No prompt for Muse update

Launched Muse. . . wasn't a prompt for update? Application Manager says 'up to date' but still older version running.

After uninstalling Muse, please use the following links to download and install the latest version of Adobe Muse on  your machine :
Windows :
Mac :

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    When I go to settings > general, there is no prompt for "software update." how can I update my iPad?

    If your iDevice is using a version of iOS lower than 5, you will need to use iTunes on your syncing computer to perform the upgrade. Use the Apple link below as a guide for the upgrade.
    Also read the instructions from the section entitled "Update your device using iTunes" at the link below.
    Information regarding transferring purchases from your iDevice to iTunes on your syncing computer can be found at the link below.

  • Windows Update prompt for definition updates

    I have a FEP 2010 client that is prompting the end user with a Windows Update dialog when definition updates are available.  I checked his WU settings and he is currently set to download update, but let him choose when to install.  I thought this
    was the issue, but a Win 7 computer has the same settings and doesn't prompt for the definition updates.  I have approximately 500 FEP clients installed and this is the only case where the end user is being prompted for definition updates.
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    This is old post and successor of FEP is System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP), I suggest try reproduce this issue in SCEP and check if it exist or not and if it exist, then post it as a new question.
    You may also configure Endpoints to use directly update their Endpoint Protection and disable updating through Microsoft Update and see if that solve the problem.

  • OS X Yosemite 10.10 prompts for JRE update

    I updated JRE however I still see a prompt for updating JRE, kindly help?

    Which JRE? The latest is SE 8 update 25. Get it via the Java prefPane in System Preferences.
    27" i7 iMac (Mid 2011) refurb, OS X Yo (10.10), Mavs, ML & SL, G4 450 MP w/10.5 & 9.2.2

  • Your site says I'm running the most recent version, but I was prompted for an update which will install when I restart. Now I'm thinking it was bogus. Was it?

    I'm running version 32. I was prompted by what appeared to be the usual means that there was an important security update. For some reason, I felt uneasy and decided to go to Firefox directly where it said "Congratulations, you are running the latest version.". There doesn't appear to be anyway to keep whatever prompted me from "updating" when I restart Firefox. Does anyone know where on my Mac I could find the file that downloaded so I can delete it before I restart Firefox? OR does anyone know whether quitting Firefox and all my other programs and restarting my machine will take care of this issue?

    Firefox '''32.0.1''' was released today as a chemspill update. Updates are done for security and or stability reasons that could not wait for next Release.
    Firefox 32.0.1:
    ''Fixed 32.0.1 - Stability issues for computers with multiple graphics cards''
    ''Fixed 32.0.1 - Mixed content icon may be incorrectly displayed instead of lock icon for SSL sites''
    ''Fixed 32.0.1 - WebRTC: setRemoteDescription() silently fails if no success callback is specified''

  • How to keep apps for later and not have iTunes prompt for an update?

    can I get iTunes to stop offering me an update for an app I have unchecked for now but am not ready to delete permanently?  I have some I bought that, for now I don't wish to use.  Some are organizational apps, and I bought them to see if they would work for me.  So far, I am still not clear which one works best for me so I want to keep it in my itunes library, to try later, when I have more time.  I have unchecked it on my iphone and ipad and for when I sync, but when I check updates, they are always listed in the update list.  With them there, I cannot check, update all, and have to type in my password for each individual download, which as we all know, on an iphone, if you have a good password to keep your itunes account from being hacked, can be a pain to type repeadly.  But basically, I want to know if I can avoid being prompted to download and update for an app that I which to 'keep on the shelf' for now, since I believe that if I delete it from itunes permanantly, I would have to buy it again, should I want to try it out again.
    I appreciate any help you can give me.  I did do a search for my question but only found how to permanately delte apps in itunes.  If there is a clear answer in a thread, I'd be happy to know what it is.
    Thank you,

    As with your iPod when connected to iTunes, the iPhone has various tabs for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes. Your iPod and your iPhone can have different sync preferences.
    If you don't want to transfer any music to your iPhone, don't select Sync Music under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences. If you don't want to sync any video to your iPhone, don't select sync Movies and TV Shows under your iPhone sync preferences.
    Under the Applications tab for your iPhone sync preferences, you will select Sync Applications with the following options below.
    All Applications to transfer all available applications to your iPhone, or choose Selected Applications followed by selecting the applications in the window below that you want transferred to your iPhone followed by a sync.

