(nokia employee pls concern my issue)---clock & da...

i always switch off my N8 at midnight ...nothing happens ...however yesterday (14/05/2011),i switch off my N8 as usual ...today, My N8 auto reset  the date and the clock...29/01/2011 and 8:00pm but
the timezone is all right,nothing happens..
So i want to know why the N8 will auto reset the date and the time by itself ???
the issue is the first time i've seen!
013.016  PR1.1 software date: 27/01/2011
nokia pls help me ..or if this is software issue ...pls fix it !!!

As Farby's search suggestion will probably indicate, this is most likely to be related to the internal battery which keeps time whilst the device's main power is off, though it is rare for this to affect a device as new as your N8. You might want to have the device checked by a Nokia Care point, for more information see here:
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    To all Nokia employees reading this :
    Why is Nokia ignoring the biggest issue on ALL E- and N-series phones: the echo problem after a connection to non-Nokia bluetooth devices ??
    This problem is ALL OVER THE INTERNET (including this forum)... I am reading about it (since i also have the problem myself) on every Nokia related forum out there .. and on every price-comparison website with user feedback.
    This is really a bad situation. People at Nokia Care do not Care .. everytime I report the problem .. the response is : 'buy Nokia stuff' ... or 'this problem is new to us' (sure .. after a zillion calls .. still new).
    A very dissapointed customer.

    01:12 PM
    daveyc1545 wrote:
    me and my bf both got the nokia N70 cause it was able to run tom tom sat nav and road angel camera alerts
    the problem we both hav is half way thru using sat nav to go some where it loses bluetooth connection to the GPS receevier
    its really difficult if ur goin somewhere uve never been be4
    i dont think we'll be gettin nokia's again was a big dissapointment!!!!
    I recall reading that someone changed the GPS receiver to fix such an issue (apparently the problem wasn't with the phone, but the GPS receiver).

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    Hi Guys
    I have an issue please help on that earliest.
    When am trying to install Windows server 2008 OS. Error msg was coming 0x80070070:"not having enough space for installation"..Even though i have 20GB space?..Pls resolve this issue immediately.

    Is this a clean install or an upgrade?  20 GB, though greater than the minimum, is pretty minimal.  How much memory do you have on the system?  2008 would try to create a page file of 1.5x physical memory, so if you are building on a large
    memory system, you could be having an issue there.
    "Pls resolve this issue immediately"
    Forums are not for support.  They are monitored by people, like yourself, who are willing to take time out of their days to provide the benefit of their past experience.  If you need support, you need to purchase a support contract from Microsoft
    or some other party.
    . : | : . : | : . tim

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    Everything functions well, but after updating it to Lumia Denim + Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 I first got some weird installing issues, then it started randomly crashing, then it worked fine again, of-course it won't back-up as usual (so no hard-resseting for me), and the live folders seem buggy for no reason at all, but for some reason whenever I attempt to create a live folder it takes me 5 minutes and it won't ''accept it''.
    Also for some reason there is no ''Hey Cortana'' or maybe this simply isn't for the Nokia Lumia 920.
    wp_ss_20150226_0009.png ‏614 KB
    wp_ss_20150226_0010.png ‏611 KB
    wp_ss_20150226_0011.png ‏405 KB

    Hi, TulaTheQuang. You may try checking if there is any update on the phone system apps by going to Store >... > settings > check for updates and see if these will fix the problem. If not, try rebooting your phone by holding the volume down and power keys at the same time for 10-15 seconds, release and the phone will restart. After this operation, you may need to set the date and time on the phone. Let us know what will be the outcome. For the availability of Hey Cortana, you may refer to this link: Will I get “Hey Cortana” voice activation after Lumia Denim update?. Link is applicable regardless of your region.
    Regarding your concern about the calendar, gilesrm74. The feature is currently unsupported on the device, but you may post your concern on this link: windowsphone.uservoice.com as a feature suggestion. And for the availability of Cortana, you may check this link: Full of features: Lumia Denim Update. 

