the new computer.
    You can also just move the backup to the new computer and move the iTunes library to the new computer. Then you're new computer will have all the info that was on the older computer.

  • New Laptop for Editing on PR and AE

    I'm looking at buying a laptop to run Premiere AND After Effects for post production and editing work. The current laptop I'm looking at is the Toshiba - Qosmio  (Specs - Is this a good laptop for Premier and After Effects to run on decently or is there a better one you would reccommend for a similar price.

    Hmm... the title at the top of your linked page says 500Gig hard drive, but down in the specification list it says 1T - so that is confusing
    If possible, 2 hard drives (both 7200rpm) is better... otherwise, a couple of past discussions

  • Laptop for Premiere CS6

    Hi All
    I  check buy this laptop for editing video via Premiere CS6.
    FHD via effects.
    If it is good enough?
    Lenovo Ideapad y70-70
    Cpu : i7 4710HQ
    Ram: 16gb ddr3
    GC:  Nvidia gforce gtx 860m 4gb
    HD: 256 SSD
    Best Regards

    Past the above, my concerns would be ... what external drive connections does it have? If it's got USB3, you could use a large and FAST flash drive as the storage area for your media ... you'd need to move projects on & off it of course as you worked, but say a 128 flash drive with a high sustained read-speed would handle a lot of work moving it off that relatively small SSD. Small, of course compared to 1T or better HD's.
    Thunderbolt & eSATA both have much better sustained throughput for working than USB3, for say any cache/database/renders/project file use. Though renders ... a lot of the time, out to a different flash drive would probably work fine. But with T-bolt & eSATA, you can attach external boxes pretty much as swift working as an internal drive.

  • Laptop for Premiere Pro and after Effects

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to buy a new laptop to work with premiere and after effects. I found this one at Schenker and costumized it.
    Do you think this is a good one? Did I make the right decisions in costumizing?

    Some previous discussions from the Hardware sub-forum
    Laptop Video Editing PC -
    -Laptop to edit 4k red video

  • I can't seem to locate the Store menu in order to 'Authorize' my new laptop for iTunes.

    I need to Authorize my new laptop (Windows 8). I can't seem to locate the Store menu in which it's indicated I should find the Authorize function. Can anyone point direct me to it?

    Hello dlmpsu85,
    The menu bar can be temporarirly shown by pressing and releasing the 'Alt' key on your keyboard. You can also have the menu bar shown permanently, the process for which is detailed in the following article.
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