  • How can I disable prompts for Firefox updates on a Terminal Server (Citrix)?

    Does any know how I can disable updates and update prompting in Citrix for Firefox 3.6?
    I've got a 3rd party application that has lots of problems in Firefox 4, so I can't upgrade at this time. I just want to stop users from getting this prompt.

    Thank you for the quick reply, but I've already tried that, it only affects the one user that un-checks the box. All other users still get prompted.
    I'm trying to avoid having to have every single user go through this process.

  • Template edits no longer prompting for page updating

    I used to be able to update a template and then be prompted
    to update all pages using that template. That stopped happening as
    of yesterday. I'm using DW8. The only thing I have done, is the day
    before, I removed DW-MX2004 from my computer. I can't find a
    setting to turn this back on. HELP!

    Here are seven common mistakes that will result in changes
    not propagating
    from Template to child -
    1. Rename the Templates folder
    2. Move the Templates folder to some other folder level in
    the site other
    than root level
    3. Move a template out of the Templates folder.
    4. Make changes to an editable region of the template (which
    will not
    5. Assume that template changes can be uploaded to the server
    without also
    uploading the changed local files
    6. Corrupt the site cache so that the link between template
    and child page
    is broken
    7, Improperly create your child pages by simply opening the
    adding page specific content, and resaving the template with
    an *.html
    extension rather that its *.dwt extension. (you can tell if
    this is the case
    by looking at the code on a child page - if you see anything
    like <!--
    TemplateBeginEditable... then this is what you have done)
    The 6th problem can be repaired by using SITE | Advanced >
    Recreate Site
    Cache, and the six others can be fixed by just not doing
    them. Have you
    done any of those?
    Or, read this -
    Murray --- ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you *MUST* email me, don't LAUGH when you do so!)
    - Template Triage!
    - DW FAQs, Tutorials & Resources - DW FAQs,
    Tutorials & Resources
    - Macromedia (MM) Technotes
    "cruzn" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:ejkdm3$15o$[email protected]..
    >I used to be able to update a template and then be
    prompted to update all
    > using that template. That stopped happening as of
    yesterday. I'm using
    > DW8. The
    > only thing I have done, is the day before, I removed
    DW-MX2004 from my
    > computer. I can't find a setting to turn this back on.

  • I keep getting a prompt for an updater program but when I try to download it just keeps running a message that it's trying to connect with website but never does.

    That's it - what more can I say?

    If there are problems with updating then best is to download the full version and uninstall the currently installed version.
    Download a fresh Firefox copy and save the file to the desktop.
    * Firefox 4.0.x:
    * Uninstall your current Firefox version.
    * Do not remove personal data when you uninstall the current version.
    Remove the Firefox program folder before installing that newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.
    * It is important to delete the Firefox program folder to remove all the files and make sure that there are no problems with files that were leftover after uninstalling.
    Your bookmarks and other profile data are stored elsewhere in the [ Firefox Profile Folder] and won't be affected by a reinstall, but make sure that you do not select to remove personal data if you uninstall Firefox.
    See also
    * (Software Update not working properly)

  • CS6 Application manager prompted for an update.

    I started the update but it went into an endless loop. Ended up restarting the Win 7 pc. Now the icon shows as Creative Cloud not Application Manager. We did not subscribe to CC. Programs seem to be working albeit the printing seems to be slow. How do I get back to the old icon? Do I really need to get back to the old icon?

    In your last email you said that we should remove the Creative software, did you mean Creative Cloud, CS6 or both?
    I deleted the Creative Cloud program that I found. CS6 Standard is also listed and so far I have not tried to remove it. I am hesitant to remove it and re-install, concerned that a setting will be missed or some old files will be hard to find.
    At this point the user is able to get into and use all his CS6 programs, the program Application Manager is missing but he tells me that he never used it and really does not know what it did. Is there a way to just install Application manager?
    Anyway, if we have to re-install we will but I just really want to be sure that it is necessary.

