OSB:   DB Adapter use

I need to use multiple tables in DB (10-12 tables, not all identified yet) for DB processing. All those tables reside in one DB.
My idea is not to write a procedure but create business services for them and orchestrate for processing. I wish to use default provided QueryByExample, Insert and Update operations for each service.
As of now, when I use JDeveloper, essentially one business service with three operations (QueryByExample, Insert and Update) is created for one table. So I have 10 business services, each with three operations.
I was wondering if rather than having 10 business services, can I have three services with 10 operations each? Like:
BS_QueryByExample : (QueryByExample for TABLE_1, TABLE_2......TABLE_10)
BS_Insert : (Insert for TABLE_1, TABLE_2......TABLE_10)
BS_Update: (Update for TABLE_1, TABLE_2......TABLE_10)
Is there a way to generate code through DBAdapter wizard in JDeveloper as above?
If not can you suggest me another way?
Thanks and Regards,
Swapnil Kharwadkar

Write a stored Procedure and use it. Using stored Procedure you can use any number of tables.

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