  • Error when setup a new mailbox, nokia e72, pls hel...

    I bought a Nokia E72 several days later. I really love it. I defined an Email mailbox for my company's Email. It is a POP3 mailbox. The mailbox worked well for some days, I can check, send Email using wireless LAN at home and my office.
    Yesterday, I tried to edit my mailbox. As I selected the mailbox in order to change it, nothing happened. Because of that, I deleted it, then I tried to create a new one. But since then I can complete the malbox-setup task. After inserting the data, I select "save" to save the mailbox, there is a error: "error occurred in setup mailbox. Try again." I tried many time, but no success.
    Someone can solve this problem? pls help!

    I have the same issue.
    Firmware version: 031.023 (31-Mar-2010)
    App: Email 2.2.0

  • Nokia c3-00 software update issue

    hello nokia,
    i got issue when i went to update my 4days new phone from settings,phone,phone updates.... I am connected to wifi network and got internet but checking for new update it showing me that there are no new sw updates (8.70 is the newest which my phone have 8.63 now) . I dont have pc from 1month and dont know when i'll have it and i ask you for little help. Can someone download and send me the update for my phone to download them directly from my nokia ? I can update my phones when i am into my country (Bulgaria) but now i work in island Cyprus and here there is no nokia shop or updates .. Why? Please people help me to make my s40 with these updates s60 , just send me that update to my email address: [email protected]

    First of all it is not possible in any authorised way to get software update in any way other than Nokia Suite or FOTA(update directly by phone). So one can't send it to you via mail. Secondly if u find a way & do it, the warrantly will go void. Also pls note that the firmware updates are released as per region, product code & network locked/unlocked status. So it is possible that the release isn't available for ur product code.
    Please mark the post as solution if it solves your problem.
    Current Device - Nokia Lumia 1020/920

  • Nokia C5-03 memory card issue

    I have C5-03 for a couple of weeks only, but there's one annoying issue concerning the memory card (which came with the phone)
    Sometimes (and it happens often and often) there's a message that pops up
    "Can't remove memory card without selecting "remove memory card" first." In result the memory card is no longer acceptable.
    At first I thought I haven't locked the touchscreen and I have accidentally pressed something. But this have happened last night, while my phone was on a shelf, and a few moments ago while it was lying on the desk next to me. I see the message after I unlock the phone. Restarting it helps, but it's not a solution.
    Any suggestions?

    use more memory FOR LONGER USAGE THEN THERE IS NO ERRORS AGAIN I AM ALSO HAVING C5 03 and using 8GB.......
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  • Nokia Lumia 900 Front camera issues

    Hi Moderator,
    I bought the new Nokia Lumia 900 few days back and today for the first time when I tried using the front camera on one of my video calls it just froze. Thinking that it is software(skype, tango) problem I tried to open regular camera but the front camera wouldnt come up. I called At&t technical support he advised me to switch off the phone, remove sim, re-insert the sim and turn it on. It worked(thought I still dont understand the realtion between sim and camera). But after some time the camera again hung up on me. This time I switched my phone off for 5 minutes and then turned it on it worked. And I cannot do the whole process again and again all day. Is that a known issue or defect in my phone. 

    I also have a new Lumia 900 with skype installed.     I am finding that the experience on wifi is still not as smooth as  Facetime on an iPhone.   I am also finding that after I use it a second time (my call hung up in the middle), suddenly my front camera will not work correctly anymore.  It is showing the image as though it has some kind of a filter applied and there does not appear to be a way to turn or reset this filter.  Switching to the front view worked fine.  Audio continued to work fine and my phone did not lock up, other then possibly internet delays.  I got the front camera to work again by powering down.   I think there might still be software issues.

  • Nokia x proximity sensor functionality issues?