  • Lost Cd Rom - prompt when install update

    I've got a 6500Slide and had the PC suite installed on my desktop.
    I tried updating the software the other day at the prompt for new updates being available.
    Got as far as the wizard asking me to insert the CDrom that came with the phone, which I now can't find :-(
    Got stuck there - I've uninstalled the software & tried from scratch downloading it again to install but everytime I get stuck at the prompt asking me for the CDrom.
    Help! Is there a way I can download & install the software for my phone without the CDrom that I've lost?

    You should not need the cd to install latest pcsuite. I suggest you remove previous installl and clean using pcsuite cleaner before downloading latest version and reinstalling.
    PCSuite Cleaner can be downloaded from
    Latest pcsuite can be downloaded from

  • Paid membership for Muse no longer works since recent update

    I have a paid membership for Adobe Muse, but after a recent update Adobe only allows me access Muse through a 30-day free trial. I am occasionally requested to enter a serial number for Muse, but cannot find any reference to this in my past emails. How can I overcome this ongoing issue?

    Please try the steps below depending on the operating system,
    Click on the "Start" menu. Select "All Programs" and then "Accessories"
    Right-click on "Notepad" and select "Run as Administrator"
    Click "Continue" on the "Windows needs your permission" dialog
    When Notepad opens, click File and select Open
    In the filename field type the following:C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts
    If any entries in the host file include keywords such as "adobe," delete those entries. These are used for Adobe Licensing.
    From the "File" menu select "Save" after making changes
    Restart Muse
    Click on the "Finder" icon. Select the "Applications" folder
    Open the "Utilities" folder and select "Terminal"
    Type the following:sudo nano /etc/hosts
    Enter the OS user's associated password when prompted
    If any entries in the host file include keywords such as "adobe," delete those entries. These are used for Adobe Licensing.
    Press control+o to save the file
    Press control+x to close the file
    Restart Muse
    Please let me know if it works.

  • How do I remove a secondary apple id from my Mac? I am being prompted for a apple id password for a former user; I do not have the information.  Prevents updates from App Store.

    How do I remove a secondary Apple ID that is not in use from my MacBook pro? The ID does not belong to me and when I attempt to download updates from App Store with my Apple ID, I am prompted for the password of the secondary Apple ID.

    Is this a second hand Mac? If so, you need to erase the Mac and install the version of OS X that shipped installed on the Mac from the factory. Then you set the Mac up as new with your Apple ID.
    User Linc Davis explains how a new owner can prepare a 2nd hand Mac for their own use.

  • I have updated my ipod touch to ios5 and it is saying that the device is not registered in apple developers program.I have a back up fle in itunes and itunes is not prompting for can i restore my pod?pls help me to restore my ipod .am worried

    I have updated my ipod touch to ios5 and it is saying that the device is not registered in apple developers program.I have a back up fle in itunes and itunes is not prompting for can i restore my pod?pls help me to restore my ipod .am worried as it my new ipod and am not able to restore it.pls help.

    i have done that .:(..PLs help me restoring it to older version.though i have a back up not able to restore itunes is not asking for resotre option..pls help me

  • Since upgrading to iOS 6 I am not getting prompted for my password when I update apps. Why is this?

    When I updated apps on my ipad2 and iphone4S I used to get prompted for my password within a certain time.  So I could update a couple and then 10 minutes later if I wanted to download or update something else I would need to put in my password again. Since I upgraded to iOS6, I don't believe I am prompted for my password the same amount of times. I updated an app this am after not using iPad through the night and it just updated, no password required. This has me concerned now because sometimes I bump buttons by accident and now I will be charged for these accidents. What has happened to Apple's brilliant security?

    They've changed it in iOS and updates (and updates ONLY) do not require a password since it is really unnecessary as they have it on record that you were the one who bought the app. Why is more security needed, you aren't going to be charged for anything?
    Next time you update and app go to the App Store and try to buy something. You will be asked for your password.

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