    I'm using nokia x and found a setting (Turn on Proximity sensor) in it that states it will dim the display when attending a call .
    It works as like a light sensor (automatic brightness reduction) and it seems proximity sensor is not present.
    CPU z app shows a record for the proximity sensor but doesn't show any reading all the time.? Is this issue only on my device ?
    with regards,
    Pradeep V R

    No.. the display doesn't go black. On a first time after restart,  proximity works for one single time and display goes black and thats's the end.Sensor stops working.No touch response.No power button wake up.It doesn't  resumes whatever i do.Only thing to get display back again is when the call ends.When i turn off the setting, light sensor seems to work and dims display, but never wen't black.
    When i try CPU Z app after a restart, the proximity sensor reading shows 0cm and it never changes. Closing the app and opening it again shows null value.
    I do a factory reset and it doesn't change anything.
    with regards,
    Pradeep V R

  • Nokia 6500 on 3 - known issue with signal recepti...

    Does anyone know if Nokia and 3 have yet developed a fix for the known issue with 3 reception on the 6500?
    I just spent close to two hours talking to 3 about this. We got a 6500 "upgrade" from 3 and have discovered that the phone doesnt work anywhere around our home, or the locality of our home. We have reverted to a 4 year old 6680 from the back of our wardrobe which will show 4 bars of signal when the brand new 6500 shows no signal at all.
    3 advised that very poor ability to get a signal is a known issue with this phone, however as we did not report it to 3 within the 14 day period they expect us to stay out the contract or pay a near £400 termination fee. (or take a much inferior phone which is "the only model we are authorised to offer as a replacement"). (The reason we didnt report it was that as we had been happy with our existing model we didnt swap the sim card over straight away. When we did discover it we tried 3's suggestion of upgrading the firmware (the phone arrived with a 2007 version) but this did nothing to help.
    What really bugs me is that 3 contacted us in September and spent close to an hour an the phone persuading us to upgrade to the 6500. That's five months at least after it was a known issue and being worked on by Nokia and 3. (There are posts within this Support Forum discussing the issue that go back to April at least.)
    I will be reporting 3 to trading standards but am curious as to what progress has been made (if any) on sorting this issue out?
    I also thought it may be useful for others to be aware of as it will allow them to make a more informed decision about the phone, and about 3's attitude to their customers. We have been with them for over 5 years.
    At one point, when I told the manager/supervisor that I had become aware of the fact that it was an issue that was well-known 5 months before 3 persuaded us to upgrade, he suggested that it was out fault for not researching the web and forums well enough, and that I should have discovered this before agreeing to take the phone.
    Be warned!!!!!

    Hi all - sorry I stopped monitoring the thread in the run up to christmas but thanks for your replies.
    shumboy, redroxy, roslily, ginger25
    very sorry to hear you are all experiencing the same problems and that 3 are as unhelpful with you as they were with us. my guess is that the problem with this phone is so widespread that they would let themselves open to too much cost if they started actually doing the right thing and replcing them like for like. I also think the suggesiton that the only way out of a contract is to pay out £260+ (£300 in our case) after it was their own promises of what a good phone it is, despite the fact that this significnt problem has been known about for months, that persuaded people to take the contract is tantamount to fraud and that certainly trading standrads should be informed.
    gaz_level2 - thanks for the information you gave which confirms that there are known issues with H3G signals and the 6500 especially. I didnt understand some of the detail as I am not technical but I hope others seeing this post may get the info they need to make an informed decision should 3 continue with their despicable practice of enticing people into signing up based on what a great phone this is.
    wafush - if you are considering 3 : NO NO NO
    Ben - you are lucky to have a 6500 that is working (based on replies to this thread and on other boards) and you are right that people dont start threads complimenting phones. I started this one for two reasons: a) to see if/how-many others had the same problem and b) inform people about it and what help they could expect from 3 when the problem does occur
    Steve/Hamraam - we seem to be in a ridiculous situation where the newest phones are actually less good at making and receving phone calls than phones of 5-6 years ago! They're brilliant for taking photos, browsing the web, playing MP3's. But for simple phone calls... ? And dont get me started on battery life! My old 6310 can last two weeks if I switch it off overnight. Most of the new phones require re-charging at least every other day and if you use push email make that once per day minimum.

  • Nokia C3-00 Firmware Updating issue

    I am trying to update my Nokia C3 from V 4.45 to V 7.20 through nokia software updater. After 10 min remaining timer shown, I get an error message "Software update failed. For optimum connectivity, your USB cable should be...". I tried updating on desktop and laptop too but it gives me same error. Any idea how to resolve this issue?

    Hello nokia, i am very much dissapointed by updating my nokia C3-00 firmware version from v4.65 to v07.20. In previous update of v4.65(which was my first update) everything was working great, but now after updating to v07.20 it shows so many bugs. Even the apps don't run at all, and displays 'application error' all the time. Bottom line - I request to nokia software engineers to take some sudden action and please provide us ( nokia lovers and believers) a new bugs free firmware for c3-00 as soon as possible. Thanks

  • Nokia 3500 classic Camera Standby issue

    While opening the camera its showing as camera standby, so how i can solve this issue?

    i have the EXACT same problem!!!! i dont know what to do to fix it. i love it otherwise and i dont want to change it cuz i love the keypad and the sleek design and all but the camera quality is even worse than my older vga nokia phone! i want to know if it can be fixed and how. i like this phone and i dont want to change it :s

  • Nokia E72 WLAN Home Network Issues After SW Update...

    I just updated my software recently to the most recent update, and until doing so, I was able to connect to my home WLAN network. Now that I've updated the software, when I try to access the internet from my network, I get an "Invalid server" error on my browser. I have attempted to delete the access point, but I don't know if this is the right idea, and, so far, it has not resolved the situation. 
    I can, however, still connect to my provider's internet services, and proceed as normal. 
    Can anybody help me with this issue?

    Although you would need to backup essential data first, try resetting device to "Out of box" state by keying in *#7370# followed by 12345 (default Nokia lock code unless altered by user); satisfy yourself that WLAN access working before restoring contacts and messages, but you may need to avoid restoring "Settings"!
    Happy to have helped forum with a Support Ratio = 42.5

  • Ios 8 update doesnt have the option of switching between networks i.e 2G or 3G network..  pls rectify this issue

    ios 8 update doesnt have the option of switching between networks i.e 2G or 3G network..
    pls rectify this issue

    Why don't you ask your best friend to rectify the issue?  Oh, your best friend isn't Apple?  Well neither are the users on this forum.  APPLE IS NOT HERE

  • Employee Head Count Planning issue

    Dear Gurus,
    I hope you are doing good...    
    We have requirement in our project which is User wants to enter HeadCount Working days to different cost centers.
    Existing Configuration :
    1) We have mapped employees to respective cost centers(Fixed)
    2) User can enter working hours data for that cost center with out an issue
    User has that flexibility to select different cost centers and the entered working hours data needs to be saved.
    Ex : Employee 10001 is mapped to Cost Center 12345.
    Process - 1)Employee 10001 working hours mapped to Jan , Feb and March to cost center 12345.
                    2) Employee 10001  working hours mapped to Apr , May , Jun          to Cost center 1236.
    In the above case first instance it is possible because we have maintained this employee under 12345 cost center as hierarchy.
    How we need to achieve the second instance since we are not able to map to multiple cost centers.
    Please can any one help us in this issue.

    Hi Satish,
    What do you mean by mapping? Do you have costcenters as nodes in employee dimension?

Maybe you are looking for

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  • UNIX command to run remotely?

    Does anyone know the UNIX command to generate a list of installed applications in the Applications folder AND their version numbers?

  • Camera app disappeared overnight

    Overnight, the camera app has just vanished off my phone altogether. I have checked restrictions and they are all off. Help - where has it gone, and how do I bring it back, preferably without having to restore the phone and delete all my data.